Caution: Government Stupidity ahead – Tea Party Nation

Caution: Government Stupidity ahead – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

If we say government stupidity are we being redundant?  Is there any other word we can use to describe the government that is not some variation of stupid?

 There is one government idea that may not be winner for the dumbest government idea of all time, but it certainly rates an honorable mention.

 What is it?

 It is the idea of HOV lanes.

 HOV lanes have got to be one of the dumbest ideas of all time.  The first and quite possibly the worst HOV lane in the world has to be 395 in Washington DC.    Washington’s traffic is a legendary nightmare and if you are as ADD as I am, getting trapped in it is like the 7th circle of hell.

 Yesterday, I got stuck for two hours in HOV hell. 

 I flew back from Wisconsin into Reagan National.  My flight landed at 3:30 PM and I was able to quickly get my car and escape.  By 3:45 I was on the interstate.  By 5:45 I had gone all of twenty miles. 

 The theory of HOV lanes is that during rush hour, the only cars that can go in the HOV lane are those with two or more passengers.  In DC, it is three or more.  DC has a long, straight, separate and mostly unused HOV lane.  While I sat in traffic purgatory, moving at a rate that could be measured at inches per hour, in the HOV lane, an occasional car buzzed on down the mostly empty road.

 The idea with forcing people to use carpooling is to reduce the amount of gas that we use.  This was one of the bad ideas that came out of the 70’s.  It is also proof that no matter how bad an idea is, once the government creates it, it will continue to grow like a really bad case of flesh eating bacteria.  Of course, dealing with flesh eating bacteria is much more pleasant that dealing with the government. 

 Washington is now working on an even bigger HOV lane so that even more drivers will not use it during rush hour.

 Has it occurred to the brain donors that run Washington that by creating massive traffic jams, all that is happening is that while the few people in the HOV lanes are using less gas, many more people are using a lot more gas in stop and start traffic?  Has it ever occurred them that if they just opened up all of those lanes, more people would move faster and less gas would be used?

 Of course not.  That requires the ability to think which is something our elected officials and government bureaucrats mostly lack. 

 We complain about elected officials with room temperature IQ’s.    Some of the people enacting our laws don’t hit the charts high enough to thaw ice.   I am beginning to believe it is a requirement for Federal candidates, at least in the blue states that when they file their qualifying papers they must sign a statement that says, “I certify under penalty of perjury that I am a complete moron!”

 Unfortunately the HOV lanes are just a symptom of what we see with government.  It continues to grow out of control.   Even with Republicans in charge of the government, government grows.

 When will this insanity stop?

 We the people do not want to drive in HOV lanes so we don’t.  Our elected officials do not get the message.  We the people do not want these crappy hybrid cars.  We do not want the green boondoggles. 

 We have massive numbers of government programs that are either complete failures, total wastes of money or just blatant attempts to buy votes. 

 When will we the people stand up and say enough?

 Plato is quoted as saying, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

 Plato was wrong.  We have smart people involved in politics and we are still governed by our inferiors.   They are called Congress.