RINOs and cowardly conservatives – Tea Party Nation

RINOs and cowardly conservatives – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Conservatives always lament RINOs.  Conservatives ask why we end up with RINOs all of the time.


Where are the conservatives that can defeat RINOs?

 One of the worst RINOs in the Senate has been at work again.   But understanding how he got there might help conservatives rid the Party of these RINOs.

 Who is one of the worst RINOs and how did he get there?

 One of the worst RINOs is Bob Corker of Tennessee.  Corker, despite his pledge to the people of Tennessee that he was a conservative, has been a non-stop disaster for Republicans.

 When the Democrats need help, they can count on Bob Corker to help bail them out.   Corker almost singlehandedly revived the horrendous Dodd-Frank financial reform bill.

 Now he is riding to the rescue to save the Gang of Eight and their amnesty bill.

 How did we end up with Corker?

 He was a businessman in east Tennessee, who got the political bug.  He ran or the Senate and lost in 1994.  He became Mayor of Chattanooga and then in 2006, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist announced he would not run for reelection.

 Corker quickly threw his hat into the ring, as did two other Republicans.  They were Ed Bryant and Van Hillary

 Both Bryant and Hillary were good solid conservatives.  They had been swept into office as a part of the 1994 Gingrich revolution.  Both served three terms and then left.  Bryant ran for the Senate, losing to “Liberal” Lamar Alexander.  Hillary ran for Tennessee governor, losing to Phil Bredesen.

 As 2006, rolled on, the three men campaigned against each other for the Republican nomination for the Senate.

 While that campaign was going on, another campaign was going on in Tennessee.  Governor Phil Bredesen was running for reelection.  As two well-funded, well-regarded and experienced candidates were busy dividing the conservative vote for the Senate, Tennessee Republicans were desperately searching for a candidate to challenge Bredesen for reelection.

 Jim Bryson was a relatively unknown state senator who ended up running against Bredesen.  The term that was often used by political pundits to describe Bryson’s campaign was, “sacrificial lamb.”

 In August 2006, Corker won the three way primary with 48% of the vote.  The two conservatives split the majority of the vote.  Since Tennessee does not have a runoff system, Corker became the nominee.   In November, Bredesen handily defeated Bryson, carrying all of Tennessee’s 95 counties and gaining a second term.

 There are lessons to be learned from this.

 First, had conservatives united behind a single candidate, we could have had a conservative Senator instead of Corker.  Second, conservatives need to learn how to be very forceful with conservative candidates.  In Tennessee in 2006, one of the candidates for the Senate should have been told to drop out and run for governor. 

 Had that happened, in January 2007, Tennessee might have seen a conservative Republican Governor and a conservative United States Senator

 This is a lesson conservatives should and must learn as we look to the 2014 elections.

 While there are some squishy Republicans we should give a pass to because it is better to have them than a Democrat, there are some RINOs in solidly Red States that we must replace.

 Lamar Alexander is one of them.  Lindsay Graham is another.  Conservatives must do something we are unaccustomed to doing.  We must unite and get behind one candidate in each of those races and replace those two RINOs. 

 Several candidates are already talking about running against Graham.  Alexander has done a good job of trying to co-opt his potential competition but there are a couple of people who are thinking about running against him.  Once the candidates have announced, the conservatives in those states must unite to find someone who can defeat both Alexander and Graham.

 Winning the Senate is the crucial battle of 2014.  We need not only a Republican majority in the Senate; we need to replace some of the worst RINOs.  There are some RINOs that if we primary them, we risk losing their seat and losing control of the Senate.  But there are some, like Alexander and Graham, we can primary and not worry about losing the general election.

 Conservatives must learn from our failures of the past and act.  Only then can we put RINOs on the endangered species list.


Stupid people in Washington – Tea Party Nation


Stupid people in Washington – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The Internet is one of modern marvels of the world.  It started out as a simple government project to allow the government to be able to communicate wyoursignith other parts of the government in the event of a major disaster like nuclear war.

 When it was opened up to the civilian world, it became the major economic engine of the early 21stCentury.

 The Internet works amazingly well, so what are those geniuses we sent to Washington want to do? Here is a hint.  The word “fairness” is involved.


 These idiots want to tax it.

 That’s right.  They want to impose taxes.   There is a bill pending in the Senate to tax the Internet.  It is called the “Marketplace Fairness Act.” 

 You don’t need to know anything else other than when you see the word fairness in a bill it is a disaster waiting to happen.

 Liberal Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander is leading this charge, along with Liberal member of the Party of Treason Dick Durbin and Mike Enzi (RINO-WY) are all trying to sneak this bill into the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow states to collect sales taxes from businesses on the Internet.

 We are facing massive tax increases at the first of the year and these guys think we are not taxed enough!

 These three clowns act like teenagers on a shopping spree down at the mall.  They want to spend more so they run to the ATM.

 Unfortunately we are their ATM.

 First, what does this bill have to do with Defense?


 This is one of the huge problems in Congress.   Bills are created that are thousands of pages long.  They have provisions in them that have nothing to do with the subject matter of the bill.  Yet, politicians hook these extraneous provisions in there so that they can be included in a bill that must be supported, such as the National Defense Authorization Act.warning2

 The other matter is this bill will kill business on the Internet.  Right now, companies that sell on the Internet only have to pay local taxes if they have a physical presence in a state.

 If this scheme to tax the Internet goes through, businesses will not have to simply deal with Federal Taxation and the state or states they have a physical presence in, they will now have to deal with every one of the 46 states that has some type of a sales tax.

 This will create massive new costs for businesses and will put some small businesses out of business.

 One of the biggest advocates for this new Internet sales tax is Tennessee’s liberal Governor Bill Haslam.

 He has been working with Lamar Alexander to push this bill through the Senate under the radar.

The fact that some of the biggest sponsors and advocates of this bill are Republicans should tell you how out of touch Republicans are with reality today. 

 While we need to address the issue of the insanity of the Republican Party and replacing the GOP with the Party of Liberty, right now we need to work to stop this terrible bill.

 The taxing trio tried to attach this bill to the NDAA but the Senate has closed debate on that bill without the “Marketplace Fairness Act” attached.   These three will probably try to attach this bill to some other bill to get it passed because the “Marketplace Fairness Act” would never pass on its own.

 Call your Senators today and tell them to vote against any attempt to add the “Marketplace Fairness Act” to any other piece of legislation. 

 Call Senator Lamar Alexander’s office as well as Senator Mike Enzi’s office and ask them why they are sponsoring a bill that will dramatically increase the tax burden on small businesses that operate on the Internet.

 Lamar Alexander’s office number is 202-224-4944.  Mike Enzi’s office number is 202-224-3424

 As with most bills in Congress today, this one is another really bad idea.  Let’s start calling and make sure we kill this bad bill.

 (Hat Tip Tennessee Campaign for Liberty)


Johnson Versus the RINOs – Tea Party Nation


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Johnson Versus the RINOs – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on December 12, 2011

A major Republican battle is set for tomorrow.  It is a battle between conservatives and RINOs.   It is a very important battle that may decide the future of the Republican Party and it is one not many people have heard about.

 What is it?

 It is the election for the Vice Chairman of the Senate Republican Conferece.

 Many people may read that last sentence and go, “What?”  After that build up, it is almost a let down.

 The fight over that spot in the leadership may sound very boring, but the truth is, it is very important.

 That position is the lowest position in the Senate leadership for the Republicans.  This Vice Chairmanship came open when Lamar Alexander, who held the number three spot in the Senate leadership, decided to not seek reelection.  The number four and five leaders each moved up and opened up this spot.

 Ron Johnson from Wisconsin is one of the really good guys in the Senate.  He is a Tea Party Conservative with a really good voting record that matches his ideals.   After Alexander announced his decision not to run and the others moved up, Johnson announced he was going to run. 

 Most observers expected the election to be held in January.  Then Senator Roy Blount, a RINO got involved in the race.  With the tacit support of the Crown Prince of the RINOs, Mitch McConnell, the race was suddenly moved to December. 


 It was clear to McConnell that if the election were held in January, Johnson would win.  McConnell is a RINO who does not want conservatives in the leadership. 

 We need to act. 

 We can keep complaining that we don’t like the RINOs in the Republican Party calling all of the shots or we can do something about it. 

 Let’s do something about it.

 If you have Republican Senators, you need to call them today and tell them to vote for Ron Johnson in the race for the Vice Chairmanship for the Senate Republican Conference.

 The vote will be held tomorrow, December 13th, so we need to call today.  Call the Capitol Hill Switchboard and ask for your Senator’s office.  The number is 202-224-3121. 

 Call your Senator’s local office as well.   Often those are easier to get through to and trust me, if they suddenly get a wave of calls at the local office, the Washington office is informed immediately.

 Remember these calls go only to Republican Senators.  If you happen to be in California, well you are out of luck on a number of fronts. 

 You can also call Mitch McConnell’s office.  His number is 202-224-2541.  Tell his office that we the people who put the GOP back on the map want conservative leadership and we want him to back Ron Johnson.

 It is time for us to quit complaining about RINOs in the leadership of the Republican Party and do something to put them on the endangered species list.

 Call today and keep calling!

Liberal Republicans want to raise taxes. – Tea Party Nation

Lamar Alexander 2

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Liberal Republicans want to raise taxes. – Tea Party Nation.

If you wanted to rate Tennessee’s Senator Lamar Alexander, you would have to put him somewhere between horrible and even worse than awful. 

 What has he done?

 Lamar Alexander, or as Tennesseans refer to him as Liberal Lamar, is working on legislation that will force online retailers to collect sales taxes for states.

 While Liberal Lamar is a little vague on the details, it is a nightmare. 

 First, no branch of government, Federal, State or Local needs any more tax dollars.  Americans need that money in their pockets. 

 If you have any indication this is a bad bill, it comes as soon as Liberal Lamar opens his mouth and says he hopes this bill will have bipartisan support.

 Internet stores such as Amazon have a significant advantage.  They do not have to charge sales tax therefore their prices are usually cheaper.   The down side is if you want something from Amazon or LLBean.com or any other online retailer is you have to wait a week or two for the item to be shipped to you.  If you want your product now, you have to go to a brick and mortar store.

 When this issue is discussed, it is usually in terms of the big online internet retailers.  Amazon  has threatened to move facilities from states that have tried to make it collect sales taxes and has even terminated affiliate relationships in those states. 

 By requiring these retailers to collect sales taxes, Senator Liberal Lamar Alexander is creating a nightmare.  There are fifty states that have fifty different taxing structures.  It is not simply a matter of adding the tax to the purchase and then sending it to the states, these retailers are going to have to add staff to make sure they understand each state’s taxes, program their computers so they are in compliance with the tax laws, accountants to make sure the taxes are sent and then of course, they are going to have to deal with the ever popular tax audits.

 Amazon, Office Depot, Staples and Sears, some of the largest online retailers, will have to deal with this.  If costs become too great, they will shut down their online retail operations.  No matter what, there will be significant cost increases.

 They will probably survive.

 The real casualty here will be small businesses.  The vast majority of online retailers are small businesses.   They offer products or occasionally a service.  Many of these small businesses only have a few employees.  Some only have one. 

 This legislation will not simply cost these businesses more money.  It will put a lot of them out of business.  The taxes that will be increased in some cases make the difference for these retailers between staying in business and going out of business.    The extra costs of figuring out these taxes may force some of these businesses out of business.

 Businesses understand the nature of costs.  The first rule of business is you hold your costs down.  If you cannot hold your costs down, your competitor will and you will be out of business.

 Liberals, like Lamar Alexander, do not understand this.  Taxes and the mandates that go along with them, are a cost to business.  If costs exceed revenue, a business dies.  If costs rise to the point where a businessman cannot draw profit from his business, he will say it is not worth it and shut the business down. 

 All liberal politicians, like Lamar Alexander and Barack Obama do is add more and more regulations, taxes and costs on businesses.    It makes the costs of what we consumers buy greater and it forces businesses out of business.

 Lamar Alexander is the personification of the RINO concept.    He is a walking disaster who manages to screw up everything he touches.   He is proof that the theory we send our best and brightest to Washington is absolutely wrong.

 If you think Liberal Lamar Alexander’s bill is a bad idea, and you want to tell him about it, call his office today.  I certainly will be. 

 His Washington Office number is  (202) 224-4944 and his state office is 615-736-5129.