Why do we listen to the terminally stupid and perpetually wrong? – Tea Party Nation

Why do we listen to the terminally stupid and perpetually wrong? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Liberals have one unique characteristic.  This is something we can say about the liberals of 100 years ago, who gave us the first big bite of liberalism, namely the income tax, to contemporary liberals who are trying to force socialist healthcare on America.

 What is the characteristic all liberals share?  What is it about them that we need to exploit in order to defeat liberalism once and for all?

 It is simple.  Liberals are always wrong.

 In two years, we will mark the 50th anniversary of the beginning of Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty

 How’s that one working out?

 For fifty years, we have seen massive increases in welfare spending.  Welfare spending is now the third largest item in the Federal Budget.  It is actually so large and so confusing, the General Accountability Office cannot identify all of the welfare programs the government has nor can it identify all of the money spent on welfare programs.

 Welfare programs, at least as of 2010 cost the average American household $638 a month. 

 If we suddenly eliminated all welfare spending and allowed Americans to keep that money, almost every American household could immediately afford at least one new car, if not two.  That would do more for the American economy and the American people than welfare has.

 In 1964, Lyndon Johnson announced his war on poverty.  If it is a war, we are supposed to win, right? 

 According to the Cato Institute, we spend $1 trillion a year.  To what result?  The poverty rate is the same as it was when the war on poverty started in 1964.    The Obama Regime has increased welfare spending by over 40% during its tenure. 

 Poverty?  Still the same and we now have the Great Obama Depression, which if anything is only making poverty worse.

 Here is a simple question.  Has welfare ever eliminated poverty?

 The answer is no.

 America is not the only nation with welfare programs.  Have any of them ever eliminated poverty?

 Can a liberal name a single nation anywhere that has implemented a socialist welfare system and has been able to shut it down because the programs have succeeded in eliminating poverty?

 The answer is no.

 It never has because welfare programs do not work.   All they do is subsidize poverty and as anyone who has studied economics knows, anything you subsidize, you get more of.

 If you try the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, you are not just insane.   You are perpetually wrong and terminally stupid.

 This is the story of liberalism.

 Liberals are never right. 

 That is why the left must resort to their typical ad hominem attacks.  That is why they produce commercials showing Republicans pushing granny off the cliff.  That is why they go through the minority communities screaming racism.  Liberals cannot handle the truth and the truth is, their ideas suck and so do they.

 We the people have the right to demand that if our government is going to spend money on anything, that the money be spent wisely and if a program or programs do not work, they must be eliminated.

 Unfortunately, the government does not have a clue if welfare programs do anything other than to buy votes for the Party of Treason. 

 On June 1, 2011, the House Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending of the House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, held a hearing on Welfare Spending and Inefficiencies.

 Patricia Dalton, the Chief Operating Officer of the General Accountability Office testified that she could not identify the number of welfare programs, how much money was spent on them or even the percentage of programs that were actually accomplishing the purposes they were created for.

 Only a government run by liberals thinks this is a good idea.

 Not only has no government ever eliminated poverty through welfare programs, no nation has ever provided decent healthcare through a massive socialist government program.  They have all failed. 

 In Britain, they are now privatizing their National Health Service.  Back in April, the far left Guardian reported the delays in healthcare were becoming intolerable, forcing the British Prime Minister to act.   Patients were being denied joint replacements, cataracts surgery and hernia repairs because the socialist healthcare system was broke. 

 In Britain, like all other places where socialist healthcare has been tried, it has failed.  Yet what does the left want to impose on America?

 You guessed it.

 Those on the left are terminally stupid and perpetually wrong.  They do not deserve respect; they deserve contempt for what they are doing. 

 What we need is an aggressive Republican Party that will not only call them on their stupidity but will also push a strongly conservative agenda.  If the Republicans will not lead on this, we must force them to.

 Liberalism has failed every time it has been tried.  The Free Market not only works but it has made America great.  It is time we forgot about the war on poverty and started a war on socialism. 

 Unlike those on the left, we conservatives believe in winning our wars.