MILLER: When only criminals have guns – Washington Times


MILLER: When only criminals have guns – Washington Times.

D.C. puts rights of bad guys above public safety

By Emily Miller – The Washington Times

In the nation’s capital, it’s a fair question to ask: Who gets the better deal, innocent citizens who want to own a gun, or dangerous criminals? The District’s deliberate policy of releasing criminals back onto the streets shows the liberal city council’s answer has little to do with public safety.

Take the case of Ramad Speight, an admitted psychotic and alleged cop-shooter. He was in custody from March until July 16 when a D.C. judge freed him to travel around the city with a few restrictions. Mr. Speight was under arrest following a shootout with Montgomery County, Md. police that left him shot three times in the torso. The officers had responded to a 911 call about shots fired on the north side of Eastern Avenue, just inside the District line.

According to prosecutors, Mr. Speight stood outside his home, yelled “Game over,” raised his loaded revolver and opened fire on the officers. They ran for cover, but Mr. Speight allegedly kept shooting, hitting one officer in the hand.

Mr. Speight was hospitalized and then held without bond on 11 charges, including having an illegal gun. Public defender Michael Satin petitioned for his release, citing Mr. Speight’s use of antipsychotic medication since June as evidence that he’s now less dangerous. The lawyer added the defendant’s right arm is paralyzed from the shooting, which “reduces his ability to commit a crime in the community.”

D.C. Superior Court Judge Florence Pan, who was appointed by President Obama, released him from home confinement, setting lenient terms that allowed Mr. Speight to leave his mother’s home for school, medical or mental health appointments and court matters. Bill Miller, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, wouldn’t comment on the ruling, but said Assistant U.S. Attorney Allison Barlotta opposed Mr. Speight’s release based on “our belief that he presents a danger to the community.”

This wasn’t an isolated case. The idea to make it easier for judges to hold defendants in jail before trial orginated in then-Mayor Anthony Williams’s administration. In Jan. 2008, Phil Mendelson, then the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, held a hearing on the proposal. The at-large Democrat told the police and government witnesses that he opposed the concept on civil liberties grounds, adding that, “our laws favor release, not detention.”

While violent crime is down nationwide, it’s up 7 percent in the District so far this year. “One of the reasons for that is Phil Mendelson and his policies of the last six years that have put all criminals, including violent criminals, out on the streets pending trial,” said Kristopher Baumann, head of Washington’s police union. “It’s a recipe for disaster.” Mr. Mendelson’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Law-abiding citizens who want to get a gun legally receive no such leniency. The District makes them pay fees, take a written test, travel to police headquarters at least twice and wait 10 days. The bad guys just walk down the street and buy a gun quickly. However, if someone uses an illegal gun to commit a violent crime, all of a sudden the city starts to worry about his civil liberties.

As Officer Baumann said, “Only in D.C. can you shoot a police officer and be sent home to think about what you did wrong, instead of going to jail.” The District needs to reverse its priorities to make the city safer.

Emily Miller is a senior editor for the Opinion pages at The Washington Times.


Murder Most Foul – Tea Party Nation


Murder Most Foul – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

As this is being written it is early Friday morning as the news media saturates us with what I call the “Five Known Facts Syndrome”, repeating the details of the Colorado movie theatre murders reported to have taken the lives of twelve victims with some fifty who have been injured.

We have a selective response to such news, a mixture of grief and anger that such events occur and focused on the fact it has happened here in the United States. That is only natural, but it also ignores the murders occurring throughout the world, whether it is the killing of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria earlier this week or the ongoing slaughter of an estimated 17,000 Syrians by yet another Middle East dictator.

Meanwhile Iran moves relentlessly toward the development of nuclear weapons that, if allowed to be built, will murder millions—first targeting Israel and then most certainly America. All the supposed “diplomacy” and “sanctions” in the world will not deter this predictable outcome.

Whether a movie theatre in Colorado or the attack on an entire nation, it speaks to the madness that exists worldwide, emanating in the Middle East, but which we have seen in Madrid, London, Bali, U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, and culminating in New York and Washington, D.C. on 9/11.

The President is scheduled to speak to the nation before Noon today and is not likely to make mention of the Fort Hood murders on November 5, 2009, but is very likely to call for more stringent gun control legislation at the same time the United Nations has fashioned an international treaty to disarm the world’s citizens and leave them even more vulnerable to tyranny.

The history of “civilization” is the history of warfare and terror. It is the history of individual assassinations that trigger wars or grandiose dreams of continental and worldwide domination.

The most dangerous creatures on Earth are humans and murder occurs daily whether it is an Islamic “honor killing” or the murder of a store clerk during a robbery for a few dollars. In Chicago these days the rate of murders rivals the deaths in Afghanistan. In hard times, the murder rate increases with the levels of desperation. The drug wars are a contributing factor in our nation’s cities.

We live in a nation that has jettisoned much of the moral guidelines that distinguished our society, our culture, abandoning the simple act of a morning prayer in the nation’s schools, the definition of marriage, and culminating in a federal government that sanctioned the “walking” of guns to provision the Mexican drug cartels as a ruse to blame the sale of guns to Americans whose right is established by the Second Amendment.

The result thus far of “Operation Fast and Furious” has been an Attorney General held in contempt of Congress and afforded the protection of “executive privilege” by order of the President of the United States.

Meanwhile, ordinary citizens must submit to humiliating “pat downs” in order to board an airplane while the same government fails to identify an illegal alien running a flight school that trained other illegals to do the same thing that culminated in the 9/11 attack.

The deaths of innocent movie-goers is tragic and dramatic, but the murder of a nation’s economy and the dreams of its citizens to get a college degree without going into debt, hold a job, own a home, run a business, or have a secure retirement, pails in comparison.

The perpetrators of this national murder hold high office, are entrusted to act in our best interest, but instead will exploit this latest tragedy, will slander a political opponent as a “felon”, and will continue their relentless destruction of America.

The international institution, the United Nations, will continue to turn a blind eye to the murder of Western civilization.

© Alan Caruba, 2012


Fred Thompson: I Strongly Support Newt Gingrich for President‏

Dear Friend and Supporter,

I am one of the countless number of Americans who know firsthand that, in this country, a Newt 2012person may be born into modest circumstances, but that he comes into the world blessed in ways that have been unimaginable to the vast majority of people who have ever lived. We are born with the birthright of freedom and opportunity – free to make our own choices about the important things in life and the opportunity to fulfill our God-given potential.

The greatest fear that I have for my country is that our government now has us on a different path. Instead of freedom and opportunity, it is one of debt, dependence division and decline – a path that will weaken our country and sap the vitality of the American people.

I believe that we are at a tipping point, one from which we may not return. To avoid these disastrous consequences, our country needs leadership that is fearless and confident, a candidate who can give voice to the concerns and frustrations of the American people, a candidate who understands – and will never apologize for – American Exceptionalism.

We don’t need to just manage the way Washington works. We need to fundamentally change Washington. We need someone who has the courage and ability to communicate the truth to the American people. Someone who will explain the hard choices that we must make if we are to give our children and grandchildren the same opportunities our forefathers bestowed on us and avoid the fate that other great nations have suffered throughout history. I believe that person is Newt Gingrich. And that is why I strongly support him and his candidacy for President of the United States.

Today there is a very important primary in the Sunshine State, and we have the opportunity to build on this campaign’s momentum with a victory in Florida. The stakes have never been higher, and I’m challenging you to join me in standing with Newt Gingrich by making a donation today.

America needs someone who is able to articulate the message of growth, free enterprise and freedom, someone who knows that bold ideas have preceded every major achievement of mankind – including the United States of America. America needs Newt Gingrich.


Fred Thompson

America’s Biggest Turkey: Barack Obama – Tea Party Nation

America’s Biggest Turkey: Barack Obama – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

The 2012 national elections will be held on November 6 and I naturally want to get out ahead of all the other pundits and their predictions about its outcome. I cannot tell you who the Republican winner will be, but I can tell you that Barack Hussein Obama will be known as a former President.

He has most certainly turned out to be the biggest loser—a turkey—to hold the office of president. I can look back over my writings in 2008 and say “I told you so!” to anyone who voted for Obama.

It was surreal to watch how the mainstream media went out of its way to ignore the fact that there were virtually NO FACTS to cite regarding Obama-the-candidate. Any candidate who had gone to the extent of hiding the ordinary “paper trail” that all of us leave when we attend school, college, serve in the military, acquire a Social Security card, travel, or simply acquire friends and acquaintances, surely had something to hide.

To this day, no one seems to recall being in college with Obama, though he attended Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard. Surely you would think someone would pen a word or two of their memories of him. No student in the classes he taught on the Constitution at the University of Chicago has shared those days. If he dated anyone prior to Michelle, they remain incognito.

Like the fictional Shadow, Obama seemed to be able to “cloud men’s minds” when it came to any recall or inquiry about him.

The appalling performance of the mainstream media to get Obama elected was captured by Howard Kurtz, a columnist for The Washington Post who, on November 17, 2008, reported that NBC News was coming out with a DVD titled “Yes We Can: The Barack Obama Story” and that ABC and USA Today were following suit to rush out a book about the election.

“We seem to have crossed a cultural line into mythmaking,” said Kurtz. “Whew! Are journalists fostering the notion that Obama is invincible, the leader of what the New York Times dubbed ‘Generation O’?” Kurtz asked, “aren’t media people supposed to resist this kind of hyperventilating?”

The confidence I have in my prediction that he will be unemployed as of the afternoon of January 20, 2013 lies in the fact that he has spent the last three years being rebuffed on one policy or another, not the least of which was the Affordable Health Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Rejected by 26 States that brought suit against it, Obamacare’s constitutionality will be addressed by none less than the U.S. Supreme Court; a decision that may come in the spring of 2012. Given the court’s long record of precedents on comparable decision, it’s toast. Recently, in the electoral battleground State of Ohio, voters resoundingly rejected its mandate requiring everyone to buy health insurance under penalty of a fine.

2009 Inaugural Trash
In March 2010 an estimated one million people representing the Tea Party movement marched on Washington, D.C. to protest against passage Obamacare. They were a sharp contrast to the revelers that showed up for Obama’s inauguration and literally left tons of trash in their wake. We have seen this repeated by the Occupy movement participants.
There’s a term in boxing when a boxer has been hit hard enough to make him groggy, “stepping in post holes”, as he staggers around the ring. It seems an apt term for Obama who is finding fewer supporters and defenders beyond the hard core of liberal Democrats.

From promises to close Gitmo to efforts to try Islamic terrorists held there in civil courts, Obama was rebuffed.

Obama’s promises regarding jobs to be created by his “Stimulus” have proved baseless and costly.

On the numbers alone, Obama has been a disaster for America. Obama has presided over the first downgrade in the nation’s credit rating in its history. Federal spending has been the highest (25% of GDP) since World War II. Federal debt (67% if GDP) has been the highest since World War II.

Long-term unemployment (45.9%) is the highest since the 1930s. Those dependent on the government, receiving federal benefits (47%) is the highest in American history.

Obama’s aggressive anti-energy policies are costing jobs from the Gulf of Mexico to the now delayed Keystone XL pipeline and all points in between. Scandals involving the bankrupt Solyndra, a solar panel company and other “green energy” investments and loans are costing him support. This is true as well wherever coal is mined and where they drill for natural gas and oil.

Americans grew tired of his non-stop speeches and gaffs, with or without the Tele-Prompters that became a national joke. Now they must endure a year of his constant campaigning and his non-stop lies about Republicans and everything else.

His penchant for never accepting blame manifested itself in another punchline, “It’s George Bush’s fault.”

In 2010, voters returned power in the House of Representatives to the Republican Party. Does anyone at this point seriously think that these and other factors point to an Obama victory in 2012?

He will be defeated and by a margin that will astound everyone.

© Alan Caruba, 2011

Totalitarian Program ‘Agenda 21′ Now in Effect! – Patriot Update

Totalitarian Program ‘Agenda 21′ Now in Effect! – Patriot Update.

Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level.
George H. Bush

Agenda 21 isn’t coming. It is here. Most don’t know about it. They’ve never heard of it, but it is creeping in the back door right now. So, look behind you. It may already be in your backyard.

What is Agenda 21? It is a United Nation’s program presented and approved in Rio in 1992. At that time American conservatives laughed it off. “This is too crazy,” they said. “Impossible. It will never happen. Not here!” Well, it is happening. It is happening here and it is happening now. Agenda 21 is a totalitarian comprehensive environmental program that, when fully implemented, will direct where you live, how much water you can use, and how and where you can travel.

Agenda 21 is being marketed as a worldwide effort to ensure that all human beings will have access to adequate housing, health care, water and food. Of course this will require a massive redistribution of wealth from prosperous countries to poorer countries. Predictably, capitalistic countries, like the United States, will suffer lower standards of living.

It’s noteworthy that Presidents George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, through Executive Orders, have signed onto Agenda 21. Hundreds more governors, mayors, and county commissioners have also signed on.

Agenda 21 and related programs will eliminate many things we hold dear. These have been declared “unsustainable” and will be abolished. Here are some of them:

  1. All private property rights (property ownership)
  2. All forms of irrigation, pesticides & commercial fertilizer
  3. Livestock production and most meat consumption
  4. Privately owned vehicles and personal travel
  5. Use of fossil fuels for power generation or mechanized travel
  6. Single family homes
  7. Most forms of mineral extraction and timber harvesting
  8. Human population must be reduced to fewer than 1 billion people

It’s not coming from Washington D.C. or state legislatures for the most part. It is seeping in through local city and county governments. Agenda 21 brings with it stealthy code words, comforting words such as “smart growth,” “social justice,” “bio-diversity,” and “sustained development.” You will hear them often. Translated these terms effectively mean total environmental dictatorship and the elevation of the pagan practice of the worship of Mother Earth. Not a joke.

179 countries, including the United States, initially signed on to the Agenda in 1992. Many more have joined since then. It is already in progress in 600 U.S. cities. You can check the list of committed countries and cities at: You can also read the specific programs being implemented.

Agenda 21 is designed to control every aspect of human life on every square inch of planet earth. As a biblical worldview dims in the world man falls to the bottom of the food chain.

If Agenda 21 succeeds animals will become more important than man as will plants and trees. We can already see ample evidence of this process in motion today. Agenda 21’s real message is: “Man is the problem. Nature must be preserved and take precedence. Mother Earth must not be scratched.“

Agenda 21 is just another attempt by man to recreate heaven on earth. David Chilton, in his insightful book Paradise Restored, presents an important historical dynamic. Chilton submits that man, ever since he was expelled from Eden, has tried to get back in. Each time he tries, he creates another hell on earth. Agenda 21 will be no different.

Many socialistic, communistic, and liberal organizations and international leaders are behind Agenda 21 and its related programs. It will take dedication of time and effort on our part to truly understand all the implications of this pervasive program. The investment of time will be worth it.

I encourage you, no, beg you, to learn of this Agenda. Take the time. Think of the world your children will inherit if we don’t stop it and similar assaults on our freedoms.  Do not make the mistake of writing this off as some conspiracy theory. It may or may not be a conspiracy, but it is not a theory. It’s here. Look behind you.

For more information on details concerning implementation of Agenda 21 please check out: (Actual document-40 chapters, 294 pages) (Glenn Beck) (Hannity-Agenda 21 in action).

Sic Semper Tyrannis – Paul Jacob – Townhall Conservative

Sic Semper Tyrannis – Paul Jacob – Townhall Conservative.

The flag and the Great Seal of my home state, Virginia, feature the Roman goddess Virtus holding a spear and a sword, standing tall with her foot on the neck of a fallen tyrant. Below this is inscribed the commonwealth’s motto, the Latin phrase “Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

Sic semper tyrannis is precisely translated “thus always with tyrants.” But “death to all tyrants” is what was commonly meant by the phrase.

Mealy-mouthed, our founders were not.

Indeed, Thomas Jefferson suggested that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Our revolutionary beginnings are inspiring and all, but most sane members of today’s body politic have no desire to bleed or even to make “tyrants” bleed. We’re totally copacetic replacing peaceful vote for spear and sword.

Perhaps that explains why those wishing to rule us (as opposed to represent us) have backed off on their various “gun-grabbing” gambits, while ramping up their attacks on the petition process of initiative and referendum.

Legitimate government is anchored on the consent of the governed. Yet, ours not only lacks popular approval, the men and women pulling the levers are actively trying to cut “We the People” out of the picture.

Except, of course, to shut up and pay our taxes.

From Washington, D.C., to Sacramento, California, to little towns like Boulder City, Nevada, and Monroe, Washington, elected representatives of the people conspire to remove those people’s most effective means of oversight. They block the opportunity for those whom they should serve and to whom they must answer to decide issues at the ballot box.

Why protest Washington, D.C., chapter and verse? Everyone knows that Congress doesn’t represent us, regularly passing laws that a majority of folks oppose. Voters have booted majority parties three times in the last two decades. No change ensued. Today, Congress has set another all-time mark: the lowest public approval. Ever. Twelve percent.

Likewise, President Obama’s approval ratings are drooping. And it’s not simply due to the economy. All rational people now know that the problem with Barack Obama is not that he is “so different,” but that he is so much the same as every other politician. On the biggest new law, ObamaCare, while the candidate understood that “part of what we have to do is enlist the American people in this process,” and passionately promised “the public will be part of the conversation,” the president reneged in full.

Maybe Candidate Obama was pulling our leg. (Not funny.) Or he was recklessly not serious about following through on the promises that so led so many to place in him so much trust. Take your pick.

As the country reels under crisis, no one in the White House or Congress has even stumbled upon an idea that would include the American people more deeply in the conversation, give the voters a small role in decision-making, or, heaven forbid, any sort of check on their representatives’ awesome power.

Sadly, this studied lack of interest in ‘government by the people’ has also found its way to your state capital and even your city, town, village or hamlet.

In Sacramento, California, Governor Brown has already vetoed a bill passed by his own party’s legislators that would “drive up the costs of circulating ballot measures, thereby further favoring the wealthiest interests.” Another bill is now on Brown’s desk that would force people compensated in any way for circulating a petition to wear a sign that reads: “Paid Signature Gatherer.”

A majority of California representatives believe they have a right to slap a sign on a citizen’s chest if that uppity citizen engages in democratic acts legislators frown upon.

“We are trying to take on a giant with one hand tied behind our back,” Democratic Assemblyman Mike Gatto told the Los Angeles Times. The “giant” is the democratic right of Californians to petition issues onto the ballot and counter their out-of-control legislature.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported via headline that “Sen. Loni Hancock acts to thwart Amazon referendum.” is financing a referendum to challenge and place to a public vote legislation that will tax online retailers. Hancock argues, “The initiative and referendum process has increasingly been hijacked by large corporations for measures that would benefit their companies and businesses.”

Wealthy interests can, indeed, leverage the initiative process. But voters ultimately get to decide, and are not tricked like toddlers by TV ads. In 2010, Pacific Gas & Electric outspent its opposition 161 to 1; its ballot measures still went down to defeat. Amazon’s effort, self-interested no doubt, solicits nothing more than a decision from the citizens of California; Sen. Hancock’s goal is to prevent just such a public vote.

You can find the same disdain for citizen input even in small-town America. In this space in January, I told a story of Boulder City, Nevada, where citizens petitioning to place several initiative measures were personally sued by their own city government in an attempt to intimidate them and block a vote. Then, they were sued again after the measures passed.

In Monroe, Washington, citizens are locked in an ongoing battle to gain a simple vote on a measure to stop red-light cameras. Initiative activist Tim Eyman sums up the disrespectful, irresponsible behavior of local officials: “After working tirelessly to obstruct citizens who have attempted to participate in the traffic camera discussion, suing their own citizens, insulting the citizens by offering false choices at the ballot box and finally breaking all ethical boundaries by contaminating the anti-camera committee” by appointing “their pro-camera obstructionist” to it, “the Mayor and City Council’s silence in the wake of this broiling battle has been absolutely deafening.”

It’s not just Monroe. Every time citizens anywhere in the country have voted on such traffic-ticketing cameras, they’ve said, “No!” Yet, politicians in city after city attempt to install the cameras to fleece citizens without their consent. When challenged in this unpopular endeavor, in localities in which citizens enjoy initiative and referendum rights, the politicians work to overturn the applecart of democracy.

Thus it always is, with tyrants.

Irrational Behavior – Oliver North – Townhall Conservative

Irrational Behavior – Oliver North – Townhall Conservative.

WASHINGTON — For most of the year, irrational behavior is a natural state in our nation’s capital. This is a place where potentates and politicians, lobbyists and legislators and the elite and the lowly routinely say and do completely irrational things.

We also have come to expect that irrational behavior takes a brief hiatus when Congress goes home on recess and the president of the United States heads out of town on vacation. This year is the exception that proves the rule. POTUS may be playing golf on Martha’s Vineyard and Congress may be out of town, but this week, irrational behavior disorder — “IBD” for short — went viral, here and around the globe.

The Obama family started the IBD epidemic by setting off on their “working vacation” with two separate U.S. Air Force flights from Washington to the Massachusetts coast, requiring hundreds of military personnel, Secret Service agents and support staff to cancel or abbreviate leave. No one has figured out yet how much this little caper has cost the taxpayers.

On Aug. 20, just as the first family was getting into the swing of things on their little island paradise, Libyan rebels launched their own version of a “Thunder Run” into Tripoli. The Transitional National Council promptly caught a case of IBD and announced it had “liberated Libya from the dictator” Moammar Gadhafi. In Benghazi, the TNC’s “chairman,” former Gadhafi “justice minister” Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, told the international media that the rebels had “captured three of Gadhafi’s sons” and “surrounded Gadhafi’s Bab al-Aziziya palace” in Tripoli and that “escape is impossible.” We also were told, “All of the country will be in the hands of the TNC very shortly.” Turns out it was another case of IBD.

The rebel advance — and the anticipated demise of the murderous Moammar — was briefly celebrated with exuberance in our household. Back in 1987, Gadhafi sent his goons to kill us. Thanks to the FBI and special agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, his thugs missed their prey. We certainly aren’t going to miss him.

As it turns out, our dose of IBD was short-lived compared with the case caught by the White House spin doctors on Martha’s Vineyard. They wanted the American people to focus on the “improving economy.” On Sunday morning, CBS ran a prerecorded interview with President Obama, in which he acknowledged “an unemployment rate that is still too high” and then baldly claimed that the administration has “actually made the right decisions” and that he expects “to be judged a year from now on whether or not things have continued to get better.”

It’s the “continued to get better” part that confirms a diagnosis of severe IBD, compounded by rhetorical euphoria syndrome, or RES. When Obama was sworn in as our 44th president, the unemployment rate was about 7.5 percent. It’s now 9.1 percent. Millions of Americans have lost their homes and are out of work. Some experts say the housing market has yet to hit bottom. American manufacturing productivity continues to drop. U.S. financial and commodity markets are on a roller coaster, and our government’s credit rating has been downgraded.

That’s not exactly what a re-election campaign strategist wants us to be thinking about. On Monday, after British Prime Minister David Cameron announced he was “cutting short” his holiday “to address the crisis in Libya,” the O-Team trotted POTUS off the golf course so he could tell us that “the future of Libya is now in the hands of the Libyan people.” Obama did not mention his March 22 pledge that the military operations he had authorized would be over in “a matter of days and not weeks.”

It turns out that all of this was more IBD and untreated RES. By Wednesday, when Libyan rebels succeeded in their sanguinary fight to capture Gadhafi’s compound in the heart of Tripoli, the despot had disappeared. His palace was looted, but the megalomaniac who ruled Libya and terrorized the world for seven days short of 42 years had fled.

With Gadhafi still in hiding, U.S. officers say depots full of Libyan weapons — including man-portable surface-to-air missiles — may already be in the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. Stockpiles of nuclear materials and precursor chemicals for making nerve agents and mustard gas have yet to be recovered by French and British special operations personnel. And Pentagon planners are looking at options in case Libya descends into anarchy. One officer describes such a scenario as “Somalia on steroids.”

Obama supporters now claim his policy of “leading from behind” has been vindicated by the demise of the Gadhafi dictatorship. Though the regime finally has collapsed, only those diagnosed with irrational behavior disorder believe that the people of Libya will realize the president’s promise of “a peaceful transition to democracy” any time soon.

Obama’s Freefall in the Polls -19% and Dropping…..can you hear us now? (via Voting American)

Obama's Freefall in the Polls -19% and Dropping.....can you hear us now? Dear President Obama, “Now is the time for all American’s to rise up and speak with a loud voice.  2012 will be upon us before we know it and there is no time to waste.  This is the time to tell your family and friends to get involved.  This is the time to get them informed and this is the time to get them involved.  America hangs in the balance my friends.  Our very … Read More

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Wise Up and Rise Up America! Our Final Countdown has Begun (via Voting American)

Wise Up and Rise Up America!  Our Final Countdown has Begun Now is the time for all American’s to rise up and speak with a loud voice.  2012 will be upon us before we know it and there is no time to waste.  This is the time to tell your family and friends to get involved.  This is the time to get them informed and this is the time to get them involved.  America hangs in the balance my friends.  Our very way of life is being challenged like never before in our history.   Look around you,  our very existenc … Read More

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Entitlement Abuse – Here, There, and Everywherre – Lurita Doan – Townhall Conservative

Entitlement Abuse – Here, There, and Everywherre – Lurita Doan – Townhall Conservative.

President Obama and other Democrat leaders in Washington are spending their time trying to figure out ways to continue expanding entitlement benefits.  They tell us that these benefits are needed to provide a myriad of services to an ever-growing percentage of the population that could not make it on their own.  Republicans, correctly, point out that the nation can no longer afford ever-expanding largess and now borrows 40 cents of every dollar to pay for a too-generous welfare and entitlement system.

The dirty little secret that almost no one in Washington is willing to discuss is the rampant fraud that is embedded in the entitlement system.  Democrats, led by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, never discuss the high percentage of fraudulent payments in entitlement programs.  Instead, they continue the mantra that entitlement spending must be preserved even in the face of exploding national debt, and regardless of disturbing signs of rampant fraud. 

Increasingly, we hear jaw dropping stories of abuse and fraud that should force our leaders in Washington to put the issue of fraud and abuse within the entitlement system formally on the table.  Just last week we learned of the case of the “Adult Baby” , the 30-year old guy, that lives in a diaper, is fed by bottle and  thus somehow entitled to taxpayer-supplied, social security disability for his condition.  Strangely, this is the very entitlement system that Obama and Democrats not only insist that we preserve, but are anxious to expand.

The case of the “adult baby” is a sad indicator of just how much fraud is already embedded into our rich entitlement system and how easy it has become for hucksters and fakes to gain access to taxpayer provided benefits.   Currently, there are almost 2,000 federal subsidy / entitlement programs, and we know from GAO reports and from anecdotal reporting that fraud is rampant. 

Despite two decades of topping government lists (GAO) for waste, fraud and abuse, Medicare, Medicaid, housing assistance, Food Stamps (SNAP) and several other entitlement programs continue to expand even as reports of fraud plague the system.  

Democrats mindlessly push for further expansion of benefits, as the number of those eligible for Food stamps has nearly doubled in during the Obama Administration, costing some $77 billion.  Worse yet, Democrats see no urgency, and might very well be completely comfortable, with the disturbing news that food stamps are now being routinely resold at deep discounts to other undeserving recipients

From the glimpses we do get from what lurks behind the curtain, it is becoming increasingly clear that fraud in the entitlement system is likely a trillion dollar problem.  Not long ago, we learned that in West Virginia, a Social Security Administrative judge approves virtually all applicants seeking Social Security disability claims. Moreover, this judge is almost certainly not alone in granting benefits to non-deserving frauds whose real ambition is to gain taxpayer money for fictitious disability claims. 

But do not expect Democrats or Team Obama to conduct a real inquiry to discover, much less prevent , fraud in the entitlement system   They do not want Americans to know just how corrupt and easy it is for duplicitous individuals to gain benefits and taxpayer support  to which they are not entitled.  If Americans were to understand fully rampant entitlement cheating has become, the debate would quickly turn to fixing the corrupt system, and rooting out the frauds and hucksters that are bilking American taxpayers. 

Nevertheless, to get a glimpse of just how rampant fraud has become, conduct your own experiment.   Just go to your local grocery store or shopping center and take a look at the number of healthy and vigorous people that use the special parking places reserved for handicapped parking.  I did, and quickly discovered that over 50% of the people using those special parking places reserved for handicapped people looked healthy and moved vigorously.  Few had any noticeable disability.  One 30 year-old man, pulled up in a convertible, jumped out and went on his way, comfortable in the fact that a blue Handicapped tag hung from the mirror in his car. 

Handicapped parking was a good and humane idea that has become a victim of seemingly widespread abuse. The obvious point is that if fraud exists in something as simple as parking, with the only benefit being one of convenience, then how much more fraud might there be in entitlements that carry financial gain?  (Think trillions of dollars).

The budget debate in Washington, and Team Obama’s insistence, that entitlements must be preserved ignores 22 years of GAO fraud reports.  Once Americans have conducted an informal “Handicapped Parking Experiment”, they are going to become convinced that instead of expanding entitlements, more effort needs to be made towards uncovering the fraud now embedded within the system. 

Tackling the issue of entitlement fraud and eliminating entitlement scams could well be the quickest and best short-term solution with long-term results that the government could implement.  Whether talking about Obamacare or Medicaid, Food Stamps, home mortgage loan insurance or SSI, at a minimum, perhaps it’s time for our government to do an honest audit of who is receiving the benefits. 

Before any further expansion of entitlements, the government needs to prove to the American taxpayer that their dollars are being spent wisely and as intended, before trying to bilk taxpayers for even more funds for these flawed programs.