An Open Letter to Rick Santorum supporters – Tea Party Nation


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An Open Letter to Rick Santorum supporters – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The time has come for hard decisions and now each of you needs to make that hard decision.


I understand why you like Santorum.   He’s a decent guy.  What he did in Iowa was nothing short of incredible.  Unfortunately for him the game is now over.


Right now, Rick Santorum is in a distant fourth place.  He will not be able to continue after South Carolina


His race is over.


If you support Santorum, it says something about you.  It says you are conservative.  If you are a conservative, you want to see the Republican Party nominate a conservative and if you are a conservative, you agree Mitt Romney is not a conservative.  He is a liberal.


Santorum can no longer win the race.  There are a number of states where he is not even on the ballot and even some states where he is on the ballot but has no slate of delegates.    In other words, no matter what, he cannot win.


By staying in the race, all Rick Santorum does at this point is to divide the conservative vote.   This has been the Mitt Romney strategy all along.  See the conservative vote divided and shattered so that by the time conservatives can unite behind one candidate, it is too late.


The question each and every Santorum supporter has to ask themselves today is, if I vote for Rick Santorum in South Carolina, what will that vote mean? 


The painful answer to that question is, all it will mean is a greater chance that Mitt Romney will be the nominee. 


Rick Santorum has run a good race.   Rick Santorum’s life in public service is not over, but he will not be President this year.  The only candidate left now, with any chance of becoming the Republican nominee are Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.


Mitt Romney is a northeastern liberal.  The Republican Party is the party of Reagan, not the party of socialism.  The Republican Party is the party of conservatism, not the party of tax, borrow and spend liberalism.   The Republican Party is the party of freedom and liberty and not the party of having the government run our lives. 


If you are a conservative, you must agree that Mitt Romney is not a conservative and must be stopped from getting the Republican nomination.


The only candidate left who can stop him is Newt Gingrich.  Do not let Mitt Romney continue to divide the conservative movement just so he can become President and destroy what Ronald Reagan and our founding fathers stood for.


Join me and support Newt Gingrich for President.  Join me in voting for Newt Gingrich in the Republican Primary for President. 


Join me and let’s stop a liberal from destroying the Party of Reagan.

Liberal Moron of the week. – Tea Party Nation

Liberal Moron of the week. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

When you look for the liberal moron of the week it is hard to make a decision.  It is not because it is hard to find liberal morons.  It is hard because there are so many of them. 

 But now, there is one who is this week’s clear winner.

 Who is it?

 His name is Thomas Walker and he is an English Professor at Iowa State University.  At ISU, the College Republicans decided to hold a drive to collect items to send to our troops in Afghanistan.

 He wrote:

 I read in Tuesday’s Iowa State Daily that the College Republicans have begun collecting sundries for U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Why? Doesn’t the U.S. Army victual its soldiers? Don’t their families send them yuletide goodies? Aren’t GIs paid enough to buy what they need, and even what they want?

“As Republicans we believe in charity,” stated Jeremy Freeman, a member of the College Republicans. Donating toiletries, boxed and canned foods, socks and beanies to U.S. soldiers who can already deodorize themselves, who eat better than the poorest Americans and who are gallantly garbed, is an eleemosynary travesty.

 Necessities should be doled out to people who really need them and who might get them if not for the hundreds of billions of dollars being funneled to the Pentagon in the greatest squandering of money on the planet. If anything, Republicans should sympathize with veterans struggling to find employment, a challenge that may daunt the discharged soldier, who might wish he had reenlisted. Soldiers are to Republicans as fetuses are to them: prized. But once out of the womb-like army, Republican solicitude for hapless veterans goes where extracted zygotes go.

“We get to show the troops we still appreciate what they’re doing for us,” said another College Republican. What are they doing for us? Nothing. But against us they’re doing a lot: creating anti-American terrorists in the countries they occupy. Said the same College Republican, “It can’t be fun to be away from your family for the holidays. As if American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan had been conscripted? They chose to leave home.

Why do Republicans care so much about the military? Because the military-industrial complex is dear to their simplistic laissez-faire fantasies: a bottom-line patriotism that excludes the people at the bottom.

 Thomas Walker has the constitutional right to be an idiot.  That is a right he seems to exercise on a regular basis.  If he wants to be a moron and let everyone know it, he has that right.  If he wants to publish his moronic opinions, he is welcome to.

 However, the taxpayers of Iowa pay his salary and I bet they are tired of bozos like him who are supposed to be educators, but all too often end up being indoctrinators. 

 Here is a simple idea.  Eliminate his job.  He probably has tenure, so he cannot be fired.  But his job can be eliminated.  If this buffoon outrages the people of Iowa then they should all call their Legislators on Monday and tell them when the Iowa Legislature meets in January and starts working on a budget, there is one position in the Iowa State University English Department that needs to be eliminated.

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