The third evil – Tea Party Nation

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The third evil – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Evil comes in groups of threes.  We are seeing three evils hit America right now.   These evils have but one purpose:  To destroy American sovereignty.

 What are these three great evils and what now must we do?

 The first of these evils is the Law of the Sea Treaty or LOST.  LOST appears to be dead as enough Republican Senators have come out against it to kill it.   The Second is the UN Small Arms Treaty

 The UN Small Arms Treaty is a great evil due to the fact it is a threat to our Second Amendment rights.  While there is always cause for concern anytime our rights are threatened, the NRA has this one pretty much under control and it is very doubtful the Senate will have the votes to ratify this treaty, assuming Obama signs it.

 The third evil is flying under the radar.  Few people know about it.  That is by design.

 It is called the Trans Pacific Partnership.  It might as well be called the American Suicide Agreement.

 It is an agreement that is so bad, at least the parts that we know about it, that America is committing suicide by signing it.

 The operative part here is, what we know about it.  The negotiations, working papers and almost all details other than a few public sessions have been classified.  Congressman Darryl Issa has requested to be allowed to attend the upcoming round of negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership.

 He’s gotten about as much cooperation on that as he has on Fast and Furious. 

 Traditionally, members of Congress of both parties have been allowed to observe trade negotiations.  Why the secrecy for the Trans Pacific Partnership?

 Fortunately a few details have leaked out and what we know is very bad.

 First, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will set up foreign tribunals to which the United States MUST submit to.  The Supreme Court will no longer be the top court in the United States.  The Supreme Court will be subject to the rulings of these foreign tribunals. 

 The TPP sets up special foreign investor privileges.  They would not be subject to the laws that American businesses are subject to and if they did not like it they could sue the American government directly in tribunals set up by the World Bank and thee United Nations.

 Oh yes, the US would have a fair trial with judges from China, Iran, Russia and North Korea.

 The TPP would gut food safety standards for imported food.  Anyone remember the stories about people dying in China because of contaminated food?  That kind of contamination does not get into our food supply because we have food safety standards and we stop contaminated food. 

 Think this is an overreaction?  The World Trade Organization just ordered the US to change its consumer labels to tell us where food comes from because Canada and Mexico complained.  This is what happened under current law.

 Imagine what would happen under TPP?

 Do you want to buy meat that came from China?  I don’t and I want to know if the meat or other foods I am buying come from any place other than Iowa or Texas!

 Under the proposed TPP, our government could no longer buy American!  Such programs would be considered illegal under the TPP.  In other words, Americans would be forced to spend their tax dollars to keep Chinese workers or Vietnamese workers or Mexican workers working but not American workers.

 In 1992, the Great Republican Failure, I mean George H.W. Bush favored the NAFTA agreement.  So did Bill Clinton.  Ross Perot famously warned that we were hearing a giant sucking sound that was NAFTA taking our jobs.

 Do you know what?

Perot was right.  NAFTA was the first of a series of free trade agreements we signed.  All of them have been disasters.  Our trade deficits have shot up, our manufacturing base has been destroyed and the American blue-collar middle class is disappearing.

 TPP is NAFTA on steroids.   The only difference between steroids and NAFTA is that steroids do some good. 

 In March, the Korean Free Trade Agreement went into effect.  Guess what?  Our trade deficit with Korea has exploded since then.  In May, our trade deficit with Korea had jumped to $2 billion, which is a 53.5% increase over what it was a year earlier.  Meanwhile, thanks to this great deal, American exports to Korea are tanking. 

 How many times to do these idiots have to get it wrong before they figure out they are wrong!

 Most people learn from their mistakes.  Unfortunately the people who are running our nation are living proof of the adage that our nation was designed by geniuses and is now run by idiots. 

 This is an issue that crosses ideological lines.   Conservative groups oppose this idiocy.  Liberal groups oppose this idiocy. 

 I believe in a concept I call 90% leadership.  While there are many issues we can disagree on, there are a lot of issues out there that 90% of Americans will agree on.  So why aren’t we acting on those?

 This is a 90% issue. 

 90% of Americans agree that we need to protect American jobs.  We need to protect American products and businesses.  We need to keep our food supply safe. 

 These are our American priorities.

 We need to act now.

 TPP is being negotiated behind close doors.   We need to create resistance to TPP.  Many people, even Congressmen and Senators are not aware of the details of the TPP. 

 What should you do?

 Call your Senators and Congressman.  Tell them you want them to demand that the Trans Pacific Partnership be stopped.    August is the Congressional recess.  Many Congressmen and Senators will be holding town halls or campaign events where constituents can speak to them.  Go and tell them you want TPP stopped. 

 Either we act now or the giant sucking sound we will hear is the end of our economy, our sovereignty and our nation.

UK’s Death Panels Kill, Obamacare Won’t Be Different –

UK’s Death Panels Kill, Obamacare Won’t Be Different –


Obamacare Rationing Board SC UK’s Death Panels Kill, Obamacare Won’t Be Different

Obamacare-like “Death Panels” are already emptying out hospital beds in the United Kingdom. According to one report last year the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) euthanized  130,000, mostly expendable seniors. Its benignly named “Care Pathways”, kills almost 360 people every day.

Now it’s Obamcare’s turn to euthanize undesirables. The Supreme Court gave Barack Obama the right to start his own extermination program. Anybody who needs “a little bit too much care” will get put on Obama’s list.   If you were born before January 1, 1953 he has put a target on your back. You had better not get sick and you had better pray someone derails Obamcare’s euthanasia train before a “Death Panel” gavel comes down on your life. When Obama’s verdict is death for you there can be no appeal – that’s in the bill.

This system needs your death to appear to work. That is the reality of the Supreme Court’s ruling – make believe that’s not a clear and present danger and you are fooling yourself – it’s that simple and that serious.

Government programs NEVER cost near what the liars in Washington tell us they will. Simple observation tells us Obamacare is a giant Ponzi scheme. Under Obamacare, you will become a number and government bureaucrats will kill off “numbers” to make their program seem to work. They will ration care and kill off the old (60 plus) the mentally and the physically challenged.

Democrats rightly claim  the phrase “Death Panels” does not appear in Obamacare’s 2000 plus pages, but why should it? They don’t want us to recognize what they are really up to; liberals never do. Saying Obamacare has no “Death Panels” because those two words aren’t in the bill is a cynical lie. The Nazis never sent Jews to “Extermination camps” or gas chambers; they sent them to “Work camps and showers.”

Liberal Paul Krugman got it right when he slipped and said, “Some years down the pike, we’re going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes…..”  

Obamacare is early death wrapped in government double talk disguised to keep us from understanding the truth. Some years down the pike, we’re going to get the truth. That truth is that to these people we’re all just numbers they will spend their careers trying to find ways to reduce. Let’s do something about it now. Vote conservative in November.

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Obama, SCOTUS, Taxes and Your Freedoms – Chuck Norris –

Senate Passes Insurance Industry Aid Bill

Obama, SCOTUS, Taxes and Your Freedoms – Chuck Norris –

Last Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to uphold Obamacare‘s individual mandate (indictment) to collect more taxes from you and me. President Barack Obama’s taxation shell game, which flies in the face of the freedoms we celebrate this week, is just one more reason his presidency and Obamacare need to be overturned this November.

Chief Justice John Roberts wasn’t kidding when he offered the commentary about the court’s ruling: “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.” Obamacare is taxation unleashed!

Despite the fact that in 2009, Obama repeatedly denied to ABC News correspondent George Stephanopoulos that Obamacare’s individual mandate was equated with increased taxes, the Supreme Court defined the legislation as just that — more taxation.

When Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was asked by a reporter whether the financial penalty for not complying with Obamacare’s individual mandate is, in fact, a tax, she retorted: “Call it what you will. … This is a very good thing for the American people.”

Pelosi, who helped Obama ramrod the legislation, and Obama were frolicking like two kids in a candy store when they learned about the hallmark SCOTUS decision. But I doubt that middle-class taxpayers will be so ecstatic when they are footing the bill every year for another socialized medicine program.

On Thursday, CNN even confessed: “In 2014, the penalty (for not having medical insurance) will be no more than $285 per family or 1 percent of income, whichever is greater. In 2015, the cap rises to $975 or 2 percent of income. And by 2016, the penalty would be up to $2,085 per family or 2.5 percent of income, whichever is greater.”

Bloomberg reported: “Some of the largest levies and fees in the 2010 law take effect in 2013. In all, the law is projected to raise an estimated $813 billion in revenue over 10 years to help pay for the expansion of insurance coverage, according to the Congressional Budget Office. That figure includes penalties under the individual mandate, which the court ruled is constitutional under Congress’ taxing power.”

The fact is that behind closed doors with the Supreme Court justices and out of view of the public, the legal teams from the Obama administration pitched Obamacare as a tax. Obama and his legal eagles lied to the public to get the legislation passed on Capitol Hill and then described it as a tax to pass it before SCOTUS. They knew that the court knows that the Constitution gives Congress the power to tax in order to carry out its duties, and that was their ticket to manipulate their way to victory.

On March 26, the first day of Obamacare arguments before the Supreme Court, Fox News reported that a top Obama lawyer was chided by the justices for calling the fine for not purchasing insurance both a “penalty” and a “tax.”

Even U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli repeatedly used the phrase “tax penalty” to describe noncompliance with the individual mandate. Then Justice Samuel Alito rebuffed, “General Verrilli, today you are arguing that the penalty is not a tax. Tomorrow you are going to be back, and you will be arguing that the penalty is a tax.”

Verrilli answered Justice Elena Kagan’s question of whether noncompliance with the individual mandate would result in breaking the law by saying that if people “pay the tax, then they are in compliance with the law.” That reference caught the attention of Justice Stephen Breyer, who interjected, “Why do you keep saying tax?”

To require people to pay a penalty for not buying health insurance is a tax. And I vehemently disagree with Pelosi that Obamacare’s new taxes are “a very good thing for the American people” — in or out of a recession — simply because more government regulations and taxation restrict our freedoms and pocketbooks.

The actions of Obama’s federal government are diametrically opposed to those of America’s Framers, who adopted the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Thomas Jefferson, who penned the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, wrote roughly 40 years later, in 1816, to Samuel Kercheval:

“We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. If we run into such debts as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and our creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must come to labor sixteen hours in the twenty-four, give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for their debts and daily expenses, and the sixteenth being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they now do, on oatmeal and potatoes; have no time to think, no means of calling the mismanagers to account; but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers.”

Does that not describe Obama’s fundamental transformation of America to a T?

Happy birthday, America! We still are celebrating and fighting for your founding principles and freedoms!

The death of the rule of law – Tea Party Nation

The death of the rule of law – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Just in case anyone missed it, America is no longer a nation of laws.  It is hard to say what we are now, but the law no longer matters.  Most people would jump to the conclusion this blog is about the really horrible week at the Supreme Court last week.  They would be wrong.

 There is something else that spells the death knell for the rule of law in America.

 What is it?

 In California and New York, cases are working their way through the state supreme court to allow illegal aliens who have gone to law school and passed the bar exam to practice law.

 Yes, you heard that right.  These candidates are not in the country legally.  They are subject to deportation if the rule of law were in fact applied instead of ignored by the Obama Regime.

 Yet two states are poised to allow illegal immigrates the rights and privileges of members of the bar. 

 From USA Today:

  Judges in several states are preparing to answer the latest question in the complex world of immigration: Can an illegal immigrant legally practice law in the USA?

 Illegal immigrants brought to the USA as children, and who later graduated law schools in California, Florida and New York, are trying to gain entry to their state bars so they can work as attorneys.

 Sergio Garcia’s family illegally crossed into the USA from Mexico when he was 17 months old, and he went on to graduate from Chico State University and Cal Northern School of Law. He took the state bar exam in July 2009 and passed it but was told he could not join the state bar — a standard requirement for all practicing attorneys — because he had checked a box on his application that said he was in the country illegally.

 The California Supreme Court asked for opinions on the question and could hold oral arguments in Garcia’s case before making a decision. The California State Bar told the court this month that Garcia and others like him should be allowed to be licensed, but it is awaiting guidance from the Supreme Court.

 Though the ruling could apply only to Garcia, the 35-year-old said the court’s opinion could go a long way in determining the fate of others like him.

  For some, the idea of allowing people in Garcia’s position to legally work not only would encourage more people to bypass the legal immigration system but would throw a cloud of illegitimacy over the country’s legal system.

 “There’s a certain level of absurdity to someone trying to practice law when they’re in violation of the law,” said Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which advocates lower levels of legal and illegal immigration. “It’s unfortunate that children find themselves in these situations due to the decisions that their parents made. But that’s unfortunately just the way it works. We all suffer from poor decisions that our parents made.”

 America has suddenly been transformed into bizzaro world.  Someone who breaks the law every morning when he gets up is going to be allowed to practice law?

 When I entered law school in August, 1985, our first day the Dean of the Law School welcomed us with a pretty boring speech about the majesty of the law and how important it was for us to uphold the law for without the rule of law, all was lost.

 All is lost because the rule of law in this nation means nothing anymore.  The Supreme Court can rewrite a statute to achieve their desired results.  A sovereign state is not allowed to protect citizens within its own borders.  We are ordered to purchase a product whether we want to or not and are faced with the possibility of government coercion or even prison if we refuse.

 And the government refuses to enforce the most basic of sovereignty laws.  The laws that restrict the presence of people within the boarders of the nation to those people the nation has approved to come in.

 I am not without sympathy for Sergio Garcia.  He did not get a vote on what happened.  His parents made a decision that has consequences for him today.  However, he has options.  The military allows illegal aliens to enlist and upon the completion of a term of service will allow them legal status and even citizenship.  I have no problem with someone who wants to be in this country who chooses this route.

 I have no sympathy for someone who simply says, I am here.  Give me that to which I am not entitled. 

 The rule of law is the glue that holds this nation together.  Liberals are dead set on dissolving that glue and by extension destroying the greatest nation the world has ever seen. 

 As for you and I, our American citizenship is becoming more worthless every day.

Obama’s Constitutional Crisis – Tea Party Nation

Obama’s Constitutional Crisis – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

In 1832, the threat of nullification by States that opposed tariffs on imported goods came close to bringing about a civil war. Thirty years later as cries for the abolition of slavery reached a fever pitch the War Between the States would begin.

Today, in the wake of the Supreme Court decision that found that the Affordable Health Care Act—Obamacare— is constitutional and thereby the law of the land. Republican Governors are lining up to say they will not obey it.

Not only has President Obama and the Democrat Party imposed an enormously unpopular law on the nation, they have initiated a huge constitutional crisis.

Nullification is a constitutional theory that gives an individual state the right to declare null and void any law passed by the United States Congress which the State deems unacceptable and unconstitutional. In a debate in the late 1700s, both James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions (1798) came down on the side of nullification if a State concluded that the federal government had overstepped its limits of jurisprudence.

In ruling that Obamacare cannot use the Commerce Clause as its justification, the Supreme Court kicked the Act back to Congress, ruling that it is a tax and that Congress has the right to place such taxes on the citizens of the nation. The Obama administration maintained that Obamacare was not a tax until the case was argued before the Court. It then conceded that it was.

The least troublesome response is to wait for November to remove for office every Senator and Representative who voted for Obamacare and who is up for reelection along with Obama.

The most troublesome response would reflect the crisis that occurred when Andrew Jackson was President. On December 11, 1832, Jackson issued a proclamation that he would use force to uphold the right of Congress to enact tariffs which were widely seen as a burden on the southern States. Several compromises ensued.

Thus, President Obama has set the stage for a major constitutional crisis. He could, in theory, declare martial law to defend Obamacare and this is not just an idle threat because, as of this writing, several State Governors have already announced they will not enforce it.

Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, has declared his State will not comply with the overhaul of the nation’s health care system—its nationalization by the federal government. Earlier, the Missouri legislature passed a bill in its House of Representatives declaring Obamacare null and void for the second time. It would prohibit the establishment of an exchange without the consent by vote of the people of Missouri.

In Louisiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal has declared his opposition to Obamacare as has Wisconsin’s Gov. Scott Walker, both of whom urged other States to refuse to implement the law.

Just as South Carolina led the opposition during President Jackson’s time, Sen. Jim DeMint has called on “every governor to stop implementing the health care exchanges.” Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that states can opt out of a Medicaid expansion, there is nothing Jindal and Walker can do to prevent health insurance exchanges from being set up in their States.

As if President Obama has not already driven the nation’s economy to the brink of collapse and his administration has opposed enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act, and has opposed Arizona’s efforts to secure its borders and its right to protect its citizens from illegal aliens, Obama has now brought about a crisis comparable to that which launched the Civil War.

As the Fourth of July approaches, the current President has created a firestorm of opposition that initially led to the Tea Party movement and the 2010 midterm elections that returned power to the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. Major forces are emerging and aligning to stop Obamacare anyway they can.

This is occurring as a case before a Florida court challenges Obama’s eligibility to be on that State’s ballot. Florida law is unique in that it gives the average voter greater freedom to challenge eligibility and fraud than other States. More than a hundred legal cases nationwide have been brought over his eligibility. The Constitution specifically states that the President must be “a natural born citizen” with both parents being citizens of the United States. Obama’s father was a citizen of Kenya.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

What Just Happened to the Rule of Law? – Tea Party Nation

What Just Happened to the Rule of Law? – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

Following the Obamacare decision, The Heartland Institute’s Maureen Martin, a Senior Fellow for Legal Affairs, said, “Today’s decision will go down in infamy. It marks the moment when we all lost our freedom because the Supreme Court drew a road map to guide those dedicated to imposing a totalitarian, statist government on the American people.”

A Heartland colleague, Peter Ferrara, a member of the bar of the Supreme Court and a Senior Fellow for Entitlement and Budget Policy, said “The Supreme Court of the United States just endorsed the most fundamental dishonesty of our politics today. The President intimidated Chief Justice John Roberts like Hugo Chavez intimidates the Venezuelan Supreme Court. The rule of law is now dead. The American people have only one more chance now to save their country.” Heartland is a non-profit, free market think tank.

A lot of Americans may begin to feel like the Jews who lived in Nazi Germany. On September 15, 1935, the Nazi government passed the Nuremberg laws. They were intended to make life in Germany so unpleasant that it would force them to emigrate. Those who could escaped what would later materialize as the Holocaust, the deliberate extermination of all the Jews of Europe. One of them was Albert Einstein who found sanctuary in the United States.

To give you a taste of what it was like, the Reichstag’s Nuremburg laws prohibited marriage between Jews and Aryan Germans. Intercourse between Jews and “subjects of German or kindred blood” was forbidden. Jews were forbidden to fly the Reich and national flag. It did not take long for Jewish teachers, lawyers, and physicians to be stripped of their right to work.

What does that have to do with Obamacare? Americans who could rely on the political system to moderate and even reduce taxation now know that the December 28, 2012 Supreme Court has ruled that Congress may tax anything, including behavior. Americans no longer are free to determine what they wish to purchase or not. Either they follow the dictate of the federal government or they will be fined.

Obamacare has now transformed the United States into a police state.

Twenty-seven U.S. States joined together to oppose Obamacare and they and the other twenty-three now know that they are no longer separate and sovereign republics, but must yield to the federal government’s demand that they create “exchanges” where health insurance must be purchased.

Arizona has already discovered that the federal government will not permit its law enforcement authorities to participate in protecting its border with Mexico despite the havoc illegal immigration has wreaked on that State. Other States have encountered the same response.

America’s older generation, covered by Medicare, will discover that panels of bureaucrats will determine the extent of the health care they can receive. They will discover as those in England’s health system that the wait to be admitted to a hospital can result in death.

The younger generation will suffer as well. As Paul T. Conway, the president of Generation Opportunity, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that seeks to mobilize young adults who are dissatisfied with the status quo to create a better future for themselves, has said:

President Obama’s health care law stands as one of the largest tax increases in American history. It will be paid by young Americans whose dreams and plans for the future have already been derailed by failed policies that have denied their access to full-time, meaningful jobs in their chosen career paths.”

“Young Americans,” said Conway, “know they will pay the true costs of President Obama’s legislation—over a trillion dollars more in federal spending, more waste and fraud, increased American debt, and the inability to keep or choose healthcare plans that best suit their needs as individuals.”

Young, old, and all other Americans will wake now to an America that they have not known, nor ever conceived could exist; a nation in which the rule of law no longer is a guarantee of the Constitution’s limits and separation of powers.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

Only the voters can save America now – Washington Times

Only the voters can save America now – Washington Times.

Washington has broken with concept of self-governance

By Dr. Milton R. Wolf – The Washington Times

The Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling on Thursday cuts right to the very fabric of the relationship between a once-limited government and a once-free citizen, but the eternal struggle between liberty and tyranny endures. It is a beginning, not an end.

As enormously important as the high court’s Obamacare ruling is – and it’s huge – it’s not the final word. The legal and political dust has not yet settled, and it will take some time for the unpredictable ripples to form the powerful waves of history. Yet, history waits for no man, so we begin by asking: What now?

First, we mourn. We mourn that a nation built on the principle of limited government has grown the largest government in the history of humankind. We mourn that our Supreme Court rewrote Obamacare into Obamatax to allow for the individual mandate. We mourn that once again we read the lips of a president who promised he would not raise our taxes but did so anyway. We mourn that Washington no longer rules with the consent of the governed.

But this mourning, as appropriate as it is, must be short-lived. This struggle for our liberty, this struggle to abide by the principles of our founding begins anew. We can no longer trust that Washington will save the great experiment of self-governance that is the United States of America. Just as it has always been, the fate of our republic rests in the hands of the voters.

It’s now down to this: If Barack Obama holds the White House, and if Democrats win control of either house of Congress, then Obamacare will be unstoppable, and America will become the United States of Europe. We will have sacrificed our freedom and our exceptionalism for the false promises of the government-centered society. The 2012 election just became infinitely more important.

As the adage goes, Americans get the leaders we deserve. That our generation even allowed America’s fate to rest in the hands of nine men and women who upheld a law antithetical to the concept of limited government and individual freedom is a testament of our lost way. It’s time we stop hoping for better leaders and start becoming better citizens. It’s time we deserve better leaders.

Obamacare was forced upon us by 219 representatives, 60 senators and one president. Simply put, their time in office must end. As I’ve said before, politically speaking, we must level their cities and salt their fields. The barren wastelands of their once-promising careers will be a stark reminder to future would-be statist politicians who are willing to betray the will of Americans and break the covenant of our Constitution.

Only the voters can save America now.

Dr. Milton R. Wolf, a Washington Times columnist, is a radiologist and President Obama’s cousin. He blogs at

The Liars Have Triumphed – Tea Party Nation

The Liars Have Triumphed – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare confirmed that lies have triumphed over the Constitution.

It also is a reminder that the Supreme Court is a political entity and a human one. Only the Justices who dissented from the majority decision on Obamacare were willing to take the heat. The majority ruled that the individual mandate under the commerce clause was unconstitutional, but gave Obamacare life as a tax.

It was always a tax, but President Obama repeatedly told Americans that it was not until his administration’s lawyers went before the Supreme Court and admitted and argued that it was a tax. The lawyers on the Court agreed, the majority in effect saying that there is no limit to the ability of Congress to tax Americans.

As reported: On the losing end of a 5-4 decision, Justices Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito said that the entire health care reform law should have been struck down.

They wrote: “The Act before us here exceeds federal power both in mandating the purchase of health insurance and in denying non-consenting states all Medicaid funding. These parts of the Act are central to its design and operation, and all the Act’s other provisions would not have been enacted without them. In our view it must follow that the entire statute is inoperative.”

Obamacare is a blow to state’s rights as sovereign republics.

A fellow blogger, writing under the pseudonym of J.D. Longstreet, warned that “The lesson here is — don’t play around with socialism. You cannot win. It kills its host country every time.”

Not since the Civil War and the more recent 9/11 has America faced a darker day. That day killed nearly three thousand Americans. Today, the fate of more than three hundred million Americans has been sealed. This is particular true of older Americans who, if the law is not repealed, will learn to their dismay that they cannot have essential medical care if bureaucrats conclude it is too costly. Others will die waiting to be admitted to hospitals to mitigate cancers and other life threatening diseases.

It is a death sentence for them. It is a death sentence for America.

There is the prospect that Mitt Romney may secure election to office and that the Republican Party may secure control of the Senate as well as the House. Without question Obamacare along with the economy becomes the central issue of the months leading up to Election Day.

Not a single Republican voted for Obamacare 820 days ago.

The House will vote on a full repeal of Barack Obama’s health care law during the week of July 9, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said Thursday morning. The scheduling of another repeal vote came less than an hour after the Supreme Court upheld the health care mandate.

This is, however, purely symbolic. The bill will not be taken up in the Democrat-controlled Senate. It would be vetoed if sent to Obama.

Too many with whom I have talked believe that the same Americans who elected Obama in 2008 will reelect him in 2012. He lied his way into office then and it is entirely plausible he will do so again.

America will not survive him if he is reelected. He is truly the Manchurian candidate sent to destroy America.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

ObamaCare Ruling: Washington Overrules the Constitution and the American People. Again – Tea Party Nation

ObamaCare Ruling: Washington Overrules the Constitution and the American People. Again – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Seton Motley

For the American people, the Constitution means a great deal.  For Washington, we were once again today reminded that the Constitution means very little.

Five Supreme Court Justices today decided to not impartially rule on the case – i.e. execute their solemn Constitutional charge.  They instead decided to serve as five more ObamaCare lawyers – and create a brand new argument to unConstitutionally “justify” the ObamaCare mandate.

Team ObamaCare never argued before the Supreme Court that the individual mandate was a tax.  The President and Team ObamaCare rigorously asserted it wasn’t a tax.  There is twenty pages in the ObamaCare law that says it is a not a tax, but a nebulous power nebulously given to Congress by the abused and stretched-beyond-Reality Commerce Clause.

So where did these five Supreme Court Justices find this ObamaCare mandate “tax” “justification?”  Only in their own fevered minds.

The Supreme Court today propped up the unConstitutional ObamaCare law by lending it the now further tarnished imprimatur of Supreme Court approval.  It is in November again up to the American people to remind Washington that the Constitution matters.  And that we are a nation of laws, not of men taking egregious liberties with their Constitutional charges.

The big day – Tea Party Nation

The big day – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Today is the big day.  In a couple of hours, the Supreme Court will announce the long awaited Obamacare decision. 

 The Court will take the bench at 10 AM Eastern Time and will have a few matters before it gets to Obamacare.  Since it seems likely that the decision is being written by Chief Justice John Roberts, it looks like it will be the last decision announced.

What will happen?

 No one knows for certain, other than the Justices and a few of their staff, what the decision will be.  I’m going to go out on a limb and make a couple of predictions.

 The most important part of the law is what we call the Individual Mandate.   That is the order that we must all buy Obamacare Insurance.  Kiss it good-bye.  It is gone.

 The five conservative Justices greeted that law with skepticism when it was argued and it seems to have gone down hill from there.   Some of the liberals were not too thrilled with the Individual Mandate either.  Both Breyer and Sotomayor seemed skeptical as well.

 The Individual Mandate will go down.  It will be either 6-3 or 7-2 to strike down the individual mandate.

 With the Individual Mandate gone, what happens to the rest of the bill?  In legal terms that is called severability.  Law makers try to put provisions in bills like this that say if one portion of the law is struck down the rest of the law survives.

  That is true to a point. 

 The Justices have to decide among other things, if the portion of the law that was struck down, in this case, the Individual Mandate, is so crucial to the law itself, the rest of the law cannot survive.

 Obamacare is going to be totally struck down.  The decision will probably be 5-4 though it could be 6-3 with Breyer going with the conservative majority.

 Why would it be struck down?

 It is the law of the Path of Least Resistance.

 If the Supreme Court strikes down the Individual Mandate but leaves the rest of the law intact, they would then have to go through that massive bill, all 2700 pages of it and specify which parts of the bill survive and which parts are struck down as a part of the Individual Mandate.  There are also other parts of the law, such as the Medicaid expansion that could also be struck down.  The more parts of the law that are struck down, the harder it is to justify the remainder of the bill surviving.

 During oral arguments, Justice Breyer hinted at this, indicating he had not read the entire 2700 page bill. 

 If the entire 2700 page bill is struck down, the Justices do not have to go through the bill, line by line, deciding what remains.  Such a decision also wipes out the entire second round of Obamacare litigation that is coming, including the Catholic Church’s lawsuits on religious freedom grounds. 

 Justices and Judges are like anyone else.  Offer them the easy way or offer them the hard way, they will choose the easy way.

 Lawyers say, “Bad cases make bad law.”  Sometimes bad laws make good cases.  This could happen though it is unlikely.

 In a perfect world, the Court would use this as an occasion to overrule Wickard v. Filburn, the 1942 case that stretched the Commerce Clause of the Constitution beyond all recognition and gave the Federal Government the power to do many of the things it is now doing.

 By overruling Wickard, it would set the stage for a massive roll back of the power of the Federal Government.  Regrettably, I don’t think there are five Justices on the Supreme Court who would agree to do that.

 The most pleasant surprise from today would be overruling Wickard.  However, I expect it to be a good day and I will be on the steps of the Supreme Court at 10 ready to spike the football to celebrate the triumph of freedom and liberty over the tyranny of Obama and his Party of Treason.