Democrats find new ways to commit voter fraud – Tea Party Nation

Democrats find new ways to commit voter fraud – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The Democrats are desperate.  They are trying to find new and creative ways to get dead people to vote.  They need to steal this election because they cannot win by getting a majority of the votes.

 What is happening in Pennsylvania is instructive.  Democrats are offering suggestions on how to beat the Voter ID law.

 From Philly.Com:

 Thomas Cavanaugh, a longtime Democratic committeeman in Philadelphia’s Tacony neighborhood, has two words of advice for senior citizens fretting about the state’s new photo ID requirement: absentee ballot.

Though Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law requires anyone showing up at the polls in November to produce an approved photo identification, voters may not need a photo ID if they vote by absentee ballot or by alternative ballot, the term used when the voter is 65 years old or handicapped and has an inaccessible polling place.

It’s a simple solution to a complicated problem, but those ballots could make a close presidential election even more contentious if lawyers begin fighting over their legitimacy.

And the most notorious case of voter fraud since Democrats took over the city in the 1950s revolved around absentee ballots.

Either ballot can be applied for by mail, sent to the voter’s registered address, filled out by the voter, and then sent back to election officials by mail well in advance of the Nov. 6 election.

“It’s going to be a real brouhaha in November – a close presidential election, a big turnout,” said Cavanaugh, 70, a committeeman for 25 of the last 30 years. “If they don’t overturn [the voter ID law], this is going to be one of the biggest sideshows you’re ever going to see in your life.”

So he’s encouraging his seniors to vote by absentee ballot.

Applications for absentee and alternative ballots, as well as detailed descriptions of the new voter ID law, are available on a state-administered website,, under the heading “Resource Center.”

The eligibility requirements are simple, at least on the surface.

Absentee ballots are available to people who can’t get to their polling places on Election Day because of illness, physical disability, or religious reasons, and to people who expect to be absent because their “duties, occupation, or business require [them] to be elsewhere.”

 This is a huge hole that Democrats can use to get dead people to vote.  This is why voting by mail or absentee ballots are a disasterous idea.  In 22 states, early voting is allowed.  In many states, early voting is already underway.

 Absentee ballots, except for those on military service, is an anachronism that needs to end.  Early voting provides the necessary opportunity for those to vote who want to and cannot vote on election day.

 The other thing every state needs is a photo voter ID card.  Every industrialized nation has one.  Even Mexico uses one.  The only excuse for not using one is to make sure fraud is an option to win.

Election Integrity: It Matters – Katie Pavlich –

Election Integrity: It Matters – Katie Pavlich –

In 2009, Catherine Engelbrecht of Houston volunteered to be a poll watcher. From that moment forward, her life changed.

During her time as an election volunteer, she saw people come in with duplicate registrations and people coming into the polling place to vote only to find out someone else had already voted for them through the mail.  This, among other reasons, is why Engelbrecht founded True the Vote, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending voter fraud. True the Vote started with the intention of working locally, but quickly expanded to more than 35 states in just three short years.

“When you just talk to average American voters, they’re concerned which is why True the Vote has become such a national movement in a short period of time,” Engelbrecht said, stressing that currently only half of the necessary poll watchers needed are available, which is why True the Vote plans to mobilize one million volunteers for Election Day 2012.

Thursday, The Heritage Foundation held a summit about voter fraud and Voter ID featuring Engelbrecht, Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, South Carolina Secretary of State Alan Wilson and former Alabama Congressman Artur Davis.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 64 percent of voters believe voter fraud is a problem while nearly 70 percent believe the requirement of photo ID to vote makes sense, yet the Obama Justice Department headed by Attorney General Eric Holder has been attacking state based Voter ID laws for months.

“There is a disconnect between what the voters want and what the politicians want,” Engelbrecht said. “A confident, engaged electorate leads to a united America.”

Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach recently lead the effort to get the SAFE program or Secure and Fair Elections Act passed by both Republicans and Democrats in his state.  The act was passed in April 2011 and early results of the SAFE act are already positive. In the first six months after the law went into effect, the state held 53 local elections. During those elections, 68,000 votes were cast and of the 68,000 voters just 84 people showed up at the polls without photo ID although most of those people actually had ID but chose not to bring it to the polls for one reason or another. Out of 1.6 million registered voters, only 32 people in the entire state took advantage of the free photo ID offer from Kansas’ government.

But why is Voter ID necessary? It stops double voting, voter impersonation and a number of other fraudulent activities.  It also prevents the legal vote of eligible voters from being stolen.

“When voter fraud is allowed to persist, it dilutes everybody’s vote,” Gessler said.

Former Congressman and former Democrat Artur Davis explains Voter ID in historic terms.

“This is a Virginia driver’s license, also known as a state issued photo ID, it’s pretty innocuous looking,” Davis said while holding up his ID to the audience. “This is not a Billy club. It is not a firehouse……It’s not some kind of a weapon or club that southern sheriffs used to keep people from voting.”

Recently, the NAACP took their case against voter ID to the United Nations Human Rights Council, something unamusing to Davis who pointed out countries like Cuba, China and Saudi Arabia sit on the council, all countries that have never held a free election.   

“Reasonable people shouldn’t disagree on one point: We have had our share of suppression, particularly in the American south, there is no question about that, but this [Voter ID] is not suppression,” Davis said.  “How can it be a burden to ask people to do something they do all the time?”

Holder’s DOJ is currently suing a number of states over their Voter ID laws. Ironically, the latest state to come under attack is Pennsylvania, where video footage showed New Black Panther Party members intimidating voters while wielding Billy clubs outside of a Philadelphia polling station in 2008. Holder and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division refused to press charges against the Panthers and dismissed the case.  (For more on this, read Injustice by DOJ whistleblower Christian Adams.).

HURT: Federal war on hair dryers, fresh milk – Washington Times

HURT: Federal war on hair dryers, fresh milk – Washington Times.

By Charles Hurt – The Washington Times

All praise be to Allah!

The federal government apparently has eradicated the illegal immigration that cripples America. It has eliminated the staggering unemployment that has brought so much misery to so many families. And, apparently, it has erased the suffocating debt and added enough spunk to the economy that it no longer needs all of those little tax dollars that small businesses provide.

That is why the federal government has so much time these days for fine-tuning our society in ways that might seem frivolous if we didn’t have so much patience and extra money lying around.

Just last week, the Department of Homeland Security proudly announced that federal agents had stopped 13,000 “dangerous hair dryers” at the border. The department issued a press release to highlight this daring, successful mission and to remind us how lucky we are to have such diligent protection of our sacred borders.

That’s right, 11 million illegals streaming over the Mexican border and what is our federal government hellbent after? Faulty hair dryers. And they’re even patting themselves on the back for it.

Also last week, cafeteria Nazis in North Carolina swooped in and saved at least two preschoolers from certain death.

Rifling through suspicious lunchboxes containing homemade materials such as sandwiches, the Nazis discovered at least two mothers who were – either intentionally or in their rank ignorance – attempting to poison their children with turkey and cheese, bananas and apple juice.

The agents — in accordance with federal USDA guidelines — wrestled these illicit lunches from the preschoolers and replaced them with healthful, federally approved “cafeteria nuggets.”

Then there was the stunning victory last week of the massive federal government over a little Amish farmer in Pennsylvania who was intentionally and maliciously caring for cows, milking them and then selling the fresh milk produced by the cows he was caring for to willing customers eager for fresh milk.

This, of course, is strictly illegal.

The only way the federal government allows for milk to be sold is if it is cooked, processed and hauled halfway across the country in a giant, silver tanker and normally sold under a luminescent glare in the aisles of a giant grocery store with jingly music piped in.

A man buying a quart of fresh milk from Daniel Allgyer, a farmer he trusts? Well, that is just evil and a threat to proper civilization under the federal government. It is downright subversive.

The cooking and processing and hauling, of course, generally require a big dairy operation where thousands of cows at a time are fed antibiotics to combat all the diseases that are rampant among animals crammed into assembly lines. It also costs a lot of money, which keeps small, menacing Amish farmers with their fresh, great-tasting subversive milk from competing in the milk market.

So last week, after more than a yearlong sting operation including a pre-dawn armed raid — I am not making any of this up — the federal government finally prevailed and the taxpaying, job-providing farmer went out of business. No longer will Big Dairy need to worry about this dangerous merchant of fresh milk.

This is just the kind of constituent service big industries can expect from the federal government in return for the millions and millions of dollars they spend every year lobbying to keep byzantine milk regulations in place.

As for those of us who are suspicious of milk that has the shelf life of uranium or just prefer fresh milk or really despise the federal government, well … maybe we should spend a little more money lobbying.

Charles Hurt can be reached at