video: Saying ‘illegal’ immigrants fits definition of a hate crime – Spokane Conservative | video: Saying ‘illegal’ immigrants fits definition of a hate crime – Spokane Conservative |

In yet another case of Orwellian political correctness run amok, a video posted at says calling illegal immigrants “illegal” fits the definition of a hate crime and calls for the word to be banned when used in the context of immigration.

The headline at the MoveOn page screams “One word we hear too often on Fox News,” as if only Fox News calls illegal immigrants “illegal.”

A web page at Colorlines goes even further, giving words they say are more acceptable.

“The epithet ‘illegals’ promotes a culture of intolerance and violence toward foreign nationals, undocumented immigrants, and people of color,” the site says, suggesting:

  • Undocumented immigrants
  • Unauthorized immigrants
  • NAFTA refuge

The “Drop the I-Word” campaign describes itself as a “public education campaign powered by immigrants and diverse communities across the country that value human dignity and are working to eradicate the dehumanizing slur ‘illegals’ from everyday use and public discourse.”

“The i-word opens the door to racial profiling and violence and prevents truthful, respectful debate on immigration,” the site adds.

The site goes so far as to call the word “racist,” claiming it “affects attitudes toward immigrants and non-immigrants alike, most often toward people of African, Asian, and Latin American descent.”

“Silly me, I always figured it was used to describe someone who is in America illegally,” notes a post at Weasel Zippers.

On Friday, attorney Jay Sekulow discussed the issue on Fox News’ Hannity, and called’s effort “the politics of hate,” in essence vilifying an entire group of people who recognize that people who are in the country illegally are “illegal aliens.”

One cannot help but think of George Orwell‘s classic 1984, in which he wrote of the destruction of words in an effort to eradicate “thoughtcrime.”

It seems the left, incapable of defending the indefensible, would rather win with the debate by banning words, basically making them illegal.

More liberal media hypocrisy. – Tea Party Nation

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More liberal media hypocrisy. – Tea Party Nation.

One of the hottest videos making the rounds now on the internet is the video of lunatic liberal congressman Andre Carson saying the Tea Party wanted to see blacks hanging from trees.

 According to the Blaze, this story gets much worse.

 Just a day after The Blaze introduced controversial video of Rep. Andre Carson (D-FL) saying the Tea Party wanted to see him “hanging from a tree,” another possibly startling revelation is coming to light: an MSNBC anchor was there to witness it. But not only witness it, the anchor moderated that event.

Why is that important? Because Carson’s controversial comments were first brought to light Tuesday by The Blaze, not when they happened last Monday — and not by MSNBC or its anchor who was present.

So who was the anchor? You need only to listen to the audio again for your first clue. In it, Rep. Carson can be heard referencing “Tamron.” He says, “I’m sorry Tamron” as an aside during his tirade. Who’s Tamron? fills in the blanks:

Miami’s town hall, which takes place at 6 p.m. at Mount Herman AME Church in Miami Gardens, was set to include several Caucus members, along with Don Graves, the Executive Director of the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall will moderate.

 MSNBC apparently covered the Town Hall meeting but the MSNBC anchor did not report those statements and the Blaze suspects she may have been covering for Carson. 

 On Weasel Zippers, more questions are being asked.

 Why would a journalist for MSNBC sit on an explosive story for over a week and allow her company’s competitors to report on it first? It’s hard to believe that the answer to that question is anything but political bias.

By now we’ve all heard the inflammatory and divisive rhetoric Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) spewed at an August 22nd “Job’s Fair” sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus. . . .

The statement was featured at and has been reported by ABC News, Fox News, Washington Post, NY Times, Huffington Post, CNN, USA Today, NY Daily News and many local news outlets. Yet a search of “Andre Carson” on turns up nothing about this story. And that’s curious considering one of MSNBC’s daytime anchors was sitting only a few feet away from Carson when he made the statement. 

 Anyone remember MSNBC complaining that Fox News personalities were part of Tea Party rallies in 2009?  It rings a little hollow now.

 Of course, MSNBC isn’t a real journalistic organization.  It is just the mouth piece for the DNC and the hard left in America today.