Our Veterans deserve better – Tea Party Nation

Our Veterans deserve better – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on November 26, 2011 at 8:03am in Tea Party Nation Forum

For some reason, my local liberal Gannett paper decided Thanksgiving weekend was the right time to do a big expose on the VA hospitals

Most people in Middle Tennessee refer to the Tennessean as the Gore Gazette, as it is little more than a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party.  The paper reacts in horror to the stories of incompetence and really poor care given veterans at the VA hospitals. 

Stories of horrible care at VA hospitals are legend.  The paper mentions the story of one vet who almost had his leg amputated because the hospital could not distinguish between him and another patient with the same name.   My doctor told me about his days as a resident in a VA hospital.  On one occasion, a patient spent thirty days in the hospital simply because he fell through the cracks and was forgotten about.   Another story he told me about was nurses continuing to make chart entries on a patient who had died hours earlier and no one had noticed.

Our veterans do deserve better that what they are getting.

The left’s idea of treating our vets better is simply to throw more money at a massive bureaucracy. 

The problems with the VA have one simple cause.   This is government health care and if we ever needed a reason to fear single payer healthcare, all we have to do is look at the VA.

There is a simple solution.  Abolish the VA healthcare system.   Instead of a massive and inefficient government run healthcare system, we should instead give veterans who would qualify for VA services, Veterans Insurance.  Instead of making them go to an inefficient and dangerous government hospital, give them insurance that they can use at private sector hospitals. 

Veterans Insurance will allow our vets who have served this country to take their benefits wherever they want and not be restricted to just the VA hospitals.  Private hospitals do not forget about someone for a month.  Private hospitals can tell the difference between someone who is having an appendectomy and someone who is having a leg amputated, even if they have the same name. 

Our vets deserve better than the appalling substandard care many of them receive.  The taxpayers deserve better than just another government black hole that sucks money and resources. 

We need to give our veterans the resources they need to get quality medical care from the private sector and get rid of a bloated worthless government bureaucracy.