Obama’s Oily Pipeline Lies – Tea Party Nation

Obama’s Oily Pipeline Lies – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

The President’s trip last week to Cushing, Oklahoma, was nothing more than the opportunity to stand in front of a stack of oil pipeline sections and lie some more about the Keystone pipeline. His contempt for the intelligences of Americans was on full display.

A pipeline section that did not require his approval or involvement was touted as “a priority.” His delay of the Keystone pipeline from Canada was passed off as based on his concern for “the health and safety of the American people.”

The safety of oil pipelines is well established. There is an extensive network; 55,000 miles of crude oil trunk lines in the U.S. and another estimated 40,000 miles of small gathering lines located mostly in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Wyoming that gather oil from wells both online and offshore and connect to the larger trunk lines.

Obama thinks most Americans are so dumb that a photo and a short televised news report in front of pipeline sections will convince them he and his administration have been leading the effort to ensure domestic oil is available.

He is wrong. He is the stupid one.

By the end of the week, Rasmussen Reports released the results of a poll in which “Voters continue to believe the United States is not doing enough to develop its gas and oil resources, and strongly support offshore drilling. Most also still think going ahead with offshore drilling is likely to bring down the price of gasoline at the pump.” Of those polled, 62% favored offshore drilling.

The Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, when asked about Obama’s speech, said, “President Obama’s rhetoric is matched with a policy record that is aggressively anti-energy and continues to stifle economic growth in Oklahoma and throughout the nation.” Gov. Fallin said Obama should “reexamine his polices, not deliver more speeches taking credit for the accomplishments of others.”

That, however, is standard operating procedure for Obama. Either he blames anything and everything that goes wrong on someone or something else, or he takes credit where none is due. What is one to expect from a President he was given a Nobel Peace Prize within months of taking office in order to pump up a virtually invisible resume? No doubt the Nobel committee will be giving out free pizzas to all who attend future ceremonies.

In January, when Obama announced the delay of permits to the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada—a major trading partner and ally—Tom Pyle, the president of the Institute on Energy Research, called the decision “unconscionable.”

“With more than 1.7 trillion barrels of recoverable oil under our soil,” said Pyle, “we have enough oil to fuel our present needs for the next 250 years.” The addition of the Canadian oil will further ensure future energy requirements will be met.

It isn’t just the President who lies. Members of his administration do so all the time. During a White House press conference in March Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that oil and gas production had increased on federal lands.

It has declined and increases in oil production have come primarily from privately owned land. On federally controlled lands, oil production since 2010 has dropped by eleven percent and gas by six percent. Revenue from lease sales for exploration and extraction is 250 times less than during the last year of the Bush administration.

This is an administration that re-authorized a moratorium on offshore drilling and imposed an embargo on oilshale development while at the same time wasting billions on so-called green energy “investments.” The Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, gave himself an “A” for the job he’s done thus far even as the cost of gasoline at the pump climbs toward $4 and higher.

Secretary Chu’s own department’s Energy Information Administration recently reported that the oil industry paid some $35.7 billion in corporate income taxes in 2009, the latest year for which data are available. According to The Wall Street Journal that is about 10% of non-defense discretionary spending. “All told, the government rakes in $86 million from oil and gas every day—far more than any other business.”

Voters would, indeed, have to be as stupid as Obama thinks they are if they reelect him in November.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

Obama’s Pipeline is Always Half Full of It – John Ransom – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary

keystone pipeline

keystone pipeline (Photo credit: shannonpatrick17)

Obama’s Pipeline is Always Half Full of It – John Ransom – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary.

The Democrats under Obama are bankrupt of ideas.

And Obama’s latest ineffectual shot at having it both ways on energy is the moral equivalent of declaring Chapter 13 bankruptcy on energy-policy.

You see, Obama’s newest, bestest commitment to energy security for the US is in touring the half of the Keystone pipeline that’s being built without his permission. That’s because the part of the pipeline under his control isn’t being built because it was denied a building permit by none other than BHO himself

“The Obama administration denied a permit for the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada,” reported the LA Times in January, “leaving the door open for the builder to reapply this year but prolonging a bitter political fight that has raged for months and energized each party’s political base.”  

That’s right. He denied the part of the pipeline he controlled, but wants credit for the part he can’t kill off.

Geez: It sounds a lot like his Middle East policy.  

“The president stages a photo-op in Oklahoma to take credit for the portion of the Keystone XL pipeline that doesn’t need his approval,” writes Investors Business Daily “and for oil production on private and state lands beyond his jurisdiction.”

IBD calls it a Potemkin Village photo-op.

It’s more like a Potemkin Village president.

The façade looked great, but as we now know, there’s nothing behind the cardboard cutout that’s Obama, but a vast, arid wasteland.  

Somewhere in Russia a village is missing a president. 

“This is like a governor personally issuing a fishing license,” Brendan Buck, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner said according to BusinessWeek. “This portion of the pipeline is being built in spite of the president, not because of him.”

Now being fair to Obama, he wants you to know that he has no problem with the portion that’s half a pipeline. No; it’s just the whole pipeline that’s he has a problem with.  

As long as the pipeline, like Solyndra and the Chevy Volt, doesn’t actually produce anything useful, Obama will be just fine with it.

We can confidently look forward to the day when Obama gets to announce that work on the pipeline will be temporarily suspended permanently pending “free and fair elections” in the United States, just as the Chevy Volt suspended production due to lack of suckers, and Solyndra suspended production due to lack of government guaranteed dollars.

Then we’ll be able to add the pipeline to the long list of Obama initiatives that didn’t actually accomplish anything: a stimulus program that worked only when Congress made the president stop spending money; healthcare reform that raised prices rather than lowered them; energy policy that made energy supply more volatile and cost more; jobs bills that produced no jobs; loan guarantees that ended up being all guarantee and no loan repayment.

Since late summer Obama has been trapped in the box Hillary Clinton made for him when her State Department gave the initial approval for the pipeline. Because the pipeline stretches between Canada and the US- some still consider Canada a separate country and not the 57th state (I’m looking at you Barack)- the State Department needed to give the first A-O.K.

And A-O.K. they did: “The State Department gave a crucial green light on Friday to a proposed 1,711-mile pipeline that would carry heavy oil from oil sands in Canada across the Great Plains” reported the New York Times last summer, “to terminals in Oklahoma and the Gulf Coast.”

The State Department then tossed the hot potato into Obama’s lap, who then  tossed it back to Hillary Clinton, who then tossed it back to Obama, who then- surprise!- blamed Republicans for rushing him into a decision.

“Well, we fought and won World War II in less time than it’s taken so far to evaluate this project,” said Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, according to CNSNews about the 40 month delay in approving the pipeline. “I mean, with all due respect, it is an insult to the American people to say that you need more time.”

Well, yeah. That’s because the war was fought with the object of winning.

What Obama’s object is, only he knows.

The GOP will surely see the pipeline as half empty, while the enviros will surely see the pipeline as half full.

And Obama will do what he does best: nothing.

May he get full credit for it.

Why isn’t this headline news? – Tea Party Nation


Oklahoma state welcome sign on the west edge o...

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Why isn’t this headline news? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Mexican Drug cartel violence is spreading to the United States.  This kind of thing should be headline news.  Instead, it is at best relegated to local news casts.

 From KRGV.Com

 Three beheadings in two different states and they happened here in the United States, not Mexico.

Former DEA supervisor Phil Jordan says all three beheadings have cartel written all over them. They happened in Arizona and Oklahoma in the past year.

A murder mystery is now unraveling on a stretch of North Reservation Road in Tucson, Ariz. County workers found a headless man lying on the side of the road Jan. 6. The man’s hands and feet were reportedly missing, too. 

”It would lead me to believe the message wanted to be sent. This is one of the ways they do it in Mexico, Colombia and other places,” says Jordan.

Jordan says the cartels are getting bolder in carrying out their beheadings across the border. He says we only used to see these crimes in Mexico.

“They don’t have any borders,” says Jordan.

More than 600 miles from the border, a 19-year-old human trafficking victim was found beheaded in Oklahoma. Carina Saunders was stuffed into a bag and left in a grocery store parking lot.

”People know if they get on the wrong side of the fence, they’ll be dealt with,” says Jordan.

The police chief in the area says two men running the trafficking ring killed Saunders to send a message to the other victims. Jordan says the cartels’ calling card is all over this case. Trafficking and smuggling are their top moneymakers. Revenge is the price of doing business.

”Definitely a cartel hit,” says Jordan.

Investigators in Chandler, Ariz., say cartel operatives came from Mexico to kill 38-year-old Martin Alejandro Cota Monroy. His beheaded body was found in his apartment.

“One is too many; two is too many. Three should send an alarm,” says Jordan.

 Sent an alarm?  We should be sending the United States Army to our border areas and seal our border. 

 Mexican cartels have been afraid to export their violence to America, until now.  They are slowly realizing that they have nothing to be afraid of and are now starting to bring their violence from the streets of Mexico to the streets of America.

 Right now, no one cares.  Who really cares if the cartel kills another cartel member who happens to be an illegal alien?  We will care when civilians start getting caught in the crossfire.  We will care when they get so bold that they start threatening or even killing police like they do in Mexico.

 There are parts of the Southwestern United States that are effectively controlled by a foreign power.   We are losing our sovereignty over parts of this country and the Obama Regime, along with the Republicans and Democrats do not seem to care. 

 Perhaps they will care when Americans start dying.   But by then, it may be too late.

Good Girl with Gun Lives, Bad Guy with Knife Dies – Doug Giles – Townhall Conservative


Picture of Remington Model 870 12 Gauge Shotgun

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Good Girl with Gun Lives, Bad Guy with Knife Dies – Doug Giles – Townhall Conservative.

In my world, if a violent altercation occurs between two humans, the innocent assaulted party should live, and if anybody has to die or get critically wounded, it should be the sadistic perpetrator. Call me freaky.

To make certain this occurs, the innocent party has to be able to do one or two things when the crap hits the fan:

1. Open up a can of whup ass and immobilize the foul weed, thus sending him to the hospital.

2. Double-lung the loser with a hot dose of lead, thus sending him to hell.

Yes, the one being preyed upon has to be able to do the abovementioned because the quickest cop on the planet cannot respond fast enough to save your backside should things go violently south. You dig? Oh, I know … it will never happen to you.

Of the aforementioned, an 18-year-old Oklahoma teen mom, Sarah McKinley, selected option #2 this past week. McKinley, who had just lost her husband to lung cancer on Christmas Day, was home with her 3-month-old baby boy on New Year’s Eve when two dillweeds decided they were going to break into her casa. Good Sarah was having none of it. Are you paying attention, ladies? You are? Excellent.

McKinley, upon hearing and spotting one of the Darwinian holdovers wielding a 12-inch hunting knife, cordoned off her door with a couch, put a bottle in her kid’s mouth to keep him calm and then proceeded to the sweet place where her 12-gauge shotgun and handgun reside. Smart chick. I bet Jesus really likes her.

Upon arming herself, she called 911 to get a green light from dispatch to dispatch the two dipsticks of bad intent. Sarah is both polite and deadly—a two-fer, boys. Upon getting the nod from Nine One One, McKinley then dusted the knife wielder, and the other bandit fled the scene and was later arrested when Goofy called emergency to report his dead buddy.

This is the kind of story that we should read about more often; namely, the evil SOB is dead, and the innocent girl and her baby are alive, and all of this occurred because the femme fatale had the wherewithal and the knowledge to defend herself with a lethal weapon—also known as my friend, the gun.

Check it out, mamas: I guarantee that as she was sitting there alone with her tiny bambino on New Year’s Eve, Sarah probably thought that things couldn’t get any worse after losing her husband on Christmas Day. And yet things did get worse. But, thankfully, she was trained and had a gun. This dire situation ended well for her and hers all because of her wood and metal amigo … the gun.

How would you fare, my dear reader, if you were tossed in that same situation? Would the headline read the same as dear Sarah’s does, or would the perpetrator gain the upper hand because you can’t or won’t protect yourself, your brood and your castle?