Obamacare: The Real Agenda – Tea Party Nation

Obamacare: The Real Agenda – Tea Party Nation.

Barack Obama talked about Obamacare as soon as he got in office.  He and his administration begged, borrowed and stole votes to get it passed.  The Cornhusker Kickback and Louisiana Purchase were only two of the creative names that came from the bribery that Obama used to try and steal votes to pass Obamacare.


When the nation was debating Obamacare, Obama promised that premiums would go down and Obamacare would save money.

 We are finding out almost every day that neither promise is true.  If Obamacare will not save us money in the cost of medicine and will create unaffordable premiums for Americans, why aren’t the Democrats rushing to repeal Obamacare?

 The Ohio Department of Insurance announced this past Thursday that the cost of health insurance in Ohio will rise 88% in 2014 because of Obamacare.

 The IRS itself, the agency charged with enforcing Obamacare’s individual mandate, in January issued regulations where they assume the lowest cost Obamacare policy will cost the average American family $20,000 a year.  According to government statistics the average American family makes a little over $63,000 a year.

 Health insurance will now eat 1/3 of the average family’s income.

 This only gets worse.  Because employers must pay for Obamacare for employees that work over 30 hours a week, many companies are shifting people down to 29 hours a week to avoid Obamacare.  Many other companies are simply going to temporary workers.

 Obamacare is a disaster for employment in a nation that is enduring the Great Obama Depression.

 So why don’t the Democrats want to repeal Obamacare?

 The answer is very simple.

 Obamacare was never the end goal. 

 Single Payer Healthcare has always been the goal.

 In 1948, Harry Truman was the first Democrat to propose Socialist Healthcare for America.  This has been one of the holy grails of the American left for decades.  Most Americans do not want single payer healthcare. 

 They don’t want it for good reason.  Before Obamacare, most Americans were happy with their health insurance plans.  In order for the left to impose socialist healthcare on America, they had to first destroy the health insurance industry.

 They are now doing that.

 Obamacare makes health insurance prohibitively expensive, requires insurers to cover many procedures at no cost and creates an incentive for people to simply pay a fine rather than have health insurance because it is cheaper.  And, as we sail through the Great Obama Depression, many Americans simply cannot afford health insurance. 

 Once Obamacare destroys the health insurance market and many people can only get part time jobs, the Democrats will offer the solution.  As the news is filled with stories of people who cannot get medical care or who are bankrupted because they could not afford health insurance and now have catastrophic medical bills, the Democrats will offer their solution.

 It will be Single Payer socialist healthcare.

 Their solution will offer to lift the burden on Americans that Obamacare is bankrupting Americans.  Their solution will change the rules on employers so that they do not have to cut so many employees down to part time employees.

 The only problem with their solution is that it has failed every place it has been tried.

 In the United Kingdom, people are pulling their own teeth and doing DIY (do it yourself) Dentistry because the National Health Service cannot provide enough dentists to meet demand.

 The UK’s National Health Service continues to see longer waits and in many cases will simply deny certain surgeries that are routine in America.  Waits of three months or longer to see specialists are not uncommon with socialist healthcare.

 In America, the free market creates efficiency and people get great medical care.  Under socialist single payer healthcare, people die waiting as healthcare is rationed. 

 This is the healthcare Obama and his team wants to impose on America.


Forgetting history – Tea Party Nation

Forgetting history – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The left likes us to forget history.  Why not?  They are always wrong about history.

 We are entering a period where the left wants us to forget about history so we can believe their narrative.  The only problem?  Their narrative is wrong.

 What are they so wrong about?

 Monday will be the 67th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.  Thursday will be the 67th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki

 The left pulls out all of the stops every August to push the narrative that the bombings were unnecessary and all America wanted to do was be a racist superpower, kill a bunch of Japanese and send a message to the Soviet Union.

 The only problem with that narrative is that it is wrong.

 America entered the war on December 7, 1941 with the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.  As battles went, Pearl Harbor was not that bloody by the standards of world war 2.  Only 2400 men were killed at Pearl Harbor.

 For the first nine months of the war, the Japanese ran wild. In August 1942, America invaded this little island that few had heard of called Guadalcanal.   At Guadalcanal America learned a hard lesson.  The Japanese did not surrender.  They would fight to the last man and if they could not fight they would kill themselves.

 As America slowly took the Pacific back, we learned Guadalcanal was not a fluke.  This was the way the Japanese would fight until the end.

 By 1944, America had pushed the Japanese back to the point where we were landing on islands with a significant number of Japanese civilians.   At Saipan, Japanese civilians refused to surrender and American Marines were horrified to see Japanese men and women walk to a cliff, toss their children off the cliff to their deaths and then follow them over the cliff. 

 Later in 1944, American forces were introduced to the kamikaze.  These were planes piloted by Japanese who deliberately crashed their planes into American ships. 

 By 1945, the Japanese Empire was collapsing but that did not stop them from fighting to the end.  On Iwo Jima, out of 22,000 Japanese soldiers, only 216 survived.  Almost 7000 Marines died on Iwo Jima.  Later that spring, America attacked the island of Okinawa.  Almost 100,000 Japanese soldiers died rather than surrender.  Almost 13,000 American Marines died.

 After Okinawa, there was only one objective left.  That was Japan.
The Japanese Emperor had ordered every Japanese citizen, whether they were military or civilian to fight to the death.

 When Franklin Roosevelt died, Harry Truman became President and he was then told about the atomic bomb, which was nearing completion.   Truman was also told about the plans for “Operation Olympic” the planned invasion of Japan in November 1945. 

 Truman was also told that the estimates were that there would be between 1.7 million and 4 million American casualties, including 400,000 to 800,000 killed.  The Japanese fatalities would exceed 10 million.

 Looking at those numbers, Truman had no choice.  He ordered the bombings.

 The fact the left never wants us to realize is that the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved lives.  Yes, many were killed and many were horribly maimed.  That is unfortunate but that is war.

 For me, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki story has always been personal.  My father was a soldier during World War 2.  He served in Patton’s Third Army in Europe.  Had Japan not surrendered, many of the troops that were in Europe would have been sent to the Pacific.

 Would that have happened to my father?

 Who knows?

 Truman order the bomb dropped and the question became moot. 

 Since I was born 14 years after the end of World War 2, I am grateful my father came home.

 As the international left tries to spin the narrative this upcoming week that America is evil for using nuclear weapons to end World War 2, let’s all remember how many lives, both American and Japanese, were saved by Truman’s decision.