“Threatening the left” – some background of my own – Tea Party Nation

“Threatening the left” – some background of my own – Tea Party Nation.

I just enjoyed reading Judson Phillips‘ blog of today, “Threatening the left”, in which he expressed support for Marco Rubio and myself.  http://www.teapartynation.com/forum/topics/threatening-the-left

 I’m honored that he would even talk about me in the same blog with Marco Rubio.

 It was especially comforting in light of the abuse I’ve experienced this week from the drooling “useful idiot” loons of the left, even to the point of posting a photo of me online and receiving veiled death threats.

 It was particularly poignant to me, because I was born in Miami in 1948 and lived my first 31 years there. I would have voted for Marco Rubio, if I’d still been living there when he ran for office, and would definitely vote for him today if he ran for President. I think he’d make a great one.

 Growing up down there, I gained first hand experience with, and sympathy for, the people who fled Cuba and Castro in the early ’60’s.

 I was there during the “Cuban Missile Crisis“, and later, a co-worker who was retired Air Force told me that our country was literally sitting there with the ICBM doors open, something I imagine not many Americans ever realized.

 Yet now we have a President who has abandoned the Monroe Doctrine and allows missiles to be placed in Venezuela, and aimed a the United States, and which could receive nuclear warheads when Iran goes nuclear, at some time in the near future.

 I had a summer job while in high school, at an anodizing company, where the plant manager had been a medical doctor in Cuba and had given that up to come to the United States to be free. Freedom is a powerful thing and I truly believe that most people yearn for it.

 I heard so many horror stories about the totalitarian socialist regime in Cuba, the “socialist paradise” that trendy U.S. Marxists like Michael Moore and his Hollywood limousine liberal friends like to visit, that it sickens me when I see someone wearing a “Che Guevara” t-shirt. Do they even realize that Che may have personally killed as many as 17,000 Cubans, that he said there was no need of trials to determine someone’s guilt, and that he was a rabid racist who despised black people? This is no hero they wear on their t-shirts, anymore than Mao, who killed an estimated 70 million Chinese people.

 Judson said to me yesterday, that, “when the left goes after you like this, you are a real threat to them”, but I replied to him that I’m no threat to anyone, I’m nobody. Just an individual who still supports freedom. I think that the real threat to the left is the Tea Party movement itself, which they’ve been doing everything within their power to lie and smear out of existence since its inception. Why?

 Because I think the Tea Party movement is the only thing still standing between socialism and their century-old global domination agenda. The only thing, and with the majority who are good, decent freedom-loving Americans standing with us.

 We’re the ones who would agree with the words of Cuban patriot Jose Marti, who said:

 “La libertad no es negotiable.”  ( Liberty is not negotiable. )

 And that terrifies them.

 Viva Cuba libre!

Tea Party Represents America, Not Occupy Wall Street – Tea Party Nation

Tea Party Represents America, Not Occupy Wall Street – Tea Party Nation.

For years, I have been impressed with this young man I see working at Walmart retrieving shopping carts in the parking lot. He is challenged, I suspect from birth, with physical issues involving an arm and a leg. I saw him leaving work one evening in his car. While I do not know his living situation, I do know he has a job and drives what I assume is his own car.

 Looking at this young man hobbling around doing his job, one could think, “Why isn’t this poor soul home collecting disability?” He obviously prefers the dignity which accompanies earning his own money. Thus, the reason for my utmost respect for him.

 Then, I look at the Occupy Wall Street despicable mobs; spoiled brat college students, America hating Marxists, paid professional protesters and plain old lazy bottom feeders, all demanding freebies while claiming ownership of the fruit of other folk’s labor. And the left expects me to respect and sympathize with these parasites.

 The liberal media, the left and the Obama administration are trying to convince us these ignorant arrogant Occupy Wall Street knuckleheads represent the thinking of most Americans. If their premise were true, we would be in deep, deep trouble as a nation. Fortunately, these mobs are NOT a majority.

 Like parents who are in denial protecting a juvenile delinquent child, the left is doing everything in their power to portray these violent, destructive, anti-Semitic and ungodly Occupy Wall Street thugs in a positive light. Meanwhile, the left remains relentless in their quest to slander the tea party with false undocumented accusations of racism and violence.

 The Tea Party movement which is driven by “We The People” is the polar opposite of the George Soros and far left organizations funded Occupy Wall Street assault on Capitalism and America. How dare they compare their low rent “trashy movement” to the dignified Tea Party.

 As a Tea Party activist/performer who has traveled on five Tea Party Express national bus tours, I have attended over 300 tea parties. I can assure you the well-informed, hard working and decent people who attend tea parties represent the thinking of a majority of Americans, not the Occupy Wall Street mobs.

 While Occupy Wall Street participants trash, vandalize and disrespect public parks and government buildings, we tea party patriots leave our rally sites the way we found them or cleaner. The Tea Party is inspired by love for America and a desire to follow our Constitution. It is also in rebellion of political correctness and about restoring values and principles which have made America great. Tea Party goals are far superior to Occupy Wall Street which proclaims, “You rich guys have too much and we’re takin’ it!”

 Occupy Wall Street is nothing more than a vile orgy of class envy, covetousness and hatred of achievers.

 You Occupy losers need to get a clue, a life and a job!

 Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

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Lloyd is singer/songwriter of theAmerican Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin

Mitt Romney: Unfit to be President – Tea Party Nation

Mitt Romney: Unfit to be President – Tea Party Nation.

 It is no secret that most people in the Tea Party movement do not like Mitt Romney.  The flip-flopping ex Massachusetts governor is the poster child for pandering politicians who will say anything to get elected.

 Why is Romney unfit to be President?  Is it because he is a RINO?  Is it something else?

 In 2005, the liberal Romney enacted strict new clean air regulations, which were going to take effect on January 1, 2006.   This was a Massachusetts version of Cap and Trade.  The Romney administration even issued a press release to that effect.

 One of the people Mitt Romney consulted while making his decisions on regulations was a guy named John Holdren.  Holdren was a professor at Harvard, which is everyone’s first clue he is a liberal nut.

 Holdren has written a number of books expressing his whacky ideas.  First he believes in de-developing the United States.  That is right. He wants to undevelop the United States.  He believes in taking American resources, diverting them to third world countries while creating a “low-consumption” economy in America.  That is a nice way of saying he wants to destroy the American standard of living and make us as poor as those third world countries.

 But wait, this only gets better.

 He has called for the mass sterilization of Americans.  That’s right; Americans would be sterilized whether they wanted to or not.  He proposed adding a “sterilant” to the drinking water or food of the population.  Who was the last guy who called for mass sterilization?  I believe it was Hitler. 

 Holdren believes our American constitution allows for compulsory population laws, including forced abortions for those who are discovered violating the law. 

 Holdren also wants American sovereignty surrendered to a global authority that would have the power to enforce these idiotic laws.  Because that United Nations thing where third world dictators rule is working out so well, isn’t it?

 None of these ideas of Holdren’s came out in the last five minutes.  Holdren’s views are well known and a cursory search of his background comes up with this and much more. 

 Knowing all of this, can someone please explain why Mitt Romney thought this guy was a good guy to be one of his environmental advisors?  Come to think of it, can anyone please explain why Romney would think this guy was qualified to advise on anything?

 Since Holdren is a leftist lunatic who hates America, he fit right in with the Obama regime, and Obama made Holdren his science czar. 

 What kind of Republican thinks that consulting with someone who advocates forced abortion, forced sterilization and the forced “De-development” of America is a good idea? 

 Seven out of the nine major Republican candidates would be appalled by the idea of having an advisor with these obscene, Obama like beliefs.  Romney has already made his views known, as I cannot find any record of Romney denouncing Holdren.  Jon Huntsman is too busy making 5 star hotel reservations to express an opinion.

 The fact that Mitt Romney would even consult with someone like this disqualifies him to be a Republican.  To call Holdren’s beliefs repugnant is an understatement.  They stand against liberty, freedom and everything that Republicans stand for.

 Mitt Romney’s judgment and core beliefs are absolutely lacking.  He is not fit to be a Republican nominee.  He is not even fit to be a Republican.  He should leave the race immediately, but we know he won’t. 

 We the People need to let Mitt hear our voices.

The battle has begun – Tea Party Nation

The battle has begun – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on October 14, 2011 at 8:34am in Tea Party Nation Forum

With the Occupy movement spreading, thanks to the funding from the hard left groups, it is time for America to realize what we are up against.

 The polls show the very real possibility that Obama will be a one term President. The Senate will more than likely go Republican, making the Democrats a permanent minority in the House of Representatives. It is no shock that the left is fighting back and they are fighting back hard. 

 In cities across the country, groups have simply showed up and taken over parks and other public spaces.  The most visible is New York where Zuccotti Park has become ground zero.  It has also become an open sewer and an open-air drug market. 

 This morning was supposed to be a showdown between New York Authorities and, as Opie of the Opie and Anthony show called them,  the “filthy hippies.”    Brookfield Properties, the owners of the park, asked for assistance from the New York Police Department as they were going to go in and clean Zuccotti Park.  

 In the last month, the park has become unsanitary as people use it as an open-air latrine.  At the last minute, Brookfield backed down and announced they would not clean the park and would not ask the police for help in pushing the OWS anarchists out while they cleaned.   Why would Brookfield not have the park cleaned?  About a week after OWS started, another Brookfield company received a $168 million loan guarantee from the Obama regime.  This latest development makes me wonder if Brookfield received something else from the Obama regime.

 The difference between the Tea Party and the Occupy movement could not be more clear-cut.   When Tea Parties had rallies, permits were obtained, rules were complied with, Tea Party groups properly brought either their own generators or paid for electrical connections and frequently received complements that Tea Party groups left a place cleaner than when we arrived.

 The Occupy movement has broken numerous laws.  They trespass on private property, they violate laws and rules on tents, tarps and do not provide their own facilities.  Instead they expect to mooch off of others.  Hundreds have been arrested across the country.

 We all knew the left would not go quietly into political oblivion.  The left never voluntarily surrenders political power.  They will try to keep it by any means it can.  Conservatives love freedom and liberty.  The left worships power and big government. 

 Not only does the left worship power, it cannot tolerate any disagreement.  Liberals actively hate freedom because when people are free, government cannot control them.  For liberals it is all about control.  From telling us what we can eat to what we can do with our money, or time or even what we are supposed to think, liberals want to control everything. 

 The battle has begun.   This is the ultimate battle for freedom.  This is not just an election, though the election is a huge part of this battle.  Freedom has been knocked back on its heels and it is time for freedom to fight back.  We not only have to destroy the Obama regime at the ballot box, we have to do it in such a manner afterwards that never again will we see such a threat to freedom from liberals.

 This battle does not end with the election.  We must crush liberalism.

 I have a dream.  My dream is that we elect a conservative President that will rip liberalism out of government root and branch and that we the people so totally crush liberalism that in 2020, after eight years of a conservative President, we have the best election in American history.  In that election, a conservative Republican will face off against a conservative Democrat.  By 2020, my dream is that liberalism will be so disgraced that no one in their right mind would advocate liberalism and that for at least a couple more generations, we can be free of the threat of tyranny from the left.

Academics Dub Tea Partiers Devout, Racist – Tea Party Nation

Academics Dub Tea Partiers Devout, Racist – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Sherry Phillips on September 4, 2011 at 12:59pm in Tea Party Nation Forum

The Washington Times has an article out today discussing how those in academia see all of us.

 From the Times:

 Two years after it burst onto the political scene, the tea party is getting a critical eye from political science academics who say the movement generally is populated by knowledgeable and religiously devout voters, but they are hypocritical and more likely to be motivated by “racial resentment.”

 Gathering this weekend in Seattle for the annual American Political Science Association convention, several professors argued that tea party Republicans are more likely than other voters, and even than most others in the GOP, to harbor racial hostility, as judged by their answers in a broad pre-election survey administered in October 2010.

 “Tea Party activists have denied accusations that their movement is racist, and there is nothing intrinsically racist about opposing ‘big government’ or clean energy legislation or health care reform. But it is clear that the movement is more appealing to people who are unsympathetic to blacks and who prefer a harder line on illegal immigration than it is to other Americans,” wrote Gary C. Jacobson, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, in his paper “The President, the Tea Party, and Voting Behavior in 2010.”

 Okay, if you read the entire article, they say that we are better educated, registered to vote, contribute to campaigns and are wealthier than the average Republican, however, we harbor more of a resentment toward Obama than the mainstream GOP which makes us racist. Never once do they consider that it is Obama’s socialist agenda we are against and objecting to this country’s accelerated march toward socialism and that has nothing to do with the color of Obama’s skin.

 Most of us love Hermain Cain and Allen West and would gladly campaign for either one of them so they could reside on Pennsylvania Avenue. They are conservative and hold conservative values. But don’t let facts cloud your judgement academics. Keep telling yourselves we’re all racist. It probably plays well in your collegiate cocktail parties, but most of America’s not buying what you’re selling.

 The article also states we’re against illegal immigration. Well, yes, we are. What part of the illegal did you miss? Not only is it “not okay” to cross a country’s borders and stay there without permission from that country’s government, it is against the law. We have laws for a reason. Every time you hear a politician say they want immigration reform it is code for let’s give these people amnesty and forget they’ve broken our laws. Heck, they’re already here anyway.

 That’s like the owner of a store telling the thief, “Well, you’ve already taken the 60″ HDTV and Stereo system. Go ahead and keep it!” Like that would ever happen.

 What about all of the people who entered this country legally? Who did what they were supposed to, filled out their paperwork and studied to become citizens? It is as though the academics and politicians are saying, “Suckers! You played by the rules and obeyed our laws! You’re chumps!”

 I’m tired of the liberals portraying us as racist and I’m tired of progressive lies and stupidity. They should be called on it at every opportunity.

Tea Party Express V: Black Activist Not Lynched! – Tea Party Nation

Tea Party Express V: Black Activist Not Lynched! – Tea Party Nation.

Lloyd Marcus



Rep. Andre Carson, Congressional Black Caucus member said some in Congress would “love to see us as second-class citizens” and “some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me … hanging on a tree.”

 Despite members of the CBC attempting to rally the black and white guilt votes via despicable false charges of racism against the tea party which includes a ridiculous claim that the tea party wishes to see blacks lynched, the tea party continues to grow.

 We are winning!

 As a black tea party activist overwhelmingly embraced by my fellow patriots across America who are white, I boldly proclaim the CBC to be a vile bunch of race baiting thugs who have sold their souls and the well being of black America for a seat at their progressive Massa’s table of liberalism.

 I am on my fifth Tea Party Express national bus tour. Every tour feels like a family reunion teeming with hugs from old and new patriots.

 This is why I am so angered by the CBC’s sleazy evil efforts to disparage the decent hard working good people who are active in the tea party.

 The liberal media are culpable in their support of assisting the CBC to drive a stake into the heart of the relationship between black and white Americans.

 When one of us kids supported wrongdoing, my dad use to say, “You may not have participated, but you held the Devil’s coat”. The liberal media is without a doubt holding the CBC’s coat; offering very little criticism of a CBC member’s over-the-top inflammatory claim that the tea party wants blacks lynched.

 And, the liberal media has the audacity to wonder why mobs of black youths are attacking whites around the country. In their reporting about the “flash mobs”, the liberal media refuses to mention the elephant-in-the-living room racial component; that the mobs are blacks attacking whites.

 The liberal media dignifies the CBC’s unfounded allegations of racism by constantly pressuring the tea party to prove them untrue. The burden is not on the tea party to prove we are not guilty. We must not and will not allow racist divisive evil scoundrels to call the shots.

If God be for us, who can be against us.” Romans 8:31

 Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Co-Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Please help me spread my message by joining myLiberty Network.

Lloyd is singer/songwriter of theAmerican Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin


Its time for an “American Fall.” – Tea Party Nation

Its time for an “American Fall.” – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on August 29, 2011 at 7:39am in Tea Party Nation Forum

All year, we have heard about the “Arab Spring” in the Middle East.   The “Arab Spring” was the story of the masses coming out into the streets and demanding massive changes in our government. 

 We have had an American Spring.  That was in 2009.  In the spring of 2009, Americans poured into the streets demanding change.  This was the birth of the Tea Party movement

 Now it is time for an American Fall.

 When Americans first went to the streets with the Tea Party movement, there was shock and outrage.  We realized a full fledged socialist had been elected President, along with a self admitted Socialist as the Speaker of the House and a totally corrupt Socialist as the Majority leader of the Senate.

 That was then.

 Americans have gotten used to the Socialist in the White House.  The idea of deficits that run in the trillions are no longer shocking.  They are now the norm.  Millions out of work?  That’s a norm too.

 Congress has changed some.  The self avowed Socialist Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House.  Now, we have perhaps the most worthless Republican who could have been selected as Speaker.   

 But as we roll into this fall, things are changing and it is time for an “American Fall.”

 The Super Committee, the by product of the disastrous deal that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell gave us, is going to start meeting.  Though it is evenly split 6-6 between Republicans and Democrats, the Democrats loaded their side of the committee with hard left, tax, borrow, spend and hate America types.  In short, your typical Washington Democrat.   The Republicans are split all over the place, including at least one who will reach across the aisle and compromise by giving the hard left everything they want, including massive tax increases, massive defense cuts and protection of cherished liberal spending projects. 

 Unfortunately, other than Michele Bachmann, it is hard to see any of the current crop of Presidential candidates standing strong on fiscal issues.  Mitt Romney might lead John Boehner on a race to see who can surrender first. 

 It is up to we the people, once again.

 It is time for an “American Fall.”

 It is time for the Tea Party groups to get back in the game.  Since the fall of 2009, big Tea Party rallies have been few and far between.  No more.

 We need to put the fear of the people into Congress.  The Super Committee is going to make its report by Thanksgiving and Congress has a choice by Christmas.  Either go along with the Super committee recommendations or automatic budget cuts kick in.  The budget cuts would not be bad in themselves, but half the budget cuts come from defense.  The budget cuts in defense have gotten so bad that even far left Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has warned there can be no more Defense cuts.

 The left has said the Tea Party movement is dying and fading away.   Many of the “sunshine” Tea Partiers have gone back to their TV’s, computers and couches. 

 The Tea Party needs to rally for another battle.  The left knows they will lose 2012.  Obama will be a one term President.  The GOP is going to take over the Senate and their majority in the House will expand.  This is their last chance to push the massive tax hikes through that they have wanted.  The Democrats know that if they can push these tax hikes through, they will have enough strength left in the Congress to block in tax cuts.

 That is why the Tea Party must create the American Fall.  This is socialisms’ last gasp. 

 It is time for the American Fall.  Who is with me?

More civility from the left – Tea Party Nation

More civility from the left – Tea Party Nation.

Congressman Frederica Wilson is a nut.  She is a liberal congressman from south Florida.  Last night she held a town hall meeting about jobs but instead turned it into political forum where she announced, “the real enemy is the Tea Party.”

 Wait, what about that new tone of civility?  Apparently, that only applies to conservatives.

 Also present to throw in their two cents was the Congressman from hell, Maxine Waters and the head of the racial shakedown racket, Jesse Jackson

 Perhaps it is time for a reality check.

 The real reason we have the highest unemployment since the Great Depression is because of policies Congressmen Wilson and Waters supported. 

 There is a term for clowns like them.  Failures.  The expression epic fail was invented specifically for people like them.

 Maxine Waters rants and raves about the Tea Party, but perhaps she should be more concerned with her own ethical lapses.  Waters is facing a trial in the House on charges she tried to aid a troubled bank where her husband owned stock. 


 For those of us in the Tea Party Movement, I think it is time for the gloves to come off.  These clowns like Wilson and Waters want to say stupid things, then I say we answer them. 

 Every time Maxine Waters opens her mouth, we should remind everyone that she has been voted one of the most corrupt members of Congress, not once but twice by the liberal Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.  She even got Congress to fund the “Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center.”  Not only is she corrupt, she has an ego about the size of California. 

 Waters has been accused of improper conduct, if not corruption in regard to her husband and family.  According to the LA Times, from 1996 to 2004 Waters’ relatives made more than a million dollars by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that Waters had helped.  In addition, she arranged meetings with officials of the Treasury Department so the bank, where her husband was a shareholder and a director, could get Federal Bailout money.    The bank received $12 million under the TARP program.

 One thing the left understands is being pushed back.  They are like 5th grade bullies, only with less class and less intelligence. 

 Someone needs to tell Frederica Wilson’s constituents the real reason they are unemployed is the policies she supports and the policies of the Party of Economic Self Destruction.

 Someone needs to remind those people, “the real enemy is Frederica Wilson, Maxine Waters and all of their liberal friends.”

 Here is the video.

Tea Partiers Sound An Urgent Alarm – Jeff Jacoby – Townhall Conservative

U.S. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts

Traitor - Liar

Tea Partiers Sound An Urgent Alarm – Jeff Jacoby – Townhall Conservative.

THE FIRE HALL next to my in-laws’ house in northern New York State has a siren that can be heard for miles. “Loud” doesn’t begin to describe the sound it makes: a shrill, relentless, piercing wail that is impossible to ignore — and that can be extremely upsetting for anyone who isn’t used to it. There’s good reason for that. None of the rural towns in the area has a professional fire department, so when a fire breaks out, the siren is needed to summon volunteers. The urgent blast of that siren (which sounds like this one) used to terrify my younger son, who would hide under a bed when it sounded, and angrily tell us afterward how much he hated it.

In the recent clamor over the federal debt ceiling and the Standard & Poor’s downgrade of US Treasury bonds, the Tea Party has been that fire hall siren. Fiscal conservatives, mostly but by no means only Republican, have been sounding an alarm that can come across as strident and uncompromising. And a lot of liberals have been angrily telling us how much they hate it.

But hating the Tea Party for being so insistent and single-minded in its focus on cutting spending is like hating a fire hall siren for calling attention to a potentially devastating blaze. And blaming the S&P downgrade on Tea Party-backed House Republicans makes about as much sense as blaming a raging fire on the 911 dispatcher.

Worse than pointing fingers at the Tea Partiers, however, is when a government official demands that they be frozen out.

Speaking on MSNBC the day S&P lowered its credit rating on US debt from AAA to AA+, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry called on the media to blackball the Tea Party and its message.

“What we had was a group of people who are completely unaware, or didn’t care about the consequences of their actions,” Kerry claimed. It is typical of him to attribute opposition to Democrats’ policies to ignorance or bad faith; shortly before the 2010 tsunami that handed the House GOP its greatest triumph in 60 years, Kerry seethed that voters were yielding to “know-nothingism” and rejecting “truth and science and facts.” Now he wants the views he rejected then to be silenced, and the press to do the silencing.

“The media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it,” Kerry said. “It doesn’t deserve the same credit as a legitimate idea about what you do. And the problem is everything is put into this tit-for-tat equal battle and America is losing any sense of what’s real.”

Kerry — who is one of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s appointees to the debt deal’s “super committee” — has been in the Senate since 1985. He is an entrenched member of the bipartisan Beltway establishment that has overseen the explosion of federal spending and debt that the Tea Party was born to resist. It is perfectly understandable that he would push back against the conservative insurgents’ agenda, which he characterizes as “cutting, cutting, cutting.”

But he ought to have the intellectual honesty to acknowledge that the Tea Partiers are not “absurd” to focus on budget cuts and entitlement reform — not when federal outlays have more than doubled (from $1.8 trillion to $3.8 trillion) in a decade. Not when entitlement payments are eating up two-thirds of the US government budget. Not when Washington has to borrow 40 cents for every dollar it spends. And not when (as a result) the US debt burden has ballooned from 40.3 percent of GDP in 2008 to an alarming 72 percent this year — and growing.

In explaining its downgrade, S&P did not call for the higher taxes that Kerry and many Democrats seek. Instead it said that the debt deal “fell well short” of the deficit reductions needed, that it provided only “modest savings” in discretionary spending, and that Congress was unwilling to curb Medicare and other entitlements, which is the “key to long-term fiscal sustainability.” That sounds an awful lot like what the Tea Party has been saying — except that the tea partiers were raising the alarm well before S&P got involved.

Kerry is under no obligation to like the Tea Party’s style. He does have an obligation to contend responsibly with its arguments. A fiscal fire is burning, and reasonable people can differ on how best to quell it. But this much ought to be clear to anyone: Silencing the siren will accomplish nothing.

Shocker: Axelrod Blames the Tea Party – John Ransom – Townhall Finance

Shocker: Axelrod Blames the Tea Party – John Ransom – Townhall Finance.

One week after Democrats drove us to the brink of default because they wouldn’t cut the U.S. budget deficit, White House officials tried to blame everyone from ratings agencies to the Tea Party for the economic woes they created.

The worst Treasury Secretary in our history, Timothy Geithner told a TV audience on Sunday: 

“There is no risk the—the United States of America would ever not be in a position to meet its obligations,” according to Business Insider.

Um, Tim. Where have you been the last month?

Tim Geithner then also blasted the rating agency S&P for downgrading U.S. debt, saying they showed “terrible” judgment; that they didn’t understand “basic U.S. fiscal budget math.”

Um, Tim. Where have you been the last two years?

The statement that S&P doesn’t understand “basic U.S. fiscal budget math” is so far out of touch than I wonder if Geithner even knows how to add or subtract. The economic results that Geithner and company have given us, tells us that at the very least the math the White House is using isn’t working. 

Remember: This from the guy who predicted in the spring that there was virtually no chance that any rating agency would downgrade U.S. debt at anytime.

The real problem here is that Geithner is once again showing which side doesn’t understand the “basic U.S. fiscal budget math.”

Or any other math for that matter.

Here’s some more math that Obama and Geithner doesn’t understand:

Gasoline prices are at $3.673 per gallon versus $2.776 a year ago.

Unemployment is at 9.2 percent officially. Real unemployment is over 16 percent, not budging much from its peak of 17.4 percent despite record-shattering government spending.

Housing prices are still declining despite a much ballyhooed month-over-month increase in June of .01 percent. The average home price is now at $138,000 versus the $202,000 peak price.

The debt-to-GDP ratio is now over 100 percent for the U.S. It was this ratio more than any other that sealed the downgrade of U.S debt. Geithner knows this.  At a time that rating agencies were warning that unless the U.S. significantly cut its debt, that a downgrade was inevitable, the administration, lead-or mislead- by Obama and Geithner  put together a debt deal that made sure that debt-to-GDP went up, not down.

Since the debt deal was announced the stock market has been a record losing streak, staunched by mixed trading on Friday. And nothing Geithner said over the weekend is going to give the markets confidence for the week. 

It’s not just the debt deal that’s math challenged though.

Government economists have been forced to revise downward employment and growth estimates over the last few months. The recession isn’t officially on, but psychologically it’s on enough to spook the markets, sap consumer confidence and start a capital strike.   

In short, this economy has a headache, and it’s got Geithner’s and Obama’s name written all over it.

To make matters worse Geithner, who told the White House that perhaps he was leaving after the debt deal was sealed, has decided that he’s going to stay after all.

Thanks Tim. Where have you been the last few months?

Predictably, Former White House senior adviser David Axelrod blamed the Tea Party movement on Sunday for the debt downgrade, which show that the White House isn’t just math challenged but maybe having group LSD flashbacks. 

The S&P ratings moved downward because the debt deal didn’t go far enough in S&P’s estimation, which is exactly the position the Tea Party took on the issue. So at least in the estimation of professional rating agency that has 150 years experience, the Tea Party is right and the White House is wrong.

Geithner knows this and that’s what has the White House so mad.   

The White House has now blamed the Tea Party for the debt downgrade, racism, global warming, terrorism, SUVs, the coal industry, illegal immigration, incivility and obesity.

By my math, that makes the Tea Party 100 percent OK with me.