Rangel: ‘Millions of kids’ being shot down by assault rifles – Washington Times

Rangel: ‘Millions of kids’ being shot down by assault rifles – Washington Times.

By Jessica Chasmar – The Washington Times

New York Rep. Charlie Rangel appeared on MSNBC this morning to opine about the assault weapons ban getting dropped from the Senate gun-control bill.

He made a few claims about politics as usual and the power money can have in this type of a case, but his most noteworthy comment was about his knowledge on crime statistics.

“I’m ashamed to admit it but its politics and its money, The NRA has taken this position, there is no reason, there is no foundation. There is no hunter that needs automatic military weapons to enjoy the culture of going hunting,” the Democrat told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing.

A0cohaHCQAAztNM.jpg large“We’re talking about millions of kids dying — being shot down by assault weapons,” he continued. “Were talking about handguns easier in the inner cities, to get these guns in the inner cities, than to get computers. This is not just a political issue, it’s a moral issue…”

The FBI’s 2011 data says only 323 people were killed by rifles, compared to 728 people who were killed by hands, fists, feet etc. Handguns are much more likely to be used in a homicide with 6,220 killed nationwide in 2011.



Breaking News: People Like the Government Giving Them Other People’s Money – Tea Party Nation

Breaking News: People Like the Government Giving Them Other People’s Money – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Seton Motley

Note: This first appeared in NewsBusters.org.


To paraphrase the estimable Yogi Berra – it’s like deja vu all over, and over, and over, and over again.

 The Jurassic Press media is enraptured with a certain story.

Chevrolet Volt tops Consumer Reports Owner-Satisfaction Survey for …

 Chevy Volt tops Owner-Satisfaction Survey

 Chevy Volt tops Consumer Reports annual owner satisfaction survey

 Everywhere you turn, there is an incessantly recurring Media theme.

 Chevy Volt Tops Consumer Reports Survey, Again

 Survey Finds Chevy Volt Best for Owner Satisfaction 2 Years in a Row

 Chevy Volt tops Consumer Reports most-loved car survey again

 It seems the Chevrolet Volt has for the second year in a row topped a Consumer Reports satisfaction survey.

 Chevy Volt again tops Consumer Reports Owner-Satisfaction Survey

Chevy Volt Wins Again Consumer Reports’ Ranking

 Chevy Volt tops most-loved car survey again

 And the Press can’t get enough of issuing General Motors (GM) press releases.

Survey Finds Chevy Volt Best for Owner Satisfaction 2 Years in a Row

 Chevy Volt named most satisfying car in Consumer Reports survey

 Chevy Volt owners are most satisfied, says Consumer Reports

 You may also have seen this incessantly run Chevy Volt television advertisement featuring “satisfied” Volt owners.

 “I go to the gas station such a small amount that I forget how to put gas in my car.”

 Left out of all of these “news” items – and the ad – is the gi-normous Chevy Volt government money back story.

 A story which sounds a lot like the Obama Phone.  Or Obama Bucks.

 Or liking President Barack Obama “because he gives me stuff.”  Or because (you think) “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to ….”

 Here’s a shocking news flash: People like government klepto-conduits giving them Other People’s Money.

 And the Chevy Volt is a rolling, multi-billion dollar Obama Bucks-mobile.

 There’s the more-than-$3 billion-in-federal-government-subsidies-alone spent thus far on the Volt.

 And the $7,500 federal bribe – I mean incentive check – given to each Chevy Volt buyer.  Which President Obama – in his last unanimously rejected budget – wanted to up to $10,000.

 And the purchase bribes several states are kicking in.

 Behold another bribe: The Volt costs GM $89,000 to manufacture – but they charge all these happy handout recipients only $40,000.  And that’s before the $7,500 federal payola – and the various state palm greasers.

 And GM is cutting even more, more absurd deals.

GM Counts $159 Leases for an $89,000 Car

 Speaking of the manufacturer: There is perhaps no bigger government money handout recipient than GM.  They received $50+ billion of We the Taxpayers’ money – in the $83 billion auto bailout.  A bailout on which we are losing more than $42 billion.

 And GM has since become:

Another Crony Socialist Welfare Office

$26.5 billion of the ($42+ billion auto bailout) loss was a straight payoff to the…United Auto Workers (UAW) union….

 President Obama illegally carried forward through the bankruptcy the ridiculously exorbitant UAW contracts….

 During the bankruptcy process, President Obama illegally paid off the UAW first and in full….

 90+% of GM auto loans are now of the Freddie Mac-Fannie Mae-esque subprime variety – made to people whom GM and everyone else know can’t pay them back.

 GM in 2010 launched a venture capital division which is investing in fabulously successful things like…solar panel companies.

 (N)o company registered more (non-)green (non-)energy patents in 2010 than GM.

 80% of (Department of Energy) green energy loans went to Obama donors….

 I would imagine all of these folks are “satisfied” too.

 Other People’s Money – conscripted by government and given to you – is sadly all too satisfying for far too many Americans these days.


MSNBC: The real ministry of propaganda – Tea Party Nation

MSNBC: The real ministry of propaganda – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

What does MSNBC stand for?  There are probably all kinds of funny acronyms we could create to explain the idiocy of MSNBC.  What is going on at Pravda in New York City?

 In case you missed it, MSNBC, the now official propaganda arm of the Obama campaign has hit a new low.  No, I’m not talking about its ratings.  Those are now so low they almost cannot be measured. 

 They have now edited a Romney video to make Romney look really bad.   This was so bad that even liberal outlets like the Huffington Post condemned MSNBC. 

 The video propaganda took place on Joe Scarborough’s show.   What the video purported to show was Mitt Romney listening to a crowd shout “Ryan, Ryan.” (This done by showing subtitles)  Then he supposedly went up and encouraged the crowd to chant, “Romney, Ryan.”

 Scarborough dropped his head into his hands, saying, “Oh sweet Jesus.”

 The problem is, that is not what happened. 

 At the rally, the crowd was actually shouting Romney, Romney.  Mitt Romney went to the stage, complemented Paul Ryan and told the crowd to chant, “Romney/Ryan.”

 Scarborough is your typical pet Republican the big networks have.  He claims to be a Republican and a conservative, yet given every opportunity he will trash Republicans and conservatives at every turn. 

 MSNBC is officially the media arm of the Obama campaign and a total joke.  Wait, aren’t those two the same thing? 

 The question is what do we do about them?

 We could just ignore them.  Judging by their ratings, everyone else does.   MSNBC is the Kim Kardashian of the media world.  The only time anyone pays attention to them is when they pull a stunt like they did with this Romney video. 

 However, I am tired of the drive by media giving the Obama Regime free advertising.  Perhaps a complaint to the Federal Election Commission is in order.  MSNBC has the right to broadcast what they want, even propaganda.  However, that does not allow them to make in kind contributions to the Obama campaign and the coverage MSNBC has given is the equivalent of an in-kind contribution. 

 If MSNBC wants to be an arm of the Obama campaign, then it should be treated as such.  There is no Republican channel on cable, but perhaps there should be.   The ratings for it would certainly be better than MSNBC’s ratings.

 Meanwhile we can all go back to ignoring MSNBC.

Hey Joe Scarborough: You shut the hell up! – Tea Party Nation

English: Crude drawing of the "No RINO&qu...

English: Crude drawing of the “No RINO” buttons used by American Republicans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey Joe Scarborough: You shut the hell up! – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Joe Scarborough is MSNBC’s pet Republican.  MSNBC seems to love him because he is one of those media Republicans who always wants to blast conservatives and side with the liberals.

 The not very bright Scarborough just jumped into it again.

 What did he do?

 Scarborough responded to criticism of one of the chief RINOs of the GOP, Jeb Bush.  Bush has been out whining that the Republican Party of today would reject Ronald Reagan.  Bush is doing his best to rewrite history to convince us that Reagan was really a squishy moderate, like… well like almost any member of the Bush family.

 Conservatives have been calling him out on this and invoking the truth to hurt him.  They are calling Jeb Bush a RINO, which is what he is.

 Joe Scarborough doesn’t like conservatives telling the truth and he went on a rant on his virtually unwatched morning show to complain about conservatives telling the truth about Jeb Bush.

 Since Scarborough had neither facts nor logic to support his opinion, he opted for the tried and true liberal method of proving his point.  He told everyone who disagrees with him to shut the hell up.

 Scarborough longs for the days with the Republican Party was simply liberal lite.  He longs for the days when the Tea Party did not exist and all idiots like Joe Scarborough had to do was go home, talk about being conservative and then go back to Washington and do what ever they wanted to do.

 I realize Joe Scarborough is not very bright, so I’ll type this slowly just on the chance he reads this.

 The Republican Party tried it your way.  The Republican Party did exactly what you and Jeb Bush wanted it to do. 

 What was the result?

 In 2006 and 2008, the voters put the Republican Party on the endangered species list.  

 Then along came the Tea Party.

 But for the Tea Party, the Republican Party would be dead today.

 In 2009 and 2010, there were no Joe Scarborough rallies.  There were no Jeb Bush rallies.  There were no RINO rallies or conventions.

 There were Tea Party rallies and conventions.

 Now here we go again.  The elitist, alleged Republicans like Joe Scarborough and Jeb Bush want the grass roots people who did the heavy lifting to go back, sit down and shut up and let the idiots who screwed things up to begin with run everything again.

 Not only no, but HELL NO!

 If anyone needs to shut up and go away, it is Jeb Bush and Joe Scarborough.

 Scarborough claims that his and Jeb Bush’s brand of the Republican Party is the future of America.  


 Facts are hard things and liberals really hate facts because they are always wrong.  Like all liberals, Scarborough is wrong.

 Unlike him, I have facts to support my claims. 

 There is a reason why Olympia Snowe is not running for reelection.   She realizes even in Maine, a RINO like her is doomed.  There is a reason why Richard Lugar has been voted out of office.   There is a reason why a RINO supported by the establishment could not beat a Tea Party candidate in Texas.  There is a reason why Orrin Hatch is trying to claim he is a conservative.  There is a reason why Marco Rubio and not Charlie Crist is the Senator from Florida.  There is a reason why the 2010 class of freshmen Republican congressmen are called the Tea Party class, not the RINO class.

 There is also a reason why Fox News crushes Scarborough’s show.

 No one really cares what that goofy, weird RINO has to say.

Where in the world is Al? – Tea Party Nation

New Black Panther Party

New Black Panther Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where in the world is Al? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

What ever else you want to say about Al Sharpton, he is no fool.  He has taken his racial huckstering to a major league art form.  You would think after the Tawana Brawley fiasco in the 80’s, Al would have been quietly retired. 

 Instead he came back from that career ender and remains on the far left national stage.

 He was one of the first and most vocal of the activists to jump on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon. 

 Suddenly, like the deck chairs of the Titanic, he has disappeared.

 From the Daily Caller:

 On Easter Sunday the Rev. Al Sharpton, an MSNBC host, broke a major promise he made to those supporting him and the family of slain teenager Trayvon Martin: He didn’t show up in Sanford, Fla., to “occupy” the town.

 On March 26 Sharpton vowed to “occupy” Sanford over Easter weekend to show support for Trayvon, the 17-year-old black teen who was shot by Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on Feb. 26.

 “We’re going to have a full blown occupation of Sanford with tents and everything over Easter weekend until [authorities] either arrest George Zimmerman, or arrest us for praying for his arrest,” Sharpton told ABC News about two weeks before Easter.

 On Easter weekend, however, Sharpton is nowhere to be found in the central Florida town. Instead, according to his Twitter feed, he’s in Harlem.

 “On my way to MSNBC to do the Melissa Harris Perry Show live at 11 15 AM EST,” Sharpton said in a tweet on Easter morning around 10:30 a.m. “Then I preach the Easter services at St. Lukes Baptist in Harlem.”

 Sharpton also spent Saturday in Harlem, according to his Twitter feed. “I speak at the Saturday Action Rally at the House of Justice,” Sharpton tweeted around 7 a.m. on Saturday. “Tune in live from 9-11 AM EST at http://www.nationalactionnetwork.net.”

 The “House of Justice” is located in Harlem.

  Anyone wonder why Al is not in Florida?  If I had the choice between New York or Florida, well that is the mother of all no brainers.

 So why isn’t Al in Florida?

 As I said, he is no fool.  He sees where this is going.  He is jumping ship now before he has another Tawana Brawley mess on his hands. 


 Anyone with half a brain sees how fast the Trayvon Martin mess is going south.  The evidence is slowly coming out and it is looking pretty convincing that George Zimmerman acted in self-defense. 

 While the racists like the New Black Panther Party continue to circle this mess, some of the people with brains are realizing this story does not fit the narrative they want to push and realize this is going to back fire on them.

 While George Zimmerman has other things to worry about right now, including the grand jury presentation which should come back as self defense and worrying about whether one of those racist nut jobs associated with the New Black Panther Party is going to come and try to administer street justice, he probably has a lawyer with a tally board already looking at who is going to be named in the lawsuits.  NBC, CNN and ABC should already be lawyering up.   For Al’s employer, NBC, the only question is going to be how big the check they will be writing George Zimmerman is going to be.

 Al Sharpton maybe a huckster but he is no fool.  He has been down this road before. 

 Soon both Al and Trayvon Martin will be swept down the memory hole.

Where’s Sharpton’s Apology for Accusing a White Man of Raping a Black Teen? – Larry Elder – Townhall Conservative Columnists

Tawana Brawley at a press conference in 1987. ...

Image via Wikipedia

Where’s Sharpton’s Apology for Accusing a White Man of Raping a Black Teen? – Larry Elder – Townhall Conservative Columnists.

“Meet the Press” host David Gregory asked his panel “where civility has gone in our public discourse.” Incredibly, one panelist urged people to be more “mature” and not “poison the atmosphere.”

I say “incredibly” because this panelist was none other than the race-hustling, anti-Semitic “civil rights activist” and MSNBC talk show host, Al Sharpton. For some reason, Sharpton’s own struggles with civility never came up. Nor did any panelist behave so rudely as to bring up Sharpton’s role in one of the most hideous, disgusting and cynical uses of the race card this side of the O.J. Simpson case. And Sharpton, unlike Rush Limbaugh, refuses to apologize.

While this raises little or no concern to MSNBC or its advertisers, Sharpton became famous by falsely accusing a white man of raping a black teenage girl. Tawana Brawley, then 15, told authorities that white racists abducted, raped and sodomized her — scrawling the initials “KKK” on her in human feces.

A grand jury later found the entire incident a complete hoax. This did not stop the Rev. Al Sharpton, who had accused Steven Pagones, then an assistant district attorney in Duchess County, N.Y., of the crime. After Sharpton’s accusation, Pagones received death threats, and his young daughter was later threatened.

“We stated openly that Steven Pagones did it,” said Sharpton. “If we’re lying, sue us, so we can go into court with you and prove you did it. Sue us — sue us right now.”

Pagones did sue.

A jury unanimously concluded that Sharpton defamed Pagones, ordering Sharpton to pay him $65,000. The Reverend promptly and publicly said he did not intend to pay. Later, when Sharpton decided to run for president, the outstanding defamation debt became a political problem. So Sharpton’s one-percenter buddies passed the hat and paid off his debt, which by then totaled $87,000 with interest and penalties.

Civility, Rev. Al? In 1989, a young white woman, dubbed the “Central Park jogger,” was monstrously raped and nearly beaten to death. Sharpton insisted — despite the defendants’ confessions — that her black attacker-suspects were innocent, modern-day Scottsboro Boys trapped in “a fit of racial hysteria.” Sharpton charged that the jogger’s boyfriend did it and organized protests outside the courthouse, chanting, “The boyfriend did it!” and denouncing the victim as a “whore!”

Sharpton appealed for a psychiatrist to examine the victim, generously saying: “It doesn’t even have to be a black psychiatrist. … We’re not endorsing the damage to the girl — if there was this damage.” (The convictions of the accused were eventually vacated, despite their taped confessions, after another man — whose DNA matched — confessed to the rape in 2002.)

Civility, Rev. Al? Sharpton once called former Marine, magna cum laude graduate, lawyer, professor and then-Mayor David Dinkins — New York City’s first and only black mayor — a “n–ger whore turning tricks in City Hall.”

Civility, Rev. Al? In 1991, when a 7-year-old black child was accidentally killed in Crown Heights after a car driven by a Hasidic Jew went out of control, Sharpton led 400 protesters through the Jewish neighborhood. There were four nights of rock and bottle throwing. A young Talmudic scholar was surrounded by a mob shouting, “Kill the Jew,” and stabbed to death. After deriding Jews as “diamond merchants,” Sharpton said, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.”

Civility, Rev. Al? The Jewish owner of Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem raised the rent on a black sub-tenant. At one of the many rallies designed to frighten the owner, Sharpton called him a “white interloper.” Following a demonstration three months later, one of the protestors, a black man, stormed Freddy’s Fashion Mart with a pistol, screaming: “It’s on now! All blacks out!” In addition to shooting, he set fire to the building, eventually killing himself and seven others.

Initially, Sharpton denied having spoken at any rallies and refused to accept any responsibility for poisoning the atmosphere. When tapes surfaced showing Sharpton speaking, he said, “What’s wrong with denouncing white interlopers?” Eventually, he apologized — for saying “white,” but not for saying “interloper.”

Sharpton refuses to apologize for Tawana Brawley. He assumes liberal bias will prevent the media from asking him about Brawley. Or, he will accuse them of racism if they do: “I did what I believed. … They are asking me to grovel. They want black children to say they forced a black man coming out of the hardcore ghetto to his knees. … Once you begin bending, it’s, ‘Did you bend today?’ or: ‘I missed the apology. Say it again.’ Once you start compromising, you lose respect for yourself.”

In other words, falsely and unapologetically accusing a white man of raping a black teenage girl is no barrier to hosting a talk show on MSNBC or lecturing the nation on civility.

Rush Limbaugh twice apologized to the Georgetown law student for calling her a slut. Sharpton has never apologized for calling Steven Pagones a rapist.

The DEMS &Chevy Volt – Something in Common – Tea Party Nation

The DEMS &Chevy Volt – Something in Common – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Marcia Wood

We’re at a point in time that the Democrat’s and Liberal News Media have just flat run out of new ammo.  Their political rhetoric resembles the malfunctioning Chevy Volt that blew up after a few crash tests.   The more they keep repeating the same ole, same ole the less credibility they have and the quicker they crash.

They’ve used the race card, Bush Card, the God card, women’s right card and even the ATM card to no avail.  They’ll tell a big whopper and all their little bros and sisters will jump on their stumps and swear to it.  Example of this is the contraceptive mandate in the Obamacare bill – Pelosi used her muscle and planted Sandra Fluke as a decoy; Sandra’s assignment was to change the contraceptive mandate from a malicious Religious Freedom issue to a women’s right issue. 

Well, as usual their scheme backfired when Sandra Fluke realized they’d used her good name to promote an illegal Obamacare mandate.  But, the buck pretty much stops here – Fluke just slam dunked Pelosi and DEMS.  Fluke a political activist isn’t really worrying about women’s rights; Fluke is fighting for sex change or gender reassignment.

In an article that Fluke co –authored with Karen Hu she said, “Transgender persons wishing to undergo the gender reassignment process frequently face heterosexist employer health insurance policies that label the surgery as cosmetic or medically unnecessary and therefore uncovered.” 

Sandra is scrambling now to regain any minute bit of credibility she might have and like Anthony Weiner her story seems to be changing daily. Now, Fluke says she really didn’t want Americans to think they should buy contraceptives for her – I guess she was just speaking in behalf of her friends with voracious sex appetites.  FYI Ms. Fluke – for about 9.95 you can get all the contraceptives for a month that your little heart desires and our Constitution gives all women the right to use or not to use contraceptives.

In 2012 the Democrats and Liberal News Media are accelerating their race bating, Republican bashing, class warfare and character assassinations because Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign along with their viewer rating is basically in the “gutter.” 

Here’s a rundown on the Cable News Media:

  • Total      day: FNC: 1.265 | MSNBC: 577 | CNN:      508 | HLN: 261
  • Primetime:      FNC: 2.361 | MSNBC: 1.105 | CNN: 1.038 | HLN: 450

FOX is far ahead of the pack because viewers have grown weary of the blatant lies and malicious character attacks on people like Hermann Cain, Sarah Palin, Michelle Backmann, Lora Ingraham, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Scott Walker and the list just keeps rolling on…  

Many Democrats are angry with their Commander in Chief because of the rapidly rising gas prices and the scuttlebutt on the street is Joe Biden has probably started the “impeachment “process against Obama.  Here’s what VP Biden said, “I made it clear to the President,” a furious Biden declared, “that if he takes this nation to war without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him. That is a fact.” 

Americans have a duty to correct or refute the misinformation that the Democrats and Liberal News Media are blasting across cable news, radio, Twitter, Facebook 24/7.  Here’s a quote from Ronald Reagan, “A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.” 

To paraphrase this a bit, let’s say our recovery in 2012 is when “Obama” loses his job.  

NUGENT: MSNBC separates from reason – Washington Times

NUGENT: MSNBC separates from reason – Washington Times.

Cutting ties with Buchanan hastens network’s descent into irrelevancy

By Ted NugentThe Washington Times

Air America, the left-wing syndicated radio station, died in the marketplace. It could not sustain itself because its

 business model was flawed from the start. Americans did not listen.

Air America died a just death. When a business such as Air America offers a product that virtually no consumer wants, it is dead in the water. That’s how that works. Rightly so.

Like Air America, left-leaning National Public Radio would also go out of business if it had to compete in the marketplace and was stripped of all public dollars that artificially prop it up.

Left-wing cable television MSNBC is next. Its ratings are dismal. Like Air America, MSNBC offers a product that virtually no one wants. Its leftist programming does not send shivers up the legs of Americans.

And so what does MSNBC do? It caves in to left-wing media goon hit squads who pressured the failing network and its advertisers to fire the only guy on the network who consistently made sense.

Author, columnist and presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan, was fired by MSNBC for doing nothing more than voicing his rock-solid conservative thoughts on the otherwise failing network.

Because leftists cannot win the argument with pragmatism, common sense, intellectual rigor and facts, they resort to anti-American guerrilla warfare tactics by contacting whichever media outlet hires conservative voices and their advertisers to pressure them to silence those voices. That is so American of them. Che Guevara would be proud.

Leftist extremists employed this tactic against Glenn Beck when he was on Fox News, and used it against radio talk-show host Michael Savage and other conservative commentators.

Ironically, it is those on the left who claim America needs to be more open, accommodating and tolerant to divergent views, thoughts and lifestyles. The truth, however, is much different. Leftists despise anyone who does not support their socialist agenda.

The real message of the left is intolerance, zealotry, bigotry and hate. The left has no use for the First Amendment or the rest of the Constitution unless it fits their multicultural, euro-socialist agenda, which is failing all across Europe and everywhere it is practiced.

Because the foundation of the left is largely built upon lies, emotions and intellectually bankrupt ideas, the left resorts to character assassination to try to silence conservative commentators, who easily pick their platform and agenda apart. Left-wing media zealots also resort to throwing pies at conservative speakers and trying to shout them down.

While leftist extremists may have been successful at pressuring MSNBC to drop Mr. Buchanan, the couple of hundred or so Americans who actually watch MSNBC’s left-wing drivel will now become even dumber now that Mr. Buchanan is no longer available to offer them a real education steeped in facts and sage wisdom.

The bottom line is that left-wing media do not do well in the marketplace because they offer a product that few Americans want to listen to, read or watch.

MSNBC actually did Mr. Buchanan a favor by firing him, as it is never wise to be the last one to flee a rapidly sinking ship.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns, & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).

Economics for dummies – Tea Party Nation


Cover of "Economics For Dummies"

Cover of Economics For Dummies

Economics for dummies – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on December 16, 2011

A few days ago, Congressman Barbara Lee, from where else but California, was on MSNBC claiming it was imperative that unemployment benefits be extended for an additional 14 weeks.  They already are at 99 weeks. 

 A day earlier, I had stopped at restaurant for lunch.  Sometimes voice carry in places and the people next to me were talking loud enough I could easily hear the discussion. 

 There were two people there, a man and a woman.  The woman said her unemployment benefits were running out and she was hoping Congress would extend them.  If not, she said, she would have to go out and get a job paying $7 or $8 an hour until she could get a real job.

 I have no idea what this woman normally does for a living, but right now, she is taking a two-year vacation at taxpayer expense. 

 The unemployment fiasco is just another indication that liberals have absolutely no clue about economics.   Of course, why learn when you can be a liberal and the drive by media never calls you on your stupidity.

 Any economist, perhaps even one as absolutely brain dead as Paul Krugman, will tell you that anytime you subsidize something you get more of it. 

 If you subsidize beans, you get more beans.  Subsidize corn and you get more of it.  Subsidize more unemployment and you get more unemployment. 

 Let’s take our unknown diner for example.   She may not make as much money collecting unemployment as she would if she were working, but the difference for her is not enough to make want to go out and get a job.  So she remains one of the 14 million unemployed Americans.  

 Ms. Unknown Diner apparently believes she could easily go and get a job but the pay difference is just not enough to move her out of the unemployment line.

 I had heard of stories like Ms. Unknown Diner but had never I had never dealt with anyone personally who was milking unemployment just to have a paid vacation.

 Not everyone who is drawing unemployment is mooching off the system.  Many people who are freshly laid off thanks to the great Obama depression certainly need the money.   Unfortunately, there are many out there who are just using lengthy unemployment benefits as an excuse for some paid vacation.

 The good news is because the Democrats are so clueless on economics; they will be the victims of their own policies.   As long as the Democrats keep subsidizing unemployment, we are going to keep getting unemployment. 

 As long as unemployment is north of 9%, Obama can pretty much kiss his reelection good bye.

Bunnies And Small Children – Tea Party Nation

Bunnies And Small Children – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Tim Nerenz

The math is deceptively simple: minus one plus one equals zero. Government cannot add a single dollar to the economy that it has not first taken out of it.

The economics are even simpler: people spend their own money more carefully than they spend other people’s money.

The spectacular failure of “Green Economy” poster kid Solyndra will cost the taxpayers over $500 million. More important than why we gave them those loan guarantees is why they were needed in the first place. They were only necessary because no one would use their own money to back the venture.

States and local governments do it too. In Wisconsin, tens of millions of taxpayer dollars were wasted on incentives to lure Talgo, a Spanish train car company, to locate a factory here that never built a train. In the city of Oconomowoc, the government is planning to spend $10 million, roughly its annual budget, to build a community center that will offer wedding receptions in competition with private firms.

Now, if there was a critical shortage of reception venues in Oconomowoc, don’t you think entrepreneurs like Rick and Rudy Eckert at Olympia Resort would expand their space to meet the demand? By the way, if you do not know of the Eckerts, you should; liberty has no greater friends in the Badger state. And if you live in Oconomowoc, you should find out what on earth is going downtown and what it will do to your property taxes.

Or if it made economic sense to build railcars in Wisconsin, don’t you think someone a little closer than Spain would have done so with their own money? Should I name them, our industrial entrepreneurs who put their family names on the line? Do you think they have lost the instincts that made them wealthy beyond even their own imaginations? No, it was those experienced instincts that told them not to put their own money – real money- into any of these losing propositions.

And I would be curious to know just how much Al Gore lost when Solyndra went bankrupt – I would bet he didn’t put single penny of his own money where that big mouth demands the government puts ours.

“But we need the jobs”, the public works lobby will plead. Indeed we do need jobs; precisely why government needs to get out of the way of those who create real ones.

The statists’ promise of jobs created by emptying public coffers on this or that high-minded project ignores the far greater numbers of jobs that were killed by filling up those coffers in the first place. That $500 million that the government tossed down the Solyndra rat hole took more like $600 million out of the economy (it takes a lot of overhead to piss away someone else’s money).

What would taxpayers have done for themselves with that $600 million? Add a deck on the house, buy a car, invest in a business, take a vacation, buy a Gibson guitar, perhaps? I did, just to say screw you to our President and all the union job-killers who have thrown in with him. Are going to come and take my rosewood fretboards, too, boys? Bring your lunch.

Taxpayers would have spent or saved their own money on something more economically viable than Solyndra. More jobs are created, more businesses prosper, and more incomes rise when economic exchanges are voluntary and people who earned the money decide what to do with it.

Voluntary exchange only occurs when both parties gain more than they trade away. No one needs an extra incentive to make a smart deal; it’s only the stupid ones that need a government subsidy.

The amount of capital is finite, even if the amount of government currency used to measure it is not. Government does not create capital; it only diverts it to purposes other than which its rightful owners would have put it. The rich did not get that way by making bad financial decisions, and government did not go broke by making good ones.

The crowd squeals with delight when the magician pulls a rabbit out the hat; we forget that behind the curtain some child is crying her eyes out wondering where her little cuddly bunny went.

Clearly, President Obama hates bunnies and small children; he wants to take away $470 billion of their parents’ money to fund more stupid politician tricks like Solyndra, Talgo, and the Oconomowoc public wedding chapel. If we love him, he tells us, we should pass his bill.

I never thought about it before he brought it up, but I guess I love bunnies and small children more than I love some slick magician from Illinois. The only trick that worked so far for the Great O is the one where he talks into a teleprompter and makes the jobs disappear.

So here’s a better idea: let’s love ourselves and our neighbors and not pass the bill. The President will be fine in the love department; he has a wife and two daughters and the whole crew over at MSNBC to rub his feet.

The government can not pull rabbits from hats and it cannot create jobs; it can only create an environment in which job-creators flourish, or convince them to invest elsewhere. If the President would quit unwisely picking the latter, he would not need to beg us to love him.

“Moment Of Clarity” is a weekly commentary by Libertarian writer and speaker Tim Nerenz, Ph.D. Visit Tim’s website www.timnerenz.com to find your moment.