Obama’s Youth Vote—Not This Time – Tea Party Nation


Obama’s Youth Vote—Not This Time – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

In 1956, Adlai Stevenson was campaigning for the presidency a second time and stopped by the campus of the University of Miami. I was asked to join the line of students who got to shake his hand. Suffice to say I was utterly clueless as to who he was and what the election was all about. I was 19 at the time, Eisenhower was President and on his way to a second term. I was a sophomore in every sense of the word.

In those halcyon, post-war years the economy was booming and students could look forward to finding jobs and beginning their careers. Some of us were subject to the Draft in which we gave two years to service in the armed forces after college, but it was understood that this was a debt we owed our nation.

It is very different for today’s college students and graduates.

In an August 1 Wall Street Journal column, Daniel Henninger noted that a WSJ-NBC poll indicated that “enthusiasm for the election among voters aged 18-34 is sloping downward, from above 60% when Mr. Obama was new to below 50% now that he is known.”

“Whatever change the youth vote had hoped for then, the most compelling delta in their world since is the rate of non-employment for those aged 18 to 24, which has risen nearly 16%. A study compiled recently by the Associated Press, based on academic surveys, said the combined rate of youth unemployment and underemployment was an astounding 50%.”

Does anyone seriously think those young people who do rouse themselves to vote are going to stick with Obama?

Generation Opportunity is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that seeks to engage younger Americans, generally 18-29 years of age, “who find themselves dissatisfied with the status quo and willing to create a better tomorrow.” And who does not, at this point, want a better tomorrow?

An April 16-22 poll that Generation Opportunity commissioned revealed the following information:

77% of young people ages 18-29 either have or will delay a major life change or purchase due to economic factors:

o 44% delay buying a home;
o 28% delay saving for retirement;
o 27% delay paying off student loans or other debt;
o 27% delay going back to school/getting more education or training;
o 26% delay changing jobs/cities;
o 23% delay starting a family;
o 18% delay getting married.

Just 31% of 18-29 year-olds approve of President Obama’s handling of youth unemployment. More than two-thirds of this age cohort is very unhappy with Obama.

Generation Opportunity’s president is Paul T. Conway, a former chief of staff of the U.S. Department of Labor and former chief of staff of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. “Today’s unemployment number is another indicator,” said Conway, “of the far greater, more fundamentally devastating, and still under-reported story impacting young Americans.”

“For nearly three and a half years, young Americans have experienced historically high unemployment levels—levels that are among the highest since the end of World War II—that tell the story of millions of delayed dreams and careers of the next greatest generation.”

On August 3rd, Generation Opportunity reported that millennial unemployment was at 12.7 percent in July. For African-American youth (18-29) the rate was 22.3 percent. For Hispanics it was 14.0 percent, and for women it was 12.6 percent.

In 2008, many—like other Americans—this generation was excited to vote for the first Afro-American to become President and by his message of hope and change.

They were energized as well by the use of the Internet to secure their campaign contributions and organized to help his campaign. They are the most “connected” generation in the history of the nation thanks to advances in communications technology.

The Internet has become the great engine of capitalism, but Obama is the antithesis of capitalism. He has done everything in his power to crash the economy and the younger generation knows it because they have been disastrously impacted by his policies.

Daniel Henninger wrote “The youth vote this time comes down to one thing: is this candidate going to plug me into the new American world, or not? The Obama presidency has knocked four years of earning power off a lot of people’s lives. Maybe someone should create a website for user reviews of the presidency.”

The youth vote—if they vote—includes a lot of young people living at home with their parents, unable to find a job, saddled with college loan debt, and no doubt deeply unhappy with Barack Hussein Obama. They have many reasons to vote for Mitt Romney, a successful venture capitalist.

© Alan Caruba, 2012



EDITORIAL: Obama’s goofy green gas – Washington Times

EDITORIAL: Obama’s goofy green gas – Washington Times.

If algae were the answer, turtles would rule the road

President Obama says there are no “silver bullets” that can shoot down gasoline prices that have skyrocketed from $4 a gallon to $5. Nevertheless, he’s seized upon algae – his fuel of the future – as a solution. It may be inventive to turn turtle food into gas, but until turtle shells sport racing stripes, America’s drivers are likely to prefer petroleum products to power their rides.

“We’re making new investments in the development of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel that’s actually made from a plant-like substance, algae – you’ve got a bunch of algae out here,” Mr. Obama told an audience at the University of Miami on Thursday. “If we could figure out how to make fuel out of that, we’ll be doing all right.” He boasted that 17 percent of U.S. oil imports could be replaced with biofuel manufactured from slime that grows on turtle ponds.

With access to boatloads of taxpayer cash, the Obama administration addresses every energy problem with a “green” solution. The Pentagon ordered the Navy to purchase 450,000 gallons of algae fuel for jet-fighter training exercises this summer. Rather than pay $4 a gallon for conventional jet fuel, though, the service must shell out $16 a gallon for green gas.

In the meantime, one Navy supplier, Solazyme, has begun to steer away from biofuels and toward beauty products and nutritional supplements in order to survive. Uncle Sam sunk $22 million in stimulus cash into the San Francisco-based company to construct a biofuel factory in Louisiana. With gas prices hovering in the $3 range until the recent spike, the firm wasn’t able to turn a profit, posting a $15.6 million loss in the last quarter of 2011.

Mr. Obama has poured taxpayer funds into other trendy technologies, but failures have outweighed successes so far. Colorado-based Range Fuels, which received $162 million in federal and state loans for production of cellulosic ethanol, proved a spectacular disappointment. The company built a new factory in Georgia to produce up to 100 million gallons of ethanol from wood chips. The firm didn’t produce a drop of marketable fuel before going bankrupt in January 2011.

Mr. Obama shovels our money into chemistry experiments like algae and wood chips while giving short shrift to reliable, affordable energy sources. The Keystone XL pipeline, blocked by the president, is a 1,700-mile silver bullet that would shoot a million barrels of crude per day from Canada to Texas refineries. On Monday, the White House hailed plans to complete a short section from Oklahoma to Texas, unwilling to admit that if one section of the pipeline would be welcome, the entire length would be a godsend.

Mr. Obama’s frequent claim that “we can’t drill our way out of the problem” is an unacceptable excuse for holding back a flood of petroleum that could ease the burden of energy costs on American consumers. As gas prices continue to rise, the White House should relent and trade green gas for black gold.

The Washington Times

Lower Than Pond Scum – Tea Party Nation

Lower Than Pond Scum – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

Lower Than Pond Scum - Tea Party NationBetween 1955 and 1959 I was a student at the University of Miami. It was perhaps the best four years of my life and remembered fondly for its combination of fun and learning. On Thursday, February 23, President Barack Obama was on the UM campus to tell the biggest bunch of lies about energy in America I have heard compressed into a single speech.

This President has already set records wasting taxpayer’s money on a range of so-called clean energy and renewable energy “investments”. Solyndra, the solar panel company that went bust and stuck taxpayers with a half-billion in loan guarantees is just one of those “investments” and I keep waiting for someone to ask why public funds are being flushed down the toilet when, if the companies involved were viable, they could not raise private venture capital?

“And we’re making investments in the development of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel that’s actually made from a plant-like substance known as algae,” said the President. “Believe it or not, we could replace up to 17% of the oil we important for transportation with this fuel that we can grow right here in America.”

All politicians put the best face on their pet projects, but to flat-out lie about one of the most idiotic ideas to replace oil when this nation has enough oil, domestically and offshore, known and estimated to exist, defies the imagination. It is an insult to every one of us. And Obama wants to pump $14 million into algae, otherwise known as pond scum.

It is very likely that, like the solar panel and other “clean energy” scandals that we know about and will learn about as time goes alone, the average American is unaware that, by 2008, there were fifteen (15) algae startup companies. When I heard Obama talk about algae, I could practically hear the campaign fund-raising bundlers scurrying like rats from company to company.

To those of you not intimately and well informed about algae, it is that organic stuff that gathers in ponds and swamps and, in aggregate, is politely called “plant-like organisms that are usually photosynthetic and aquatic.” It is scum. It has no roots, stems, or leaves. It is scum.

In a marine environment it is called seaweed. Algae have chlorophyll and can manufacture their own food through photosynthesis. Algae, the scientists tell us, produces more oxygen than all the plants in the world in addition to being an important food source for marine creatures as diverse in size as shrimp and whales.

The notion that millions would be “invested” to turn algae into fuel ranks just above the idiocy of converting thousands of acres of corn into ethanol instead of food.

Barack Obama has been lying about so many things for so long I doubt he even knows when he is lying or even cares. It’s not enough to dismiss this saying that all politicians lie because many do not. Some in Congress right now are desperately trying to get the public in general and voters in particular to understand that America has more debt per capita than Greece. We are on the precipice of financial collapse and Barack Obama just wants to spend more and more and more; some of it on pond scum.

During his UM speech, he derided those who have for decades been saying that America has to allow oil companies access to its vast reserves in order to reduce our dependence on imported oil. “We’ve heard the same thing for thirty years,” he said. He’s right. And administrations and Congress have blocked access for just as long. It’s our oil!

He went further, though. “It means that anyone who tells you we can drill our way out of this problem doesn’t know what they’re talking about—or isn’t telling you the truth.” That’s rich, coming from someone who lies almost as often as he exhales. Oil is a global commodity. The more that’s available to the market, the lower its cost. Domestic oil always costs consumers less than imported oil!

The truth is that oil production on federal lands declined last year by eleven percent on lands controlled by the Obama administration and six percent for natural gas in 2011.Oil and natural gas production on federal lands is down by more than forty percent (40%) compared to ten years ago. The Obama administration, in 2010, issued the lowest number of onshore leases since 1984. In 2011, it held exactly one offshore lease sale.

On February 24, one day after the Obama speech, the U.S. Geological Survey released a report on the amount of oil estimated to exist in the North Slope of Alaska. “The amount of oil that is technically recoverable in the United States is more than 1.4 trillion barrels, with the largest deposits located offshore, in portions of Alaska, and in shale in the Rocky Mountain West. When combined with resources from Canada and Mexico, total recoverable oil in North America exceeds 1.7 trillion barrels.

In a 2008 Wall Street Journal interview, Obama’s Energy Secretary, Dr. Steven Chu, famously said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels of Europe.” Anyone who does not believe this administration has a deliberate policy of achieving this goal is just not paying attention. Remember that the next time you fill your car’s gas tank.

This is the same President who stopped the building of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada that would provide more oil for our refineries and not cost the American taxpayer one penny to build. This is the same President who imposed a moratorium on oil from the Gulf of Mexico even after the courts told him to remove it. It caused the loss of an estimated 12,000 jobs while rigs departed for Cuba, Brazil and Mexico.

Between now and November, the President will be out campaigning and telling the same lies. The rise in the cost of oil isn’t just a seasonal thing though prices have usually gone up in the summertime when people travel more for vacations. It’s up because the Iranians are closing in on making their own nuclear weapons and their own missiles to hit, not just Israel, but the U.S. It’s up because it is essential to ensure that the tankers oil-producing nations around the Persian Gulf can enter and exist it via the Strait of Harmuz.

The world isn’t running out of oil and is not about to run out. The Earth floats on an ocean of oil despite the rising demand from Asia and other developing nations. To replace foreign oil with algae-based fuel would require a chemically-controlled tank the size of the State of Colorado, about 69.3 million acres.

In 2010, Obama’s mandated biofuel production was less than ten percent of foreign oil imports. It is impossible for biofuel of any description to replace foreign oil imports; just as it is idiotic to pay $41,000 for an electric car when you can have a gasoline-fueled car for around $16,000.

Pond scum is not a rational substitute for oil and spending $14 million on its production as a fuel is beyond absurd. It is the same confidence game as selling “carbon credits” to avoid the hoax of “global warming.”

© Alan Caruba, 2012