GOP sees roadblock to Keystone pipeline – Washington Times

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GOP sees roadblock to Keystone pipeline – Washington Times.

Calls for environmental review limited to rerouted section

By Sean Lengell – The Washington Times

Capitol Hill Republicans say yet another environmental impact study of the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline is unwarranted and nothing more than a stall tactic by the Obama administration that threatens the project.

The State Department announced Friday it had ordered a new study because the Canadian firm TransCanada revised its proposed Canada-to-Nebraska pipeline to avoid Nebraska’s environmental sensitive Sandhills. In January, President Obama rejected the company’s previous bid because he said more time was needed to vet alternative routes.

The Republican lawmakers say the new review should be limited only to the new 88-mile rerouted section in Nebraska, not the entire 900-plus mile route from the Montana-Canada border to Steele City, Neb. – a move they say is unnecessary in light of an exhaustive four-year study of the project completed last year.

The “notice from the Department of State seems to be yet another obstructive tactic designed to appease a narrow constituency,” said Sen. John Hoeven, North Dakota Republican. “The environment does not change in the nine months since the issuance, nearly a year ago in August, of the final environmental impact statement. That document concluded that there are ‘no significant impacts.’ “

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, Michigan Republican, said that expanding the review to the entire route would entangle the project in needless red tape and delay the creation of thousands of new jobs the project promises.

“With its proposed supplemental review, the Obama administration is taking yet another step farther away from energy security and job creation,” he said.

The State Department said its primary goal is to review the pipeline’s proposed new section, an effort to be undertaken by an outside reviewer in conjunction with the state of Nebraska. The agency also said it will take another look at last year’s impact study to see if anything has changed. The study is expected to take six to nine months.

TransCanada says reviewing the entire project is unnecessary because the previous study showed that it “would have a degree of safety over any other typically constructed domestic oil pipeline under current code.”

“The final review should focus solely on the realigned route that avoids the Nebraska Sandhills,” TransCanada President and Chief Executive Russ Girling said. “The rest of the Keystone XL route remains the same. The geology of the route remains the same. The environmental conditions remain the same. Nothing else has changed.”

Some environmentalists also are upset because they say the new review won’t consider possible climate change impacts of the pipeline, which would begin in the tar sands of Alberta, Canada.

“The tar sands industry is linked to greenhouse gas emissions,” said Jane Kleeb, executive director of Bold Nebraska, a liberal advocacy group opposed to the pipeline. “In an honest assessment they’d realize that actually, no, this is not good for the environment.”

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, the Keystone pipeline threatens to derail a long-term bill to fund federal transportation projects. House Republicans have pressed to include the pipeline in the measure, while most Democrats in both chambers are adamant on leaving it out, saying it’s unrelated.

The issue also continues to haunt presidential politics. One the biggest applause lines on Republican Mitt Romney’s ongoing six-state bus tour through the Rust Belt and Midwest has been his repeated vow to “get that pipeline in from Canada – even if I have to build it myself.”

*Seth McLaughlin contributed to this report.


EPA Takes to Air to Watch Cow Pies – John Ransom – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary


Cattle (Photo credit: CameliaTWU (away for a while))

EPA Takes to Air to Watch Cow Pies – John Ransom – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary.

The Environmental Protection Agency declined to answer questions this week as the Omaha World-Herald sought to clarify whether the agency had the legal authority to conduct overflights of cattle operations to determine if cattle are pooping in streams in the Midwest.

I don’t know much about bovine latrine habits, but I’ve been around enough pastures to know that cattle really aren’t that particular.

It seems to me that they let go pretty much wherever they are, stream or no.

So I think I can say with some authority, that, yes, cattle all around the Midwest are indeed pooping in streams, legally or otherwise.

That’s the kind of rugged individualists that cow herds appear to be now in face of the bullying- pun intended-cowards in the Obama administration. It’s gotten so bad that not content to rough up people, the Obama administration has to go do some environmental cow-tipping. 

What’s supposed to be sport for drunk people, is now official policy.


And I really don’t need to see the pictures to know that cows are standing up for liberty when they poop all over the EPA in this way.  

But bureaucrats, being what they are, the cow-hating crime fighters from DC have now taken to the skies 16 times in Nebraska and Iowa to help identify cattle that aren’t washing their hands prior to returning to work, so to speak.

Next week I hear they are getting hair nets and plastic name tags for the cows.

I found an unattributed quip on the internet over the last few days that perfectly explains the increasing fascination progressives have with fascism: “You can now marry your same-sex first cousin in New York and get an abortion with taxpayer money, but you can’t have a large Pepsi.”

And cows can only poop in designated areas.  

Good luck.

Thank goodness we killed off the numberless buffalo. Imagine all those millions of bison roaming the West with no bathroom attendant.  

According to the Herald, the EPA thinks the flights have legal precedence.

While the EPA would not answer questions on the record, they did release a statement saying:

Courts, including the Supreme Court, have found similar types of flights to be legal (for example to take aerial photographs of a chemical manufacturing facility) and EPA would use such flights in appropriate instances to protect people and the environment from violations of the Clean Water Act.

Wait: I thought the whole purpose of the flights was to protect us from B.S., not spread even more of it. I mean if we are actually going to fine people for spreading B.S. we could start in the White House

Senator Mike Johanns, a Republican from Nebraska, who used to serve as agriculture secretary, says that the EPA has overstepped its authority, which it derives from congress.

“They are just way on the outer limits of any authority they’ve been granted,” he said according to the Herald.

Johanns told the CattleNetwork that “[m]y concerns are many” adding that the EPA has “little trust out in the country and people will get fired up” about the overflights.

The Nebraska Senator took to the agriculture airwaves on May 31st to express concern about “small planes circling” local feedlots.

“It’s happening, and I’m trying to find out just what’s involved,” Johanns told AgriTalk radio.

According to the CattleNetwork, the Nebraska congressional delegation has sent a letter to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson asking “for an explanation of the statutory authority under which EPA is conducting the surveillance, along with the purpose of the flights, their frequency and their use in enforcement actions.”

Good luck.

This is an administration that won’t answer questions as to why it illegally sold guns to Mexican drug cartels.

Expect more cow stuff.