The End Nears for a 50-Year Mistake – Jeff Jacoby – Townhall Conservative Columnists

The End Nears for a 50-Year Mistake – Jeff Jacoby – Townhall Conservative Columnists.

In retrospect, there were two conspicuous giveaways that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was headed for victory in last week’s recall election.

One was that the Democrats’ campaign against him wound up focusing on just about everything but Walker’s law limiting collective bargaining rights for government workers. Sixteen months ago, the Capitol building in Madison was besieged by rioting protesters hell-bent on blocking the changes by any means necessary. Union members and their supporters, incandescent with rage, likened Walker to Adolf Hitler and cheered as Democratic lawmakers fled the state in a bid to force the legislature to a standstill. Once the bill passed, unions and Democrats vowed revenge, and amassed a million signatures on recall petitions.

But the more voters saw of the law’s effects, the more they liked it. Dozens of school districts reported millions in savings, most without resorting to layoffs. Property taxes fell. A $3.6 billion state budget deficit turned into a $154 million projected surplus. Walker’s measures proved a tonic for the economy, and support for restoring the status quo ante faded — even among Wisconsin Democrats. Long before Election Day, Democratic challenger Tom Barrett had all but dropped the issue of public-sector collective bargaining from his campaign to replace Walker.

The second harbinger was the plunge in public-employee union membership. The most important of Walker’s reforms, the change Big Labor had fought most bitterly, was ending the automatic withholding of union dues. That made union membership a matter of choice, not compulsion — and tens of thousands of government workers chose to toss their union cards. More than one-third of the American Federation of Teachers Wisconsin membership quit, reported The Wall Street Journal. At the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, one of the state’s largest unions, the hemorrhaging was worse: AFSCME’s Wisconsin rolls shrank by more than 34,000 over the past year, a 55 percent nose-dive.

Did government workers tear up their union cards solely because the union had lost its right to bargain collectively on their behalf? That’s doubtful: Even under the new law, unions still negotiate over salaries. More likely, public-sector employees ditched their unions for the same reasons so many employees in the private sector — which is now less than 7 percent unionized — have done so. Many never wanted to join a union in the first place. Others were repelled by the authoritarian, belligerent, and left-wing political culture that entrenched unionism so often embodies.

Even before the votes in Wisconsin were cast, observed Michael Barone last week, Democrats and public-employee unions “had already lost the battle of ideas over the issue that sparked the recall.” Their tantrums and slanders didn’t just fail to intimidate Walker and Wisconsin lawmakers from reining in public-sector collective bargaining. They also gave the public a good hard look at what government unionism is apt to descend to. The past 16 months amounted to an extended seminar on the danger of combining collective bargaining with government jobs. Voters watched — and learned.

There was a time when pro-labor political leaders like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Fiorello LaGuardia regarded it as obvious that collective bargaining was incompatible with public employment. Even the legendary AFL-CIO leader George Meany once took it for granted that there could be no “right” to bargain collectively with the government.

When unions bargain with management in the private sector, both sides are contending for a share of the private profits that labor helps produce — and both sides are constrained by the pressures of market discipline. Managers can’t ignore the company’s bottom line. Unions know that if they demand too much they may cost the company its competitive edge.

But when labor and management bargain in the public sector, they are divvying up public funds, not private profits. Government bureaucrats don’t have to worry about losing business to their competitors; state agencies can’t relocate to another part of the country. There is little incentive to hold down wages and benefits, since the taxpayers who will be picking up the tab have no seat at the table. On the other hand, government managers have a powerful motivation to yield to government unions: Union members vote, and their votes can be deployed to reward politicians who give them what they want — or punish those who don’t.

In 1959, when Wisconsin became the first state to enact a public-sector collective-bargaining law, it wasn’t widely understood what the distorted incentives of government unionism would lead to. Five decades later, the wreckage is all around us. The privileges that come with government work — hefty automatic pay raises, Cadillac pension plans, iron-clad job security, ultra-deluxe health insurance — have in many cases grown outlandish and staggeringly unaffordable. What Keith Geiger, the former head of the National Education Association, once referred to as “our sledgehammer, the collective bargaining process,” has wreaked havoc on state and municipal budgets nationwide.

Now, at long last, the pendulum has reversed. The 50-year mistake of public-sector unions is being corrected. Walker’s victory is a heartening reminder that in a democracy, even the most entrenched bad ideas can sometimes be unentrenched. On, Wisconsin!

Walkin’ Tall: Walker Inspires An Army – Tea Party Nation

Walkin’ Tall: Walker Inspires An Army – Tea Party Nation.

Lloyd Marcus

A friend informed me that Gov. Scott Walker defeated the recall on the same day President Ronald Reagan passed away, June 5th. She added that Walker reminds her of Reagan.

As Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, I have visited several cities in Wisconsin. Chatting with patriots across the state, they sang the praises of Gov. Walker’s reforms and his remarkable courage. Despite intense and relentless pressure, Walker stayed true to championing conservative principles.

While we all knew that the democrat’s attack on the Wisconsin governor had national ramifications, the result of Walker’s courage is more powerful than anyone could have imagined. My goodness, this man has inspired a nation. Wow!

Gov. Walker stepped up, drew his sword of honor and defeated the multi-headed dragon of liberalism just when our tea party movement desperately needed a hero. Since the beginning of the democrat’s absurd recall attack on Walker for simply keeping his campaign promises, Walker and his family have endured horrendous persecution and death threats. Even now, after Walker won the recall, the internet is littered with new death threats on Walker’s life. Liberals are tweeting that someone should kill Gov. Walker. Don’t you just love the liberal anti-war, let’s-be-tolerant-of-everything crowd? Disagree with them and they demand that you be silenced, destroyed or killed.

Countless patriots have shared their research which confirms that our government is racing down various wrong roads, all leading to destruction. These patriots feel hopeless, unable to hit the brakes to turn America around. But Scott Walker has shown us that one brave committed man can make a difference.

Democrat mayor of San Jose, CA, Chuck Reed is battling the unions to restore his city to fiscal sanity. Mayor Reed said some city employees are making more money in retirement than they did when they were working. His city’s system is corrupt and insane.

San Diego, CA, mayor Jerry Sanders is fighting to implement reforms which he says will save several billions over the next ten years. On average from 60% to the upper seventies, voters are supporting this new wave of courageous mayors and governors in their quest for fiscal morality and sanity.

Now that Scott Walker has led the way, I predict a tsunami of mayors and governors suddenly finding a backbone to say no to workers receiving immoral unsustainable benefits.

Ann Coulter called Walker’s victory, “The recall heard around the world.” That is pretty powerful – one man!

I do not know about you, but I feel empowered – what I do does matter. Your book matters. Your video matters. Your song matters. Your running for office matters.

Brothers and sisters, imagine the power of an army of Scott Walkers – all fully committed to restoring the God inspired conservative principles which have made us a great and prosperous unique experiment – America. My name is Lloyd Marcus and I am Scott Walker!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman –

Obama’s Deepening Hole – Hugh Hewitt – Townhall Conservative Columnists

Obama’s Deepening Hole – Hugh Hewitt – Townhall Conservative Columnists.

A raft of new polls underscore the political free fall Barack Obama finds himself in.

As an incumbent president matched against a nominee from the other party who survived a grueling primary season, Obama should be rolling in dough and enjoying a double-digit lead nationally and healthy head-starts in the key battleground states.

Instead he finds himself in a statistical tie in state after state, including the reliably blue states of Michigan, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada.

When it comes to campaign contributions, Mitt Romney outraised the president by $17 million in May!

And of course Wisconsin voted overwhelmingly to back its reformist governor Scott Walker.

Every day brings another Obama pratfall or embarrassing moment, including the off-color joke that stuns most people who hear it.

What is hurting the president most, however, is the dismal economic news about job creation and the growing sense that only Romney has a plan to re-ignite the engines fo American capitalism.

In his new book Our Divided Political Heart, E.J. Dionne does the best job a lefty can of defending the president, but as our conversation on air Thursday showed, Dionne is trying to make a square a circle and to announce that 2+2 = job growth under Obama. (The transcript of that interview is here)

The president’s record –the facts of his time in office—are just overwhelmingly bad. And he has no plan beyond a tax hike on millionaires that doesn’t raise a fraction of the revenue necessary to remedy the deficit much less the debt.

This is the president’s dilemma: He has no record to run on. None. Even the repeated references to the death of bin Laden have begun to rub the public the wrong way as they step on the admiration owed to the men who took the risks and actually dispatched the terrorist.

Time’s Mark Halperin reports that Republicans now believe that Romney can win and Democrats now believe that Obama can lose. By this Halperin means the Beltway elites who have never been ahead of a single story about the president they collectively revere.

If they now get it, imagine just how deep the political hole is that the president finds himself in.

The “first rule of holes” is “stop digging.” The president hasn’t. The president won’t. And the hole keeps getting deeper, not just for him, but for America.

Scott Walker, the victory in Wisconsin and the future of America – Tea Party Nation

English: Great Seal of the state of Wisconsin

English: Great Seal of the state of Wisconsin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scott Walker, the victory in Wisconsin and the future of America – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

By now, almost everyone knows Scott Walker and his Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch defeated the far radical left in the recall effort in Wisconsin yesterday.  MSNBC hosts are still on suicide watch and Chris Matthews was last seen staggering down Pennsylvania Avenue wailing for the ghost of Dan Rather.

 The Tea Party won last night but what is this going to mean?  Who are the winners and the losers last night?

 Scott Walker was the winner last night.   So was Rebecca Kleefisch.  That goes without saying.  Walker took over half the vote and got more votes than he did two years ago.   Walker’s star is clearly rising in the Republican Party.   Conservatism is a big winner last night too. 

 The people of Wisconsin and other people are fed up the far left using the public treasury as the source of their funding.   The people were receptive to Walker’s message of cutting lavish union benefits and eliminating programs that were simply a huge profit center for the unions.

 The big loser last night was Barack Obama.   Obama could not force himself to go to Wisconsin and campaign.  Perhaps it was because the campaign was not about him.  Bill Clinton went and that did not help him or the Wisconsin recall.

 The far left and the Unions lost and were the biggest losers last night.   The people of Wisconsin spoke loudly last night.  They were tired of simply being cash donors for the unions and were tired of the union tactics.

 The power of the left, namely their ability to extract public money to fund their activities has been severely diminished.

 As we celebrate this win for the Tea Party and Conservatism last night, we need to look ahead at the dark clouds on the horizon.

 Had Scott Walker lost last night, conservatives would have said they were disappointed and perhaps there would have been some accusations fraud, if there were some facts to support it.

 What happened when Walker won?

 The left went nuts.  No longer do we have a situation where one side gracefully concedes and then starts to work on the next election.  Leftists got on Twitter calling for Scott Walker’s death.   These were not one or two tweets but a lot of them.  Radical leftists yesterday were caught on video, which was on saying they hoped Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch would die from colon cancer.  Kleefisch, the mother of young children, is a cancer survivor. 

 We are seeing a serious breakdown in the fabric of American society.  The far left, which is basically anyone in the Democrat Party, does not believe in free and fair elections anymore.  They do not believe in listening to the will of the people. 

 The far left loves power.  It is what they crave.  They do not care about minor issues like liberty and freedom.  When they are losing power they go crazy.

 Unfortunately now, they are becoming more and more unhinged and it is now only a matter of time before we see serious violence from the far left.

 Yesterday, the Pew Research Center released a report showing that there is a major and almost un-crossable divide between real Americans and the far left.   Americans have become more and more polarized.  

 For the left, they only want power.  Their goal of obtaining power will destroy the American dreams of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

 There can be no compromise with the left now.  All we can do is go to the people, win and totally defeat the far left.

 While we still can.

Obama Forced a Change Nobody Wanted – Tea Party Nation

Obama Forced a Change Nobody Wanted – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

Barack Hussein Obama promised to transform America with an ill-defined message of change during his 2008 campaign. As Americans discovered what that change involved, they began to reject it. It was a change to the Left, to liberalism, to socialism.

The first sign of rejection was the 2010 election when voters returned power in the House of Representatives to Republicans. Since the 2006 midterm elections that gave the Democratic Party a sweeping victory and elevated Nancy Pelosi as the first woman to become Speaker of the House, Americans have had an opportunity to experience the liberal agenda and they don’t like it.

They didn’t like the way Obama wasted 2009 on pushing his socialization of one sixth of the nation’s economy with Obamacare, a bill then-Speaker Pelosi told voters that the bill would have to be passed so they “could see what was in it.” Soon enough the Supreme Court will render a decision on its constitutionality and the likely outcome is that it will be struck down.

The voters didn’t like Obama’s massive “stimulus” redistribution of their taxes that included a bailout of General Motors and Chrysler that could have been avoided by simply allowing them to go through the normal process of bankruptcy and restructuring. Instead, Obama screwed their creditors, normally the first in line to be compensated for their losses, and gave the auto unions a seat on the auto companies’ boards of directors, erasing the line between management and unions.

Recall, too, that the 2006 elections reflected the dissatisfaction of voters with the long years of wars in Afghanistan and, in particular, in Iraq. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, just before the national elections, combined with the unalloyed worship of a completely unknown Illinois Senator, the outcome was the election of Obama.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Now the shame of the failure to address the financial crisis in time-tested and proven ways is Obama’s. He could have cut taxes. Instead he pushed for an end to the Bush tax cuts and talked endlessly about raising taxes on “millionaires and billionaires.” In point of fact, his tax programs were and are aimed at the middle class. He could have cut government spending. Instead he increased it with all manner of phony schemes such as “cash for clunkers.”

Since 2009 Obama has added four trillion dollars to the nation’s debt and has presided over the first, historic downgrade of America’s triple-A credit rating. The continuing news of taxpayer losses in his administration’s disastrous “investments” in solar and other “clean energy” firms that continue to fail has added to the clear perception of an ideologically driven agenda that is out of touch with reality.

The victory of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, barely five months before the forthcoming November elections is yet another reason to celebrate the rejection of Obama and his policies that have given the nation 42 months of an unemployment rate that is unprecedented since the Great Depression. Gov. Walker’s election signals the decline of the union movement and his reforms resulted in tens of thousands of union members choosing to leave the unions in Wisconsin.

The realization that unions, in particular the public service unions, have raped the public coffers of states, marks a turning point that will result in reforms that will greatly aid recovery. The millions the union movement poured into the defeat of Gov. Walker are millions that have been diverted from Obama’s reelection.

USA Today reported that “The residents of only nine states have returned their economies to the level that existed before the downturn struck at the end of 2007—and most of those states are energy producers.” The nation runs on the energy that the oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear provide. Obama has waged a war on oil and coal in particular and the public has taken notice of how insane this policy has been.

The outcome of the Wisconsin elections has not been lost on the Democratic Party. It will now be in full panic mode and Americans will be subjected to a campaign of lies intended to distract and deceive them.

Obama can no longer blame former President Bush for his failures, cannot blame events in Europe, and cannot blame Mother Nature. He has only himself to blame. Voters from the Left to the Right know this. Except for the hardcore liberal base and the mainstream media, the rest are ready to reject Obama.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

Teacher’s unions earn ‘F’ for Wisconsin recall abuse – Michelle Malkin:

Post-secondary educational organizations

Teacher’s unions earn ‘F’ for Wisconsin recall abuse. – Michelle Malkin

They really outdid themselves. In Wisconsin and across the nation, public school employee unions spared no kiddie human shields in their battle against GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s budget and pension reforms. Students were the first and last casualties of the ruthless Big Labor war against fiscal discipline.

To kick off the yearlong protest festivities, the Wisconsin Education Association Council led a massive “sickout” of educators and other government school personnel. The coordinated truancy action — tantamount to an illegal strike — cost taxpayers an estimated $6 million. Left-wing doctors assisted the campaign by supplying fake medical excuse notes to teachers who ditched their public school classrooms to protest Walker’s modest package of belt-tightening measures.

When they weren’t ditching their students, radical teachers steeped in the social justice ethos of National Education Association-approved community organizer Saul Alinsky were shamelessly using other people’s children as their own political junior lobbyists and pawns. A Milwaukee Fox News affiliate caught one fourth-grade teacher dragging his students on a “field trip” to demonstrate against Walker at the state Capitol building.

The pupils clapped along with a group of “solidarity singers” as they warbled: “Scott Walker will never push us out, this house was made for you and me.”
Hundreds of high school students from Madison were dragooned into marches. When asked on camera why they had skipped school, one told a reporter from the Wisconsin-based MacIver Institute: “I don’t know. I guess we’re protesting today.” Happy for the supply of warm young bodies, AFSCME Local 2412 President Gary Mitchell gloated: “The students have been so energized.”

“Energized”? How about educated, enlightened and intellectually stimulated? Silly parents. Remember: “A” isn’t for academics. It’s for “agitation” and “advocacy.” Former National Education Association official John Lloyd’s words must not be forgotten: “You cannot possibly understand NEA without understanding Saul Alinsky. If you want to understand NEA, go to the library and get ‘Rules for Radicals.’”

Against a rising tide of rank-and-file teachers who oppose their leaders’ extremist politics, the national offices of the NEA and the American Federation of Teachers shoveled millions in forced union dues into astroturfed, anti-Walker coffers. According the, strapped state affiliates also coughed up major sums to beat back Wisconsin’s efforts to bring American union workers into the 21st century in line with the rest of the workforce:
“The Ohio Education Association made a $58,000 in-kind contribution May 30, followed a day later by a $21,000 contribution from the Pennsylvania State Education Association. New York State United Teachers gave $23,000 on June 1, the Massachusetts Education Association gave $17,000 on May 31, and a group of unions based in Washington, D.C., poured in $922,000 during the past week.” Even the Alaska NEA affiliate pitched in $4,000.

Back in the Badger State, the Education Action Group Foundation caught Milwaukee teacher’s union head Bob Peterson on tape this week bragging about how his school district organized bus runs and stuffed flyers into every K-8 student’s backpack urging them to vote in the recall election. No, this wasn’t a civic, nonpartisan get-out-the-vote effort. It was a purely partisan self-preservation campaign. Peterson preaches that educators must be “teachers of unionism. We need to create a generation of students who support teachers and the movement for workers rights, oppressed peoples’ rights.” Because, you know, asking teachers to contribute more to their pension plans is just like the crushing of freedom fighters in Iran, Egypt and China.

The progressives’ blatant exploitation of bureaucratic authority over the nation’s schoolchildren — at the expense of classroom achievement and fiscal sanity — isn’t sitting well with the public. A new Marquette University Law School poll released on the eve of the Wisconsin recall election showed that “only 40 percent of those surveyed said they had a favorable view of public-sector unions, while 45 percent viewed them unfavorably.” In addition, “three-quarters of respondents said they approved of the law Walker signed requiring public employees to contribute to their own pensions and pay more for health insurance, while 55 percent approved of the new limits on collective bargaining for state employees that Walker signed into law.”

Uncertainty reigned over Wisconsin as both sides braced for a possible recount on Tuesday night. But from their first unhinged salvos 16 months ago in the state Capitol and right up until Election Day, the union bosses have made one thing clear as a playground whistle: It’s not about the children. It’s never about the children. It’s about protecting the power, perks and profligacy of public employee union monopolies.

Obama’s “Chicago Thug Way” Invades Wisconsin – Tea Party Nation

Obama’s “Chicago Thug Way” Invades Wisconsin – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Lloyd Marcus

As Chairman of The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama, I just returned back home to Florida from Wisconsin which is ground zero in the battle to stop Obama’s ruination of America. Like locust, Obama minions have swarmed the state of Wisconsin, devouring all who dare oppose their recall of Gov. Scott Walker for his efforts to restore his state to fiscal sanity. Obama minions organized mob protesters to storm the State Capitol.Death threats have been made against Gov. Walker, the Lieutenant Governor and their families.

Still, Gov. Walker has hung tough and is leading in the polls. This has forced Team Obama to spend more millions and send in the big guns: DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is headed to Wisconsin.

During my visits to cities across Wisconsin, I have chatted with numerous patriots who are elated and extremely grateful to Gov. Walker for displaying remarkable courage — fighting back the forces of evil to keep his campaign promise to implement responsible budget reforms.

On this latest trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin, I heard a very disturbing tale from an 80-year-old businesswoman. For her safety, I will refer to her as Patriot Sue rather than using her real name. Patriot Sue’s family business has been successful and highly respected since the 50s. But Patriot Sue wrote a local letter-to-the-editor in defense of Gov. Walker’s reforms, and all “heck” broke loose – from false accusations in the media that she mistreats employees to threats against her and her family.

Patriot Sue expressed to me her frustration that some people do not understand how recalling Gov. Walker would negatively impact their pocketbooks.

I guess you cannot run a successful family business for over 50 years without having backbone. Though physically moving a little slow, Patriot Sue still has the spitfire of an 18 year old and the heart of a lion. She financially supports the defeat of the recall and still boldly speaks out in defense of Gov. Walker’s reforms. You simply to do not tell this woman what she can or cannot do.

But folks, what I find most disturbing is that we have “presidential thugs”, in essence, emotionally threatening, and with threat of physically beating, an 80 year old woman and her family.

What am I saying? I am saying it is all about Obama. Leadership flows from the top down. The late Mary Kay said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.” Mary Kay’s leadership and philosophy of God first, family second and Mary Kay Cosmetics third continue to inspire her army of successful businesswomen.

The Obama administration emits a distinct “Chicago Thug” vibe. In response to any and all opposition to Obama’s socialistic agenda, Obama and his minions have used aggressive terms such as “…we will punch back twice as hard”, “punish our enemies”, get in their faces” and “take the SOBs out!” …to name just a few.

Obama minions include the New Black Panthers and SEIU thugs who are the enforcers – intimating voters and physically beating up black conservatives who dare be on the wrong side of Obama’s agenda.

Team Obama is using Chicago-style bullying to award Obama an undeserved second term despite half the country on food stamps, the housing market in the tank, unemployment through the roof and sky rocketing energy prices. Yes, four more years of Obama’s liberal-utopia-politically-correct policies is exactly what America needs.

To be re-elected, Obama is relying on class envy via crazy, absurd rants attacking the rich by VP Joe Biden to his dumbed-down base. Obama is relying on Al Sharpton and his “we be black victims gang” to inspire enough hate in the hearts of black Americans to get them to the polls in November. And let us not forget Obama’s on-the-street enforcers such as the New Black Panthers and SEIU thugs.

Obama minions take no prisoners. All are fair game, including a feisty 80-year-old businesswoman who dares to support Gov. Walker.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman –

Dr. Tim’s Walker Rally Speech – Tea Party Nation


English: Scott Walker, 45th Governor of Wisconsin

Image via Wikipedia

Dr. Tim’s Walker Rally Speech – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Tim Nerenz

Note: a grass-roots rally in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was held today in Wauwatosa, where thousands of Walker supporters stood outside for 3 hours to listen to a virtual who’s who of GOP speakers…and me. If you were not there, here is what you missed.)

Well, Wisconsin, they did it; they got enough signatures to force a recall election for Governor Scott Walker.

Did anyone really doubt you could find 540,000 graduates of Wisconsin public schools who would demand a sticker and a hug and a do-over when they lose? That’s how they roll nowadays.

So now $20 million will have to be cut from state and local budgets for education, the environment, the elderly, cancer research, day care, special needs children, bike paths, and bridge repairs to pay for their little tantrum. Own that, Madison.

It also means that more than 3.3 million eligible voters in Wisconsin said no. We listened to the protests for a year, we thought about our options for 60 days, and we decided not to waste $20 million and to just stick with the guy who was elected fair and square.

So what do I think of the recall? Two words: BRING IT!

Now, all these other speakers here today are Republicans, and they all came to say “I stand with Scott Walker.”

Well, not me. I’m not a Republican and I don’t stand with Scott Walker. I’m a Libertarian – and Scott Walker stands with me.

I stand for jobs.

I stand for job-creators.

I stand for free markets, open competition, lower taxes, and sensible regulation.

I stand for developing our natural resources responsibly.

I stand for rewarding hard work, and not punishing success.

I don’t stand with Scott Walker. Scott Walker stands with me.

I believe in less government and more liberty.

I believe in fiscal responsibility.

I believe in school choice.

I believe in the right to carry.

I believe in the right to work.

I believe in the right to vote…once…residents only…with ID.

I don’t believe in Scott Walker. Scott Walker believes in me.

In the past three years, 132,000 teachers have been laid off in the other 49 states.

Why? Because their Governor is NOT Scott Walker. There is only one. And as everyone knows, one Walker beats 14 runners.

The tens of thousands of teachers and government workers in Wisconsin who did NOT get laid off have Scott Walker to thank for it.

And those few hundred who DID get laid off – in Madison and Milwaukee – can thank their unions.

You guys with the signs and cowbells over there are drumming for the wrong team.

If we Libertarians got a mulligan every time we lost an election, we would need a full time department of voter nullification. Oh, wait – we already have that, it’s called the Government Accountability Board.

And in a few days they will rule that all those millions of votes we cast in November 2010 didn’t count. They will hope for better luck this time. They are wrong.

I write a blog called Moment of Clarity, and if there ever was ever a time for clarity, this is it. So here’s your moment: this has nothing do with Walker, or rights or any high-minded principle at all – this is the last tug of war between the taxpayers versus the taxeaters.

There is no fence to sit on; there is no rock to hide under. It is the State versus you. Pick your side.

I’ve picked mine; I’m going to stand on the side of liberty, and Scott Walker stands with me.

Recall Your Mom – Tea Party Nation


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Image via Wikipedia

Recall Your Mom – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Tim Nerenz

And kudos once again to opponents of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who celebrated their Dr. Martin Luther King Day holiday yesterday by hissing and chanting at the Governor during a solemn proclamation honoring Dr. King at the State Capitol in Madison.

In doing so, the Democrats notched yet another important victory for loutish self-absorption over common decency in the continuing battle for the hearts and minds of independent voters in the Badger State.
The highlights of their perfect season, undefeated by couth, includes shouting down the Pledge of Allegiance, booing the National Anthem, disrupting a ceremony honoring Special Olympians, and hassling returning troops, just to name a few. Their behavior in our Capitol rotunda would get them thrown out of Walmart.

Forget Scott Walker; you guys should recall your mom.

Or whoever it was that raised you to believe it was ok to interrupt ceremonies, hurl vulgarities at 14-year-old girls, disenfranchise cloistered nuns, bribe children with cigarettes to sign recall petitions, stalk the families of public officials, throw beer or coffee on opponents, make death threats, and try to shut down dissenting media outlets.

That might be what Democracy looks like in Venezuela or Iran, but not here. That’s not even what 4th grade looks like here. Our moms raised us to wait our turn, to let everyone speak, to compromise, to watch our language in public, to be gracious in both victory and defeat. We learned to stand our ground, but not to stand in the path of others’ rights to pass. We learned tolerance and patience – from our moms.
We don’t taunt, we don’t bully, and we don’t respect people so undisciplined that they cannot put a sock in it for one hour to honor the memory of a man who sacrificed his life for a cause he carried with dignity and respect.

I can understand why Democrats and unionists might not think disrupting an MLK commemoration is any big deal; after all, Dr. King had to fight Democrats to get black people their right to vote, and he had to fight unions to integrate the workforce. It is unlikely that the union/government schools tell students who was the party of the KKK and separate-but-equal back in the day.

So what if Dr. King gave his life? That is nothing compared to having to pay 12% of a health insurance premium, right? And how can we equate something trivial like institutionalized segregation with something really awful, like allowing school boards to compete those WEA trust insurance contracts now that the scam is blown?

I’ve heard the comeback: both sides do it. No, they don’t; one side does it. And that one side is not winning over any unaligned voters by pitching fits in public.

We are about to waste $9 million of our hard-earned money to give our Democrats another mulligan, money that will not be available for education, the elderly, the environment, cancer research, bridge repairs, or bike paths. Or, God forbid, tax relief for working people who can hardly make ends meet, thanks in part to one of the highest tax burdens in the country.

2/3 of that recall money will be paid by Republicans and Independents, both of whom overwhelmingly approve of the job Governor Walker is doing – the job he was elected fair and square to do.

It will come out of township budgets across the state, townships run by common-sense people from both Parties who would prioritize snow removal over an unbudgeted election if it were up to them – and us. If it were up to us, we would have the election to recall Scott Walker in November of 2014, when it was originally scheduled.

But it’s not up to us. It’s up to people whose moms did not teach them to wait their turn. It is up to union bosses from out East, together with the Madison liberals who think everyone’s money is their money, the Chicago urban vote factory which views Milwaukee as a colony, and out of state students who will leave us after graduation, taking with them the benefit of one of the best educations taxpayer subsidies can buy.

Many of those students putting their idealism and energy behind the Walker Recall will relocate to the low-tax, Right-To-Work, concealed carry, energy-friendly, business-friendly states where there is opportunity. I wish they would use that enthusiasm to help Governor Walker and his successors turn Wisconsin into one of those states, so they could find opportunities here.

That would make all our moms happy. They could see their grandchildren without having to pay a bag fee and endure a public groping at the hands of TSA.

“Moment Of Clarity” is a weekly commentary by Libertarian writer and speaker Tim Nerenz, Ph.D. Visit Tim’s website to find your moment.

Bring It – Tea Party Nation

Bring It – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Tim Nerenz

They are at it again in Wisconsin. The perpetual hissy fit that is the Union Democrat Party in this state has launched its campaign to recall Governor Scott Walker. The rallying cry of Walker’s Republican supporters is “I stand with Scott Walker”.

Well, not me. I don’t stand with Scott Walker.

Nope. I stand for the right to work. I stand against compulsory unionization. I stand for the right of every employee to join a union, and for the equal right of every employee to work free of union impairment. I stand for the right of every union to collect its own dues directly from its members. I stand for the right of every business owner to deal directly with his/her employees or to work through an intermediary as he or she sees fit. I stand for the right of any business to refrain from political activity altogether without being targeted for boycotts by extortionists.

I don’t stand with Scott Walker. Scott Walker stands with me.

I stand for fiscal responsibility. I stand for balancing the state budget. I stand for making government services both accessible and affordable. I stand for repaying our old debts and not taking on any new ones. I stand against raiding trust funds set up for one purpose to pay for another. I stand against increasing taxes on the overtaxed to fund lavish new benefits for the over-lavished.

I don’t stand with Scott Walker. Scott Walker stands with me.

I stand for choice and competition that will improve the quality and reduce the cost of our schools. I stand for letting local school boards, teachers, parents, and taxpayers decide how best to educate their kids. I stand for rewarding the great teachers and I stand against letting the bad ones waste one more hour of our children’s precious learning time. I stand against spineless administrators, conniving pension-grubbers, placeholders counting down their days to retirement and serial indoctrinators who see 4th graders as political props.

I don’t stand with Scott Walker. Scott Walker stands with me.

I stand for representative Democracy where a majority of citizens elect a government which serves its full term and then stands for re-election. I wish they would vote for Libertarians but I accept it when they don’t. I stand against voter fraud. I stand against rigged elections. I stand against one political party spending millions of taxpayer dollars to overturn an election they lost fair and square.

I don’t stand with Scott Walker. Scott Walker stands with me.

I stand against death threats. I stand against tormenting the families of public officials at their private residences. I stand against the profanity, vulgarity, and brutishness of the weak-minded who can only find courage in the anonymity of the mob or an alias on Facebook. I stand against the seizure of our public places, the occupation of our streets. I stand against those whose twisted moral compass equates breaking a monopoly with killing millions of Jews.

I don’t stand with Scott Walker. Scott Walker stands with me.

I stand for the right to bear arms. I stand for the right to defend myself, my family, and my property. I stand against those who would leave me defenseless simply because they do not value their own life enough to defend it. I stand for Senator Pam Galloway, who stood up for me and my right to carry.

I don’t stand with Scott Walker. Scott Walker stands with me.

I stand for jobs. I stand for job-creators. I stand for free markets, lower taxes, and sensible regulation. I stand for a business climate that attracts employers, not one that drives them away. I stand for private property rights for every citizen. I stand for developing our natural resources, for encouraging entrepreneurs, for rewarding hard work and for celebrating those who succeed in global competition.

I don’t stand with Scott Walker. Scott Walker stands with me.

I stand for less government and more liberty. I stand with the overwhelming majority of Wisconsinites who had the opportunity to vote for Democrats in 2010 and chose not to. I stand against shipping in busloads of paid operatives from out of state to nullify that choice. I stand against those who believe pro-choice means the right to inflict yours by force.

I don’t stand with Scott Walker. Scott Walker stands with me.

I am a Libertarian, not a Republican. I don’t let the Koch brothers or Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or Vicki McKenna tell me what to think. I am a grown man, a self-sovereign with my own conscience and beliefs. Those beliefs do not include overturning election results because my side didn’t win. We have learned that the effort to recall Governor Scott Walker was initiated before he even took office; this has nothing to do with policy and everything to do with privilege.

The Democrat Party in the state of Wisconsin believes they have a Divine right to rule; perhaps it explains why so many are hostile to real Divinity. It is inconceivable to them that the citizens of this state would have decided to give the Republicans an opportunity to fix what the Democrats could not or would not. It is humiliating to them that their coarse and unrefined rivals achieved in just a few months what they could not do in a decade. Their panic is understandable, but that does not make it actionable for the rest of us.

I can’t say whether or not I would vote to re-elect Scott Walker. If he is to win over libertarians, he has a lot of ground to cover between now and the next election for Governor, which is not until 2014. This recall process is not an election; it is a subversion of an election, and I will not vote to subvert elections. The reasons for or against this recall are irrelevant; every assassin has reasons. This is a contract hit; the motivation is money, and it is the taxpayer who will pay the contract.

So no, my dear Democrat friends, I will not be signing your recall petitions. When you come to my door I will not be ungracious; I will not be unkind. I will not tell you “I stand with Scott Walker” and slam the door in your face. I will tell you instead that I stand for Liberty, and then I will ask you why you will not stand with me. It is a reasonable question, and I expect you to answer it. It is the least you can do if you want me to help you turn the whole state upside down to rehash your grievance over again for the umpteenth time.

And don’t send the junior varsity, either. I don’t speak drum, I don’t cuss in mixed company, I am not going to learn those twinkly-thing hand signals, and “shame-shame-shame” just reminds me of a lame disco tune. When I point to New Berlin on a map, if that poor rent-a-mob kid in a Bucky tee-shirt with the tags still hanging on it says it like they do in Germany, I’m going to boot his bony ass all the way back to Ohio. Figuratively speaking, of course.

I’m ready. Bring it.

“Moment Of Clarity” is a weekly commentary by Libertarian writer and speaker Tim Nerenz, Ph.D. Visit Tim’s website to find your moment.