Scott Walker, the victory in Wisconsin and the future of America – Tea Party Nation

English: Great Seal of the state of Wisconsin

English: Great Seal of the state of Wisconsin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scott Walker, the victory in Wisconsin and the future of America – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

By now, almost everyone knows Scott Walker and his Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch defeated the far radical left in the recall effort in Wisconsin yesterday.  MSNBC hosts are still on suicide watch and Chris Matthews was last seen staggering down Pennsylvania Avenue wailing for the ghost of Dan Rather.

 The Tea Party won last night but what is this going to mean?  Who are the winners and the losers last night?

 Scott Walker was the winner last night.   So was Rebecca Kleefisch.  That goes without saying.  Walker took over half the vote and got more votes than he did two years ago.   Walker’s star is clearly rising in the Republican Party.   Conservatism is a big winner last night too. 

 The people of Wisconsin and other people are fed up the far left using the public treasury as the source of their funding.   The people were receptive to Walker’s message of cutting lavish union benefits and eliminating programs that were simply a huge profit center for the unions.

 The big loser last night was Barack Obama.   Obama could not force himself to go to Wisconsin and campaign.  Perhaps it was because the campaign was not about him.  Bill Clinton went and that did not help him or the Wisconsin recall.

 The far left and the Unions lost and were the biggest losers last night.   The people of Wisconsin spoke loudly last night.  They were tired of simply being cash donors for the unions and were tired of the union tactics.

 The power of the left, namely their ability to extract public money to fund their activities has been severely diminished.

 As we celebrate this win for the Tea Party and Conservatism last night, we need to look ahead at the dark clouds on the horizon.

 Had Scott Walker lost last night, conservatives would have said they were disappointed and perhaps there would have been some accusations fraud, if there were some facts to support it.

 What happened when Walker won?

 The left went nuts.  No longer do we have a situation where one side gracefully concedes and then starts to work on the next election.  Leftists got on Twitter calling for Scott Walker’s death.   These were not one or two tweets but a lot of them.  Radical leftists yesterday were caught on video, which was on saying they hoped Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch would die from colon cancer.  Kleefisch, the mother of young children, is a cancer survivor. 

 We are seeing a serious breakdown in the fabric of American society.  The far left, which is basically anyone in the Democrat Party, does not believe in free and fair elections anymore.  They do not believe in listening to the will of the people. 

 The far left loves power.  It is what they crave.  They do not care about minor issues like liberty and freedom.  When they are losing power they go crazy.

 Unfortunately now, they are becoming more and more unhinged and it is now only a matter of time before we see serious violence from the far left.

 Yesterday, the Pew Research Center released a report showing that there is a major and almost un-crossable divide between real Americans and the far left.   Americans have become more and more polarized.  

 For the left, they only want power.  Their goal of obtaining power will destroy the American dreams of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

 There can be no compromise with the left now.  All we can do is go to the people, win and totally defeat the far left.

 While we still can.


Marco Rubio’s Courageous Speech – Star Parker – Townhall Conservative

Rubio speaking at CPAC in February 2010.

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Marco Rubio’s Courageous Speech – Star Parker – Townhall Conservative.

Florida’s young Republican Senator Marco Rubio gave an important speech at the Reagan Presidential Library in California that has set off the liberal talking head universe.

He had the temerity to suggest that the huge growth in government’s role in American life over the last century “actually weakened us as a people.”

The resulting onslaught from liberal blogs and cable hosts comes as no surprise because Rubio directly took on the idol at which liberals worship – Big Government.

But his analysis was courageous and profound.

Eighty percent of Americans are not happy with the direction of the country. And, new Gallup polling shows that only 17 percent are positively disposed toward the federal government.

Americans want answers.

Senator Rubio, in this speech, stepped up to the plate to provide answers.

If liberals disagree, they are going to have to get equally serious. They’ve certainly got to do better than MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, calling Rubio “a political hack” who wants “to get rid of social safety nets.”

Our fiscal crisis is undeniable. The trillions in debt we’ve taken on to finance massive government spending has resulted in the unthinkable downgrading in rating of our government’s bonds.

But Senator Rubio took a bold step beyond looking at our problems just as an accountant.

He suggested that we cannot separate our budget from our culture. The culture of government has displaced the culture of personal responsibility.

I have been making the point for years regarding what the welfare state culture has done in our black communities. How it has created a permanent underclass, defined by family breakdown, sexual promiscuity, disease, and crime.

American culture has changed profoundly over these years that Americans have come to increasingly believe that government social engineering can solve life’s problems and challenges.

A snapshot of today’s American family shows how much things have changed, even compared to 1981 when President Reagan took office.

Since 1980, the percentage of babies in America born to unwed mothers has doubled, from 20 percent to 40 percent.

Fifty two percent of Americans over the age of 18 are married today, compared to 72 percent in 1960.

Among blacks, 44% of the population over 18 has never been married, compared to 17% in 1960.

Sixty four percent of American children today live in a home with two married parents, compared with 75 percent in 1980 and 87 percent in 1960.

And, according to the Pew Research Center, 44 percent of those between ages of 18 to 29 “agree marriage is becoming obsolete.”

We used to be a nation, as Senator Rubio pointed out, where parents raised and cared for children, then those children cared for their aging parents. Where neighbors cared for neighbors.

We might note that the welfare state idea is not an American invention but an import from Europe. We also might note that about 20 percent of Europeans attend church regularly, half that of Americans.

Europe is characterized today by low birth rates – so low that they are not replacing themselves – and high unemployment rates. The unemployment rate in France has hovered between 8 and 11 percent over the last 25 years.

We must wonder if even we can take on our fiscal problems, if traditional American family life can be restored, and if we believe it even matters.

It is to Senator Rubio’s considerable credit that he has stood up to argue that we must look at the picture of our nation in its entirety. That we cannot separate our budget matters and our attitude toward government from our overall culture and our personal behavior.

What is before us today is not a battle of competing numbers but a battle of competing visions.

Is America to continue in the direction of welfare state materialism? Or will this be a free nation under God?

Obama jobs plan: Plan on being unemployed – LAMBRO: Washington Times

 Obama jobs plan: Plan on being unemployedLAMBRO:  Washington Times.

No new economic strategy will work while the fundamentals are wrong

America is in a steep decline because of the Obama administration’s anti-business policies, which have blocked economic growth. From the beginning of his presidency, Barack Obama’s retro-New Deal policies were all about expanding federal spending, programs and taxes at the expense of the private sector and the labor force, both of which have shrunk under his remedial management.

The result, as we head into the Labor Day weekend, is a shrinking labor force, stalled economic growth, deepening debt and a White House that is out of substantive ideas on how to pull our country out of its economic nose dive.

The Commerce Department reported last week that the economy was growing at a feeble 1 percent in the second quarter and has all but stopped growing. This week, the Conference Board, a research group, said its Consumer Confidence Index dropped in August to its lowest level since April 2009, falling 15 points to 44.5.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the percentage of 16-to-24-year-old workers with a job declined to 48.8 percent in July, the lowest rate for that month since the BLS has been collecting such data.

Meantime, forecasters expect the Labor Department’s report this Friday to show that just 67,000 jobs were created in August, signaling that unemployment will remain high throughout Mr. Obama’s presidency.

Americans are justifiably pessimistic about the economy, fearing that it’s not going to get better anytime soon and, indeed, likely will get worse in the months ahead as the White House vainly struggles to patch together a new jobs agenda to rescue a president whose job-approval poll numbers have sunk to new lows.

Mr. Obama says he will soon offer the country a new plan to turn the economy around. But The Washington Post reported Tuesday that “behind the scenes Obama and top aides had yet to reach agreement on the major tenets of that plan, and it remained unclear whether the president was looking for narrower ideas with a realistic chance of passing the Republican-led House or more sweeping stimulus proposals that would excite his liberal base and draw contrasts with the GOP.”

In other words, the president must choose between accepting some GOP ideas that will win the support of Republicans or offering a campaign-driven plan that will appeal to his party’s disenchanted left but stand little or no chance of passing a divided Congress. Either way, this is a confused administration that not only has lost its way but doesn’t have a compass.

American voters intuitively sense this. The Gallup Poll reported Tuesday that just 38 percent of the voters it surveyed said they approved of the job Mr. Obama is doing. A 55 percent majority disapprove of his presidency.

Let’s be very clear who is to blame for this mess. It isn’t former President George W. Bush. It isn’t ATMs taking away bank-teller jobs, as Mr. Obama suggested earlier this summer, along with a rash of other excuses. It isn’t Wall Street, where stocks have been pounded over the course of the past three years. It’s Mr. Obama’s policies that have made the economy weaker, smaller and more vulnerable to years of decline.

“Jobs creation remains weak, because temporary tax cuts, stimulus spending, large federal deficits, price-raising health-care mandates, and tighter but ineffective business regulations do not address, and indeed exacerbate, the permanent structural problems holding back dynamic growth and jobs creation,” writes University of Maryland business economist Peter Morici.

“Until this policy direction is altered, the economy will continue to grow slowly or slip into recession, unemployment will rise, living standards will fall, and American standing in the global economy will decline,” Mr. Morici says.

What we’re seeing, he adds, is “an American policy of decline by design.”

Mr. Obama came into office full of promises, with a bag full of dubious remedies that were based on the liberal notion that we could just spend and tax ourselves into prosperity. But after nearly three years of promises, Mr. Obama has failed to deliver and has lost his credibility. A Pew Research Center poll reports that nearly half of all Americans surveyed do not believe he is a strong leader, while 50 percent do not think he can get things done.

That inability to move an agenda was driven home this past week when it was reported that the three trade export deals negotiated by Mr. Bush that Mr. Obama has been urging Congress to pass were never officially sent to Capitol Hill. Instead, Mr. Obama has been on the campaign trail, blaming the Republicans for holding up the trade agreements, when there is strong GOP support for all three.

Since the self-evident failure of his $825 billion jobs stimulus plan, Mr. Obama has been hoping that either the economy would heal itself or the Federal Reserve would come to his rescue.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke put that notion to rest last week at a conference of central bankers and economists at Jackson Hole, Wyo. “Most of the economic policies that support robust economic growth in the long run are outside the province of the central bank,” he said. In other words, that job rests with Congress, where GOP leaders have prepared a sweeping plan to cut tax rates, reduce job-killing regulations and unleash an aggressive trade policy to “sell American goods and services around the world.”

It’s hard to see their plan passing the Democratic-run Senate in this election cycle. But if it doesn’t, that will give Republicans the chance to ask the voters: Who’s really playing politics with the economy?

Donald Lambro is a syndicated columnist and former chief political correspondent for The Washington Times.

The Poor Are Not Poor Because the Rich Are Rich – Star Parker – Townhall Conservative

The Poor Are Not Poor Because the Rich Are Rich – Star Parker – Townhall Conservative.

A just released study from the Pew Research center reporting a record high wealth gap between whites and blacks should have been labeled “handle with care.”

Because care is needed to examine the complex reality behind the fact that “median wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households….” And without care, this information will be abused and misused by those in the race business as another excuse to claim racism and demand exactly what blacks, or any of us, do not need – more government.

And, indeed, Al Sharpton has already announced plans for protest in Washington, along with the statement: “For those who think we live in some sort of post-racial society, I have news for you: we’re anything but.”

For one thing, “median wealth” should not be confused with “average wealth.” “Median” is simply the number right in the middle – there are an equal number of households with higher and an equal number with lower wealth. “Average wealth” accounts for the actual wealth of those households and reflects the fact, not reflected in the median number, that there are a good number of well-to-do black households.

So whereas median white household wealth is 20 times higher than median black household wealth, average white household wealth is 3 times higher than average black household wealth.

The racially tinged headline obscures the deeper reality of what is driving the growing wealth gap. That is that over the period of the study, 2005 to 2009, the gap between those with more wealth and those with less has increased for the whole country.

In fact, over this period, the gap between the most wealthy and least wealthy blacks became more pronounced than the gap between the most wealthy and least wealthy whites.

In 2005, the top ten percent wealthy black families represented 56 percent of overall black wealth. By 2009, this top ten percent represented 67% of overall black wealth.

You have to wonder what kind of racial claims Al Sharpton will make about this.

All this is not to minimize a genuine problem. Far more important than where black wealth stands relative to white wealth is the fact that median, or average, black wealth is far less than it should be.

That 35% of all black households have zero or negative wealth (net indebtedness) is dismally sad.

What to do?

If there are any public policy implications, it is not to expand government, but to remove it as obstacle to black wealth creation.

At the most basic level, black children need to get better education and this means giving black parents choice to send their children wherever they want to school.

A better educated black population will mean a higher income earning black population. But income alone is a limited tool for creating wealth. Wealth is created through savings, investment, and entrepreneurship. And blacks lag far behind in each category.

The Pew study shows that the major destruction of wealth from 2005 to 2009 resulted from the collapse of housing prices. Blacks suffered disproportionately because black net worth has been almost entirely in their homes.

The idea of allowing of allowing investment in a personal retirement account rather than paying the Social Security payroll tax would be a boon to building black wealth.

But when President Bush suggested the personal retirement account idea, NAACP chairman Julian Bond said this was asking blacks “to play the lottery with their future.”

A life of government guarantees and controls is not a formula for building wealth. Freedom and capital markets are. Blacks need to decide which they want.

And entrepreneurship must become part of black culture. Blacks need to get that poor people are not poor because rich people are rich.

The formula for more black wealth: less government, more ownership and initiative.