Another Electric Car Causes Fire – Tea Party Nation

Another Electric Car Causes Fire – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Seton Motley

Note: This first appeared in’s Big Government.

The Chevy Volt fire denials are getting harder and harder to maintain:

Last week, a fire badly damaged the home of a new Fisker Karma owner, and authorities are saying that the electric car was the source of the blaze.

According to Fort Bend County, Texas, chief fire investigator Robert Baker, the Fisker Karma started the fire that spread to the house.

“Yes, the Karma was the origin of the fire, but what exactly caused that we don’t know at this time,” he said. The car was a complete loss.


According to the report, the Karma car, which was not plugged in, caught fire less than three minutes after being driven into the garage and that the battery remains intact.

General Motors (GM) and the Barack Obama Administration have been all along ignoring at least five Chevy Volt fires, and blaming the one to which they would cop on a total-loss accident that caused severe damage to the Volt’s lithium-ion battery.

This Karma lithium-ion battery was not in a crash, and “remain(ed) intact” after the fire.  So much for the GM-Obama Volt “fix.” Read more of this post