John Boehner caves again – Tea Party Nation

John Boehner - Caricature

John Boehner – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)


John Boehner caves again – Tea Party Nation.


Posted by Judson Phillips


America is so screwed.  We have the Party of Treason doing its best to bankrupt America and then we have John Boehner.


 John Boehner is all that stands between Barack Obama’s goals of destroying America’s economy.   What do we get with Boehner?


 We get his freshly laundered white flag of surrender.


 First he surrendered on raising tax rates and then he offered Barack Obama a “clean vote” on raising the debt ceiling.


 What kind of raging moron is Boehner?


 The Debt Ceiling is the strongest point of leverage Republicans have to stop Obama.  And Boehner simply wants to surrender it.


 What the hell are the Republicans thinking? 


 Ronald Reagan once called the GOP the “Fraternal Order of Politicians.”  He is right.  The Republican Party has no interest in saving the nation.  They just want to get to their Washington cocktail parties. 


 This is a call to the Republican Party.


 Dump Boehner now.


 This is not even negotiable. 


 If the Republicans in Congress allow John Boehner to continue to negotiate, Barack Obama will have total victory.


 This is not simply a partisan battle to see which party comes out on top.  This is a fight for the life of America. 


 We are looking at a national debt of $25 trillion by 2022.  This is not survivable.  Right now America’s per capita national debt is higher than Greece’s debt and we see where Greece is. 


 Obama and the Party of Treason show no interest in stopping the rate of spending or the increase in our debt.  Under Obama’s plan, all of the new tax revenue will go not to reducing our debt but will go towards even more spending.


 This will accelerate the national debt.




 Liberals never get as much money as they think they will when they raise taxes.  But the do always spend more than they say they will.


 t some point we will see an American economic collapse if we do not stop borrowing money and get our fiscal house in order.


 Unfortunately for America, fiscal collapse is exactly what Obama and the Party of Treason wants.  Even worse for America, a gutless buffoon who cannot fight leads the GOP.  No, correct that, he will not fight.


 He walks into his negotiations and offers to surrender every strong point he has.  What the hell does he think is going to happen later when it comes time to address spending?


 Nothing will happen because Obama will have no incentive to address spending.


 If you have not called your Republican Congressman today and demanded that he or she vote against John Boehner when he is nominated to be Speaker again in January, then you need to. 


 This is not even debatable.  If Boehner surrenders, then conservatives en mass should leave the Republican Party and should do so in a very loud manner. 


 The fate of the nation rests on a man who is afraid to take on the enemy but is quite willing to stab fellow Republicans in the back.


 We are so screwed.



The Holy Grail for the left – Tea Party Nation

The Holy Grail for the left – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The left is coming very close to something many of them consider the Holy Grail for liberalism right now.   It is a long held goal that many of them have had and now it is within reach.

 What is it and how bad is it for America?

 The Holy Grail that the left has been working on for a while now is a carbon tax.  The Carbon Tax is an idea that all forms of carbon (I.e. energy) will be taxed.  The tax will fall across businesses and people.  There will be taxes on energy when it is produced and when it is consumed.

 The left is almost orgasmic over this tax.

 Forget almost.  They are orgasmic over this tax.

 The Carbon Tax is their way of attacking the mythical man-made global warming.  But more importantly for the left, it is a massive new tax stream.  Some estimates are this could be a trillion dollars or more in new taxes. 

 The White House is quick to point out they will not propose a carbon tax.  No they won’t.  Liberals expect a Republican to offer it.  They will use the gullible Republicans for political cover.

 But this tax is far more complicated than adding a new tax to gas, oil, coal and other “carbon producing” fuels.

 The left immediately starts screaming that any tax cannot be a tax on the poor or the middle class.  But unlike income taxes, there is no way to differentiate the purchaser of energy products.

So what will they do?

 They will create a new bureaucracy that will offer refunds to lower income energy consumers so they are not punished by this new tax.

 Isn’t that great. 

 The government is going to create a whole new welfare program, even though it will not be called that.  Much, if not all of the revenue that this new tax generates will go to pay for the new bureaucracy.

 In the mean time, the American energy sector is pillaged by yet another tax. 

 The Carbon Tax will create yet another unending stream of tax dollars for liberals of both parties to spend while they claim they are looking out for America.

 America does not need another tax. We have enough of those and they are a disaster right now.  The energy sector does not need another tax they will pass along to consumers.

 What we need is to cut spending. 

 This is the message we need to be telling America.  The problem is not taxes or revenue and we do not need more taxes on the people or more revenue for government. 

 Each year the government wastes hundreds of millions of dollar.  There are programs that are identified every year that are riddled with waste, fraud or duplicate other government programs.

 The people of America need to demand that this spending be cut.  It is not the government’s job to give money to a friend of the Vice President so he can open a luxury car dealership in the Ukraine.

 We are seeing riots in Greece.  We are following the path of Greece.   In Greece, children are being sent to school with notes pinned to their clothes from their parents saying that they can no longer afford to care for their children. 

 This is the future of America if we do not stop the insane growth of government now.

Who is the extremist now? – Tea Party Nation

Who is the extremist now? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

It is the battle cry of the Party of Treason.  Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party Activists are extremists. 


 If we are extremists, is it time for the nation to embrace extremism?

 If the Party of Treason is going to call us extremists, can we call them failures?  That is what they have done after all.  They have failed the American people completely.   Most of us who are politically aware know that the left is engaging in the behavior it does deliberately.  They want America and its incredible economy and its institutions of liberty to fail. 

 Many Americans who are not politically active and who have not studied the left do not want to believe that.  Okay, if you don’t want to believe they are doing this deliberately, then they are the Party of Failure and failure is the name we conservatives should hang on them every chance we get. 

 Let’s look at the Party of Failure at work. 

 In January 2007, when the Democrats took control of Congress, unemployment was at 4.6%.  The deficit for Fiscal Year 2007 was $161 Billion.   Gas was $2.18 a gallon

 Where are we today?  The deficit for February this year alone was $229 billion.  Unemployment, at least at the rate the Obama Regime is able to cook the books down to, is 8.3%.  If we figured real unemployment it would be well over 15%.   Gas nationally is approaching $4 a gallon and many experts predict it will be $5 a gallon this summer. 

 So let’s ask the obvious question.  Are you better off now than you were five years ago?  In a recent survey done by CBS news, 80% of Americans say they are not better off now than they were four years ago. 

 Four years ago, many of those people had jobs. Four years ago, many of them had not lost their homes to foreclosure.  Four years ago, many of them had hope that the future would be better.

 So here we are in 2012.  The economy and the nation are being run into the ground.  You really have two choices.  Either the Democrats are doing it deliberately, in which case they really are the Party of Treason or they are incompetent in which case they are the Party of Failure.

 So which is it Democrats?  Pick your poison.  Is it intentional failure or incompetence?

 Since most Americans will not accept the idea that the Democrats are doing this deliberately, I’m perfectly happy to hang the title of the Party of Failure on them. 

 Conservatives want policies that will take us back to full employment.  We want policies that will bring back $2 a gallon gas.  We want a balanced budget and a nation that is prosperous.  We do not want a nation that looks like Greece

 Is this extreme?

 If it is, then the time for extremism has come.   

The death rattle of Democracy – Tea Party Nation

The death rattle of Democracy – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Watching a Democracy die is not a pleasant experience.  The only thing worse is watching one die and having most people not even realize a Democracy just died.

 Which Democracy died?

 Greece, of course.

 Greece is a cautionary tale for America and every other nation in the world.  Perhaps the question we have to ask, is Greece even a nation any more?

 The obvious reaction to that question is, of course it is.  The Greek flag still flies.  There are Greek borders.  The Greek government and Parliament are still there.

 All true.

 But for all intents and purposes, Greece is now a state in receivership. 

 The defining characteristic of a nation state is sovereignty.  The people of the nation state, through their government make the decisions for that state. 

 Greece has lost that.

 Greece has been on a program of unrestrained spending and borrowing for years.  Now the debt has come due.  The European Union and the International Monetary Fund have dictated to Greece what Greece must do to receive a bail out.  In theory Greece had a choice, but it is about the same choice someone has when a loan shark shows up and says pay up or I’ll break your legs.

 The Greek Parliament approved the EU/IMF ordered austerity measures while Greeks rioted in the streets.   The demands from the EU and IMF included radical cuts in social spending, minimum wage, government jobs and pensions. 

 Truthfully, these changes should have been made years ago.   These changes are necessary if Greece as a nation is to survive.  Greece is the poster child for Obamanomics.  The Greeks practiced Obamanomics while Obama was still voting “present” in the Illinois legislature.

 The problem for Greece is that now the real power of the Greek state is no longer in Athens.  The people now calling the shots are the European bankers in Brussels. 

 If you believe in grand conspiracies, Greece is the dry run for what will happen to America when Obama’s economic collapse finally comes about.  If you do not believe in conspiracies, you can see America’s future in the streets of Athens.

 America is going down the road that Greece has already gone down.  We fund the IMF.  If the European Union is hesitant to bailout a tiny economy like the Greek economy, does anyone really think they will help America if America ends up like Greece?  

 To put this in perspective, as of 2010, Greece’s GDP was about the same as the GDP of Dallas-Ft. Worth

 The sum of all the goods and services produced by Greece was about the same as the sum of all the goods and services produced by the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States.

 Watching the Greek tragedy brings up two very important questions.  If we do not stop Obama and his axis of fiscal evil, who is going to bail out America and even if we can find someone who can bail America out, what conditions will they impose?

 Greeks seem more concerned about their own personal budgets being cut.  Takers not makers dominate the Greek economy.   What should scare them is they are no longer a free nation.  The Greek nation is now controlled, not by their politicians but by the EU and the IMF. 

 How will Americans react to being ordered to change our lives in order to receive a bailout from Europe or China?

 If we do not change our policies, this is exactly what will happen. 

 Does anyone want to see what happens with that nightmare scenario?

 I don’t.

Trick or Treat – Tea Party Nation

Sam (Trick 'r Treat character)

Trick or Treat – Tea Party Nation.

Monday evening, millions of Americans will take their children out for the time-honored tradition of trick or treat.  Most Americans will celebrate Halloween.  Some who object to Halloween will instead have a “fall festival.”  Whether it be a fall festival or Halloween, children in costumes will run around, shouting, “trick or treat,” receiving candy and squealing with delight.

 Unfortunately, as those children receive tools for the biggest sugar rush of the year, they will be blissfully unaware of the real trick that is being played on them and their parents.

 What is that trick?

 On October 31st, as children play in their costumes and get candy, the national debt of America will exceed our gross domestic product. 

 In other words, we are broke and those children who are running around happy, are oblivious to the fact the leadership of our country has destroyed their future prosperity and possibly their future freedom.

 Any person who has ever gotten in over their head can tell you if you owe more than you make, you can’t pay it off and meet your other obligations.  America does have obligations.  The first obligation of the government is to defend America.  The common defense is one of the few duties specifically named in the Constitution. 

 Unfortunately the national debt is going to make paying for defense very difficult.  Our politicians would rather spend money, bribing the American people for their reelection than doing what needs to be done.

 Spending and borrowing beyond your means is a recipe for disaster.  It is true at the personal level and it is also true at the national level.   To ignore that is not just foolish it is malicious.

 It is lunacy when even basic; common sense proposals to reduce spending cannot get through Congress.   Replacing paper dollars with one-dollar coins would save billions.   That bill languishes in Congress.  On Tea Party Nation, I have mentioned dozens of times the report from the General Accounting Office, released in February outlining hundreds of billions of dollars in waste, fraud and duplicated services in the government.   Almost nine months have passed since that report was issued.  Congress has not cut a single cent of that waste.

 Billions of dollars are being funneled into “Green energy” boondoggles, and billions more are being sent by America in the form of loan guarantees to help other nations develop their energy resources, while America voluntarily commits energy suicide.

 In Obama’s stimulus program, billions were simply wasted.  In West Virginia, $25,000 in stimulus money was spent to have a lawyer write two sentences showing that weatherization contracts had been reviewed.  The lawyer claimed a staggering four hours of work.

 We have seen the future of unrestrained borrowing.  It is called Greece

 The Greek economy is now in a death spiral that the nation cannot escape. 

 The Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil wants to spend more money and borrow more money to pay for their insane spending.   It is not like this is unprecedented.  We have the precedent.  It is Europe and we have seen what has happened in Greece, Portugal and Spain. 

 This Monday, American children will play games and enjoy trick or treat.  Unfortunately for them, the trick the Party of Treason is playing on them will come due and unless we do something to change things, they will not ever know the prosperity their parents and grandparents enjoyed.