The dumbest lawyer in America – Tea Party Nation

The dumbest lawyer in America – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Who is the dumbest lawyer in America?  This one will give you a laugh.  You might be able to guess.  You’ll have fun not only trying to guess but once you find out, you will be amused.

 Who is the dumbest lawyer in America?

 It is far left wing, Botoxed nut job fame whore Gloria Allred.

 Everyone knows the most dangerous place in America is the turf that stands between her and a TV camera

 This time she really beclowned herself.

 Poor little Gloria thought she had the October surprise.  She was going to bring down the Romney campaign.


 Staples founder Tom Stemberg, who is a friend of Mitt Romney, went through a nasty divorce a number of years back.   All of the testimony from depositions and other hearings in the divorce was ordered sealed.  While the news stories do not specify this, it seems likely at some point the divorce settled by Tom Stemberg’s ex-wife agreed to a really tight non-disclosure agreement as a part of the settlement.

 Such agreements are not uncommon.  Top-level executives do not want bitter ex-wives (or now ex husbands) running around saying nasty things about them.  Those kinds of things can destroy a career.

 Gloria Allred somehow connected with Stemberg’s ex-wife and figured she had just hit the win-win scenario.  Mitt Romney testified in a deposition in the divorce.  According to published reports, most of his testimony dealt with the valuation of Staples. 


 Allred figured either there was something really damning in the deposition or better yet, Romney would raise hell about releasing the sealed deposition.  That could be even better because it would open the door to all kinds of speculation.

 Romney threw her when he said he had no objection to the deposition being unsealed.


 Turns out there is nothing there.

 Of course, given Gloria Allred’s track record, that should be no surprise.

 But then came the really funny part. 

 Allred wanted the Judge to release Stemberg’s wife from the non-disclosure agreement so presumably she could trash Mitt Romney.

 The Judge told her no.

 Why did the Judge tell her no?

 Because Allred did not file a motion requesting this!

 Every lawyer will tell you and even first year law students know, if you want the Judge to do something, you have to file a motion.  The purpose of a motion is to put the other side on notice as to what you want.  Due process requires notice so that if there is an objection, they have time to raise it and properly prepare.

 Allred apparently thought just because she was Gloria Allred, this judge was going to simply roll over and grant her request, without a motion.

 Allred was stunned.  She went out later and blamed this on the Boston Globe, which had also filed a motion to have the transcript unsealed. 

 It looks like the Botox has gotten to Allred’s brain.  Of course, she is a far leftist, so she isn’t that bright to begin with.  She is fortunate that California does not require lawyers to be recertified or take the bar over. 

 Otherwise, she might have to find a real job.



An open letter to Gloria Allred – Tea Party Nation

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An open letter to Gloria Allred – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Dear Gloria,

 Shut the hell up!

 As someone who is a huge believer in the idea of free speech I actually find it painful to say that.  On the other hand, you are clueless and dangerous to freedom so on second thought maybe it is not that painful.

 You sent a letter on March 8 demanding that Rush Limbaugh be prosecuted in criminal court for his comments about professional feminazi Sandra Fluke.

 Allegedly you are a lawyer but it is painfully obvious you slept through law school.   Since you slept through law school, let me give you a clue.  There is something called the First Amendment

 Since you missed it, it reads:

 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

 I realize you are one of those people who wants the Constitution repealed and think that conservatives should be prosecuted and imprisoned.  But this is America.  The First Amendment protects us.  Rush is free to make his comments about Sandra Fluke and I am free to point out that you are an idiot.

 Why don’t you relocate to Cuba or Venezuela, since the governments there share your view of freedom and liberty.

 Real Americans are tired of socialists like you who want to tear down the greatest nation in the world.  We are tired of you trying to criminalize conservatism.   We are tired of your Botoxed brain damaged blathering.

 You are not an advocate.   You are a joke.  As Kristin Powers pointed out, liberals scream bloody murder when someone says something about a liberal woman but are absolutely silent when conservative women have much worse things said about them.  Michelle Malkin has had attacks made on her that make the comments about Sandra Fluke sound like they came straight from Sunday School.  Where were you when she and other conservative women were being called every name in the book?  Out scheduling your next face lift?

 Rush Limbaugh has the First Amendment to protect him and so do I.

 And when I point out you are an absolute raging moron and proof of life after Botox brain death, well truth is an absolute defense.

This is why Botox is bad for your brain – Judson Phillips | Judson Phillips


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This is why Botox is bad for your brain – Judson Phillips | Judson Phillips.

Gloria Allred, the not very bright, if not appropriately named far left lunatic is at it again. Remember the old commercials from the 80’s? “This is your brain,” followed by video of an egg frying and then, “this is your brain on drugs.” For Gloria Allred the commercial would be, this is your brain on botox.

What has she done?

A right to life group has purchased advertising during the Super Bowl. They want to advertise their point of view. The ads have not, as far as I know, yet been made public.

Allred found out about the ads and has now fired off letters to the TV stations that have agreed to air them, demanding that the ads not be aired or if they are aired, she be given time to come in and talk about how wonderful killing an unborn child is.

So let’s get this straight. An advocacy group pays for advertising. Gloria Allred does not like the message the group has so she is demanding that they not be allowed to present their point of view. If the TV stations allow the point of view that the pro-life groups are presenting, she is then demanding that those same TV stations allow her to appear for free to present her point of view.

Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with this?

Allred is a typical liberal. She does not want ideas debated. She does not like the free market of ideas because her ideas suck and she cannot win a debate in the free market of ideas. So like all liberals, she wants opposing ideas silenced.

Her other alternative is to force the TV stations to give her time which the other group is having to pay for.

Here is a novel idea Gloria. You are rich. You probably have more money than the pro-life groups that are putting these ads on. Why don’t you pay for an ad? Or if you are too cheap to pay for an ad, get some of your rich friends together and you can go in on these ads.

Or here is an even better idea. Why don’t you and Randall Terry, who is involved in the groups that are putting on the ads, debate the issue. Have a debate on pro-life versus pro-abortion and let the people decide which idea they think is the best.

Of course Gloria Allred would not do something like that.


She would lose.

She would get her botoxed head handed to her.

That is the story behind all liberals. They do not want a debate. They do not want to persuade. All they want to do is impose their beliefs.

That is why all these liberals love dictatorships. They do not have to worry about the “we the people” groups doing annoying things like demanding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We all know what Gloria Allred is. The more important question is, why does anyone listen to her?