The Incompetent Susan Rice Gets Promoted

The Incompetent Susan Rice Gets Promoted

By Richard Grenell
Thursday, June 06, 2013

United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice will be the next National Security Advisor to President Obama. Her appointment from President Obama does not require the approval of the U.S. Senate. As the President’s National Security Advisor running the National Security Council, Rice will be responsible for settling bureaucratic disputes between the Department of Defense, the State Department and other U.S. government agencies. The job requires someone willing to speak up and make decisions based on facts. Susan Rice will undoubtedly be a failure – we have seen her struggle with these same issues in her current role all too much.

While most Americans will only remember Rice as the face of the Sunday shows where she spun the tale about a YouTube video as the reason radical Islamists attacked U.S. embassies and consulates in the Middle East and North Africa on the anniversary of 9/11, she has a long history of failing to lead or even speak up on important issues.

While the national media debates whether or not she knowingly misled the public on the Sunday shows, her failings and shortcomings before the Benghazi terrorist attacks have not received the attention they deserve.

Here are 30 reasons (that have nothing to do with Benghazi) why Susan Rice should not have received the promotion she did this week:

1.   failed to call an emergency meeting of the Security Council after the 2010 Haiti earthquake 
2.   skipped the Security Council debate and vote to add new UN Peacekeepers in Haiti after the earthquake 
3.   led the US during the most inactive Security Council since 1991 during her first year as Ambassador 
4.   held her first press conference with the UN Secretary General on the pressing international issue of texting while driving 
5.   failed to speak out when Col. Gaddafi’s Libya was elected to the UN Human Rights Commission 
6.   waited 17 months before voting on the one and only UN resolution on Iran passed during her tenure 
7.   dismissed by Hillary Clinton from negotiating most of the Iran resolution with the French 
8.   lost the support of more nations on her one Iran resolution than the previous five Iran resolutions combined 
9.   took 103 days to move the Security Council to issue a statement after a North Korean submarine sank the South Korean ship that killed 46 sailors 
10.   took 18 days to lead the Security Council to action after a North Korean nuclear test (it took John Bolton 5 days in 2006) 
11.   failed to support the Iranian opposition during their Green Revolution 
12.   failed to speak out when Iran was elected to the UN Women’s Commission 
13.   skipped the UN Security Council‘s emergency meeting on the Gaza flotilla crisis 
14.   snubbed Israel to the point they skipped President Obama’s 2010 UN speech 
15.   took more than 2 years to find someone to head America’s UN reform team 
16.   failed to address the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to ascertain how erroneous scientific claims were added to official UN reports 
17.   painfully slow in getting a UN resolution on the Sudan-South Sudan referendum 
18.   ignored Canada’s pleas for help in getting elected to the Security Council 
19.   negotiated with the UN’s Arab Group to condemn Israel’s settlements 
20.   failed to lead the Security Council during Tunisia’s Arab Spring protests 
21.   didn’t speak out on the Libya crisis until the French, British and Arab League had done so 
22.   failed to attend the first Security Council meeting on the Arab Spring protests 
23.   failed to get the support of allies India, Germany and Brazil on the UN’s Libya resolution 
24.   failed to lead the Security Council during Egypt’s Arab Spring protests 
25.   failed to lead the Security Council during Yemen’s Arab Spring protests 
26.   failed to lead the Security Council to confront Bashar al-Assad’s brutal violence where US resolutions received an unprecedented three vetoes on three different votes 
27.   agreed to send former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to Syria where he failed miserably 
28.   skipped the last open meeting before the planned UN vote to recognize Palestinian statehood 
29.   failed to speak out when Iran was elected Vice President of the Global Arms Treaty negotiations 
30.   delayed Security Council action and the UN report on Rwanda 


Appease early and appease often – Tea Party Nation

Appease early and appease often – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Obama Regime is even more wimpy than the Carter Administration was. 

 From early on, they wanted to appease and surrender.  Who better for Obama to surrender to than Iran?

 From the Times of Israel.

 Soon after he took office, President Barack Obama began a process ultimately designed to reestablish full US diplomatic relations with Iran, including a reopening of embassies, an Israeli daily reported Sunday. The initiative, part of a wider shift in America’s diplomatic orientation, aimed at reaching understandings with Tehran over suspending its nuclear program, Maariv claimed, citing “two Western diplomats very close to the administration.”

The initiative led to at least two US-Iran meetings, the report said. Israel was made aware of the contacts, and opposed them.

But Iran rebuffed the “diplomatic hand” offered by the White House, Maariv reported. The Islamist regime “opposed any sign of normalization with the US, and refused to grant a ‘prize’ to the Americans,” according to an anonymous Israeli source quoted by the paper.

The information — the lead item on Maariv’s front page, headlined “Obama offered to renew relations with Iran” — comes on the heels of reports earlier this month that the US and Iran held back channel contacts toward establishing direct talks over Tehran’s nuclear program. Both the White House and Iran denied those reports.

According to Maariv, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns met with chief Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili for an hour in 2009, and one other meeting between officials from both sides took place as well.

Included in the diplomatic incentives package offered by Washington would be, in the first stage, the opening of interest sections in Washington and Tehran, with the possibility subsequently of expanding to full diplomatic ties, including US and Iranian embassies and ambassadors in each other’s capitals, Maariv claimed.

As part of restored diplomatic relations with Iran, Maariv reported, Washington was ready to hold senior level diplomatic contacts, to agree to reciprocal visits, to approve security cooperation between the countries, direct flights between the US and Iran, and the granting of visas to Iranians wishing to visit the US.

The report, if true, would indicate a readiness by Obama to oversee a sea change in American policy toward Iran. The two countries have not had direct diplomatic relations since the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979-1981, when the Shah was overthrown during the Iranian Revolution and workers in the American Embassy held hostage for over a year. The US currently maintains a trade embargo with Iran and any diplomatic contacts are officially handled through third parties

According to Maariv, Iran also rejected the attempt to reestablish ties out of fear that the regime in Tehran would become weakened by normalization with Washington.

The meeting between Burns and Jalili was reportedly held in Geneva in October 2009, on the sidelines of talks between Tehran and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany, also known as the P5+1.

Those talks, which Jerusalem has characterized as a stalling tactic by Tehran to buy time to develop its nuclear program to weapon capability, have mostly failed, despite several attempts to hash over curbs on Iran’s uranium enrichment activities.

Last week, the New York Times and NBC reported that Washington has held secret contacts with Iran with the goal of holding one-on-one negotiations over their nuclear program. According to the report in the New York Times, Iran was open to the possibility, but asked to wait until after the American elections on November 6 so they would know who they were negotiating with.

The Party of…. – Tea Party Nation

The Party of…. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The true colors of the Democrat Party were on full display this week at their convention in Charlotte.

 The display from the Democrats this week shows they truly are the party of…

 You fill in the blank.

The Democrats opened their convention with an Islamic prayer service led by a man who has called for the overthrow of the “filthy” American government and to have it replaced by an Islamic state

 That has worked out so well in Iran, Afghanistan and Egypt among other places.  That’s a good idea.

 The Democrats took God out of their platform, booed when he was put back in and truthfully those who wanted him out of the platform probably won that vote.

 Then, after repeated insults to those who hold Christian beliefs, an olive branch was offered.  The Democrats hastily accepted the offer by Cardinal Dolan to offer the benediction.

When he offered the benediction, he offered an explicitly prolife benediction. 

 The left went nuts.

 While conservatives are not allowed to dare question Obama’s Christianity (or lack thereof), it was open season on the top Catholic Prelate in America.

 Liberals took to twitter saying all manner of foul things about the Archbishop

Twichy has got a pretty good rundown on the slime. (warning, the language is very obscene).

 This is liberal tolerance on full display.  No one is allowed to disagree with liberal orthodoxy. 

 Conservatives are told that we must tolerate any liberal idiocy and the first word out of the mouth of your average liberal about a conservative is that we are “intolerant.”

 Guess what?

 For liberals, that term just got retired.

TAUBE: Exit strategy from the United Nations – Washington Times

TAUBE: Exit strategy from the United Nations – Washington Times.

U.S. should form League of Democracies

For years, pundits, politicians and columnists – including me – have fiercely criticized the United Nations. This institution has become a political cesspool controlled by totalitarian states and rogue nations that despise democracy, liberty and freedom. It’s only getting worse with time.

Look what’s happened during the past two weeks:

Syria is likely to get a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council. U.N. Watch reported Iran will get a “top post” on the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty conference, which it described as being “like choosing Bernie Madoff to police fraud in the stock market.” Meanwhile, U.N. and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan claimed to have had a “very candid and constructive” meeting with Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

These are all ridiculous stories, but honestly, should we be surprised? I’m not. The U.N. has a long, sordid history of electing tyrannies and dictatorships to its various agencies, boards and councils. For an organization that vigorously claims to support world peace, it also vigorously – and controversially – supports countries that don’t have the slightest grasp of this concept.

For example, Libya chaired the U.N. Human Rights Commission in 2003 – and was a U.N. Security Council member in 2008 and 2009. Syria has twice headed the U.N. Security Council, in June 2002 and August 2003. Iran and Iraq were scheduled to co-chair a U.N. nuclear disarmament conference before Saddam Hussein was toppled from power in 2003. Additionally, North Korea – a major nuclear threat – headed the U.N. Conference on Disarmament just last year.

Not to be overlooked is the U.N.’s repeated condemnation of Israel’s policies for more than five decades while ignoring the terrible slaughter of Rwandans and Bosnian Muslims in two bloody civil wars, publicly supporting an antiterrorism conference held in Tehran, and refusing to expel members that openly support and finance terrorist groups. The list goes on and on.

The U.N. can use any excuse it wants to absolve itself from blame – choosing countries alphabetically or accepting the verdict of voting blocks – while it turns a blind eye to undemocratic countries. It won’t work because the insanity of these choices is crystal clear. Countries that don’t support human rights shouldn’t be allowed to sit on U.N. human rights commissions. Countries that funnel money and arms to terrorist organizations shouldn’t be allowed to chair U.N. Security Council meetings. And countries that can’t be trusted with nuclear weapons shouldn’t be allowed to lead conferences on nuclear disarmament.

Moreover, the argument that Iran, Syria and North Korea need to participate in diplomacy to become part of the democratic process is nonsense. Eating fine food, drinking expensive champagne and making idle chitchat in comfortable diplomatic circles is one thing, but they also must have a willingness to accept democracy and freedom on their own soil. Without these basic measures on the domestic front, a country’s role on the international scene amounts to little more than keeping up appearances. That’s what is happening at the U.N.

Let’s face facts. The U.N. is a broken-down and dysfunctional organization that has been in a state of collapse for decades. In a 2004 guest column for the Economist, then-Secretary-General Kofi Annan incredulously wrote that his organization “was born in a very different time and designed for a very different world,” and it “clearly needs far-reaching reform if it is to prevent and respond to all the threats that we face today.” What nonsense. The U.N. hasn’t figured out how to adapt to a changing world for more than 60 years – and it doesn’t deserve another 60 years to figure out where it went wrong.

All democratic countries should immediately get out of the U.N. and start a new organization, a League of Democracies. This group would promote important principles such as liberty, democracy and individual rights and freedoms. Global security and public safety would be emphasized strongly. The need for free markets and trade liberalization would be endorsed. Most important, the League of Democracies would refuse or revoke membership for countries that support terrorism.

Who would lead this charge? It must be a major country for it to mean something, and the United States would be an obvious choice. Unfortunately, President Obama’s naive (and idiotic) policy to negotiate with totalitarian states and rogue nations means he will continue to defend the U.N. for the time being.

However, if Mitt Romney wins in November, he surely would be more willing to criticize the organization. In the past, he has been heavily critical of the U.N.’s position toward the United States, the West, Judeo-Christian values and Israel. Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Romney will take that important first step to unite Western democracies and get out of the U.N. for good. Let’s hope so.

Michael Taube is a columnist and former speechwriter for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

It is time for the UN to go – Tea Party Nation

The Gadsden flag

The Gadsden flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is time for the UN to go – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Can someone please tell me what good the UN does?

 Can someone name me one benefit America receives from being not only the host to that band of thugs, dictators and malcontents, but footing far too much of the bill?

 Now, the UN is at it again.  This time it is the RIO conference.  While the diplomats are living it up, many on our tax dollars, they are coming out with an incredible list of demands.

 From Fox News:

 Three weeks before the U.N.-sponsored Rio + 20 summit conference on sustainable development, member countries that  the United States hoped would produce a five-page summary of goals are instead haggling over a mammoth  grab-bag of demands for new planetary regulation and assertions that  industrialized countries, led by the U.S., should  pay for, among other things, an unprecedented and massively expensive transfer of technology and funds to the developing world.

At one point, the text being debated by hundreds of negotiators climbed to 171 pages  before being cut back by executive fiat to 86 pages—only to start climbing steeply again.

The unwieldy document covers everything from sustainable food strategies to codes of corporate responsibility to technology transfers—on highly favorable terms—to developing countries. Copies of the document are not being made publicly available.

The emergency  bargaining session was intended as a last-ditch effort to bring some focus, energy and concision to the text after previous scheduled meetings led only to the current, bloated document.

“We were hoping it would inspire people, get them interested in the issues writ large,” a senior State Department official told Fox News. “ Right now, it’s just a long list of everybody’s projects, which is less valuable. “

The haggling over what will be said at the end of the three day Rio + 20 meeting, which starts on June 21 in Brazil, does not bode well for the summit, which U.N. organizers hope will  inaugurate not only a radical overhaul of the world economy but a new and still unspecified era of “global environmental governance.”

 Global governance?  What the hell are they passing out down there, crack for them to smoke?

 The UN is made up of such sterling members as Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Zimbabwe and Belarus.  Most of the members of the United Nations are dictatorship and we are even going to give them anything?

 Don’t even give them the time of day.

 The United Nations continues to be a very expensive joke on the United States.  If these third world countries want to be prosperous, they should do what we do.  They should have free markets, free elections and allow liberty and freedom.  Instead you have such distinguished nations as Egypt, which promotes female circumcision. 

 It would be nice if one of our politicians had the cojones to stand up and tell the UN to go pound sand.  Obama want because he wants us to become one of those socialist countries where liberty is on the endangered species list.  Romney isn’t any better on this front.  It would be nice to have just one major leader stand up and tell the United Nations to go to hell.  

Obama lets more of our secrets slide away – Tea Party Nation

Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel

Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obama lets more of our secrets slide away – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Well, there is more good news on the Iranian front.  They have reverse engineered the stealth drone that Obama let fall into their hands back in December.


From the Blaze:


Iran claimed Sunday that it had reverse-engineered an American spy drone captured by its armed forces last year and has begun building a copy.

Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, chief of the aerospace division of the powerful Revolutionary Guards, related what he said were details of the aircraft‘s operational history to prove his claim that Tehran’s military experts had extracted data from the U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel captured in December in eastern Iran, state television reported.

Among the drone’s past missions, he said, was surveillance of the compound in northwest Pakistan in which Osama Bin Laden lived and was killed.

Tehran has flaunted the capture of the Sentinel, a top-secret surveillance drone with stealth technology, as a victory for Iran and a defeat for the United States in a complicated intelligence and technological battle. A report from the country’s official Fars News Agency mocked President Barack Obama, saying he had begged the country “to give him back his toy plane.”

U.S. officials have acknowledged losing the drone. They have said Iran will find it hard to exploit any data and technology aboard it because of measures taken to limit the intelligence value of drones operating over hostile territory.

Hajizadeh told state television that the captured surveillance drone is a “national asset” for Iran and that he could not reveal full technical details. But he did provide some samples of the data that he claimed Iranian experts had recovered.


Back in December, Obama had a chance to avoid this disaster.  He had the chance to order a missile strike or an air strike to destroy the stealth drone before the Iranians captured it but refused to do so.


Obama seems to have this weird idea that if America has secrets, we should make sure that our enemies know what they are.  The Obama Regime publicized our techniques for interrogation so that our enemies would know how to prepare for them.  They released information about Israel using bases in Azerbaijan for a possible strike against Iran and Obama has talked about giving the Russians access to classified information about our missile interceptors.


Odds are, within hours of the drone being recovered by the Iranians, the Russians and Chinese were getting a look at some of our most sophisticated technology.


Good job Obama.


As Iran, the Russians and the Chinese now use the information we allowed to fall into their hands, perhaps real Americans can use the information we are learning about the Obama Regime to throw him out of office in November.

It’s time to hurt Iran – Tea Party Nation

It’s time to hurt Iran – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

It is time for us to hurt Iran.  It can be done easily and without military action.  It is time for America to avenge what was done to Americans by the Iranians.  You can help.


 In 1983, Iran used a suicide bomber to attack the Marine Barracks in Beirut Lebanon.  241 American Marines died in that attack.  Hundreds of others were injured.  

 The survivors, the injured and the family members of those who gave their lives for their country, sued Iran.  They received a judgment of $2.6 billion against Iran after a Federal Court Judge found Iran to be liable for the attack.  A second lawsuit was filed alleging that Iran was liable for the 1996 Khobar Towers attack that killed 19 members of the United States Air Force.   The survivors of Khobar Towers also sued Iran and again a Federal Judge found Iran liable and ordered a judgment. 

 Lawyers refer to a judgment where there are no assets to pay the judgment as a “paper judgment.”

 Under almost any other circumstances, a case like this would mean a paper judgment for those survivors.  After all, Iran is not going to pay.

 But there is a way to make Iran pay and bring justice for these American heroes. 

 The attorneys who represented the families discovered $1.8 billion in funds belonging to the Central Bank of Iran in a bank in New York!   This money is frozen and Iran cannot get it back at the moment.

 We need to make sure they never get that money back.

 A bill is pending in Congress that will make certain that frozen Iranian money goes not back to Iran where it might be used to advance terrorism, but to the American survivors and family members of these two attacks. 

 Let’s roll!

 If Congress does not act, Iran might get that money back.  There are two bills pending that would make sure that money goes to the families of the Marine Barracks bombing and the Khobar Towers bombing victims.

 The first bill is in the House.  It is H.R. 4070.  The Senate version of the bill is S.2101.

 Iran is our enemy.  They hate us.   They want to destroy Israel and the United States of America

 They hate us because they are evil. You cannot rationalize with evil people.  You can only fight them and ultimately destroy them.

 Taking this money away from Iran and making certain it cannot be used to advance terrorism is a great idea.  Giving that money to the Americans who have been the victim’s of Iran’s terrorism is not just justice it is payback.

 If Congress does not act, the order freezing the Iranian funds could be lifted.  Can you imagine the celebration in Tehran if they get their money back?  Just on general principles does anyone doubt Iran would not use some of this money for terrorism?

 Call your Congressman and Senator today.  Ask them to support and sponsor H.R. 4070 and S.2101.

 Let’s hit Iran in the wallet and get some justice for American service members and their families.

Screw Afghanistan – Tea Party Nation

Screw Afghanistan – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Afghanistan is about to claim six more casualties.  These people will not be killed but will be hurt as a result of the idiocy of the Obama Regime.  They are the Koran Six.

Who are the Koran Six and why are the important?  And why the hell are we still screwing around with Afghanistan?

 The Koran Six are the five American military personnel and the one Afghan American interpreter who have been targeted by the so-called investigation into the Koran burnings in Afghanistan.

 They will be set for disciplinary action so that we can try to calm the savages that pass for citizens in Afghanistan.

 It is time to stand up and say screw Afghanistan.

 For ten years, we have been there.  We have been trying nation building for the last six or seven.  We are propping up the regime of a lunatic, who is singularly incapable of operating a commode, much less a nation.  The ingrate has repeatedly said his sympathies lie with the Islamists who want to kill him, rather than Americans who want to protect him.

 Screw him and his hellhole of a country.

 We are spending billions of dollars on that waste of a nation. 


 We send aid to them and if the Afghans see that the aid is coming from America, they burn it.

 Screw them.

 I’m tired of American blood being spilled for savages who live in the 7th century.  I’m tired of American money being sent over to help people who hate us.  I am tired of our money going to support a corrupt regime who spits on us every chance we get.  I am tired of America’s sons and daughters being put in the position of having to trust the knuckle dragging Afghans, who are just as likely to turn and shoot them rather than help them.

 Afghanistan is a phenomenal waste. 

 We have a President in this country who wants us to lose and who is doing everything possible to make certain we lose in Afghanistan.  His only concern is making certain he is not blamed for it. 

 Screw him too.

 I have a simple suggestion for the next President. 

 Our reason for going into Afghanistan was to keep it from being a terrorist playground.   We need to deny Afghanistan to the terrorists and we need it as a base of operations to pressure both Pakistan and Iran

 Let’s put our people into their bases and just inform the Afghans that it is open season on the Taliban.   We are going to kill them wherever we find them.   If an Afghan village helps the Taliban, then an airstrike will wipe it off the map and we don’t care.   Let’s send in loads of napalm and pesticide and wipe out their opium production so the Taliban lose their cash crop.

 Forget this playing nice with them.  If their Korans get burned, well that is just too bad.  If they want to attack American bases because of that, we have guns, a lot of ammunition and people who know how to use them.

 No more American lives should be lost, nor more American blood shed, nor treasure expended to try to remake that open sewer that we call Afghanistan.   Our purpose there is only to protect America from terrorists who want to bring death and destruction to America’s shores.

 While Barack Obama parties with his radical buddies in Washington and takes vacations every other week at taxpayer expense, the Koran Six have risked their lives in Afghanistan and will be sacrificed because some Korans got burned.

 They do not deserve to be punished.  They deserve medals.

A nation without borders – Tea Party Nation

A nation without borders – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Ronald Reagan once said, “A nation without borders is not a nation.”  The open borders crowd has been working overtime for the last twenty-five years to erase American borders. 

 Have they reduced America to “not a nation?”

 In many ways yes, and those chickens are coming home to roost. 




The government will not release the statistics but Representative John Culberson did.  Of almost 330,000 illegals caught on the US-Mexico border, 77% were not prosecuted. 

 Almost four out of five were just let go.  They were sent back over the border to try it again in a day or two.   Those statistics are just for those caught at the border.   The Obama regime has been ignoring Immigration since he took office and the Regime is doing everything it can to fight states that are trying to protect their citizens. 

 The dangers from unrestricted and uncontrolled immigration are clear.  Not only are there issues of drugs and violence coming across the border, we have to deal with the real issue of terrorism.

 Terrence Jeffrey, in an op-ed yesterday, pointed out what a joke immigration has become.  Two weeks ago, the FBI arrested a Moroccan illegal alien who wanted to make jihad on America and was going to go to the Capital to do it.

 The drive by media dutifully reported the story, burying the fact that the terrorist was in the country illegally.    This terrorist had been in this nation illegally since 1999, two years before 9/11.   The simplest way to stop his interest in jihad would have been to deport him years ago.  Neither the Bush administration nor the Obama regime have been interested in enforcing immigration. 

 In the Middle East, Iran and Israel grow closer to war and Iran is threatening to hit targets not only in Israel but also in Europe and even in America.  Writing in The Daily Caller, a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards who writes under the pseudonym of Reza Kahilli says that Iran has the assets in America to mount attacks inside America.

 How could this happen?

 Because there is the real possibility there are Hezbollah cells here in America.

 How could Hezbollah have cells here in America?  Well for starters, it defies belief to think that our enemies have not smuggled terrorists through the southern border.    Some of them may have even come through legal immigration.  American immigration policies are insane.  We bring in people who have no ability to support themselves.  We bring in people who do not want to be Americans but simply want to take advantage of our system.   We even have a lottery to let people into this country.  Even Iranians are eligible to be included in the “diversity lottery.”

 For years, even decades now, many of us have been warning about the consequences of an open border and an insane and out of control immigration system. 

 Now we may see the consequences of those actions.

 If we in fact have terrorist attacks in this country, you can bet the drive by media is going to bury the facts about how the terrorists got into this country.

 But if we do have terrorist attacks in this country, it will be time to hold accountable those whose policies will have made those attacks possible.

Pettiness and Mud – Thomas Sowell – Townhall Conservative Columnists

Pettiness and Mud – Thomas Sowell – Townhall Conservative Columnists.

The only good news for the Republicans coming out of the seemingly endless presidential candidate “debates” is that some Republican leaders are now belatedly thinking about how they can avoid a repetition of this debacle in future elections.

What could they possibly have been thinking about, in the first place, when they agreed to a format based on short sound bites for dealing with major complex issues, and with media journalists — 90 percent of them Democrats — picking the topics?

The conduct of the candidates made things worse. In a world with a record-breaking national debt and Iran moving toward creating nuclear weapons, they bickered over earmarks and condoms. I am against earmarks, but earmarks don’t rank among the first hundred most serious problems facing this country.

Mud-slinging has replaced rational discussions of differences on serious issues — not only during the debates themselves, where the moderators sic the candidates on each other, but even more so in the massive television character assassination ads in which Romney supporters seem to specialize.

Groups supporting Mitt Romney have turned character assassination almost into a science. You take something that most people, outside of politics, do not understand and twist it to sound terrible to those who are unaware of the facts.

Blanketing Florida with misleading ads attacking Newt Gingrich won that state for Romney, after Gingrich scored an upset victory in South Carolina. The ads made a big deal out of charges that the former Speaker broke tax laws — charges that the Internal Revenue Service exonerated him of, after a long investigation.

When Rick Santorum suddenly surged after his upset victories in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado, the Romney character assassination machine attacked him for having voted in the Senate for various things that conservatives don’t like.

But, when it comes to voting in Congress, seldom do you get a pure bill that you can agree with in all its parts. If you never voted for bills containing anything you didn’t like, you might get very little voting done.

But, if it is a bill to provide American soldiers with the equipment they need to fight a war, and somebody has put into it an earmark for a federal boondoggle in his district, are you going to vote against that bill and let American soldiers go into battle without all the equipment and supplies they need?

Taking advantage of the public’s lack of knowledge is something that Barack Obama already does very effectively in his political propaganda. But is that something the Republicans want to imitate?

It has worked during the primary season, when the media are perfectly happy to see Republicans destroying each other. But it will not work in the general election campaign, when even truthful criticisms of the president will have a hard time getting out through the media, which hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil when it comes to Obama.

The pettiness and mud-slinging during the Republican primary campaigns is especially irresponsible during a time when there are very serious problems, at home and abroad, that need to be addressed in a serious way.

Discussions of particular issues, one by one, often miss the larger point that goes beyond the issue at hand — namely, this administration’s steady movement toward arbitrary government that circumvents the restrictions of the Constitution.

Nothing demonstrates this more starkly than the president’s arbitrary power to waive the requirement that employers have to provide ObamaCare coverage for their workers. That can be the difference between paying, or not paying, millions of dollars. What does that mean for anybody’s other rights?

What does freedom of speech mean if criticizing the administration can mean you get no exemption, while your competitor who keeps quiet, or who praises the administration, gets a waiver? The Constitution requires “equal protection of the laws” for a reason.

And what about nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism? Is that not worth discussing in something other than sound bites?