The benefits of cowardice – Tea Party Nation

Senate Passes Insurance Industry Aid Bill

The benefits of cowardice – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

How do you describe John Robert’s decision in the Obamacare cases?  He goes to the John Boehner School of political courage.  He is a living, breathing reminder of a joke among lawyers.  What do you call the guy who graduated at the bottom of your law school class?  Your honor. 

 Fortunately, there can be some benefits to cowardice.  The Obamacare decision shows us this.

What are they?

 The Obamacare case did some serious damage to the Commerce Clause.  Wickard v. Filburn is the really terrible 1942 case that allowed the government to do almost anything it wanted to as long as they put it under the heading of the Commerce Clause.    Now with this case, the Commerce Clause is restricted.

 Now, despite all of the caterwauling by the Democrats and Obama to the contrary, Obamacare is a tax. 

 Every Republican should be using the words Obamacare tax.  In fact, they should treat that as one word.  “Obamacaretax.”  

 As a tax, Roberts has given Republicans a huge weapon.  Americans hate taxes.   Even the Party of Treason recognizes that.  That is why they lie about their tax hikes. 

 From a practical point of view, we can repeal the Obamacare tax this year but it will require courage, which is something hard to find in John Boehner.

 The Republican House has already scheduled a vote on repeal.  It will pass.  Then it is on to the Senate.  Because Roberts has turned Obamacare into the Obamacare tax, it is not subject to a filibuster and therefore could be repealed with 51 votes.

 The obstacle on getting it to the floor is Harry Reid.  Reid knows the numbers and he knows that if that bill goes to the floor, there are probably four or more Democrats in tight reelection races that will vote to repeal. 

 Unless the Republicans are willing to go to the mat on this one to force a vote, nothing will happen.  John Boehner must put away his freshly laundered white flag of surrender and pick up a rifle instead.  He and the Republican leadership must force this issue.

 Assuming that happens, and we get the votes in the Senate, which I am willing to bet we will since the bill could not be filibustered, it would then go to Obama’s desk.  He would have the choice of signing off on the repeal of his signature legislation or vetoing it, knowing that while his veto could not be overridden, he would face the wrath of the voters in November for his massive Obamacare tax.

 Yesterday, after the Obamacare tax decision, Mitt Romney raised $4.2 million dollars.  That should be a clue to the Republican Party and the generally clueless John Boehner. 

 This is an issue the Republicans can and will win on.  That is, if you fight. 

 If the Republicans do nothing more than another lame symbolic vote, then they will see the wrath of the Tea Party movement on them, every bit as much as we have focused our wrath on the Party of Treason. 

 Last night, I was a part of the National Tea Party Virtual Town hall.  We had several Members of Congress on and one thing I told them last night was we are tired of symbolic actions.  We do not want Congress to register a vote so they can go home and say, “See I voted against the Obamacare tax.”  We want results.

 If all the Republicans in Congress are going to do is simply vote, knowing nothing will happen, they are less than worthless.

 We want success on this issue.  We want results.  To quote Charlie Sheen, on this issue, we must be “Winning!”