Media lap dogs in hot pursuit of the wrong story – Washington Times

Media lap dogs in hot pursuit of the wrong story – Washington Times.

By Charles Hurt – The Washington Times

What we are in the midst of witnessing right now is a complete, Fukushima-style meltdown of the mainstream media.

Without these slobbering lap dogs, President Obama never would have been elected in the first place. And now they are his only hope for staying in office amid all the global violence, a morbidly paralyzed economy and a national crisis of confidence so profound that the American Dream has become nothing more than quaint fiction for millions.

Nearly four years after President Obama promised to ease Arab hatred of America, the Middle East burns hotter than ever. Polls show America has never been more deeply despised.

Respected newspapers around the world report that the Obama administration was explicitly warned days before the attack on the American Consulate in Libya in which our ambassador was brutally killed. But officials did nothing to stop the worst terrorist attack on the U.S. since 9/11.

Four years after promising to cut the deficit in half, President Obama has exploded the debt to a record $16 trillion. Welfare rolls have ballooned to levels once unimaginable in America and you are actually paying for campaigns to recruit more people onto welfare.

Then last week, the Obama administration finally acknowledged that the $50 billion in defense cuts it prefers over trimming back welfare programs and cutting wasteful government spending will be “deeply destructive to national security, domestic investments and core government functions.”

Oh, and then our credit rating got downgraded. Again. Both humiliating firsts.

So, what flings our national newshounds into a full-blown choking frenzy? An apparent cover-up over the terrorist attack in Libya? The nationwide squalor under the Obama economy? Exposes into all the wasteful spending that should be cut before we junk our national defense?

Nope. Some stupid comment Mitt Romney made four months ago at a fundraiser lamenting that a record-low number of Americans are making enough money anymore to actually pay income taxes.

Is it really a news flash to these people that Mr. Romney can say incredibly idiotic things in the goofiest of ways? Even Mr. Romney himself would probably concede that he doesn’t quite have the silver tongue of President Obama. But, hopefully, it is not forked, either.

How such a minor and long-ago statement could blot out coverage of a disastrous foreign policy, crushing debt and total economic malaise is more than most rational people can comprehend. Which is why most rational people do not become national political reporters.

Making the whole mess even more odious is that the secret, potentially illegal recording of Mr. Romney was unearthed by a relative of Obama mentor Jimmy Carter and quickly peddled to the press by openly avowedly liberal activists.

But there is hope. Earlier this week, a White House spokesman and an Obama campaign official answered questions from reporters during a flight on Air Force One. A reporter grilled the White House — and I am not making this up — about what the president thought of the impersonation of him on the previous “Saturday Night Live” episode.

Upon the conclusion of the reporters’ questions, according to the pool report, the campaign official rewarded the drooling lap dogs by offering them “home-baked cookies.”

But, standing tall, uncompromising and fearless, the press declined the campaign’s sweets.

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Hope and Change – Tea Party Nation

Hope and Change – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

If someone had to pick one of the Amendments of the Bill of Rights to compare to Barack Obama’s speech last night, the Eighth Amendment quickly comes to mind.  You know, the protection Americans have against cruel and unusual punishments.  

 After listening to Obama last night, there is only one, inescapable conclusion that is left.  What is that shocking conclusion about Obama?

 He does not have a clue.

 Last night he tried to sell America hope.

 To quote Vince Lombardi, “Hope is not a strategy.”

 Yet Barack Obama has no strategy.

 The only thing he offers us is four more years of the same.   Most Americans are smart enough to realize the truism that when you are in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging.

 Barack Obama told America last night that he ran for President because he saw the “basic American bargain slipping away.”

 He decided to run for President because he is a narcissist and this was the only job big enough for his ego.

 When Barack Obama decided to run for President, he was a first term Senator.  When he started to run for President, unemployment was still 5%.  Gas was still hovering near $2 a gallon.  Both have doubled during his time in office.

 When he decided to run, America still had allies that trusted us.   When Obama decided to run America still had a AAA credit rating.  When Obama decided to run, we still had a President committed to the safety of America and determined to take the fight to terrorists, not tell them our secrets.

 Obama lied during his speech.

 Of course, that is not shocking given that it is Barack Obama.

 He claimed Republicans want to eliminate healthcare for millions of poor, elderly and the disabled.  Obama has embraced a healthcare model that has been tried other places and has failed miserably.    If insanity is defined as trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, Obama is certifiably nuts.

 Obama did make some promises.  He wants to hire 100,000 new math and science teachers, in a ploy that was a cheap take off of Clinton’s cops on the street program that provided temporary funding for the states to hire cops in the 90’s. 

 He also promised to reduce the deficit.

 Didn’t he also promise us that he would have unemployment back below 6% by now and if he did not fix the economy, he would be a one term President?

 Obama said the campaign was a choice about two fundamentally different visions for future.

 That was probably the only thing in his speech that he said that was true. 

 We do have a choice. 

 The last time Republicans controlled the government in January 2007 unemployment was 4.6%.  Gas was $2 a gallon.  The economy was growing and Americans had hope for the future. 

 In 2007, the deficit was only $161 billion and we were on course for a balanced budget.

 In January 2007, 90% of college graduates found work after graduation.  Today it is 50%.   The real unemployment number, not the cooked version the Obama compliant media trots out is around 15%.  Those are the same levels we saw during the First Great Depression and that is the change Obama has given us. 

 He has given us the Great Obama Depression.

 The last time we faced a disaster like this, Jimmy Carter was the President and before Obama he was the worst President of all time.  Ronald Reagan addressed the economic disaster facing the country and explained it in a way only he could.  He said a recession is when your neighbor loses his job.  A depression is when you lose your job.  A recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.  

 Our recovery will come in November when the American people do to Barack Obama, what he has done to so many Americans.  We will put him out of work.

 Last night, Obama begged for his job in one of the worst, emptiest and flattest speech given by a major candidate for office.

 Only one week earlier, Clint Eastwood gave the most damning indictment of Obama when he simply said here in America when someone isn’t doing their job, we let them go.

 It is time for Obama to go.

Voters Abandon Global Warming Fears – Tea Party Nation


Voters Abandon Global Warming Fears – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

Former President Jimmy Carter will address the Democratic Party convention via a televised address, but former Vice President Al Gore and candidate for President will be no where in sight.

The leading advocate for global warning will be conspicuous in his absence, but that doesn’t mean that the greatest hoax of modern times will not be mentioned. It has been a consistent theme of the Obama administration, particularly to justify the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to attack the energy and business sectors of the nation’s economy.

As this is being written, the morning of the start of the Democratic Party convention, one wonders if the tired, thoroughly debunked claims that carbon dioxide (CO2) is causing a warming that does not exist and that humans are also causing it will be mentioned.

On the night that Obama had won his primary victory over Hillary Clinton’s bid to be the party’s presidential candidate, among his promises and claims, he said, “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” You cannot get more absurd than that. It would translate into the administration’s push for cap-and-trade legislation (regarding CO2 emissions) that was rejected by a Democrat-controlled Senate.

Obama’s claim did not go unnoticed by Mitt Romney who, during his acceptance speech, said, “President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.” The global warming hustlers were apoplectic in their denunciations of Romney, but his promise received a standing ovation.

The administration has become famous for the billions wasted on so-called green jobs, green energy, and controlling greenhouse gases. It is essential to understand that CO2 has never caused any of the warming cycles the Earth has been through over 4.5 billion years. It shows up after climate cycle change occurs. Moreover, the oceans that cover 71% of the Earth surface both stores and releases CO2.

Prior to Earth Day in 2011, a Gallup poll revealed just how Americans felt about various environmental issues. Asked about a variety of concerns, the respondents rated global warming dead last with 48% saying they were either not much or not at all concerned about it.

The decades of apocalyptic claims and warnings have given way to reality. There have been no massive famines, no complete melting of the north or south poles, no increase in natural phenomenon such as hurricanes, no mass extinctions of various species. By 1998, the planet began a new cooling cycle, one that panicked the perpetrators of the global warming myth.

In 2009, the leak of emails between the researchers whose deliberately false “data” was the basis for global warming claims revealed that the cabal behind the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports were plotting to suppress the truth. The leak would become known as “Climategate.”

Just prior to the Democratic Party convention, President Obama issued yet another Executive Order, this one calling for “investment”, i.e., more spending, on cogeneration plants in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by deploying “cleaner and more efficient energy production in the country by working around political resistance to climate change and ‘green’ energy legislation on Capitol Hill.”

In reality, you cannot “save” energy. You can only use less of it and the Obama administration has done everything in its power to ensure that there will be less by deterring the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada—estimated to generate 20,000 new jobs—and by waging a war on coal. Coal mines and coal-fired plants are being closed. Oil continues to be discovered in the U.S. but not on federally controlled lands, nor can it be explored and extracted offshore where billions of barrels exist.

In effect, the Obama administration has been the most anti-energy administration in recent times while, at the same time, wasting billions on solar energy companies that have gone bankrupt and on wind power which, combined, represent less than 3% of the electricity generated nationwide and which would not exist were they were not, like ethanol, completely dependent on government mandates and subsidies.

It will be interesting to see how many of the convention speakers make any reference to global warming, carbon dioxide, or the real sources of energy, coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power..

Throwing a bone to the environmentalists, it is likely that President Obama will make a passing reference to global warming and energy, but it is not likely that the “planet will begin to heal” as it grows colder in a completely natural cooling cycle that threatens to tip over into a new ice age.

There are real problems to be addressed, high unemployment, a lagging “recovery”, a fiscal crisis that will occur on January 1st unless Congress acts to extend tax cuts and puts off a massive sequestration of funding to defense and other sectors. In the end, it is likely we will be told that the last four years were all George W. Bush’s fault.

© Alan Caruba, 2012


Does the Democratic Parrty have a Death Wish? – Tea Party Nation



Does the Democratic Parrty have a Death Wish? – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

Does the Democratic Party have a death wish? It continues to display a suicidal desire to offend the delegates to its forthcoming convention and the rest of the voters.

In recent days we learned that it is contemplating a platform plank that would endorse same-sex marriage, something that its core African-American voters detest. Maybe they are after the gay vote, but gays constitute barely three percent of the population and not all are Democrats.

It has been announced that former President Jimmy Carter will address the convention via video. Widely regarded as the worst president of the modern era, if not of all the presidents until Obama was elected, Carter in his post-presidential life is best known for embracing every dictator he ever met, for attacking Israel as an “apartheid” state and as a staunch defender of the Palestinians whom even fellow Arabs dislike. I am sure many American Jews, another voting bloc for Democrats, will likely be offended by his participation.

Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts candidate for the Senate who originated the “You didn’t build that” meme that Obama embraced will be another convention speaker and, it turns out, she enhanced her resume by claiming to be a native American with an infinitesimal amount of Cherokee blood. Even the Cherokee nation has disowned her. There goes the Native American vote.

In an odd decision the Democrats have given the job of nominating Obama to former President Bill Clinton. Never mind that he was the first President since Andrew Johnson to be impeached while in office or the first to be exposed for having an affair with a White House intern as young as his daughter. As President, he witnessed the return to power in Congress by Republicans. Many of the programs for which he is given credit were initiated by them. Obama has just used yet another executive order to gut the welfare reform program he signed into law!

Meanwhile, President Obama continues to campaign by calling for higher taxes on everyone, but carefully never mentioning his much-hated signature legislation, Obamacare. Catholic delegates to the convention may be wondering if they have to park their conscience at the door given the Obamacare mandates regarding abortion issues.

Then there’s the little problem of more than forty-two straight months of unemployment in excess of eight percent or the three years without a budget vote. Running a nation on continuing resolutions is a very bad idea.

Harry Reid, the Majority Leader in the Senate who has blocked more bills from even being debated than anyone in modern memory, recently stood in the well of the Senate to announce that an anonymous source—a little birdie—told him that Mitt Romney had not filed his tax returns since shortly after the end of the Civil War. He was soundly denounced for such piffle, but it does reflect the kind of lies the Democrats are now resorting to.

Advertising supporting Obama’s reelection has included one that suggests that Mitt Romney was responsible for a woman’s death even though it occurred years after he had left Bain Capitol and was filled with other lies. An earlier Democratic ad portrayed Vice Presidential pick, Rep. Paul Ryan, pushing an old lady in a wheelchair off a cliff. Campaigns have always been ugly, but suggesting one’s opponents are murderers is a new low. The odds are we have not yet seen them reach the bottom rung of iniquity.

The Ohio Democratic Party law suit to deny an early voting option to those serving in the U.S. military is yet another dumb move and it is widely believed that the Democrats are again looking to have dead people vote in large numbers.

Has, in fact, a political party ever had a more deceitful and distasteful group of leaders than Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the current DNC chairwoman?

Does it strike anyone as hypocritical and absurd that while the DNC hammers Romney to release his tax returns, Obama has yet to have released his college transcripts, the passport on which he traveled to Pakistan, or any records that might provide some truth as an alternative to the fairy tale memoirs he has written?

Who else can the DNC offend? It would not surprise me to see a Muslim imam get the call to provide the opening and closing prayers.

© Alan Caruba, 2012


An Optimistic America – Tea Party Nation

An Optimistic America – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

I have always been an optimist. And, I hope, a realist. Of late though, I have been entertaining some pessimist thoughts about the future of America. This runs contrary to one of the enduring attributes of Americans because, like me, they too are optimists.

The great value of national elections is that the issues affecting everyone’s future get discussed. The election of 2008 was an alarming indication of the power of the mainstream media to bamboozle voters. Aided by McCain’s near total lack of charisma or even energy, the media’s wholesale devotion to getting a completely unknown and unvetted Barack Obama elected was and is scary.

One reason for optimism is the way the current campaign to reelect Barack Hussein Obama is struggling to distract voters from the worst record of incompetence of any modern president since Jimmy Carter.

As Obama campaigns non-stop around the nation he never mentions Obamacare, the failed “stimulus” of 2009, or the outrage of the Fast and Furious program to run guns to drug cartels in Mexico. I would put money on the Supreme Court declaring Obamacare unconstitutional. And, with that, goodbye Obama. Feeling a bit more optimistic now?

The problems Americans face today have been put in place by successive Congresses over decades and the blame falls equally on both Democrats and Republicans. Too much socialism!

The 2008 crisis of the housing mortgage and the banking meltdown is the result of government sponsored agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that own half of all the mortgage loans made. There is no reason why the government should be in the mortgage business that for most of the nation’s history was the providence of the banking industry. It was the “bundled” mortgage “assets” that seduced many banking institutions to purchase them.

The nation’s tax system is shot through with special breaks to various elements of the nation’s economy and includes the highest corporate tax of any nation on earth. It requires legions of lobbyists to maintain the special favors and it ignores the lower corporate tax rates that have made other nations more competitive than ours in the global marketplace.

The problem with America is not that it has millionaires and billionaires, but that it does not have more of them. They and other wealthy Americans pay the bulk of all income taxes while some forty percent of Americans pay nothing. That level of inequality is criminal. So is the tax system. It must be reformed as it threatens to make criminals of all who must deal with it.

The failure to reform Social Security and Medicare is yet another problem threatening the economy as a smaller workforce is required to pay for a growing aged population. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 64% of voters would prefer a government with fewer services and lower taxes. The findings are consistent with findings since 2006. Just 25% want more services.

The hollowing out of the nation’s military power is a major concern because a strong military is vital for the defense of the nation and, by extension, peace in the world.

Ours has a geriatric fleet of fighter and transport airplanes and a naval fleet that hasn’t been so small since the end of World War II. Our missile system is growing moldy in its silos. Our Army, Marines, National Guard and Reserves are worn out from constant rotations in and out the Middle Eastern conflicts in a world where asymmetrical warfare is the order of the day, not massed armies.

Our society is suffering from the erosion of the most fundamental tradition—marriage. The Obama administration announced it will not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and the President’s endorsement of same-sex marriage is abhorrent.

Popular culture has degraded to films that are either cartoons or based on characters from comic books. Movies made for adults are becoming a vanishing genre. The nightly fare of situation comedies is filled with characters for whom casual sex is the norm. The nation remains a mecca for drugs at the same time our southern border remains superficially protected while drug cartels fill the streets of Mexico with the beheaded bodies of their rivals.

Our educational system has been so debased by the teacher’s unions since the 1960s that it is commonplace to learn that our children continue to lag behind all other nations in the fundamental knowledge of reading, writing, science, history and all other fields of knowledge on which a successful nation depends.

The nation’s unions are bankrupting states with their excessive demands for salaries, health care options, and pensions. They must be curbed and we are witnessing states like New Jersey and Wisconsin that have begun to reduce this drain on public treasuries.

Lastly, the programs advanced by wealthy environmental organizations such as Friends of the Earth, the Sierra Club, and others have imposed a vast matrix of laws and regulations that are putting at risk our ability to conduct any business enterprise. The Greens are successfully denying Americans access to reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas and have been seeking to erode property rights, the keystone of capitalism.

As the cartoon character, Pogo, once observed, “We have met the enemy and it is us.”

Specifically, it is a Congress and a federal government that spends more than it takes in, borrowing 40 cents of every dollar spent. That is unsustainable.

At this point I have identified a few good reasons for pessimism, but there is cause for optimism. Despite all the slurs hurled at it, the Tea Party movement that emerged to protest and to repeal Obamacare now has the active or tacit support of millions of Americans.

It will take decades to undo the damage that has been done, but it can be done and there are clear indications that most Americans have had enough of big government, big spending, and big borrowing.

We have just five months and a few weeks until November 6, Election Day. Turn out the usurper. Turn out the cowards in Congress who do not support Paul Ryan’s reforms. Be optimistic!

© Alan Caruba, 2012

On Fairness and Unfairness – Tea Party Nation

On Fairness and Unfairness – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

“Expecting the world to be fair to you because you are a good person is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.”

I don’t know who said this, but it is a great piece of wisdom that we should all  embrace

Every time I hear President Obama talk about what is fair or not, I am reminded of how unfair it is to have a President whose personal history remains subject to question and the failure to provide documentation that most Americans are required to show for matters as simple as renewing a driver’s license.

I am not given to feeling sorry for myself because I long ago concluded that whatever good fortune comes my way is just that, luck. Hard work helps, but sometimes it too is not enough. We live in a casino called life.

Is it fair, for example, that I was born into the Great Depression over seventy years ago and now, when I should be enjoying retirement, I am living in something the economists call a recession, but is just as bad, if not worse, than it was when I was born.

Despite all the distractions to keep us from confronting massive unemployment, widespread foreclosures, a government rife with corruption, waste, and cronyism, a broken justice system, a President who won’t produce a passport and whose Social Security number is fake.

So what do we do? We all just soldier on trying to pay what we are told is our “fair share” of an unfair system of taxation. We do so when the government is so deep in debt it has to borrow 40 cents of every dollar it spends and has imposed a per capita debt of $140,000 on every American, including those born this day.

Kennedy who famously said, “Life is not fair”, would be assassinated in 1963 and next in line was Lyndon Baines Johnson who took the nation into war with Vietnam and 58,000 dead young Americans later he decided not to run for reelection. I still recall the protest marches. The sixties became synonymous with “hippies”, a burgeoning drug culture, and some of the best rock’n roll ever performed.

Then we got Richard Nixon and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, who finally negotiated something called “peace with honor”, but the war was the first major defeat the nation had sustained. All of which made me wonder why no one in the White House or Pentagon pointed out to President Bush that neither Alexander the Great, the British Empire, nor the Soviets had gotten out of Afghanistan without being beaten to a pulp.

Apparently, a generation or two of voters were not paying attention in school if, indeed, American and world history was even being taught. In 2008 a slim majority elected Barack Hussein Obama, a thorough-going communist with total contempt for the Constitution, America, and its people. That’s not fair.

And how close did we come to electing an environmental charlatan called Al Gore? Or John Kerry whose choice for vice president, John Edwards, is currently in court charged with using campaign funds as a “gift” to his mistress and his illegitimate child, the result of an affair carried on while his wife was dying of cancer?

Does it seem like America has been passing through a long period being led by the sorriest bunch of politicians to whom such power has been granted; Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon of Watergate infamy, Jimmy Carter, the skirt-chasing Bill Clinton, and the sorry likes of the Senate’s Harry Reid and former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi?

None of it is fair. It just is.

America desperately needs to elect a grownup. It needs a man who knows how to read a balance sheet and how to restore the economy.

The Tea Party came into being to protest Obamacare. It now elects men and women to Congress, altering the balance of power in the 2010 elections, and will likely decide the outcome of the November elections.

It is testimony to the way Americans are willing to wage a peaceful revolution for real change, not just some dumb motto meant to cheat and enslave suckers.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

It’s Romney versus Carter – ALLBAUGH – Washington Times

It’s Romney versus Carter – ALLBAUGH – Washington Times.

Americans have an easy choice in November

By Joe M. Allbaugh

Mitt Romney will win in November, and the reason is simple: because of President Obama’s record. Before my friends in the conservative movement spend the summer gnashing their teeth over the supposed ideological impurities of a Republican who governed one of the nation’s most liberal states, let’s all remember who we are running against: the greatest presidential failure since Jimmy Carter.

Mr. Obama took over in the throes of a reeling economy. He made it worse. His stimulus plan was taken hostage by Democrats in Congress, who loaded it up with pork and precious few sources of actual economic stimulus. Then, $787 billion later, our deficit reached record heights while our economy listed. Sure, the Obama administration says we are in recovery, but it’s the kind of recovery no one can believe in. Americans don’t feel it, jobs have not increased at nearly the pace that was promised, and sluggish growth speaks of the added weight of debt and an unpredictable business climate as investors worry about what burdens will be heaped upon them next by a bureaucracy modeled after a Western European social democracy. Nearly $2 trillion in investment sits on the sidelines awaiting the outcome of this election.

No president in the modern era has been re-elected with unemployment above 8 percent. Add to this the fact that our president has displayed absolutely no seriousness about addressing the debt, which led to the first downgrade of our credit in history, and you have economic conditions that give voters great worry, not encouragement. While the Obama forces certainly will villainize Mr. Romney’s business record, at least he has one. I predict the answer to the most important question, “Whom do you trust to run the economy?” will clearly show the American people trust a successful businessman like Mr. Romney over a president who has few economic accomplishments to claim and nothing in his previous experience that indicates he knows what it takes to create opportunity.

In fact, what we see is a college professor, like many of his tenured colleagues, who learned the wrong lessons from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s handling of the Great Depression. Government intervention didn’t end the Depression – it prolonged it. Only a world war brought us out of it. The Keynesian model of throwing money at the problem failed then and is failing us now.

Americans have lost faith in a president who refuses to take on the deficit in a serious manner, who rammed government-run health care down their throats and has failed to revitalize the economy. On these issues and many more, Mr. Romney offers a better contrast: a thoughtful, deliberate leader versus an ideological interventionist, and an effective executive who has experience as a turnaround artist versus an inexperienced manager overwhelmed by the morass of the bureaucracy.

Americans will not wonder whether Mr. Romney is up to the job – he has the track record and demeanor for the job, regardless of whether he meets the definition of the kind of guy someone would want to knock down a couple beers with. Americans also have little doubt as to whether Mr. Obama is up to the job. He isn’t. And this time we have his record to prove it instead of slogans of hope and change to decipher.

To my friends in the conservative movement, I say simply this: Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Mitt Romney is a good man who will make a good president. The real opposition is the liberal ideologue in the White House. The mission is to defeat him for the sake of our country.

Blitzing the Department of Education – Katie Kieffer – Townhall Conservative Columnists

Seal of the United States Department of Education

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Blitzing the Department of Education – Katie Kieffer – Townhall Conservative Columnists.

Tim Tebow and I both blitzed the Department of Education; we were both homeschooled. Tebow became the first homeschooler to win the Heisman Trophy and he’s now an NFL starting quarterback. And, as someone who was homeschooled through eighth grade and attended a private high school before graduating from college, I personally know that young people don’t need the federal government running their education.

I think American children and their parents deserve more than an unconstitutional, one-size-fits-all federal education system. I think local governments and individual parents have the constitutional right to decide how and where children go to school. Let’s eliminate the Department of Education.

The Department of Education is unconstitutional because it violates the Tenth Amendment, which states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” There is no federal mandate for public education in the Constitution, so no one has a constitutional right to an education subsidized by federal taxpayer dollars.

To be exact, since the Constitution does not mention “education” as a federal function, Congress should have voted to amend the Constitution in order to give the federal government the power to regulate education. Since Congress never amended the Constitution, the federal Department of Education remains unconstitutional.

The Department of Education was initially a minor office within the government. However, President Jimmy Carter decided that he wanted to be in charge of education. So, on October 17, 1979, he signed a law promoting the Department to cabinet-level and placing education under the purview of the executive branch.

Initially, most Republicans understood that Carter’s move was unconstitutional. Carter’s successor, President Reagan, tried to eliminate the Department of Education but the Democrats in Congress blocked him. The CATO Institute reports that in 1996, the GOP’s party platform still included this belief: “The Federal government has no constitutional authority to be involved in school curricula or to control jobs in the market place. This is why we will abolish the Department of Education.”

After Reagan, some Republicans began swerving off the constitutional path. Former President George W. Bush proposed and signed the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001. This bill helped double the size of the Department of Education and NCLB’s requirements for federal funding effectively seized more authority from States and individuals.

Today, we have a GOP presidential candidate (Rick Santorum) who voted for the No Child Left Behind Act even as he was unwilling to put his own children through the broken public school system. Politicians like Santorum routinely vote for public school funding and then hypocritically send their own children to private schools or tutor them at home. Every politician wants to say he or she cares about educating children, but, at the end of the day, a child’s parents have his or her best interest in mind.

Because the Department of Education is a federal affair, it’s effectively an unjust tax. 33 million Americans (28 percent of all households) live alone, according to 2011 census data. Why should these solo breadwinners be forced to pay for strangers to get an “education?” There are also millions of families who choose to put their children in private schools or homeschool them. How is it just for these families to pay twice—to educate their children and subsidize the neighborhood children?

I think there is a common misconception that people who send their children to private school or homeschool are über-wealthy and can “afford” to pay taxes for other children to go to public school. Growing up, I remember busybodies asking me, “How can your mom afford to stay home?” Later, when I went to a private high school, the snoops would say: “Oh. Wow. That’s so expensive. What does your dad do?”

My parents were not über-wealthy. They sacrificed a great deal and gave up buying new cars and going on big-ticket vacations so that my siblings and I could get the best education possible. Many other homeschooling and private school parents I knew growing up were the exact same way. As a kid, I remember thinking that it was unjust for my parents to sacrifice and work so hard for my education and to subsidize the next-door neighbor boys’ free ride to public school.

I have no problem with public schools that are managed entirely on a local level. Let’s say there’s a town of like-minded people who want to pool their resources together and build a school: They have a town meeting and the majority of residents—including the retirees and single people in the community—are willing to pitch in funds for a public school. The residents are freely vested in the school’s mission and they will spend their collective funds wisely. That kind of public school is fine by me because it’s locally controlled and 100 percent constitutional.

America’s first public school, in fact, was a perfect example of a local (constitutional) public school. Boston Latin School was established in 1635. It had no national element. It had a strong humanitarian curriculum and students learned how to read, write and multiply—not how to put a condom on a banana. Four signers of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Robert Treat Paine, attended Boston Latin. (Franklin dropped out before graduating.)

It costs taxpayers over $10,000 per year to educate the average public school student. For zero cost to the state and under $1,000 a year to themselves, parents can educate their child at home and the child will probably have better academic test scores. Last month, USA Today analyzed a 2009 National Home Education Research Institute study revealing that homeschooled students score higher than public school students by an of average of 37 percentile points.

So, besides the fact that the Department of Education is unconstitutional, there is no evidence that more money and federal control invariably produce smarter children. My brother is in medical school now and he was homeschooled through sixth grade.

Some of America’s most successful people were successful precisely because they avoided the federal education system at some point. People like: Tim Tebow, Jason Taylor, Bode Miller, Venus and Serena Williams, Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein, Claude Monet, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, C.S. Lewis, Robert Frost, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Andrew Carnegie and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Let’s help children, parents and taxpayers regain their constitutional freedom. Let’s blitz the Department of Education.

Confidence: Why Obama Loses In A Landslide. – Tea Party Nation

Confidence: Why Obama Loses In A Landslide. – Tea Party Nation.

Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden

Much has been written and said about why and how Barack Obama became elected our 44th President. Every, “expert,” and his brother has sounded off with some reason or another. I have heard some of the most nuanced and smart sounding crap in explanation of this, as if a vote were indeed some great mystery of the ages, that only those with decades spent in earnest study could possibly decipher.

After all of that, here is the reason. Barack Obama was elected to be our chief executive because 52% if Americans strategically located in our various states believed, rightly or wrongly, that he would be the best choice to create an environment where they would experience the greatest improvement in their living standards. While the sentence is longer than I wanted it to be, the concept is still very simple. We, as Americans want to to enjoy the best possible standard of living that we can carve out for ourselves. Two points about this standard of living. One, we like enjoying the fruits of our labors, and we like working for those rewards. Two, we like doing it for ourselves, and feeling necessary. Being needed, is as basic a human instinct as breathing. In as much as people end up voting for the Socialized protections afforded by left of center benefactors, it is invariably because they have been scared into believing that some bogey man was waiting around the corner to steal away from them the fruits of their labors.

Here is why I believe that in 10 months time, Barack Obama will take his well deserved place as an ex President. His campaign in 2012 will not be based on convincing Americans that his policies will lead to a greater standard of living for them. He has no choice but to convince Americans that they can not have the standard of living that they want to have. He instead will try to manage expectations to the point where people are willing to expect a lower standard of living based upon the mistaken belief that the successful people in our society won’t let them have what they have earned. Class envy, fear of his competitors, manufactured crises, and a message of soaking the rich to benefit the collective is what his 2012 campaign will be about.

Over the last two years, I have been involved in several spirited debates about how electable Barack Obama is or isn’t. During each debate, three major points always seem to come up, and neither one mind you involves any actual discussion on his agenda. One, Obama is viewed as some sort of Messianic figure by a number of his supporters. Two, the main stream media is in the tank for all things left of center and will not ever question, vet, investigate, nor even report on the goings on in the Obama world. Three, his war chest will be $1 Billion. I will stipulate to two of those three points, and I still believe that he is toast. Here is why.

While it is true that many bought previously the Obama is some sort of transcendent figure, he himself is now actively campaigning against that view. Think about it for a moment. 4 years ago, while he accepted the nomination for his party as candidate Obama, he proclaimed that this was the moment when the Earth began to heal, and the waters began to recede. Compare that with his latest State of the Union address, where he redefined the American Dream as people just wanting a decent place to live and the ability to have free health care, in order to avoid bankruptcy. Telling Americans that they can not work hard to determine for themselves, what lifestyles they ultimately get to enjoy, is not a winning message to deliver. The last 4 political candidates for our Presidency that delivered this message are, in order of appearance, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, and Michael Dukakis. I would understand if those names mostly do not ring any bells, as history as rendered them to the deserved place of obscurity that they all so richly belong. Jimmy Carter did become our 39th President, but not based on his malaise message, that wonderful campaign platform did not happen until after his policies reached their inevitable failure. So, when Barack Obama resurrected the moth balled Carter ideas, the same inevitable failure naturally followed. The same message of accept the malaise has also followed. This message is a loser, no matter how much money little Barry has to spread it with.

Yes the media performed a disservice to all Americans for their lack of any type of attempt to vet Barack Obama, their complete lack of candor in accurately or even actually reporting on what his agenda would look like, their obvious cheer leading for his candidacy, their filtering of news to report for the express purpose of swaying public sentiment and thus opinion. The simple fact is, that this remains far easier to do with candidate Obama than it will be for President Obama. Americans have seen the Marxist Agenda, and they do not like it one little bit. We have outlets for our voices as well, and there are some things that have already been forgotten.

A short list to follow here. He used his political capital and the first two years of his Presidency passing three massively destructive pieces of legislation during the worst recession since WWII, none of the three had anything to with solving our economic problems. That legislation includes the Bailouts, Obamacare, and Dodd Frank. I expect who ever is our nominee to help their fellow Americans to remember this. He purchased weapons and gave them away to Mexican Drug Lords for the express purpose of promoting violent crime so that he could sway public opinion to be more amenable towards fire arms regulation. (He purposefully sought the death of American citizens in order to push gun control.) He lied to the American People about anything related to the, “Green Economy,” in order to push for his initiatives which turned out to be nothing more than his Marxist leanings legislated or pushed by executive fiat, and to pay off his campaign donors. Once the whole crony capitalism empire started to collapse, he doubled down and is still out there touting businesses and industries which have already gone bankrupt. The entirety of the Middle East and North Africa are in flames, and currently in the hands of the very same people who flew planes into the Pentagon and the WTC. We actually fought along side of those very same evil thugs in the case of Libya, and have heralded the arrival of those same thugs in the case of Egypt. I don’t know when I’ve felt so proud. Our national debt has gone from a serious problem to being a point of despair that makes me look back to the days of $450 Billion deficits as the good old days of responsibility. Gasoline is on the way to $5 per gallon, and the President’s answer is to force it higher so that we will all use public transportation or spend a massive amount of money on his electric cars, which will still rely on electricity. This will be a problem as well, since he has stated that his goal is to bankrupt the coal burning power plants, even though they account for the vast majority of our electrical productive capacity.

I could keep going on, but I believe that we should all get the point by now. Don’t despair, Whether it be Gingrich, whom I like, Santorum, or Romney, Barack Obama will have a long and healthy life, during which he will be reminded daily that the American People rejected both him and his ideas by an overwhelming margin. To make this vision a reality, all we need do is not to lose faith, to keep spreading the word, and to get out there and cast our votes when the time comes.

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The Silence of the Obama media – Tea Party Nation

The Silence of the Obama media – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

f you have any doubt the mainstream media is in the tank for Obama, even Fox News, then let it be dispelled quickly.

 There is a story that could destroy Obama’s reelection campaign.  It is not being offered on the mainstream media. 

 What is this story and how do we know it would destroy Obama?

 It is the story of the Egyptian hostage crisis and the Iranian hostage crisis destroyed Jimmy Carter.

 Right now in Egypt, there are 19 Americans being held hostage.  One of them is the son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.   The 19 Americans are all workers fro NGOs or Non-Governmental Organizations. 

The Egyptian government is now preparing show trials for these 19 Americans.   This should be headline news.  19 Americans, including the son of an American cabinet secretary are being held hostage in Egypt.  Yet there is nothing from the drive by media.

 Do a Google search for “Egyptian hostage crisis.”  Nothing comes up from any of the major media.

 Why not?

 There are many of us who remember 1979.  The facts are eerily similar.  In 1979, America’s second worst President in history encouraged a revolt against the Shah of Iran.  The Shah had many faults and his secret police were notorious for being vicious in their actions against opponents of the Shah. 

 But the Shah was pro-American. 

 Carter pressured the Shah to let the Ayatollah Khomeini return from exile and eventually pressured him to step down from power.   Iran turned into an Islamic republic, which to this day threatens America.

 On November 4, 1979, Iranian “students” overran the American Embassy in Teheran and took our Embassy workers hostage for 444 days. 

 Carter’s bungling of the Iranian hostage crisis is viewed as one of the primary reasons Ronald Reagan soundly defeated Carter in 1980.

 Today, Obama sits on the edge of defeat.  The economy, much like in 1980 is cratering.  Unemployment is at very high levels and about to go higher.  Gas prices have spiked creating pain at the pumps.

 Now Obama faces his own hostage crisis. 

 The media is being silent on this crisis, because it is the one thing that could put a nail in his reelection efforts. 

 The real news here is that under Obama, as it was under Carter, no one fears America.  What ever else you want to say about George W. Bush, does anyone believe the Egyptians would have tried this with Bush?

 For some of the news agencies, it is not really shocking.  MSNBC might as well put the Obama reelection logo up right next to their logo. 

 But Fox News we generally think better of.

 The real moral of this story is we need a true conservative network that will compete with ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and Fox.  Five of the six are in the tank for the left.   Fox at one point was actually a somewhat conservative network but no longer. 

 Meanwhile, we conservatives need to remind the rest of America.  There is a hostage crisis.  19 Americans are being held hostage in Egypt and this is Obama’s hostage crisis.

 He needs to pay the same price for this crisis that Jimmy Carter paid for his.