The final two battles (Part One) – Tea Party Nation

The final two battles (Part One) – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

There are two battles that are coming up that will decide whether America can be saved at all or if America is headed towards decline and fall or perhaps simply a massive breakup. 


What are those two battles that are coming?


The so-called “Fiscal Cliff” is not one of them.  The “Fiscal Cliff” is a politician created disaster that is simply a sideshow. 


What are the two battles and why must we win them?


The first battle is the battle for Amnesty.


The pro-amnesty crowd was out the door the day after Mitt Romney’s disastrous loss to Barack Obama.


They pointed out that Obama did much better in the Hispanic demographics than Romney did.   Their immediate conclusion was that we must immediately embrace the entire open borders agenda, including amnesty; otherwise the Republican Party would be forever lost.


Why conservatives even listen to the terminally stupid is beyond me.  The open borders coalition is made up of a whole bunch of leftist groups and establishment Republicans.  Since when have they been right on anything?


Romney lost because he was a terrible candidate.  He offered nothing.  Obama made inroads into the Hispanic community because he offered Amnesty.


Not all Hispanics support Amnesty.   However, when Obama is offering something and Romney is not offering any good reason to vote for him, other than he is not Obama, Romney would lose every time.


The Republican Establishment seems to think if we just embrace Amnesty, all of these newly legalized people will suddenly become Republicans.  This notion is absurd.   We tried this before.  In 1986, President Reagan signed an Amnesty bill.  Did all of those people who received Amnesty become Republicans?  No.  What makes anyone think that would be any different today?


We live in a Democracy


Many people are going to jump up and down about that comment and shout back, “We live in a Constitutional Republic.” 


No, we don’t.


America used to be a Constitutional Republic.  Unfortunately all of the safeguards that make a Republic stable are gone.


Today we live in a Democracy and as wiser men than me have pointed out, Democracy is an inherently unstable form of government.  It will work for a while, then the people will discover they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury.  When they do that, Democracy dies and is almost always replaced by tyranny.


Allowing Amnesty would be a political and demographic disaster for America. 


If you create ten to twenty million new citizens, you will immediately tilt the political balance of power to the Democrats.  If you doubt this, look at California. 


Most of the illegal aliens in this nation have the economic value of being able to be paid under the table.  The myth is they do jobs Americans won’t do.  No, they will do jobs for wages Americans will not accept.  They can be paid under the table now and that makes them attractive to employers.   Once they are legal, what will happen?   They won’t be paid sub-minimum wage and they won’t be paid under the table anymore.


Most of these immigrants have less than a 6th grade education.




Because in Mexico and some of the other nations they originally come from, compulsory public education ends at elementary school.   These people can do menial jobs in our society, such as housecleaning or day labor.   What happens when they are legal?


Those who push the welfare state will be out among them showing them all of the wonderful benefits they can get from the government.   Many of them will be able to claim “disability” and not have to work any more.  For some of them, it will be paradise.  They will make more money than they have ever made and not have to do back breaking work. 


Once ten to twenty million illegal aliens receive Amnesty and start receiving government benefits, you can guess what will happen at the next election.  The Democrat will go out to these people and claim the Republicans want to cut off their benefits.  Barack Obama took the popular vote in 2012, by four million votes.  Had the Republicans run a good candidate that is a margin that could have been overcome.


With Amnesty and a permanent underclass that will vote Democrat, the vote margin would swing to about ten million in favor of the Democrat.  We would never see another Republican elected President.


So what about the ten to twenty million illegal aliens in this nation?


We are not simply going to be able to deport them.  Many of them have children and grandchildren who are American citizens and who will never forget that the government deported their grandmother.


We are going to have to figure something out that allows those who came into this nation, worked hard to make a living and did not violate the law (other than the illegal entry into the United States) to obtain some legal status.  We must fight any attempt to create a pathway to citizenship. 


If you broke the law to get here, we will forgive some things but you will not be rewarded with American citizenship.


If Republicans surrender on this, they will create a disaster that will be the end of America.  They will create an underclass that will last at least two generations.  It will be an underclass trapped in poverty, but with the full voting rights of all other Americans.  It will be a voting block that will quickly learn that it can vote itself benefits from the other taxpayers.  It will be a case of the takers giving the makers orders.


If this happens, we will see America disintegrate quickly.


We all know the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin after the Constitutional Convention.  He was asked by a lady, “What kind of government have you given us Dr. Franklin?”  Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”


We have not kept the Republic and now the question is, will we be able to even keep freedom and liberty.

Destroying the meme – Tea Party Nation

Destroying the meme – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Immediately after the election results became official Tuesday night, the left launched into a narrative about the election.


As with almost every narrative the left floats out there, it is a false narrative.


Unfortunately, we must fight this immediately or it will become the accepted narrative and will cause extraordinary damage to the conservative movement.


What is this shocking lie the left is spreading and what must we do?


The lie is simple. 


The lie is the American people rejected conservatism in general and the Tea Party in particular on Tuesday. 


This is the big lie.  For starters Mitt Romney was not a conservative.  Contrary to that idiotic remark he made during the primaries about being “severely conservative”, he was nether severe nor was he conservative.  He was a safe, moderate, candidate.


Mitt Romney never even mentioned the Tea Party during his campaign.  He specifically made it a point of campaigning without Tea Party support during the primary and the general election.  He made it a point of adopting positions that were not Tea Party positions. 


Mitt Romney lost for two reasons and neither of them had anything to do with conservatism.  First, he was a lousy candidate.  He was just another northeastern moderate that the establishment wanted, but not the conservatives who make up the boots on the ground for the GOP.


Romney had nothing about him that excited anyone.  Most of the people who were supporting Romney were never Romney voters.  They were OMG voters.  OMG: Obama Must Go.  They were not voting for Romney.  They were voting against Obama.


One of the truisms of politics is, if the electorate is voting against the other guy instead of voting for you, you have a real problem.   At the end of the day, a lot of groups went out there and decided if they were going to vote for someone, they would vote for Obama. 


Word is now coming out about how badly managed the Romney campaign was.  Despite Romney’s vaunted reputation as a fixer and a businessman, he could not run his own campaign.  The get out the vote effort was a joke.  At the end of the night, Romney tallied fewer votes than John McCain did four years ago.


A number of well-known conservatives went down to defeat on Tuesday night.  Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock were defeated.  Their defeat was not due to a repudiation of conservatism, but instead was due to two guys who did not handle gotcha questions well.    The liberal media screamed about Mourdock’s stand on abortion and how he would drag women back to the dark ages, when his opponent has the exact same beliefs on abortion. 


Joe Walsh lost because he was redistricted from being in a nominally Republican District to a Democrat district. 


And then there is Allen West.  West initially won, then a Democrat election official “rechecked” ballots and suddenly West went from a 2000 vote lead to a 4000 vote deficit.  Now, Allen West has a narrow lead.   Amazingly enough, in some of these precincts, they had over 100% voter participation.   In Port St. Lucie, amid many allegations of vote fraud and tampering, 141% of the registered voters cast ballots. 


That’s right.  141% of registered voters cast ballots.  As the recount is proceeding, Democrat officials are not allowing Republican watchers and neutral observers to see the process, leading many people to believe they are trying to steal the election. 


The narrative being pushed not only by the left but also by the establishment of the GOP is that the conservatives are the ones who are responsible for the defeat.  The opposite is true.  The Republican establishment that gave us Mitt Romney and so incompetently ran the national campaign for President and for the Senate is responsible for this defeat.


We must make certain everyone knows this and they do not forget it.

All the Wrong Assumptions – Tea Party Nation

All the Wrong Assumptions – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

“I see this election of Obama as an ugly puss-filled boil and it has to get to a painful point where it will be lanced so it can heal.”

This quote pretty much represents the feelings of millions of Republicans and conservatives, and of the many people who have written to me these past three days. Depression is both an emotional and economic term and it is the prevailing mood among those of us still astonished—shocked—by the reelection of President Obama.

With 20-20 hindsight, it is clear that a lot of us, including myself, made a lot of wrong assumptions about the perceptions of Obama that were held by various demographic elements of the population. He did well among Hispanics and, of course, among Blacks. He did well among single women.

One bright piece of news is that among younger voters, 18 to 29, the President saw the highest defection rate from his margin of support in 2008, a six percentage point decrease. That may be an indication of how the 2014 midterm elections will go. By then, it is likely a lot of Obama voters will conclude they were fooled again. Mostly, though, Obama did well enough among those who voted for him in 2008 to retain his job for four more years.

In the end, his “majority” win was by a mere 2% in a sharply divided nation.
My assumptions that an unemployment rate of eight percent, the increase of six trillion dollars to an insane national debt now two trillion in access of the annual Gross Domestic Product, the rejection of Obamacare that gave rise to the Tea Party movement, his war on energy, and a host of other factors for removing him from office were wrong.

Most certainly the scions of the Republican Party woke up with a terrific headache as the result of their wrong assumptions. In 2008 Republicans selected a former war hero, John McCain, who had a record of seeking compromise with Democrats in the Senate. He was overwhelmed by the massive mainstream media adoration of Obama. This time around, Republicans selected Mitt Romney, a man of character and one with allthe right credentials to set the economy on a path to recovery. He wageda cautious campaign and, in hindsight, one that was too cautious, too polite.

The Republican Party, however, missed the message of the nation’s changing demographics. When I was growing up in the 40s and 50s, the GOP was largely seen as a party of the wealthy. They were the members of country clubs and, as a new generation of seriously conservative leaders took over, their one spectacular victory was Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. Reagan possessed solid conservative views and restored the economy after inheriting the failures of Jimmy Carter.

For reasons I never understood, voters switched course and gave Bill Clinton two terms, the second of which saw him impeached, but not removed from office. Clinton, however, knew how to compromise. After asserting conservative values, the 1994 elections gave Republicans control of the Congress. Clinton, however, participated in welfare reform and other programs, later taking credit for them. By his second term, I could not bear to see or hear him. The Lewinski affair was a stain on his presidency and nobody seemed to care.

George W. Bush might have been a reliable Republican President, focusing on the economy and other conservative issues, but his two terms were transformed by 9/11 and resulted in two wars; one in Afghanistan which should have been short, and one in Iraq that, in retrospect, was ill advised. Americans grew weary of war and that opened the door for Barack Obama.

Republicans and conservatives, including myself, made the assumption that the many failures of Obama’s first term were self-evident. His focus on passing Obamacare and the politically brutal way it was imposed by a Democrat-controlled Congress that didn’t even read the bill seemed to cry out for a defeat in 2012.

The scandal of “Fast and Furious” in which guns were allowed to cross the border for use by Mexican drug cartels was, I thought, surely going to offend Mexican-Americans and other Hispanics. It didn’t. It was largely ignored by the mainstream media and covered up by a claim of executive privilege that went unchallenged.

His failure to accept the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles Commission on the means to avoid further debt was yet another reason I thought people would realize that he wasn’t merely indifferent to the rising national debt and deficits, but welcomed them as a way to reduce America as a world power.

When the U.S. credit rating was reduced for the first time in our history I thought people would be concerned. They weren’t. How many saw the looming financial crisis, captured perfectly in the automatic budget cuts of the sequestration mandate?

For years I have warned about the debasement of our educational system and no one seemed to care. While China turns out hundreds of engineering graduates there has been a diminishing, inadequate stream here in the U.S. Other nation’s children have been scoring higher on tests than our own for years and there was neither notice, nor outcry.

And for four years under Obama, while the unemployment rate soared, job creation hit new lows, the economy fell to an anemic rate of recovery, food stamp use increased, household income fell, gas prices rose, and general poverty rates increased, none of this seemed to matter as the President continued to repeat and repeat the tired, empty rhetoric of his 2008 campaign.

Throughout his term, the number of federal regulations continued to climb, adding 11,327 pages; a 7.4 percent increase from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2011. You don’t solve economic problems by strangling small, medium and large business and industry in America, but it didn’t register with those who voted for him on November 6th.

Republicans, conservatives, and many independent voters assumed these issues would resonate with a majority of the electorate, but they did not. They were ignored. In California, among the most heavily taxed citizens in the nation, they approved more taxes.

The question must be asked whether the Obama voters were just not smart enough to pay attention to the past four years or not smart enough to understand what he was doing?

The assumption was that a majority of Americans would reject four years of failure and, it must be said, four years of lies.

Our assumptions were wrong.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

Blog: I am Embarrassed to be an American Today

Blog: I am Embarrassed to be an American Today.

David Coughlin

Barack Obama is not my president, not by a long shot, but unfortunately he is the president of my country. I am embarrassed to be an American today where so many people are oblivious to the damage being done to the fabric of our country and who voted for four more years of his destruction.

I cannot understand how so many people know so little about this man, and when they find out the facts about his background, choose to ignore his anti-American influences, his checkered past, his hidden records, and his lack of any accomplishment other than being elected to political office. I cannot understand how these same people see Obama’s economic policies that failed to address the underlying problems and served to stagnate and lengthen the economic recovery. I cannot understand how these same people can watch Obama’s foreign-policy tactics and not see America’s reputation and influence degrade before their eyes. It is said that there are now two Americas that are not on speaking terms. I certainly do not understand this other America.

We have finally finished the most divisive and negative presidential campaign where Obama ran away from his record and instead attacked his challenger as his only campaign strategy. Again voters elected a president with no defined agenda, other than a continuation of the failed policies of his first term. His biggest electoral advantage was the mainstream media who “came out of the closet” to openly embrace their liberal icon President. I will not stand by quietly and watch this administration do further damage to my country.

I guess it will take another four years for enough American voters to wake up to find their country in shambles and finally begin the painful process to reverse the damage done by this liberal regime. Today I am embarrassed to be an American who cannot understand my own countrymen. My job now is to begin the search for someone who can energize voters to re-embrace American exceptionalism and develop a vision and plan to retake our government back from those to seek to tear it down and replace it with some form of socialist utopia that has never worked in the past and surely will never work in the future.

David Coughlin is a political pundit, editor of the policy action planning web site “Return to Common Sense,” and an active member of the Westchester County Tea Party. He retired from IBM after a short career in the U.S. Army. He currently resides with his wife of 41 years in Hawthorne, NY. He was educated at West Point (Bachelor of Science, 1971) and the University of Alabama in Huntsville (Masters, Administrative Science, 1976)

A disaster of unimaginable magnitude – Tea Party Nation

A disaster of unimaginable magnitude – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Election night in America was not an election it was a disaster.   It was a disaster of unspeakable proportions.   The disaster goes beyond the simple facts of what he will do in a second term. Now he is a lame duck who no longer has to worry about reelection. 

 What caused this disaster on election night and what must we do about it?

 Calling last night’s results a disaster is putting a positive spin on the events.  Not since the First Great Depression has a sitting President been reelected with such a dismal economy. 

 The biggest disaster will be a second Obama term.  The second biggest disaster was the fact that he won last night and the Democrats managed to not only keep the Senate but depending on the outcome of a couple of races, they might actually pick up seats.

 This year, the Democrats were defending 23 seats against only 10 for the Republicans.  Several Democrats had retired rather than face the voters.   Just on the law of averages, the Republicans should have picked up three or four seats. 

 Instead, people across America got to watch the Republican Party implode.

 The only good news was that the GOP retained its control of the House of Representatives.

 There are some lessons to be learned from this disaster.  The first lesson is, no more moderate Republican candidates.  Mitt Romney now joins the long list of moderate Republicans who line up right next to General George Custer.   Romney lost.  McCain lost, George W. Bush barely won and set the stage for Obama.   Bob Dole lost.  The only reason George H.W. Bush won a single term was because he was Ronald Reagan’s Vice President.  When he ran on his own as a moderate, he gave us Bill Clinton.

 We conservatives have to say this time; we will not support a moderate again.  Our desire to remove Barack Obama and the Party of Treason was so strong that we jumped on board the Romney train.  The Republican establishment correctly assumed that if it could get Romney nominated, we would have no choice but to fall in line.

 It happened this time.  It will not happen again.

 Our message to the Republicans should be very clear.  If you nominate a moderate in 2016, you will be on your own as conservative will leave the party, assuming we are there in the party in 2015.

For conservatives, today is a day we should despair.    We should be celebrating a Republican President elect.  We should be celebrating the upcoming Republican takeover of the Senate.

 I have one message for conservatives.  If you want to cry, do it on your own time.

 Our fight is not yet over. 

 The flight for liberty and freedom never ends.

 In 1776, on July 4th, the Declaration of Independence was signed and America declared itself free of Great Britain. 

 Most of our history books overlook what happened after that.

 For months after that, George Washington and the Continental Army were beaten in every battle they fought.  They were demoralized and many were leaving the cause.  Many openly talked about trying to reach an accommodation with England and ending the War of Independence. 

 On Christmas Day, George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River and raided English outposts in Trenton, New Jersey.   It was a desperately needed victory.

 While that raid turned moral around for Washington and his army, the war would last for another six and a half years.   During that time, Washington and his army lost at least as many battles as they won.  They persevered and eventually England surrendered.

 Our battle today is no different.  We lost yesterday.  

 We have two choices.  We can surrender and allow the Party of Treason to continue to destroy liberty in this nation or we can stand and fight.

 I will only speak for myself.  I was born a free American and I shall stay a free American.  I will not let this land go into the dark night of tyranny.  I will not stand by and watch the lamp of liberty be extinguished. 

 We have a lot to do.

 If you need to rant, scream or cry to get it out of your system, go do that today.

 But be ready to fight tomorrow.

Vote to Save America! – Tea Party Nation

Vote to Save America! – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

No previous election has ever held the fate of the nation in its hands since the reelection of Abraham Lincoln in the midst of the Civil War. If Obama is elected, he will continue his agenda to drive this nation to the point of financial collapse and leave behind millions of Americans without jobs or any hope for the future.

And that includes the liberal retards who will vote for him in an election that is, according to the pundits, too close to call. There is something terribly frightening to contemplate that half the voters will vote to continue his planned destruction and his potential for declaring himself President for Life. He is the classic tyrant.

Any voter who pulls the lever for any candidate who speaks of “climate change”, the replacement for the failed “global warming” hoax, should be soundly defeated. Whether they actually believe the Earth is in peril or whether they are just part of the Congressional candidates for the Senate and the House who spout the “party line”, these men and women must defeated before they inflict more damage on the economy.

The impact of Hurricane Sandy left millions in the Northeast without the most precious power we possess, electrical power. All life depends on it in our intricately technological society. Beyond that, it demonstrates the raw power of Nature. It demonstrates that it is not the Earth that needs to be saved, it is humanity.

Mitt Romney promises to repeal Obamacare and that is surely a priority. It seizes control of the best healthcare system in the world and it will doom senior citizens to death by denying them the care that a humane, caring society should never deny. To fund it, Obamacare has taken $716 billion from Medicare.

Mitt Romney promises to unleash the vast potential that our vast energy reserves, coal, natural gas, and oil, as well as nuclear power represent. Obama and his administration have sought to deny the billions these represent in wages and taxes.

You cannot “conserve” energy. You can either use it or not. When denied energy, a vast swath of the Northeast returned, literally, to the Dark Ages.

Mitt Romney and a Republican controlled Congress will rein in a totally rogue federal government agency, the Environmental Protection Agency. The power it possesses and intends to expand through unconstitutional and unscientific regulations has thwarted every kind of economic growth for decades, but that process accelerated under Obama and must be stopped. The powers of the EPA must be returned to the governance of the individual states.

The power and prestige of the United States has been deeply wounded during the past four years. Obama has bowed to foreign leaders, has supported despots of every description, and made it clear that he is no friend to Israel, a beckon of democracy and sanity in the Middle East. He would allow Iran to become a nuclear nation by default and that cannot be allowed.

Our military must be rebuilt. The U.S. guarantees the freedom of the world’s seas and oceans, but it lacks a navy large enough to ensure that in both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Obama has allowed our air power to decline and he has shrunk our army and marine forces. He has presided over the reduction of our nuclear arms.

In the face of the greatest Islamic challenge to the West he has encouraged the “Arab Spring” with a show of weakness and his behavior with regard to the murder of our ambassador to Libya and three of his staff demonstrates his indifference to the lives of those charged with protecting U.S. interests. Worse yet, his lies about the attack in Benghazi, by itself, renders him unworthy of the office of Commander-in-Chief.

In Afghanistan, the lives of American soldiers have become nothing more than a cruel sacrifice in a nation riven with corruption, unworthy of support. There will never been democracy there or elsewhere in the Middle East.

The Middle East is an Islamic cesspool and should be allowed to wallow in its own inherent violence. If our oil reserves had been developed here, we would have no need to rely on imports and a President Romney will set that in motion.

It is a sad commentary on America that half of its citizens have been indoctrinated to accept the lies of Socialism, ceded its sovereignty to the United Nations, and have permitted the federal government to grow so large it represents a threat to our Constitutional freedoms and liberties.

It is a rebuke to America that voters elected a man who is not a “native born” citizen by virtue of having a Kenyan father. The Constitution is undisputable on this. He did not and does not have a legal right to hold the office of President.

It is a sad commentary that the voters in 2008 allowed a man with no paper trail to demonstrate his ability to perform the duties of the office of President. The soaring oratory, provided to him by the ever-present Tele-Prompters promised “hope and change”, but we have been left without hope of a better future and a change that has the look and feel of a totalitarian government.

If you want to know where America under Obama is heading, one need only look at California, a state so besotted by Progressive politics that it is on the verge of financial collapse after having driven out thousands of its citizens to other states and countless companies, large and small, that existed there. Those who remain are choking to death on taxes and insane environmental mandates. Its agricultural sector has been denied water to irrigate crops.

An administration that would deny the purchase of firearms to Americans as guaranteed by the Second Amendment has ironically become the reason more and more Americans have purchased them, fearing an oppressive government and even anarchy.

I could cite many other reasons to defeat Obama, but there are two that stand out from all the others. He is a Communist. Raised, nurtured, and mentored by Communists; a friend to Communists; an enemy of Capitalism.

He is a LIAR and a pathological narcissist, indifferent to the political process of negotiation and compromise; indifferent to the fate of millions of Americans from the very young to the very old.
He does not like America.

The fate of the nation lies in the hands of “independents” who are uncommitted to either political party. The Democratic Party has become the pawn of Socialists who would turn the nation into a Communist nanny state. The history of all such governments has been the death of millions in Russia, in China, and wherever else they have been voted into power or simply seized it.

The Republican Party seeks to conserve the fundamentals of what has made America a super power in every respect.

A week without power in the Northeast such as I have experienced is a metaphor for what every America will experience if Obama is reelected.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

LDS – Tea Party Nation

LDS – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

24 hours from now, the voting will begin for the 2012 election.  We will be voting for the President, control of the Senate and will determine the margin by which the Republicans control the House.

 We are already seeing a lot of LDS and will see a lot more before it is over.

What is LDS and why is it a threat to you?

 LDS is liberal derangement syndrome. 

 While it is fun to laugh at liberals, this one is very serious. 

Liberalism is a mental illness.  I’m not the first one to come up with that idea.  Michael Savage had a best seller by that name.  Unfortunately for real Americans liberals live in this world of delusion.

 In the days of the old Soviet Union, there was a concept that bound artists called “Socialist Reality.”   Artists could not portray things as they were, only as they should be. 

 Liberals live in this alternative reality that we can call liberal reality.   In their imaginary world, things are never as they are, only as they should be.

 In their imaginary world, Barack Obama is the greatest leader ever.  In their imaginary world, the stimulus has worked.  In their imaginary world, the only people who dare oppose Obama or liberalism are racists and evil corporatists.

 In their imaginary world, Obama is cruising on to victory.  The Democrats are going to keep the Senate and somehow, Nancy Pelosi is going to end up as Speaker of the House again.

 The problem liberals have is that the real world is now intruding on their imaginary world. 

 Liberals are not handling this well.   It simply cannot be true that Obama is only drawing crowds of two thousand while Romney is drawing crowds of thirty thousand.   It simply cannot be true that Obama is not only not picking up any new states this time around, but Romney is now competitive on some very blue states, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  It cannot be true that the only way Obama is coming up ahead on polls is for the polls to massively oversample Democrats.

 Liberals, to quote the famous Jack Nicholson line from A Few Good Men, “can’t handle the truth!”

 Unfortunately, this lack of ability to handle reality is now showing itself up as anger.  Liberals have been harassing conservatives online regularly, but in the last couple of days, that harassment has gone to new levels.  On twitter, there are too many threats to assassinate Mitt Romney if he wins for the Secret Service to keep up with.

 Now the latest is the liberals are threatening to riot if Romney wins. 

 Romney is going to win.  He will win decisively. 

 The Republicans are going to take the Senate as well.  The American people will speak, but do you expect the left to simply accept the results and say the people have spoken?

 No.  That isn’t going to happen.

 Liberal Derangement Syndrome will go off the charts in the next few days.  It will be like nothing we have seen so far.  For conservatives, our mission is not over.   Electing Mitt Romney and a Republican Senate is not enough. 

 The Obama Propaganda Media will be working overtime to begin spinning Romney’s administration as a failure and Obama’s regime was really more successful that we realized.  They will work hard to claim Romney won with dirty tricks.  As the left goes off the rails, they will ignore everything liberals suffering from LDS do.

 We have social media.  We now have a conservative media with WND, Breitbart and others.  We can bypass the Obama Propaganda Media.

 LDS will be in full force for the next few months.  We need to use the tools we have to highlight LDS in all of its horror.

Foreign entanglements – Tea Party Nation

Foreign entanglements – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

George Washington wisely suggested to the new nation that it avoid foreign entanglements.  We have one foreign entanglement that is not only a disaster for America, but it may impact our Presidential election.

 What is it and why should every American be outraged?

 The entanglement is the United Nations.

 The United Nations was Franklin Roosevelt’s brainchild.  Roosevelt was the closest thing to a dictator this nation has ever had.  He almost had his dream of a socialist, centrally planned economy during World War 2 thanks to the powers a war time President has.  He directed his aide and Soviet spy Alger Hiss to draw up the plans for the UN.

 Isn’t that wonderful.  A communist spy gave us the United Nations.

 Now the UN is doing more than simply being a massive waste of American tax dollars. 

 It is actually interfering in an American election.

 The United Nations is sending observers to watch conservative groups in the upcoming Presidential electoin.  The Obama Regime claims these conservative groups are trying to suppress voter turn out.  The only voters these activists are trying to suppress are the dead voters that Democrats amazingly turn up every four years.

 The UN is not interested in dead voters or the Democrats who vote early and vote often but they are interested in groups that are trying to ensure a fair and accurate election.

 If that was not bad enough, the UN has all but endorsed Barack Obama.

 Ben Emmerson is the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur on Counter Terrorism and Human Rights.  He has said electing Mitt Romney would be a “democratic mandate for torture.”  It seems this brain donor objects to the fact that we used enhanced interrogation techniques on terrorists like Sheik Khalid Mohammad and Mitt Romney is refusing to promise we won’t use it again if he is elected.

 Thanks to the use of those enhanced interrogation techniques, we stopped a number of terrorist attacks on America.  I guess Emmerson would have been happier if we gave these terrorists four star suites at the Hilton and let thousands of Americans die.

 This idiot has in the past demanded that the United States turn over videotapes and other classified information or face a UN Inquiry over drone strikes against terrorists.

 Emmerson wants America to stop drone attacks that are killing terrorists.   Unfortunately he shows no such concern for the lives of Americans who are targets of terrorism.

 In addition to interfering with our elections, the UN wants to trample our constitution.   The UN Small Arms treaty is working its way through the final process of being approved.  Many people believe Barack Obama will sign this treaty that could devastate our 2nd Amendment rights after the election.

 This terrible treaty takes the far left position that self-defense is a collective right of society, not an individual right.  As such, all nations are encouraged to restrict and even ban the private ownership and transfer of guns.

 Our founding fathers were far smarter than any of those clowns at the United Nation.  The UN calls Israel a rogue nation yet puts the genocidal leader of the Sudan on the Human Rights Council

 The real question is why the United States is even a part of this organization any more?

 The United Nation champions nations that are not free and condemns those that are.  It is the enemy of freedom and liberty.  It demands a phenomenal amount of money from America.  Basically we are paying the bill so they can say we are evil.  We are paying the bill so they can interfere in our elections and in our government. 

 Regrettably Mitt Romney has said nothing about this.  It would be great if he were to expel the United Nations from America and get America out of the United Nations.

 If he will not, it is long past time that We the People stand up and demand that America leave the United Nations.


Obama: As Weak on Global Internet Takeover as on Global Islamist Uprising – Tea Party Nation

Obama: As Weak on Global Internet Takeover as on Global Islamist Uprising – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Seton Motley

Note: This first appeared in PJ Tatler.


The Barack Obama administration has been engaged in non-stop global bungle-buffoonery.  And that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt – it may be that these horrific anti-American Interest results are their intention.

 An example: Allegedly, President Obama — given his partial upbringing in Islamic Indonesia – was going to have a better understanding of and relationship with the Muslim World.

 But a year after the Obama-backed “Arab Spring,” at least twenty U.S. Embassies were attacked on this year’s 9-11 anniversary.  In Benghazi, Libya, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were brutally murdered.

 And as the Muslim World rose nearly as one against us, the administration issued pathetic statements/apologies, generated much sterner stuff against Governor Mitt Romney and lied their faces off about why it all was happening.

 And all the while the President campaigned and raised coin for his reelection effort and blew off world leaders to instead meet with David Letterman and the ladies of The View.

 Yet another global demonstration of Obama Administration fecklessness.  The president extends to our enemies an open hand – and they crush us again and again with their clenched fists.

 Not all the attacks on U.S. interests are violent.  Sometimes the thugs dress up in suits and ties and head to Turtle Bay for a little United Nations (UN) America-abuse.

 Looming before us is a prospective titanic international attack on American Internet interests.  The Web wing of the UN is the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) – and they in December will vote on whether or not to power grab much greater control of all things ‘Net.

 The Obama administration has expressed their opposition to ITU Web-control passage.  As on all things, Obama’s opinion has meant to the rest of the world exactly nothing.

US Ambassador: Internet Fee Proposal Gaining Momentum

 U.S. Ambassador Terry Kramer warned on Friday that a proposal to give a United Nations agency more control over the Internet is gaining momentum in other countries….

 Powerful influence, Mister President.

 (A) proposal by the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association could force websites like Google, Facebook and Netflix to pay fees to network operators around the world.

 Kramer said the idea of an international Internet fee is “gaining more interest in the African states and also in the Arab states.”

 Oh – the same Arab states that are setting ablaze our embassies and consulates.  Here again is another potential clenched fist to our face.

 Clearly the vaunted President Obama persuasiveness is again failing him – and us.

(Kramer) said the United States delegation to the conference will have to redouble its efforts to convince other countries that the proposal would only stifle innovation and economic growth.

Seriously, genuinely – good luck with that.  We absolutely need to stop this US-and-global-economy-crushing proposal.

 The Obama Administration’s demonstrably degraded world standing has weakened our efforts to stop this UN power grab.  Another problem is the administration has been on this issue utterly schizophrenic.

 While proclaiming opposition to an international Internet takeover, they have stateside illegally imposed multiple Web takeovers of their own – like the all-encompassingly-bad Network Neutrality and forced-cellular-network-sharing.

 So we have an enfeebled Obama administration standing on the world stage, asking the United Nations to – PLEASE!?! – “Do as we say – not as we do.”


Black Christians: Shame! Shame! Shame! – Tea Party Nation

Black Christians: Shame! Shame! Shame! – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Lloyd Marcus

Increasingly, I am hearing the following mantra/narrative from Black Christians. “I’m voting for Obama because he is the lesser of the two evils.” This is an extremely weak veiled attempt to justify their racism and loyalty to The Black Code (never side with a white against a fellow black).

From a Christian point of view, how can any Bible believer conclude that Mitt Romney is more evil than Barack Obama?

Here are a few of the numerous things on Obama’s anti-Christian agenda. Obama supports same-sex marriage and has vowed to be an advocate for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Obama supports abortion including infanticide (making it illegal to provide medical aid to a baby that has survived a failed abortion). Despite their strong will to survive, these babies must be left to die.

Massive governmental controls hidden in Obamacare include forcing Christian institutions to fund abortion services against the teachings of their faith. Think about that; the federal government demanding that Christians betray their biblical beliefs. Forty Catholic groups are fighting back by suing the Obama Administration. In typical liberal incremental fashion, our military has gone from a “Don’t ask/ Don’t tell” policy to being mandated to celebrate Gay Pride Month under Obama.

Indisputable facts are available everywhere exposing Obama to be the most anti-Christian president in U.S. History.  I know some of you Black Christians will continue to stick your heads in the sand, refusing to accept the truth. Woe be unto you. Racism is evil, whether it comes from whites or blacks blindly worshiping Obama because of his skin-color.

So Black Christians, tell me Romney’s stated ant-Christian agenda. Grasping at straws, some will say Romney is a Mormon and Mormonism does not jive with Christianity. Well, you may have a point. However, Romney has not attacked Christianity or pledged to force Christians to betray their faith. Obama is boldly and dictatorially implementing his anti-Christian agenda. Regrettably, many of you black so-called followers of Christ realize who Obama really is and what he is doing. And yet, you will vote for him anyway because of your sick addiction to racial politics.

I have also heard Christians say, “OK, I admit that Obama is destroying America, but I cannot vote for a Mormon.” Such thinking is illogical. Imagine, your home is on fire and your family is trapped inside. The Hells Angels motorcycle gang arrives at the scene offering to go inside to rescue your loved ones. How absurd would it be to reject their “God-sent” help because you disapprove of the Hells Angels’ lifestyle?

Remember this old joke? A guy was trapped on his roof during a flood. He prayed for help. Various volunteers came to his aid in boats. The man rejected them all, waiting for God to save him. The foolish man drowned. In Heaven, the man asked God why he did not answer his prayer. God replied, “I did answer your prayer. You rejected everyone I sent.”

America is on fire folks. Romney/Ryan are the most available firefighters. Thus, I believe they are “God-sent.”

I asked a black minister friend to further explain this “lesser evil” thing. He said the “lesser evil” in his mind is the economy. While not disputing Obama’s anti-Christian agenda, Obama still wins his vote because he believes Romney/Ryan’s plan will further the decline of America’s economy. In essence, this black minister of the Gospel is saying he values the economy over God’s condemnation of homosexuality, over the lives of babies and over freedom of worship.

And by the way, this minister thinking that Obama’s economic plan of spending our way to prosperity is superior to Romney/Ryan’s plan is idiotic, nonsensical and absurd. I can not believe my friend is that stupid. I believe sighting the economy as his reason for voting for Obama is a weak excuse to mask his racism; pure and simple.

To all you, Obama-is-the-lesser-of-two-evils black Christian voters, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You “ain’t” foolin’ nobody. You are racists! May God have mercy on your souls.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American