A Small Matter of Evidence. – Tea Party Nation


A Small Matter of Evidence. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Perhaps it is the lawyer in me.  When someone makes an allegation, my first question is, how do you prove it?  What evidence do you have?

 When the worst journalist in the world, Brian Ross of the totally disreputable ABC News announced that there was someone with the same name as the Aurora shooter who was a member of the Tea Party, the first and obvious question that should have been asked, even before Ross uttered his idiotic words on TV is, what proof do you have?

 Ross had none, other than his contempt for the real Americans who make up the Tea Party.

 What motivated the shooter?

 He is not saying.  The shooter invoked his right to have an attorney and his right to remain silent.

 However, on the Internet there is at least some evidence that the shooter might have been a part of the Occupy Wall Street black bloc movement. 

 There is a video on YouTube that purports to show a screen shot taken from the Occupy Wall Street site claiming the shooter was a member of the Occupy Black Bloc movement.  It also shows archival footage of the Black Bloc on a rampage. 

 Where is Brian Ross on this?

 The answer is the faux news media, like ABC News has a narrative.  Despite the large number of crimes committed by the Occupy mobs, those are never reported, including the significant number of sexual assaults. 

 However, where the Tea Party is involved, even though it is a peaceful, law-abiding group, the media always wants to portray it as being violent.

 Let’s say you have money to bet.  Would you bet the Aurora shooter was a member of the Tea Party or the Occupy mob?

 Is the evidence offered in the video definitive?

 No, but there is certainly more evidence there than Brian Ross had when he tried to claim the shooter might be connected to the Tea Party. 

 When do you think ABC News will present this evidence?  It will happen only if they have no choice in the matter.

 Editorial Note:  I have deliberately refused to identify the shooter in this blog post.  First, Brian Ross and ABC News victimized a man with the same name and he should not be further victimized.   Second, the shooter should not be glorified.  A number of sites are pointing out that the people we should be naming are this scumbag’s victims.  I agree with that and will not use his name.


Obama: Going Rogue – Tea Party Nation

Obama: Going Rogue – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Lloyd Marcus

Remarkably, President Obama has gone rogue, running as no other democrat before him; openly declaring war on America. The opposing armies are Obama’s entitlement-minded-social-justice-zealots vs hard working Americans – patriots who love their country and respect our Constitution.

Please allow me to explain. Every election, democrats never campaign on who they really are. They never reveal their we-know-better-than-you how-to-run-your-life, intrusive big government agenda. Instead, these great pretenders whip out the old “moderate” mask disguising their “extreme liberal” intentions until after the election. Obama won the presidency in 2008 pretending to be a moderate.

To win reelection, Obama has “gone rogue”, boldly going where no democrat has gone before. Obama in essence has said, screw it. I am not going to masquerade as a moderate. I am going to campaign as a full blown anti-capitalism anti-Constitution progressive/socialist!

Obama believes he and his minions (the mainstream media, the schools – K thru college, TV, movies and the democrats) have successfully “transformed” the country.

Who could have foreseen when Obama vowed to “fundamentally transform America”, he was really talking about transforming “us”? Obama believes he and his buddy’s relentless assaults on our traditions, morals and values have transformed a majority of Americans into entitlement junkies; haters of achievers – dumbed-down deadbeat losers solely dependent on government for our very existence from cradle to grave? Such is Obama’s strategy to win reelection.

Obama’s reelection scheme includes dividing Americans into mini-voting blocs all perceiving themselves to be victimized. He promises college kids lower tuition interest rates. To secured the gay and Hollywood vote Obama came out in support of gay marriage. To secure the hard core feminist vote, Obama ignored the Constitution forcing religious institutions and taxpayers to fund contraception and abortion services against their faith.

With black unemployment at an unprecedented high, Obama may not enjoy the democrat’s traditional lock on winning a monolithic black vote. In panic mode Obama’s campaign will double down their efforts making the election about race by intensifying their attempts to paint the tea party racist. He is also campaigning to rally blacks around their homey.

Also troops in Obama’s army against America are the OWS losers – spoiled brats who hate achievers and believe they are entitled to the fruit of other folk’s labor. Talk about the wild bunch, Obama’s OWS battalion includes Marxists, Communists, anti-Semitics, racists, rapists, the lazy and trifling along with assorted other nuts. Mr. President, I would not put much stock in this mob getting out of bed on election day and finding their way to the polls.

In essence, Obama has declared war on working, successful, self respecting and self reliant Americans. We are engaged in an unreported epic battle for the heart, mind and soul of America – Obama’s army vs the rest of us.

Destroying our economy is a part of Obama’s reelection campaign – make life so horrible, voters will turn to big government via Obama to be their savior. Yes, I said it. Obama is destroying our economy on purpose.

American household wealth dropped 39%.Forty-five million Americans are on food stamps and that number is growing.

Obama still blames our horrific economy on Bush. Bush left office with America $5 trillion in the red. Obama has tripled Bush’s spending putting us a whooping $15 trillion in debt. Economists say once Obama’s entitlements are fully implemented, America will be $211 trillion in the hole.

So, let me make sure I correctly understand Obama’s Economics for Dummies. If my wife maxes out our 100 thousand dollar limit credit card – following Obama’s method to turn my finances around, I should acquire two more 100 thousand dollar limit credit cards and max them out as well. Obama calls this fiscal responsibility.

I say it again, Obama is destroying America’s economy on purpose. With pride he is the welfare/food stamp president. Obama believes the Constitution and Capitalism are unfair and must be replaced with social justice

Patriots, our president’s bold aggressive attack on who we are as a nation is unprecedented. Obama has drawn a line in the sand proclaiming, THIS IS WAR!: his anti-achievers vs achievers; black vs white; those who harbor disdain for America vs those who love her.

I am not talking about a foreign dictator pounding on the podium with his shoe at the UN, screaming, “We will bury you!” The person seeking to dethrone America as the world’s super power is the current president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

No, you are not asleep having a nightmare. Nor, am I describing an episode of the Twilight Zone. Obama’s war on our country and responsible Americans is very, very real. God help us.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American



Occupy fail? – Tea Party Nation

Occupy fail? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Well, the massive May Day protests Occupy promised, well, they may fall under the heading now of epic fail. 

 From CNBC:

 Occupy Wall Street‘s call for a general strike to mark International Workers Day got off to a slow start on Tuesday, with sparse gatherings at a handful of spots around a rainy New York City.

 At Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan, about 100 activists gathered where the group had promised a “pop-up encampment” emblematic of the movement’s early days in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park near the Wall Street financial district.

 The crowd soon dispersed to other locations to demonstrate, including directly across the street from Bryant Park at the Bank of America tower. About two dozen activists picketed in front of the building’s main entrance. One person was arrested in the middle of 6th Avenue in front of the building.

 The group said it expected greater participation in events planned for later in the day as it tries to breathe fresh life into the movement that sparked a wave of nationwide protests against economic injustice eight months ago.

 Other actions included a march with organized labor starting from New York City’s Union Square in the afternoon and a promise to “occupy” San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. In Washington, D.C., there were plans to march to the White House.

 A text message alert broadcast late Monday from an Occupy Wall Street address said: “All civilians stand by for GENERAL STRIKE at 08:00. No Work, School, or Shopping. All out in the streets!”

 What would happen if you called a strike and no one came?  Now, I guess we know. 

 What would be really nice would be if the media would give the Occupy movement the same kind of coverage they give the Tea Party movement.

  If they did, the narrative we would be hearing today is that the Occupy movement is dying.  We would hear in detail about the rapes, vandalism and other crimes committed at the Occupy camps.

 We would hear about the racist comments made by many of the Occupy mob.

 Instead, the coverage we get of Occupy can pretty much be called propaganda.

 A year from now, we will see which movement is still thriving, the Tea Party movement or the Occupy mob.

 My money is on the Tea Party movement.

Portrait of a Failed “Messiah” – Tea Party Nation

By Alan Caruba

“His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

If you think this is a psychological profile of Barack Obama, you would be wrong. It is a quote from a profile of Adolph Hitler, prepared for the Office of Strategic Services—the predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency—by Walter C. Langer and three others during World War II.

The fact that it rather closely resembles aspects of Obama’s personality we have come to know would be cause for alarm if we were living in the 1930s at the time of Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, but this is a very different time and the U.S. Constitution is still a powerful instrument.

Unlike the 1930s, the Internet has provided everyone with the ability to access information that, as often as not, conflicts with that the mainstream media would have us believe.

Still there are similarities. As to Hitler’s success, Langer wrote that the “Realization of a fundamental loneliness and feeling of isolation in people living under modern conditions and a craving to ‘belong’ to an active group which carries a certain status, provides cohesiveness, and gives the individual a feeling of personal worth and belongingness” is as true today as it was in former times.

This may explain the sudden appearance of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but OWS quickly wore out its welcome due to its complete lack of organization or mission.

Perhaps its only mission was to implant the thought that the “1%”—the rich—were unfairly wealthy at a time of widespread economic difficulties experienced by the unemployed, those who had lost their homes, and the middle class.

The problem OWS encountered is the general American view that this is a land of opportunity in which anyone can become rich along with the regard people have for those they deem to have become successful because they were innovators and risk-takers or, to put it another way, because they worked for it!

A large body of the American public today has rejected Barack Obama as they have come to know him. While frequently spoken of as having a charming personality and other positive traits, these attributes have been undermined by Obama.

His constant use, indeed, dependence on Tele-Prompters quickly became a running joke. On an organization level, his import of the so-called “czars” to backstop and even replace the traditional role and powers of Cabinet Secretaries created an immediate disquiet as the public learned more about them. They and Cabinet picks tended to share a well-recorded contempt for human beings.

In retrospect, the 2008 election was a masterpiece of the theatrical manipulation of the public’s perception of Obama. He was frequently presented in the context of huge crowds and in ways that portrayed him as “the Messiah” for those seeking an all-wise, all-knowing masterful personality.

Obama’s megalomania was perhaps best revealed when, on June 3, 2008, he said, “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” Was he taking responsibility or promising to alter the forces of Nature?

It is thus no accident that William Shirer, an American reporter who covered Hitler’s rise, described his public appearances, wrote “A searchlight plays upon his lone figure as he slowly walks through the hall, never looking to right or left, his right hard raised in salute, his left hand as the buckle of his belt. He never smiles—it is a religious rite, this procession of the modern Messiah incarnate. Behind him are his adjutants and secret service men. But his figure alone is flooded with light.”

“We are the generation we have been waiting for,” said Obama. This had a singular appeal to the young and to his generation that found themselves mired in debt. Soon Obama would increase that debt to such an extent that the children and grandchildren of his generation would be paying it off through their lifetimes. They, however, did not know that in 2008.

There were many unknowns during the years of Hitler’s rise to power, but there were many clues, indicators, and demonstrations of where he was taking Germany. Democratically elected, the Nazi Party was quick to impose control over all aspects of life in Germany and especially its media, its newspapers, films and other aspects of its culture. Parenthetically, many Americans are well aware that the mainstream media played a significant role in Obama’s election and routinely engages in furthering liberal fantasies such as global warming and renewable energy which turned out to be an orgy of crony capitalism.

Obama’s over-reach, a reflection of his distaste for the U.S. Constitution and his belief in his own superiority, has recently been seen in his attack on the Supreme Court. It is conjectured that he has been informed through back channels that Obamacare will be declared unconstitutional. If so, the centerpiece of his plan to engineer a government takeover the nation’s healthcare system will be in ruins.

His policy failures are well known to the public and, in particular, to the voters.

What we have come to learn is that he is a liar. He lies even when he does not have to and he lies all the time.

Unlike Hitler in the 1930s when the Nazi party was able to overturn all the normal conventions of the Weimar Republic, Barack Obama has run into the wall of the U.S. Constitution.

Obamacare was already opposed by most Americans and voters were offended when then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “We have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it.” That’s not how a democracy works.

In 2010 the voters returned power in the House of Representatives to the Republicans. In 2012, Obama will be turned out of office and there is even the likelihood that a Republican President will have both houses of Congress controlled by his party.

Then the business of restoring the economy, rebuilding the military, and reducing the debt left in Obama’s wake will begin.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

Brokering the Convention – Tea Party Nation

Brokering the Convention – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Larry Sabato is a popular guest on political talk shows.  Yesterday he wrote a blog about all the things that would be wrong with a brokered convention.   He just left one thing out.

What was it?

 Sabato, in an interview on Newsmax said a brokered convention would be a disaster.  Specifically it would be a press disaster.

He is right about the press.  The left wing media will be all over the convention.  They will emphasize every fight, every disagreement and every time Ron Paul supporters try to imitate Occupy Wall Street.

However, Sabato missed the biggest disaster of all.

That disaster would be a Mitt Romney nomination.

For all the flaws a brokered convention would bring, they pale in comparison to the idea of nominating a candidate whose campaign will end up looking like Custer’s last stand, except for the certainty that Custer fared better than Romney’s campaign will.

The simple truth is we do not have a great candidate in the GOP race right now.  As a Newt Gingrich supporter, this pains me to say it, as I believe Gingrich would be a great President, but he has not been able to close the deal.   Santorum has a singular ability to turn the campaign from the points that would make it victorious for the Republicans and turn it to the Democrat’s advantage.  

Then there is Mitt Romney.   He is the flip-flopping liberal who will say whatever it takes to be elected. The champion of the Republican Establishment. 

The truth that the Republican Party must accept is we need someone else. 

A brokered convention will not be a simple affair.  But it is necessary this time. 

The Establishment does not want a brokered convention.  If we conservatives have a majority of the delegates, even if they are split between Gingrich and Santorum, we will take the power away from them.

We need a new candidate who can come out of the convention and take the battle to Obama.

Who could that be?

How about Allen West?

The Florida Congressman and retired Army Officer is the kind of man who can fire up the base.  The Tea Party loves West.

Allen West is the kind of man who calls it likes he sees it.  Anyone remember him telling Nancy Pelosi and her ilk to get the hell out of this country?

Does anyone think Mitt Romney would say anything remotely like that?  How about Santorum?  Even Gingrich?  Who else speaks with that kind of passion?  There are few that do.

West understands that politics is a battlefield.  West has been under fire in Iraq.  West understands loyalty to America and to Americans.  That is such a refreshing change from Barack Obama.

West is a man of conviction and principles, which is such a refreshing, change from Mitt Romney.

We have to have a brokered convention to stop Romney and if we do, we need a good candidate.

Allen West might just be the man.


Barack Obama, Oil Prices and Reality – Derek Hunter – Townhall Conservative Columnists

Barack Obama, Oil Prices and Reality – Derek Hunter – Townhall Conservative Columnists.

Is there anything worse than this president? I mean, maybe having worms is worse, but I never spent the night at an Occupy Wall Street camp, so I don’t know for sure. But I have had Barack Obama as my president for more than three years, and it’s been a disaster.

Seriously, if I wanted to be lied to regularly, I’d rather do a daily affirmation in the bathroom mirror than watch him tour community college gymnasiums to claim credit for what he hasn’t done and blame all his problems on someone else.

When he was running for president, then-Sen. Obama basically told people President George W. Bush owned Exxon/Mobil and Vice-President Dick Cheney’s pacemaker was a secret implant from Halliburton that contained a hidden valve to control the world’s oil supply. Now that prices have gone through the roof and he needs to hide, the president presents himself as a helpless observer at the mercy of evil oil speculators.

He’ll tell you the United States is producing more oil than ever before, but he fails to add that’s because of the drilling leases approved by the previous administrations (both Clinton and Bush), or how most of that is on private lands because he’s rejected new drilling leases on public lands at a record pace. He’s had as much to do with the oil production in this country as the number of jobs created by his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline – zero.

He’s said several times we have only 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves but use 20 percent of the world’s oil.

First, who cares? We use the oil we need. We don’t buy it to set it on fire so we can make s’mores and roast weenies on a stick while telling ghost stories about “saved or created” jobs.

Second, the line is designed to mislead. Aside from being untrue (he’s talking about the oil his government will allow companies to drill, which isn’t anywhere close to all we have in this country, which he won’t let us drill), it’s like comparing apples to lobotomized Kennedy children (Google it). The first one is all the oil in the world still under ground (which, as I said, is a lie), the other is all the oil the population of the world uses. He’s carving a tiny chip off a huge number and presenting them as if they’re one in the same.

What does it matter how much of “the world’s oil” we use? There aren’t countries around the world with cars sitting idle because we’ve used up their share of oil. That’s like saying people who work out use more than their share of oxygen because they breathe heavier. And if only they’d take a few days off every now and then, fat people on couches eating Doritos would be able to exercise, too.

President Obama seems to think it’s “unfair” we use so much oil compared to the rest of the world. This is insane. Nobody is sitting around thinking they could cure cancer if only the United States used less oil, but the damned United States just keeps sucking it up like it’s a fat kid trying desperately to get that first sip of milkshake up the straw.”

Oil prices are so high because we have amateurs running the show. Being a professional rabble-rouser, which was about the extent of the president’s resume when he was hired, doesn’t exactly translate well into managing the world’s problems or its biggest economy.

His government has been printing money like it’s an Olympic event and he’s going for the gold. By the way, this is why gold prices have gone through the roof and is not unrelated to why gas prices are so high.

He also has stirred up a hornet’s nest in the Middle East – cheering and encouraging protesters while an ally in Egypt was toppled, but remaining silent when Iran, the biggest threat to a gigantic portion of the current supply of oil, faced a similar uprising.

If you wrote a movie script about how horribly Barack Obama has handled energy policy, nobody would believe it. It’s simply too crazy. But if you did write that script, changed the name of the president and put an R behind his name, Steven Spielberg would sign on to direct Tom Hanks in it.

It would, of course, tank, but I’m sure the money could be more than made up for by some sort of “green energy” grant from the EPA. Considering how Obama is paying off his friends through that money laundering scam, it might actually be the least wasteful grant they make this year.

RIP Andrew Breitbart – Tea Party Nation

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

RIP Andrew Breitbart – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Andrew Breitbart has died.  He was 43 years old.

 The cause of death has not been released and honestly it is none of our business.  The fact he is gone is bad enough.

 Andrew Breitbart was an unbelievable personality.  He has been described as an author, publisher, and entrepreneur. 

 He could also be described as fearless and in some ways, the wild man of the conservative movement. 

 He was famous for being very willing to mix it up with liberals.  In 2010, at the massive Tea Party Express rally in Searchlight Nevada, when union thugs threw eggs at the Tea Party Express bus and other cars, Breitbart went into the union crowd, refusing to back down and daring them to do something to him.   Less than a month ago, he was at CPAC and when the Occupy protestors decided to act like the fools they are, Breitbart was the guy who went outside and confronted them. 

 I met him two years ago, when we did the National Tea Party convention.  Breitbart was someone who early on recognized the value of the event, even more than we did.  He reached out and helped in a number of ways.  He never asked for anything in return.

 There was a point where the convention almost failed.  Some leftist groups were working hard to make the convention fail, thinking it would embarrass the movement. 

 At one of the most crucial moments, we reached out to him and he went above and beyond the call of duty to do something that saved the convention.  Perhaps one day the entire story will be told but the bottom line is he did not have to but he did.

 Not everyone agreed with him on a lot of issues.  I certainly did not.

 But today is not a day to talk about past differences and past fights.

 Breitbart relished fighting those who would destroy this great country.

 He loved this country, he loved what he was doing and he was an amazing patriot.

 Rest in Peace.

UAW, Occupy and Obama Hang Themselves Together – John Ransom – Townhall Finance


English: Members of the Democratic Socialists ...

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UAW, Occupy and Obama Hang Themselves Together – John Ransom – Townhall Finance.

I’m going to skip the nonsensical projections regarding what the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. would think about today’s topical issues like Occupy Wall Street, so-called income inequality and Tim Tebow.

I can afford to do this because another man named King has already instructed me on his views.

Bob King, head of the United Auto Worker’s Union, got together with 500 of his fellow travelers over the weekend in a vanity-channeling of Dr. King by praising Occupy Wall Street and the UAW’s largest shareholder, Barrack Obama

In this, King (Bob) seems to be operating out of a liberal playbook that looks to associate Occupy with King (Martin Luther).

It’s called “Occupy the Dream.”

I’m not sure if the irony is intentional or just accidental.

“So much of what he says is the same today, is about the world today,” said King on King “We’re at very difficult times in the United States of America right now. We’re at a time of great injustice and growing injustices. Thank God for the occupy movement and the young kids that are out there.”

Bob King has seen the past and tells us that the past is our future.

Our future is one where inequality is everywhere more relentless; where progress on issues, like racial equality is just a chimera, even as an African American sits in the White House.

He has to tell us that, this King named Bob does.

Even more, he needs for us to believe it, because without that belief, he’s a man without a job, as even he admits.

King (V.2.0) has placed a big bet that Americans not as familiar with him as the people he represents have bought into his rhetoric about inequality, especially as it pertains to income. His organization, the UAW, has been losing members, dollars and assets for decades as workers and consumers have repeatedly rejected the union label.

According to Reuters, the UAW has already had to “sell assets and dip into its strike fund to pay for its activities.”

In fact King (Bob) thinks that if he can’t win converts soon, there is no future for his union. “I have said that repeatedly, and I believe it.”

It’s a measure of the UAW’s desperation that King has pinned his hopes on Occupy and Obama, two movements that, like the UAW, seem to be tracking in the wrong direction from Main Street American thought.

“While Occupy Wall Street isn’t necessarily affiliated with a particular party, its anti-big business message may not be resonating with majorities in any party,” wrote Gallup’s Elizabeth Mendes as reported in the Washington Post. “Republicans, independents, and now close to half of Democrats are more concerned about the threat of big government than that coming from big business.”

According to Gallup 64 percent think big government is a bigger threat, and 26 percent think the bigger threat comes from big business.

And why shouldn’t they? Occupy Wall Street is mostly an extension of the extra-legal Big-Government-knows-best philosophy that ignores individual rights, private property rights and redistributes according to its own ideas of who is a have and who is a have-not.

From the New York Post:

Occupy Wall Street protesters announced with great fanfare last month that they moved a homeless family into a “foreclosed” Brooklyn home — even though they knew the house belonged to a struggling single father desperately trying to renegotiate his mortgage, The Post has learned.

Even though the single father is still the rightful owner, that didn’t stop the Occupiers from placing one of their own people into the house: 

Meanwhile, the family that OWS claimed to be putting into the vacant house has not yet permanently moved in. And it turns out the family is not a random victim of the foreclosure crisis, but cast for the part, thanks to their connection to the OWS movement.

OWS last week said it has spent $9,500 breaking into the house and setting it up for the homeless Carrasquillo family. A photo of the smiling family covers a window, under the slogan, “A place to call home.”

The head of the family, Alfredo Carrasquillo, 28, is an organizer for VOCAL- NY, a group that works with OWS. His Facebook page shows him in a “99 Percent” T-shirt at an OWS protest in November.

Like King’s UAW, which hasn’t been able to force folks to give them what they aren’t entitled to legally, Occupy is a last-gasp movement that has failed to convince us of either the justice or logic of their cause.     

Into this two-ringed circus now steps Ringmaster Obama, who has promised us all a campaign that will pit the UAW and Occupy have-nots against the rest of the country. Presumably, just as he’s done with the UAW, the domestic auto industry, student loans and green company investments, Obama will campaign that government eventually gets to pick the winners and the losers with a kind of group bailout for unions, Occupiers, Democrats and donors.

That’s how the GOP will campaign too. 

And if I were a Democrat, here’s where I’d be concerned:

If Obama doesn’t hang you all separately with this strategy he most certainly will hang you all together.

And if Democrats don’t win this campaign, they might never win another.

I say it and I believe it.

A Brass Age? – Thomas Sowell – Townhall Conservative


English: occupy wall street

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A Brass Age? – Thomas Sowell – Townhall Conservative.

This may be the golden age of presumptuous ignorance. The most recent demonstrations of that are the Occupy Wall Street mobs. It is doubtful how many of these semi-literate sloganizers could tell the difference between a stock and a bond.

Yet there they are, mouthing off about Wall Street on television, cheered on by politicians and the media. If this is not a golden age of presumptuous ignorance, perhaps it should be called a brass age.

No one has more brass than the President of the United States, though his brass may be more polished than that of the Occupy Wall Street mobs. When Barack Obama speaks loftily about “investing in the industries of the future,” does anyone ask: What in the world would qualify him to know what are the industries of the future?

Why would people who have spent their careers in politics know more about investing than people who have spent their careers as investors?

Presumptuous ignorance is not confined to politicians or rowdy political activists, by any means. From time to time, I get a huffy letter or e-mail from a reader who begins, “You obviously don’t know what you are talking about…”

The particular subject may be one on which my research assistants and I have amassed piles of research material and official statistics. It may even be a subject on which I have written a few books, but somehow the presumptuously ignorant just know that I didn’t really study that issue, because my conclusions don’t agree with theirs or with what they have heard.

At one time I was foolish enough to try to reason with such people. But one of the best New Year’s resolutions I ever made, some years ago, was to stop trying to reason with unreasonable people. It has been good for my blood pressure and probably for my health in general.

A recent column that mentioned the “indirect subsidies” from the government to the Postal Service brought the presumptuously ignorant out in force, fighting mad.

Because the government does not directly subsidize the current operating expenses of the Postal Service, that is supposed to show that the Postal Service pays its own way and costs the taxpayers nothing.

Politicians may be crooks but they are not fools. Easily observed direct subsidies can create a political problem. Far better to set up an arrangement that will allow government-sponsored enterprises — whether the Postal Service, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or the Tennessee Valley Authority — to operate in such a way that they can claim to be self-supporting and not costing the taxpayers anything, no matter how much indirect subsidy they get.

As just one example, the Postal Service has a multi-billion dollar line of credit at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Hey, we could all use a few billions, every now and then, to get us over the rough spots. But we are not the Postal Service.

Theoretically, the Postal Service is going to pay it all back some day, and that theoretical possibility keeps it from being called a direct subsidy. The Postal Service is also exempt from paying taxes, among other exemptions it has from costs that other businesses have to pay.

Exemption from taxes, and from other requirements that apply to other businesses, are also not called subsidies. For people who mistake words for realities, that is enough for them to buy the political line — and to get huffy with those who don’t.

Loan guarantees are a favorite form of hidden subsidies for all sorts of special interests. At a given point in time, it can be said that these guarantees cost the taxpayers nothing. But when they suddenly do cost something — as with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — they can cost billions.

One of the reasons for so much presumptuous ignorance flourishing in our time may be the emphasis on “self-esteem” in our schools and colleges. Children not yet a decade old have been encouraged, or even required, to write letters to public figures, sounding off on issues ranging from taxes to nuclear missiles.

Our schools begin promoting presumptuous ignorance early on. It is apparently one of the few things they teach well. The end result is people without much knowledge, but with a lot of brass.

Generation Mutant: Occupiers are the Natural Spawn of the Progressive Movement – Derek Hunter – Townhall Conservative

Generation Mutant: Occupiers are the Natural Spawn of the Progressive Movement – Derek Hunter – Townhall Conservative.

Watching the “Occupy Wall Street” mutants (as I less-than-affectionately call them) riot on Thursday as part of their “Day of Action,” I couldn’t help but notice a striking resemblance to children throwing temper tantrums. And I couldn’t help but think: Why would adults act this way?

The “occupiers” are the post-digested remains of the natural journey through the intestinal tract of the metastasizing liberal ideology in education and pop culture.

The “millennials,” as they’re called, are the first generation spawned from the “progressive” idea of equal outcome disguised as equal opportunity. They are the “Participation Ribbon People” – a generation rewarded and praised simply for showing up. The result of social promotion, time-outs over spanking and the misguided concept that reward is deserved and not earned.

The movies, books and music these kids devoured portrayed business as evil and CEOs as thieves in suits whose wealth comes not from hard work but by exploiting the poor or selling dangerous and defective products to an unsuspecting population.

This generation grew up with “reality TV,” which is not, of course, realistic at all. It measures success as drinking more beers before you vomit than the next guy. A sex tape brings not embarrassment but celebrity status.

It might have seemed as if these children of entitlement treated rioting as an audition for the Jersey Shore, but they weren’t – although MTV was at Zuccotti Park recruiting candidates for “The Real World.”

The only thing more prevalent among the “occupiers” than body lice is their sense of entitlement. They’re entitled to forgiveness of the college loans they willingly took out. They can trespass on private property and stay as long as they like. They claim to represent the “99 percent” of the country not among the wealthiest 1 percent. But do they?

Unfazed by their unpopularity – the latest poll by the liberal group Public Policy Polling puts their support at 33% support – these parasites covered with parasites dare refer to their inability to camp overnight on private property as “Facing the most brutal assault on our Democracy since 9-11.”  Ironically, they do this while ignoring actual assaults, rapes, sexual assaults and murder amongst their ranks.

Their world is one in which an unrepentant domestic terrorist is called “Professor” and is friends with the President of the United States, dodgeball is banned for “brutality” and kids picking on each other is criminalized. Self-esteem is their goal. They don’t intend to earn it through hard work and accomplishment. No, they want it given out like scoops of ice cream at a birthday party. The way it’s always been.

Nothing undermines civil society more than the belief that every thought is correct, that every desire should be fulfilled. It doesn’t work that way, of course. And when people discover their every whim won’t be met, they find scapegoats.

Zuccotti Park has been filled with people who’ve been coddled their whole lives, who’ve never been told they’re wrong, who’ve been raised to pursue feeling over logic. They’re being confronted with an uncertain future, and its doubly scary for them because they never have been allowed to face the consequences of failure.

They’ve been encased in an emotional bubble-wrap that protected them from reality until graduation. They’ve never truly faced failure. They got a ribbon or trophy every time. Now, suddenly, someone won’t hire them or promote them or give them a good apartment at a low price. What’s worse, someone else did get that job, that promotion. That someone must have cheated.

Thankfully, few in the Ribbon Generation have been successfully indoctrinated, which is why the protests have been so small. But the indoctrination continues, every day. Every day, more children are led to believe fulfillment of their constitutional rights means it’s OK to deny others of theirs.

The current attempt by progressives to impose their will on America is doomed to failure. It’s stupid to think you can bring people to your cause by obstructing their movements or annoying them in the public square. But progressives are patient and determined. The know one day the Participation Ribbon Generation will have children of their own. And those children won’t find counter-indoctrination examples at home many children have now.

President Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

If there is any good to come from the “Occupy” movement it’s that it can serve as a reminder of how special and important liberty is. After all, if a tiny group of committed Utopian socialists can’t create a tiny socialist Utopia when it’s just them in a park, where is this notion likely to succeed?