EDITORIAL: Obama’s foreign policy bombs – Washington Times


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EDITORIAL: Obama’s foreign policy bombs – Washington Times.

Tehran draws closer to its goal of obtaining a nuke

Is the Islamic regime in Tehran building a nuclear weapon or not? A recent statement from the Secretary of Defense suggests that it definitely is not, yet at the same time probably might be. This is the latest indication of Obama administration Iran policy in disarray.

On “Face the Nation” last Sunday Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta asked and answered his own question regarding Iran. “Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No.” This was an oddly definitive statement regarding Iranian intentions. Several analyses from the intelligence community have been strictly equivocal, looking only at what Tehran is doing and not conjecturing on why they are doing it. If Mr. Panetta is correct that Iran is not trying to develop a nuclear weapon, then there is no problem.

The latest report from the International Atomic Energy Agency concluded that “Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device.” Though this seems to contradict Mr. Panetta’s blanket assertion, the secretary qualified his remark by saying, “we know that they’re trying to develop a nuclear capability, and that’s what concerns us.”

The distinction between “building a nuclear weapon” and “developing a nuclear capability” has been floating around the liberal policy establishment for several years. Its proponents believe that what Iran seeks to do is have all the parts necessary to make a nuclear weapon without crossing the threshold of actually assembling and testing one. This allows those who previously denied that Tehran had a nuclear weapons program to cling to the hope that an Iranian bomb is not inevitable, despite evidence to the contrary. Mr. Panetta said that “our red line to Iran is, do not develop a nuclear weapon.” Having the parts to build the bomb, however, is apparently OK.

Any country serious about building a nuke isn’t going to agree to make the components without at least assembling and testing them. A nuclear weapon is a complex system that must be tested to verify it can work. Iran is, after all, the country that feels the need to Photoshop pictures of its missile tests to make them seem more impressive. The idea that it would be able to slap together a nuclear weapon in the midst of a crisis and successfully use it is not credible.

Unassembled weapons have little deterrence capacity. In fact, they may even have the opposite, destabilizing, effect. A rational actor would be more likely to mount a first strike against an enemy with an A-bomb in kit form than against either an enemy lacking a nuclear weapon or one with an established second-strike capability. The disassembled nuke is the worst of both worlds for Tehran, since it demonstrates proof of intent but gives them no ready deterrent. If they had the parts to build a bomb, they would be foolish not to put them together.

Mr. Panetta’s statement is both an excuse to not take action and a plea to Tehran not to force America’s hand by testing a nuclear weapon. They must be closer to the bomb than most people think.


For the common defense. – Tea Party Nation

For the common defense. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on October 12, 2011 at 11:10am in Tea Party Nation Forum

Under the Obama regime, America’s military has not only but cut, it has been gutted.

 You know things are bad when a liberal Democrat, even if he is the Secretary of Defense, comes out and says the Defense Department cannot take any more budget cuts and still do the job of defending the nation.

 From The Hill:

 The Defense secretary said the supercommittee trigger for more Pentagon spending cuts could do “catastrophic damage” to national security.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta blasted the supercommittee mechanism that would trigger across-the-board spending cuts to the Department of Defense, calling it “mindless” and saying it had the potential to do “catastrophic damage” to national security. Panetta said Congress shares responsibility for the country’s defense strategy with the executive branch, and that to allow the blanket cuts would be an abdication of its responsibility. “We must prevent the disastrous cuts from the mechanism built into the Budget Control Act, known as sequester,” Panetta said in a speech Tuesday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

 “This mechanism would force defense cuts that could do catastrophic damage, double the number of cuts we confront, and damage our interests here and around the world,” he continued. “It’s a mindless approach of drastic cuts to both defense and domestic discretionary accounts.” 

 If the Defense Department is cut the way many in the Party of Treason want it cut, one of the biggest casualties could be the all-volunteer force. 

 When the draft was abolished in 1973, the military became all volunteer.  In order to get quality recruits, incentives were offered.  Now those and the quality volunteers could be gone too.

 From the Washington Times:

 Looming defense budget cuts not only threaten new weapons, ships and planes, but also endanger the all-volunteer force itself.

The Pentagon has been able to attract high-quality recruits by offering a buffet of financial goodies: free college education, lifetime pension checks after 20 years of service, and access to low-cost health care for retirees.

But analysts warn that projected defense cuts of $1 trillion over 10 years would force the Pentagon to curtail such inducements, which would weaken its ability to attract sufficient high-quality personnel for the 2.2-million-strong active and reserve force.

On the table: higher health care premiums and a shift of the military’s guaranteed pension benefits to an investment-based 401(k)-type of retirement savings plan.

John Raughter, spokesman for the 2.4-million-member American Legion, said the nation’s largest veterans group is increasingly concerned about how deep reductions will affect recruitment.

“It is a major concern to us,” Mr. Raughter said. “When you start tinkering with Tricare [the military’s health care system] and the military retirement systems, it’s basically a slap in the face. The system is basically saying your service tomorrow is not as valuable as our service was yesterday.

“If you start making the military retirement plan like the 401(k), which people can get in the private sector, well, it goes to follow that more people will choose the private sector,” he said. “It puts the all-volunteer force into serious jeopardy. It’s removing incentives to join when we probably need more people.”

 There are not that many things the Constitution specifically calls the Federal Government to do but the top of that list is to provide for the common defense.  The Party of Treason has for years wanted to reduce the American military to an insignificant force. 

 If the Supercommittee does not reach agreement, which it does not look like it will, the automatic budget cuts will cripple America’s military.

 John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.  Would you two geniuses please remind is again why this plan was such a good idea?

Defense cuts coming home to roost – Tea Party Nation

Defense cuts coming home to roost – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips on August 28, 2011 at 2:38pm in Tea Party Nation Forum

Bill Clinton blew the peace dividend.  George Bush did not do much to correct the problem.  Barack Obama has gutted defense to the point where we have a hollow military.   

 The talk of America being the only superpower is now ending because another superpower is emerging and taking advantage of our foolishness.

 From the Hill:

 Conservative lawmakers and analysts are seizing on the Pentagon’s finding that China is “closing the gap” with other militaries to criticize the Obama administration’s plans to pare U.S defense spending.

The critics say the president does not fully grasp the Asian giant’s global ambitions.

“The [Pentagon’s] China military power report acknowledges China’s insatiable desire to become a ‘world class economic and military power’ as it advances toward transforming its military into a dominant regional force by 2020 and an unrivaled international power by 2050,” House Armed Services Readiness subcommittee Chairman Randy Forbes (R-Va.) said.

 Forbes then turned his sights, in a veiled way, on plans to trim at least $350 billion from U.S. military budgets between 2013 and 2023.

“There is no question that China is rapidly closing the technology gap and striving to challenge the United States’ military prowess — there is a question, though, of whether the United States will simply cede its global and military leadership role to a nation with uncertain intentions, but known disregard for human rights, basic freedoms, and democratic institutions,” Forbes said in a statement.

In its annual report to Congress, released Wednesday, the Pentagon acknowledged that China’s military is “steadily closing the technological gap with modern armed forces.”

Speaking to reporters that afternoon, Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense for East Asia Michael Schiffer said Beijing’s buildup could end up being a “destabilizing” force in the Asia-Pacific region.

As part of its military buildup, China is expected to increase its defense spending by nearly 13 percent over last year’s amount. That will continue its years-long trend of annually increasing military spending.

Beijing, over the next decade, will field a number of combat systems that are “on par with” or will “exceed global standards,” Schiffer said.

This is what happens when we elect Socialists.  The world is a bad place and while America should not be the world’s policeman, we must remain strong.

 The only place the left ever wants to see budget cuts is in the defense budget.    Unfortunately, what the left never seems to realize is that there are evil people in this world who will take advantage of someone when they are weak. 

 Instead of wasting all of the money Obama and the Party of Treason are blowing on pork, how about we spend money on something the Constitution actually mandates that the Federal Government spend money on.

 That would be the common defense.