Dr. Tim’s Walker Rally Speech – Tea Party Nation


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Dr. Tim’s Walker Rally Speech – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Tim Nerenz

Note: a grass-roots rally in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was held today in Wauwatosa, where thousands of Walker supporters stood outside for 3 hours to listen to a virtual who’s who of GOP speakers…and me. If you were not there, here is what you missed.)

Well, Wisconsin, they did it; they got enough signatures to force a recall election for Governor Scott Walker.

Did anyone really doubt you could find 540,000 graduates of Wisconsin public schools who would demand a sticker and a hug and a do-over when they lose? That’s how they roll nowadays.

So now $20 million will have to be cut from state and local budgets for education, the environment, the elderly, cancer research, day care, special needs children, bike paths, and bridge repairs to pay for their little tantrum. Own that, Madison.

It also means that more than 3.3 million eligible voters in Wisconsin said no. We listened to the protests for a year, we thought about our options for 60 days, and we decided not to waste $20 million and to just stick with the guy who was elected fair and square.

So what do I think of the recall? Two words: BRING IT!

Now, all these other speakers here today are Republicans, and they all came to say “I stand with Scott Walker.”

Well, not me. I’m not a Republican and I don’t stand with Scott Walker. I’m a Libertarian – and Scott Walker stands with me.

I stand for jobs.

I stand for job-creators.

I stand for free markets, open competition, lower taxes, and sensible regulation.

I stand for developing our natural resources responsibly.

I stand for rewarding hard work, and not punishing success.

I don’t stand with Scott Walker. Scott Walker stands with me.

I believe in less government and more liberty.

I believe in fiscal responsibility.

I believe in school choice.

I believe in the right to carry.

I believe in the right to work.

I believe in the right to vote…once…residents only…with ID.

I don’t believe in Scott Walker. Scott Walker believes in me.

In the past three years, 132,000 teachers have been laid off in the other 49 states.

Why? Because their Governor is NOT Scott Walker. There is only one. And as everyone knows, one Walker beats 14 runners.

The tens of thousands of teachers and government workers in Wisconsin who did NOT get laid off have Scott Walker to thank for it.

And those few hundred who DID get laid off – in Madison and Milwaukee – can thank their unions.

You guys with the signs and cowbells over there are drumming for the wrong team.

If we Libertarians got a mulligan every time we lost an election, we would need a full time department of voter nullification. Oh, wait – we already have that, it’s called the Government Accountability Board.

And in a few days they will rule that all those millions of votes we cast in November 2010 didn’t count. They will hope for better luck this time. They are wrong.

I write a blog called Moment of Clarity, and if there ever was ever a time for clarity, this is it. So here’s your moment: this has nothing do with Walker, or rights or any high-minded principle at all – this is the last tug of war between the taxpayers versus the taxeaters.

There is no fence to sit on; there is no rock to hide under. It is the State versus you. Pick your side.

I’ve picked mine; I’m going to stand on the side of liberty, and Scott Walker stands with me.

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