Two Americas – Tea Party Nation

Two Americas – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Remember 2008?  John Edwards was running for President, becoming a baby daddy with his mistress, pretending to be the dutiful husband to a wife dying from cancer and giving a speech claiming there were two Americas.   Edwards could not get anything right back then and his two Americas speech was about as wrong as it could be. 

 While there are not two Americas, perhaps the question needs to be asked, should there be two Americas?

 Of course there needs to be two Americas.  Obama and the Party of Treason would certainly like to stop this and that is even more reason we should push for two Americas.

 What is two Americas?

 It is Red America against Blue America.

 In some ways we already see this.    Look at the States that are doing the best job of surviving the Great Obama Depression.   These are the Red States.   The states that are doing the best have been managed well.   Texas is one of the best examples.  Companies and individuals are fleeing California at a record pace to go to the Lone Star State.  

 Why are these people and their businesses fleeing California?

 California is a textbook socialist state.  California continues to impose higher and higher taxes and more and more imposing business regulation.   At some point, all of these businesses say enough is enough and get fed up or in some instances, realize the only way their business can survive is to get out of California before the business is taxed and regulated into oblivion.

 As America tries to survive the Great Obama Depression, the Blue States are approaching collapse.  Despite past tax increases, in February California’s tax revenues dropped by 22% from the previ…

 Illinois increased taxes last year and instead of closing their budget shortfall, it expanded to the tune of $8 billion.

 The Blue States are in various states of economic collapse.   The Red States need to help them by competing them into the ground.  The Blue states keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.  Instead of cutting spending, they go every time for new higher taxes.  Every time they do, people and businesses flee.  Illinois’ tax increase last year was a boon for Wisconsin and Indiana.  Both states saw businesses and individuals relocate.  California has even held legislative hearings in Texas to try and determine why businesses have fled California for Texas.

 The Red States need to get aggressive with their experimentation in free market economics and aggressive in telling Washington where to go and how to get there. 

 Red States need to start refusing Washington’s requests, usually sent with tax dollars and even start refusing Washington’s unconstitutional orders.   One of my favorite quotes is from Louis Brandeis, who called the states “the laboratories of democracy.”

 We need to go back to that concept and let states try their own way on many issues.   How about a state that dismantles the welfare state?  Why not, let’s see how well that works.  How about another state that blocks all gun control laws?  If a state wants to do that, we can see how well it works.  Either the state becomes the safest state in the Union or a free fire zone.  My bet is on a safe state.  How about another state trying to reinvent the k-12 education system and the college and university system to something that works better?

 The Red States can and should do these things.  We can determine what works best. 

 The left does not want two Americas.  They want one America.  They want one America that is a total failure and where innovation is impossible.  The left wants the failure of the Blue States replicated in all of the states.

 In real America, we believe in competition.  We can out-compete the socialists that run the Blue States.  We can drive them out of business.

 We can and we should.


Democrats Love Taxes — They Just Don’t Want to Pay Them – Larry Elder – Townhall Conservative


Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton (Photo credit: Ewils Photo)

Democrats Love Taxes — They Just Don’t Want to Pay Them – Larry Elder – Townhall Conservative.

Forgive Republican candidate Mitt Romney for his alleged failure to adequately explain why he paid “only” 14 percent of his income in taxes.

The honest answer — “Well, because my accountants couldn’t figure out how to get them any lower” — does not work in this or very many other election years. Romney seemed flat-footed because, like most business people, he seeks to minimize costs and expenses.

This includes taxes.

A normal wealthy-and-proud-of-it guy would have said: “Let me get this straight, pal. I’m not supposed to take every legal advantage provided me by the tax laws to reduce my taxes?” For what it’s worth, about 15 percent of Romney’s last two years of income went to charity — substantially higher than the percentage given by the Obamas or Joe Biden’s $380 (not a typo) of his quarter-million dollar income in 2006.

“Tax savings” allows people more money to save, spend, invest, bequeath and donate. On some level, even Democrats understand this.

Democrat Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., is one of them. In 2001, Massachusetts lowered it state income tax rate. But the legislature showed mercy for the Bay State‘s guilt-ridden, tax-hike-supporting liberals. The tax form allowed the filer to check a special box — and pay the old, higher rate. Out of more than 3 million tax filers in 2004, a tiny fraction of 1 percent — 930 taxpayers — volunteered to pay the higher rate. Among those who declined the opportunity was Mr. Frank. Frank explained, “I don’t trust the legislative leadership and Gov. (Mitt) Romney to make the right decisions.” Instead, Frank said, “I’ll donate the money myself.” What?! Charity might better spend money than can government, which, by its nature, operates less efficiently and more expensively than can private welfare?

Democrat Sen. Howard Metzenbaum from Ohio (served 1974, 1976-1995) was another tax-supporting Democrat not too keen on paying more in taxes than he needed to. But after retirement, the wealthy Metzenbaum moved to Florida, which, unlike Ohio, is a state with no estate or personal income taxes. This saved him millions.

Democrat John Edwards‘ wife Elizabeth, during the 2004 campaign, said rich politicians like her husband reveal “character” when they vote against financial “interest” by supporting higher taxes. This is the same John Edwards who, as a trial lawyer winning big jury awards, established a separate sub-corporation to accept the money, paying him through dividends rather than income. Perfectly legal. But this allowed Edwards to avoid some $600K in Medicare payroll taxes.

Democrats like Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., rail against the Bush tax cuts that rich people — like himself — “didn’t need” and “didn’t ask for.” Rhode Island requires no sales tax on yachts registered in that state — provided the boat is primarily housed in Rhode Island. Massachusetts is not so understanding. That state requires a sales tax and annual excise taxes. Folks say that Kerry and his 75-foot yacht spend way more time in Massachusetts than in Rhode Island. But accountants say that the wealthy yachtsman can avoid nearly $500K in state taxes by registering his boat in Rhode Island — which he did. All was going well, until a New York paper got hold of the story and Kerry “voluntarily” agreed to pay the Mass. tax — while continuing to insist that he does not really owe it.

Democrats like the late Ted Kennedy support the estate tax. And why not? The Kennedy family transfers wealth from generation to generation through trusts that avoid the very estate taxes that Kennedy consistently voted to impose on the wealth of others.

Shouldn’t tax-hike-supporting rich people like Warren Buffett want to pay more rather than less taxes? Yet one of Buffett’s companies is contesting tax claims against it.

Pro-tax-hike Democrats like MSNB-Hee-Haw’s the Rev. Al Sharpton deserve a special wing all to themselves in the Chutzpah Hall of Fame. Sharpton assails the Bush-era tax cuts and wants “the rich” to pay more. Sharpton lists income from his nonprofit at just under a quarter million dollars. Add this to his estimated salary at the cable network, and the “civil rights leader” likely pulls in a tidy $500K. Not bad for a guy that not long ago was a gold-medallion-wearing Harlem rabble-rouser in velour sweatpants who got famous by playing the race card in a phony rape case.

Sharpton, according to the New York Post, owes federal taxes and state taxes totaling $3.5 million. How much income would Sharpton have had to earn to amass $3.5 million in state and local taxes? A lot. How much nerve does it take for a guy making a half mil to go on television and pound the podium for higher taxes on the rich — when his own effective tax rate is 0 percent?

Ask Sharpton.