Israel’s armed school playgrounds – Tea Party Nation

Israel’s armed school playgrounds – Tea Party Nation.

Jack E. Kemp

When I visited Israel in the 1990s, I recall walking by a Tel Aviv grade school that had a man carrying an Uzi submachine gun, standing guard over the children at play outside. Yesterday Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs had a photo of an Israeli woman grade school teacher carrying a rifle slung over her shoulder as she accompanied her children outside the school. As Pamela’s caption reads, in Israel, they provide (armed) protection. In the US, they provide condoms.…

There was a time in the frontier West when most women knew how to load and shoot a gun. Many women in the South were and are also adept with guns. Come to think of it, the left is always making an issue of women in the military being given greater combat related assignments. Here is a combat related assignment in the home guard,” a mission that any mother or woman acting in place of a mother can relate to: protecting the lives of her children.

This liberal fantasy of a “gun free zone” around schools invites every mentally unstable person to use it as a target range.Banning LEGAL guns will not stop the banning of ILLEGAL guns by criminals and the insane. As others have pointed out, European countries, with their strict gun control laws, have not stopped massacres. And there are other ways to kill people, readily  available without a license, that can be used to kill people. At the very least, children seeing an armed teacher will not be taught how to be victims in school but rather the opposite.


Florida Teacher’s Union Sues over Merit Pay – Tea Party Nation

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Florida Teacher’s Union Sues over Merit Pay – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Dr. Rich Swier

If teacher’s do not want to be paid based on merit, then what do they want to be paid for? Teachers hold their students accountable and promote them to the next grade level based upon merit, don’t they?

Why shouldn’t teachers be evaluated and paid based on merit?

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, “Sarasota teachers joined with the statewide teacher’s union Wednesday in legal action against a new law that links teacher pay to student performance and ends tenure for new teachers.”

What this is all about is collective bargaining.

Now here is an interesting statement from Christine Mayer, a Sarasota elementary school teacher, “I’m there to teach the child. They’re there to learn. Now I have yet more hoops that I have to jump through that violate my constitutional rights.” It appears Christine does not know what is in the U.S. Constitution or the Florida Constitution. There is no constitutional right to not being evaluated, nor to have collective bargaining. The Florida legislature can give and take away collective bargaining, as was done in Wisconsin.

This lawsuit is to try to get the courts to keep unions in power, a secondary issue teacher’s being held accountable. When political pressure fails then sue and hope the courts rule in your favor. I know, you union members are thinking let’s have every government worker’s union sue to not be held accountable for their job performance. But wait that is already embedded in NEA, AFT and SEIU negotiated contracts.

Samuel L. Blumenfeld, in his book “Is Public Education Necessary?“, lists five myths about public education:

Myth 1: Public education is a great democratic institution fundamental to America’s prosperity and well-being.

Myth 2: Public education is necessary as the great equalizer in our society, bringing together children from different ethnic, social, racial, and religious groups and molding them into homogenized Americans – which we are all supposed to want to be.

Myth 3: Public education provides the best possible education because we are the best possible country spending the most possible money.

Myth 4: Neighborhood schools with its cadre of dedicated teachers and administrators belongs to the community and is answerable to it through an elected school board.

Myth 5: Our society cannot survive without it – that is, public education and all the people who run it.

Experience has shown us these are truly myths. According to Justin Pope, education writer for the Associated Press, “SAT reading scores for the high school class of 2011 were the lowest on record, and combined reading and math scores fell to their lowest point since 1995.

Wayne Camara, College Board vice president of research, said recent curriculum reforms that pushed math instruction may be coming at the expense of reading and writing — especially in an era when students are reading less and less at home. We’re looking and wondering if [more] efforts in English and reading and writing would benefit” students.”

I believe in an educated public, however, I have lost confidence in our public education system. Especially when I see teacher’s unions not wanting teacher to be evaluated on their merit. Parents, teachers and students must come first, not unions.