NUGENT: Four more years of debt and class warfare – Washington Times

Ted Nugent Live

Ted Nugent Live (Photo credit: The Toad)


NUGENT: Four more years of debt and class warfare – Washington Times.


D.C. pigs at home in the capital swamp


By Ted NugentThe Washington Times


We have fallen far and fast.


Instead of electing a serious-minded, proven professional, America went once again with a guy whose most impressive qualification is that of a questionable “Chicago” community organizer. I don’t mean Chicago in a geographic sense.


President John F. Kennedy would have been appalled. Instead of asking not what our country can do for us but what we can do for our country, in just 50 years since Kennedy uttered that famous phrase, it appears that a majority of Americans now demand that their country do for them. It’s America turned upside-down.


We have decayed into a nation of gluttonous, soulless pigs who feast on whatever Fedzilla provides by taking from one group of Americans (the producers) and giving to others (the takers) who haven’t earned it and don’t deserve it.


Alexis de Tocqueville, the famous French thinker who visited America almost 200 years ago, saw the dangers of our experiment when he wrote, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”


There you have it, America. The pigs have come home to wallow in the mud of the Washington swamp, and we have a group of professional political punks — master scam artists — who are all too happy to shovel more slop while advocating that the producers should be punished further by raising their taxes and restricting entrepreneurs with business-wrecking overregulation. And you thought “Planet of the Apes” was a movie.


This is where America is today. Too many Americans have become entitlement chumps who have been convinced by Democrats and other liberal scammers that they are entitled to the sweat and hard work of other Americans. Free cellphones aren’t free. Food stamps have become vote-getting extortion vouchers.


Couple that sense of entitlement with the abject stupidity of basic free-market principles by Mr. Obama’s supporters, and it isn’t surprising to me that Mr. Obama was given four more years to wage class warfare, drive our nation into more unsustainable debt, and institute policies that put Americans out of work and cause energy prices to skyrocket.


I’m not nearly as surprised with the outcome of the presidential election as I’m disheartened and disgusted that my fellow Americans can be this woefully uninformed, easily manipulated and thunderously ignorant. I’ve got a rotting fence post smarter than these mouth breathers.


If you voted for Mr. Obama, you are thunderously dumb and incredibly naive. Believe it. For your intentional ignorance, you will ultimately pay a heavy price that you are obviously too ignorant to understand. Your children and grandchildren will pay an even heavier burden. America will pay the heaviest burden. Thanks for nothing, numbskulls.


Mitt Romney was by far the better candidate, though he may not have been as “cool” or likeable as Mr. Obama. Electing our leaders based on their likeability factor is slightly less amusing than listening to “Say It Ain’t So, Joe” Biden stick his foot in his mouth.


Twenty years ago, the results would have been different. America wasn’t nearly as stupid back then as we are today. The presidential election proves that the dumbing down of America is complete.


The cultural tapestry of America is changing with more people of color inhabiting America and voting. I have no issue with that. What I have issue with is anyone believing he is owed something without working for it and a president who agrees. That’s considered un-American by the roughly 50 percent of us smart enough to have voted for Mr. Romney, the far better choice.


Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing)


DANIELS: I won’t just shut up and sing – Washington Times


DANIELS: I won’t just shut up and sing – Washington Times.

America still a land of free speech

By Charlie Daniels

Because I’m part of the Nashville music community, my mostly conservative views do not make me the anomaly or oddity I would be in the more urbane entertainment capitals. As many of my compatriots expound the value system of God, family, country and work just as I do, and as I tend to spend my off time among a mostly blue-collar crowd, I have very few face-to-face confrontations.

Most of my more vocal critics tend to hide behind Twitter avatars and email names, and most of them make ridiculous assumptions, such as if you oppose Obamacare, you want to sit back and watch all the poor people in the nation die, or if you want to see sanity at the border, you hate all Hispanics.

A while back, there was a lady who just couldn’t understand why I don’t think it is my obligation to pay for her contraception, as if it were an American woman’s right to assign her responsibility for getting pregnant to somebody who didn’t even participate. In my book, if you’re going to play, it’s your place to pay, and if she wants to stand at the door of a men’s room at a service station and hand out coins for the boys to use in the condom machines, that’s her business. I’m just not going to give her any quarters.

Sometimes I’ll receive valid, courteous questions about why I feel the way I do about certain issues. I respond in kind, and there is potential for constructive conversation. There are always two sides to every story, and nobody is wrong all the time, with the possible exception of a few people on Capitol Hill.

Of course, I ignore the “I hope you drop dead with an incurable virus” kind of comments because responding only fans the flames, and you may as well try to reason with a cement mixer.

Some people really seem to think they’re insulting me when they call me a redneck, but I don’t think those people even know what an honest-to-goodness redneck is. You see, a redneck is not somebody riding around in a pickup truck shooting at road signs with a handgun and throwing empty beer bottles on the side of the road. Where I come from, a redneck is just a hardworking man who gets up before the sun does and spends the day working outside, getting the back of his neck rosy in the process. I happen to think those folks are the salt of the earth, and I’m honored to be considered one.

I’d say one of the most appalling things about America today is the lack of original and informed opinion, as some of the most vocal of the amateur pundits quote verbatim something they’ve heard or read. When they’re asked to explain, their position fades away into cyberspace, and they’re unable to put up even a cursory defense of something they’ve stated vehemently just a few moments before.

I am not a man of letters and have no claim or ties to academia, no degrees and actually feel extremely blessed to have made it through high school. But my opinions are all my own, based on 75 years of experience and what I call cowboy logic, which is 2 plus 2 is always 4, water never runs uphill, and if there’s smoke, there’s a fire somewhere.

I personally believe that man-made global warming is an international scam; I happen to think the United Nations is an anti-American, corrupt and toothless debating society that has violated its charter and its very name, for that matter; and I’m firmly convinced that the Southeastern Conference is the greatest football organization ever instituted by mankind.

So you probably can see where I have a few detractors.

With all her wrinkles and warts, the United States of America is still the most exciting place in the world. Waking up in a nation where every day a cure for cancer, a workable biofuel or a mind-numbing discovery at the bottom of the sea could be announced is unparalleled. We live in a place where a new technology or computer chip could propel the economy into hyperspace all over again, and that can’t happen just anywhere.

This is a place where diversity makes us colorful but unity makes us strong, and when we reason together, it becomes stronger still.

Let your voice be heard. I know I’m going to.

Charlie Daniels is a country music legend and author of “Ain’t No Rag” (Regnery, 2003) and “Growing Up Country” (Flying Dolphin Press/Broadway Books, 2007).


Where in the world is Al? – Tea Party Nation

New Black Panther Party

New Black Panther Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where in the world is Al? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

What ever else you want to say about Al Sharpton, he is no fool.  He has taken his racial huckstering to a major league art form.  You would think after the Tawana Brawley fiasco in the 80’s, Al would have been quietly retired. 

 Instead he came back from that career ender and remains on the far left national stage.

 He was one of the first and most vocal of the activists to jump on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon. 

 Suddenly, like the deck chairs of the Titanic, he has disappeared.

 From the Daily Caller:

 On Easter Sunday the Rev. Al Sharpton, an MSNBC host, broke a major promise he made to those supporting him and the family of slain teenager Trayvon Martin: He didn’t show up in Sanford, Fla., to “occupy” the town.

 On March 26 Sharpton vowed to “occupy” Sanford over Easter weekend to show support for Trayvon, the 17-year-old black teen who was shot by Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on Feb. 26.

 “We’re going to have a full blown occupation of Sanford with tents and everything over Easter weekend until [authorities] either arrest George Zimmerman, or arrest us for praying for his arrest,” Sharpton told ABC News about two weeks before Easter.

 On Easter weekend, however, Sharpton is nowhere to be found in the central Florida town. Instead, according to his Twitter feed, he’s in Harlem.

 “On my way to MSNBC to do the Melissa Harris Perry Show live at 11 15 AM EST,” Sharpton said in a tweet on Easter morning around 10:30 a.m. “Then I preach the Easter services at St. Lukes Baptist in Harlem.”

 Sharpton also spent Saturday in Harlem, according to his Twitter feed. “I speak at the Saturday Action Rally at the House of Justice,” Sharpton tweeted around 7 a.m. on Saturday. “Tune in live from 9-11 AM EST at”

 The “House of Justice” is located in Harlem.

  Anyone wonder why Al is not in Florida?  If I had the choice between New York or Florida, well that is the mother of all no brainers.

 So why isn’t Al in Florida?

 As I said, he is no fool.  He sees where this is going.  He is jumping ship now before he has another Tawana Brawley mess on his hands. 


 Anyone with half a brain sees how fast the Trayvon Martin mess is going south.  The evidence is slowly coming out and it is looking pretty convincing that George Zimmerman acted in self-defense. 

 While the racists like the New Black Panther Party continue to circle this mess, some of the people with brains are realizing this story does not fit the narrative they want to push and realize this is going to back fire on them.

 While George Zimmerman has other things to worry about right now, including the grand jury presentation which should come back as self defense and worrying about whether one of those racist nut jobs associated with the New Black Panther Party is going to come and try to administer street justice, he probably has a lawyer with a tally board already looking at who is going to be named in the lawsuits.  NBC, CNN and ABC should already be lawyering up.   For Al’s employer, NBC, the only question is going to be how big the check they will be writing George Zimmerman is going to be.

 Al Sharpton maybe a huckster but he is no fool.  He has been down this road before. 

 Soon both Al and Trayvon Martin will be swept down the memory hole.

Obama’s AttackWatchDotCom Campaign and Snitch Website – Tea Party Nation

Obama’s AttackWatchDotCom Campaign and Snitch Website – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Greg Jevnikar

Not satisfied with, the Obama campaign and propaganda machine along with the Party of Treason now has a special webpage for their community to report smears and attacks against theirDear Leader, President Barack Obama, & their entire hopenchange cause:

 Get the facts, fight the smears …… Join Attack Wire

This past week while President Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama  was on the campaign trail vigorously peddling his “Save Obama’s Job Act” in Virginia, Ohio and in other states. Meanwhile, his campaign handlers and webmasters brought a new campaign website live. It has caused a mild ruckus. ‘Ruckus’ is a noisy and unpleasant disturbance. The website apparently designed to allow people to respond to accusations regarding
Dear Leader “inadvertently gave the public a campaign-approved outlet to mock him in 140 characters or less,” said @AdamBaldwin on twitter.

Tweeters, using the hashtag #AttackWatch and the Twitter address @AttackWatch, from across the country have responded with a vengeance unleashing TEA Party level outrage, sentiments, and frustrations with the current occupier of the White House, his administration, his policies, and the for the most part, the Reid-Boehner led ‘do-nothing, go-along to get along’ Congress.

Here is a representative sample of the more outstanding and exemplary tweets that I personally came across among the vast responses all addressed to the President or his new campaign website,

What is being said on Twitter:

 Some very serious subject matter:
·     Public Servants are making me buy health insurance and say that If I don’t they’ll jail me.
·     Someone told me the stimulus didn’t keep unemployment below 8%. That’s not true, is it?”
·     GE did not pay taxes on 14 billion dollars.
·     I heard Uncle Omar said bad things about you when he had to spend time in jail for DUI, illegal status.
·     Taxpayers had $528 million stolen from us by Solyndra.
·     Is it true that Saul Alinksy, Cloward and Piven, and Frank Marshall Davis would be sooo proud of you?
 Some just hysterically funny matters:
·     My neighbor took ALL his food stamps and bought Rush Limbaugh‘s Two If By Tea with it.
·     I saw 6 ATM’s in an alley, killing a job. It looked like a hate crime!
·     I just parked my private jet in a handicap space, left it running & bought lemonade from little girls in yard w/o a permit!
·     How many people do I need to turn in to get the AttackWatch hoodie? What I really want is the Obama bobblehead!
·     I’m also a proud member of Obama’s enemies list just make sure you spell my name right!
·     I just laughed at someone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker. I’m self-reporting myself.
What alternative media is saying:
. commented:
“One movie buff referenced the current Obama scandal over a bankrupt solar energy company that received federal loans: “Solyndra Green is people!”
“Watching the attacks has proven to be a favorite pastime for conservatives. We’re guessing the Obama campaign staff isn’t laughing.”
. reported:
“In an opinion article published in the International Business Times, Nadine DeNinno argues the site is pointless, saying it is counterproductive and has become a laughingstock.
“The website has become simply an instrument used by opponents to rail the president by conservatives, using it as their personal punching bag,” she wrote. “The people who monitor the site will be quite busy, as Attack Watch only warrants more attacking.”
.A tweet from @FoxieNews:
Interestingly, while I was writing this piece, tweeter @FoxieNews just reported me … I thanked her, it saved me from self-reporting!
A prediction:
I made a prediction earlier in the week that would be pulled by this weekend to end this fiasco. Surprisingly, as of noon Saturday it was still up and running. Will this obstinate President refuse to accept America’s  sarcastic rebuke? Or will it be have to be November 2012 that his vicious Attack (on America during his) Watch finally ends?
GregJaye writes for where this article was first posted.

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