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A Republican who gets it! – Judson Phillips – Tea Party Nation.

Every now and then you read something. that makes you fall off your chair.   It is one of those earth shaking moments when the stars align, the clouds part and you realize there is some intelligent life in Washington.

 Allen West gets it.

 From the Daily Caller:

 Asked during a radio interview with WMAL‘s Morning Majority host Brian Wilson about how he feels about Speaker of the House John Boehner, West said, “I was very upset about what happened with this payroll tax cut extension.”

The Florida Republican complained about how the House GOP leadership “sold us down the road” and ditched “a good piece of legislation that took care of it for one year,” by accepting the Senate’s “two-month extension which was absolutely pathetic policy.”

“I mean, we can’t do tax policy that way,” he said.

West said he plans to make it an issue when he returns to Congress.

“So, when we get back to Washington, D.C., the first House GOP conference, we’re going to have to have some serious discussions about how do we get ourselves on the same sheet of music. Because, we really felt that our leadership did not stand against the Senate Republican leadership,” he said.

Asked if he foresees an attempt to unseat Boehner, West said: “I’m not going to speculate about that.”

 Why don’t we have about 200 more Allen Wests in Congress? 

 The policy was pathetic because the leadership sucked.  No wait, the leadership was non-existent. 

 That is the problem.  The Republicans have no leadership.  John Boehner is not a leader.  He is at best a manager and not a good one at that. 

 A leader leads from the front.  John Boehner has no clue about the front.  He simply wants things to go along smoothly.   That is great for a manager.  It does not work as a leader and it is absolute failure for the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

 We need someone who knows how to lead.  We need someone like Allen West as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. 

 We need someone who has the courage of at least some convictions.  We need someone who believes they are in Congress to make a difference, not make a fortune. 

 We have seen nothing but failure from the Speaker.  John Boehner is the personification of the Peter Principle.  He has been promoted past his level of competence to a job that he is totally unsuited for. 

 As the Republicans go into their conference, the first order of business for the GOP needs to be firing John Boehner and putting Allen West in as Speaker of the House.