Is the Obama Dam of Lies About to Burst? – Tea Party Nation

Is the Obama Dam of Lies About to Burst? – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

Usually there are signs a dam is about to burst. Tiny cracks show up, the structure makes strange noises, and then, whoosh! That’s what we are witnessing as the President, the former Secretary of State, and the Attorney General struggle to keep the bulwark of lies and half-truths they have built intact. It is showing signs of collapse.

Liberals say absurd things all the time—mostly because they either don’t know the facts or because they prefer to ignore or obfuscate them. The current example is the shout-it-from-the-rooftops claim that Republicans are “politicizing” the events in Benghazi that left a U.S. ambassador and three security personnel dead.

In the wake of the House hearings on May 8th, the most elemental politics is at work within the White House and that is the decision to abandon Hillary Clinton. The decision to appoint her Secretary of State was political and, since the President sets foreign policy, it kept her wing of the party in the tent while affording the White House the opportunity to keep her conveniently on the road and largely out of the spotlight.

Name a single treaty or significant foreign policy achievement of Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. Zero. Zip. Nada. Nienta.

Consider the meltdown of influence the United States has had in the Middle East where the single act of a Tunisian peddler who committed suicide as a response to the harassment of the police set off a revolution that drove its dictator from office and then spread rapidly to Libya where Gaddafi was killed and to Egypt where its dictator (and ally of the U.S.) was driven from office with the President’s blessing. And, for two years, the U.S. has stood on the sidelines and watched as the Syrian dictator has slaughtered 70,000 Syrians, driving some 2.5 million to flee to Turkey and Jordan.

It has taken eight months since the September 11, 2012 attack on the Benghazi consulate and a House committee hearing to learn the truth as to why repeated requests for increased security assets were denied in a nation that is still essentially a war zone between the north and the south. We still do not know who told available forces to stand down. The President and his regime call this “politicizing.”

Beyond Benghazi, every decision the President makes or chooses not to make has political implications. The choice to go to bed the night of the attack and then fly to a fundraiser the following day was political. As Commander-in-Chief he had responsibility to issue the orders to protect his diplomats—our diplomats—but he is also the Great Delegator and, as the noose tightens around Hillary, she is very expendable.

It’s a political decision to exploit the murders in a Connecticut elementary school to attack the Second Amendment and gun ownership. The response of ordinary people was to go out and buy a gun. Indeed, fear of the White House’s intentions has made the President the greatest gun salesman in the nation.

Even in the Obama Justice Department there is the odor of deception that still reeks from the bungled gun-running program called “Fast and Furious” which allowed guns purchased In the U.S. to be transferred to various Mexican drug cartels. The result, in one case, was a dead U.S. Border Patrol officer, an ICE agent, and an unknown number of Mexican cartel victims. It took a presidential executive order to throw a blanket of silence over the role of the Justice Department in this lethal debacle. That’s political.

Now we learn that the Justice Department obtained Associated Press phone records in a probe to discover the source of a leaked story. AP officials called it a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into how a news organization gathers news. The ever-reliable, politically-correct, liberally oriented AP has become a crack in the dam.

The revelation that the Internal Revenue Service “targeted” the Tea Party, patriotic, and pro-Israel groups for special attention regarding their tax status now adds to a growing sense of a regime without any internal limits on its exercise of power.

The result is a period in which the barely concealed scorn of the President, his wife, and those around him in appointed and elected office has half the population outraged while the other half is content to live parasitically, not paying taxes, and receiving an amazing array of benefits which a bankrupt nation cannot afford.

When enough people—citizens, voters, taxpayers—think they are being lied to and betrayed by those in high office, the dam of lies will begin to show signs of bursting under the pressure of their pent up anger.

© Alan Caruba, 2013


The Speech No One Heard – Tea Party Nation

The Speech No One Heard – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

On Tuesday, March 5, Senate Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell, offered some remarks on the Senate floor that were largely, if not completely, ignored by the mainstream media. They were a stark warning about a dysfunctional government led by a President who is already in full campaign mode for the 2014 midterm elections.

“Back in November,” said McConnell, “the American people sent a divided government to Washington. I know this is not the outcome President Obama had hoped for. I know he wanted complete control of Washington, just like he had the first two years of his presidency.”

Citing the President’s goal of a Democrat controlled House, in addition to the Senate in 2014, McConnell cited the rebooting of his political organization, the provoking of “manufactured crisis with Congress, engineering show votes in the Senate, and traveling around the country to campaign relentlessly against his opponents.” That’s a nice way of saying that the President and the Democrat Party have embarked on the deliberate demonization of Republicans.

McConnell cited the implementation of the Sequester as opposed to any response to the nation’s financial crisis, noting that Republicans and all Americans “find ourselves in a situation where more than 1,400 days have passed since Senate Democrats have passed a budget” and the fact that “House Republicans have passed budgets that seriously address the transcendent challenge of our time, putting runaway Washington spending and debt on a sustainable path so we can create jobs and grow the economy.”

Families have to have a budget, but as far as the Obama administration is concerned, the nation does not. McConnell pointed out that “The President has been late submitting his own budget outline nearly every single year. He’s already missed this year’s deadline by more than a month.”

The budget blueprint he sent us last year,” said McConnell, “”was so roundly ridiculed for its fiscal gimmickry and its massive tax hikes that, when it come to a vote in the Senate, his own party joined Republicans in voting it down 99 to O.”

“The President has to figure out how to govern with the situation he’s got, not the one he wishes had. That’s what being President is all about.”

McConnell went on to urge the President and the Senate to join in “actually solving problems” by legislating the way “we’re supposed to around here, with transparency, with public input, and with sufficient time to develop sound policy.”

“I know Washington Democrats’ most important priority right now is getting Nancy Pelosi her old job back in 2014. But that’s not what Americans want—and that’s why Washington has become so dysfunctional.”

McConnell speaks with the authority of his position in the Senate, but he also speaks in a low-key, often bland way, about the serious problems facing the nation. In the House his counterpart, John Boehner, the Speaker, has reached a point of such frustration that he speaks publicly in short angry bursts. Neither command either the media’s nor the public’s attention.

“The public,” said McConnell, expects the Congress and the White House “to address the most serious challenges facing our country. The public is tired of the manufactured crisis, the poll-tested gimmicks, and the endless campaigning—they expect and deserve better.”

I would not swap jobs with McConnell. Not only does his counterpart in the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid, lie in the same fashion as the President, but McConnell knows that at least four million Republicans stayed home and did not vote in the 2012 election. The House is a fractious place at best for either party.

Meanwhile the problems facing the nation continue to mount. By way of illustrating this, on Obama’s watch the nation’s Standard and Poor’s credit rating went from AAA, the highest, to AA+, the first such reduction in the history of the nation.

The price of regular gas when Obama was elected was $2.75 and is now $3.73. The number of people that were on food stamps has risen from 26 million to 47 million. Obama has added six trillion to the national debt and it grows by the hour.

By any measurement one applies, the nation is sliding toward another financial crisis and Mitch McConnell’s efforts in the Senate continue to go largely unreported.

Is anyone listening?

© Alan Caruba, 2013


State Department Finds Keystone XL Pipeline Won’t Accelerate Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Heather Ginsberg

State Department Finds Keystone XL Pipeline Won’t Accelerate Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Heather Ginsberg.

Well it looks like now not only do the Republicans have what’s best for the economy and people in mind, but they also care about the environment?! Imagine Democrats with confused looks on their faces! The journey to clearing the path for the Keystone Pipeline has been a bitter fought battle, but it looks like now the White House and its administration can’t fight any more.

In a new report done by the State Department it has been confirmed, “the project would not accelerate global greenhouse gas emissions or significantly harm the natural habitats along its route”.

As ABC reports (yes even the mainstream media is picking up on this),

“The approval or denial of any one crude oil transport project, including this proposed project, really remains unlikely to significantly impact the rate of development of the oil sands or the continued demand for heavy crude oil in the U.S.,” said Kerri-Ann Jones, the Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

The State Department, which conducted the study because the pipeline would cross an international boundary, also suggested in a voluminous report that impacts on air, water and landscape would be minimal.

The agency found it “very unlikely” that the pipeline would affect water quality in any of the four aquifers through which it crossed. It also concluded that along one part of the proposed route, in the case of a large-scale oil spill, “these impacts would typically be limited to within several hundred feet of the release source, and would not affect groundwater.”

Government analysts found that Keystone XL would each year produce the equivalent carbon dioxide emissions of 620,000 passenger cars operating for a year. But they concluded that whether or not the pipeline is approved, those emissions would still likely occur because of fuels goreglobalwarmingproduced and obtained from other sources.

Now, we all know the fight that has been going on between environmental activists and those who support the Keystone Pipeline. But now it seems that there is no real argument for the environmentalists. What can they possibly complain about now? Oh wait, here it is, apparently the government and the State Department don’t really know what they’re talking about, according to the president of Friends of the Earth. He says, “The draft SEIS reads like an on-ramp to justify the Keystone XL pipeline project. We cannot solve the climate crisis when the State Department fails to understand the basic climate, environmental and economic impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline.”

So basically it seems that no matter what supporters of the pipeline do, it is not good enough. We now have the Obama administration on our side, and it is still not enough for these “green” people. They used to try the excuse that the people of the states affected didn’t like it, but now Nebraska, Montana and South Dakota have all signed-off on the pipeline plan and their governors and congressional delegations have been calling on Obama to follow suit. It is time everyone wakes up and realizes this pipeline is the best choice to create thousands of new jobs and provide gas to thousands of people across the country.

Obama shoots himself in the foot with disputed claim of skeet-shooting – Tea Party Nation

Obama shoots himself in the foot with disputed claim of skeet-shooting – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Victoria Knox

After President Barack Hussein Obama told The New Republic that “up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time,” everyone across the political spectrum did a double-take. Even the normally incurious Washington press corps pressed White House spokesman Jay Carney for details. When Carney had none (“I’m not sure how often he’s done that. … “There may be (a photo), but I haven’t seen it.”), even CNN was openly skeptical.

Media skepticism deepened into something appropriate to the level of suspicion usually triggered by stonewalling about a cover-up  involving gun-running to insurgents in Syria via Turkey Iran-Contra, say, FOX News interviewed a source who had been at the presidential retreat with Obama on six occasions:

“The only time he shot skeet was for President’s Cup,” said the source, referring to a shooting competition tradition involving the presidential Marine guards. “I was there. He stayed for about five minutes, and couldn’t leave fast enough.”

Skeet shooting “is very hard,” said the source. “Especially for someone not used to guns … He couldn’t have been more uncomfortable.”


And then, the unthinkable: Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler felt the need to look into “the White House’s curious silence about Obama’s claim of skeet shooting” and found that during the 2008 campaign, Obama never mentioned shooting any type of firearm, and that was a no-show at a campaign event featuring skeet-shooting. Further, the president made no reference to skeet-shooting at Camp David when he hosted Olympic skeet-shooting champions Kim Rhode and Army Sgt. Vincent Hancock But at the White House in September – though one article quotes a member of the Texas Christian University‘s national championship rifle team saying that Obama claimed to practice shooting a rifle with the Secret Service when they were greeted by him at the White House. Finally, there were no press reports of skeet-shooting being a recreational activity that Obama engaged in at Camp David.


Kessler’s verdict: “The evidence suggests that until Obama had access to a shooting range as president, he never went skeet shooting. He certainly did not speak like a politician who had once used a firearm.” In response, the White House released this photo purporting to show Obama skeet-shooting:

The WaPo reports that the photo was disseminated because “White House aides were trying to end a growing distraction just as the president plans to make a fresh push to rally public support behind his ambitious agenda to tighten gun laws,” and adds these details about the provenance of the image:

On his 51st birthday last August, President Obama hit the links with a group of buddies and then flew by helicopter to Camp David. There, he changed into jeans and picked up a shotgun. And then, before it got too dark, he started a round of clay target shooting.

The photo, taken by White House photographer Pete Souza, depicts a sunglasses-wearing Obama firing what appears to be a Browning Citori 725, the shotgun wedged against his left shoulder, a pillow of white smoke emerging from the barrel. …

The “over and under” design [of the shotgun] features two barrels, one on top of the other, allowing the gun to hold and fire two shotgun shells.

The smoke in the photo is emanating from air vents in the barrel, a feature known as “porting” that reduces recoil shock and allows for steadier aim. …

According to the Browning Web site, some of the Citori models are made in a left-handed version, with a slight bend near the butt – though it was not apparent from the photo whether the left-handed president was using one of those.

As the WaPo predicted, “the release of the photo seemed more likely to inflame passions around the issue than douse them.” For one thing, in the photo Obama is pointing the gun straight ahead, as though aiming at a stationary target, rather than towards the sky where the skeet would be sailing overhead. Adding more fuel to the social media firestorm, when the White House released the photo, it included the standard admonition that it is not to be used for commercial or political purposes and “may not be manipulated in any way.” All fine and proper, and normal procedure. But then Obama adviser David Plouffe tweeted an invitation – some say a dare – to manipulate the image using Photoshop.

The Blaze includes a selection of doctored photos, including two depicting Obama shooting the U.S. flag and Constitution. A Facebook page was also created to collect Photoshopped images of Obama’s skeet-shooting prowess that put him next to former presidential candidate Mike Dukakis in a tank, outside Usama bin Laden’s compound alongside members of Seal Team Six who killed the terrorist and riding along with the Beverly Hillbillies in their jalopy. The page includes a greenscreen shot that masks the background in the White House photo so other people can make their own visual puns. For its part, Before It’s News published a photo of Obama shooting White House Press Secretary Jay Carney for not diffusing the “distraction” before it got out of hand.

But as funny as these images of Obama are – in an LOL sort of way – the media’s ignorance about guns is equally funny – in a farcical sort of way, considering that the most powerful news organizations in the nation are simultaneously inveighing against “assault weapons” and pushing draconian NYC-style gun control laws from coast to coast. Both liberal news outlets (The New York Times and Gawker, among them) and conservative ones (notably, New York Post and FOX News) referred to the gun Obama was holding as a “rifle,” and The Associated Press described the protective gear the president wore as “headphones” and “sunglasses.” Journalists’  command of firearms is as questionable as Obama’s. 

As The Stiletto noted on Facebook, it’s galling that people who don’t know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun presume to weigh in on gun control without having the expertise to differentiate  between military assault rifles and civilian sport rifles cosmetically altered with various accessories that make them look like a military weapon without affecting function or caliber. This is analogous to a journalist who covers automobile racing looking under the hood and mistaking the performance-enhancing tweaks to the cylinder heads, camshafts and valve train of the street legal production version of the 2013 Chevy SS with the highly modified small block V-8 engine that powers its NASCAR counterpart.


A new Speaker – Tea Party Nation

November 8: Republicans gain control of Congre...

November 8: Republicans gain control of Congress (Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich pictured) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A new Speaker – Tea Party Nation.


Posted by Judson Phillips


CNS News reported that under the leadership of House Speaker John Boehner, our national debt has risen more than $2 trillion dollars or almost $19,000 per person in this nation.


 Boehner gives us sound bites about cutting spending and cutting the deficit but the reality of life is that he is not interested in doing either. 


 There is another painful reality we must face as well.  John Boehner is a disaster as the Speaker of the House.  With the Senate and the White House in the hands of the Democrats, the Speaker of the House is the de facto leader of the Republican Party.  He is the opposition to Barack Obama and the Party of Treason.


 John Boehner has been a complete failure in this role.   He must go.  But it is not enough to say he must go.  Someone must replace him.  This must be someone with leadership skills, convictions and courage to fight for America.


 Who could replace Boehner?


 Let’s start with who could not.


 None of the current House leadership is good enough to replace Boehner.  Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy are just as bad.    Neither of them has stood up for Americans against the insanity that has transpired in the last two years.


 There is no other Member of Congress right now who stands out enough that I could comfortably say has the aptitude to lead right now.


 We need not simply a leader.  We need someone who can articulate our message and get it out to the American people.  We need someone who can take on Barack Obama, Harry Reid and the Party of Treason and run circles around them.   We need someone with the skills of a field general who understands that this is a war and we need a strategy to win this war.


 There is only one person in the Republican Party or the greater conservative movement who fits the bill.


 That man is Newt Gingrich.


 Newt is not currently a Member of Congress.


 That does not matter.  The Constitution does not mandate that the Speaker of the House be a Member of Congress.


 Newt is brilliant.  Newt is a visionary.   Newt has fought the best the Democrats had in Bill Clinton in the 90’s and he came out on top of those fights.   While the drive by media likes to give Bill Clinton the credit for the 90’s, the simple truth is that after Newt became Speaker in 1995, it was his agenda that was passed.  It was Newt’s agenda that set up budget surpluses and the prosperity of the 90’s.


 It is time for conservatives to set up a draft Newt movement. 


 ohn Boehner must go.   He is not a leader.  He is a joke.  If he remains as Speaker of the House not only will he destroy what is left of the Republican Party, he will allow Obama to completely destroy America.


 We need a Speaker committed to a conservative agenda.   We need a Speaker who can take on Barack Obama and defeat him in the battle of public opinion.  We need someone who can articulate the conservative message and conservative agenda.  We need someone who can and will implement a conservative agenda.




We need someone who is not going to have a sharp learning curve as Speaker.  We need someone who can hit the ground running.   We need someone who will be a leader on day one.


 We need Newt Gingrich.


 Join me in urging House Republicans to dump John Boehner and draft Newt Gingrich to be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives.


Shoving Us Over the Fiscal Cliff: Obama Blocks Tax Reform – Tea Party Nation

Shoving Us Over the Fiscal Cliff: Obama Blocks Tax Reform – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Seton Motley

Note: This first appeared in the PJ Tatler.


President Barack Obama’s scant involvement with the Fiscal Cliff negotiations has been limited to his rigid insistence that the tax rate on the nation’s job creators be raised from 35% to 39.6%.


Tax reform – as a general principle and a way to raise revenue – is a presidential non-starter.


Now.  Last year, the president said this:


“What we said was give us $1.2 trillion in additional revenues, which could be accomplished without hiking taxestax rates — but could simply be accomplished by eliminating loopholes, eliminating some deductions and engaging in a tax reform process that could have lowered rates generally while broadening the base.”


Funny, that’s what House Speaker John Boehner just proposed.  $800 billion over ten years in additional coin for the realm.  By loophole-eliminating, code-simplifying – and thus job creating – tax reform.  Not via job-killing tax rate increases.


And the President’s tax hikes will kill jobs – 710,000 of them.  While only raising the same $800 billion over the next decade.


Do not misunderstand – this is not a defense of Speaker Boehner’s revenue raise.  The Feds don’t have a revenue problem – they have a spending one. Read more of this post

The Holy Grail for the left – Tea Party Nation

The Holy Grail for the left – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The left is coming very close to something many of them consider the Holy Grail for liberalism right now.   It is a long held goal that many of them have had and now it is within reach.

 What is it and how bad is it for America?

 The Holy Grail that the left has been working on for a while now is a carbon tax.  The Carbon Tax is an idea that all forms of carbon (I.e. energy) will be taxed.  The tax will fall across businesses and people.  There will be taxes on energy when it is produced and when it is consumed.

 The left is almost orgasmic over this tax.

 Forget almost.  They are orgasmic over this tax.

 The Carbon Tax is their way of attacking the mythical man-made global warming.  But more importantly for the left, it is a massive new tax stream.  Some estimates are this could be a trillion dollars or more in new taxes. 

 The White House is quick to point out they will not propose a carbon tax.  No they won’t.  Liberals expect a Republican to offer it.  They will use the gullible Republicans for political cover.

 But this tax is far more complicated than adding a new tax to gas, oil, coal and other “carbon producing” fuels.

 The left immediately starts screaming that any tax cannot be a tax on the poor or the middle class.  But unlike income taxes, there is no way to differentiate the purchaser of energy products.

So what will they do?

 They will create a new bureaucracy that will offer refunds to lower income energy consumers so they are not punished by this new tax.

 Isn’t that great. 

 The government is going to create a whole new welfare program, even though it will not be called that.  Much, if not all of the revenue that this new tax generates will go to pay for the new bureaucracy.

 In the mean time, the American energy sector is pillaged by yet another tax. 

 The Carbon Tax will create yet another unending stream of tax dollars for liberals of both parties to spend while they claim they are looking out for America.

 America does not need another tax. We have enough of those and they are a disaster right now.  The energy sector does not need another tax they will pass along to consumers.

 What we need is to cut spending. 

 This is the message we need to be telling America.  The problem is not taxes or revenue and we do not need more taxes on the people or more revenue for government. 

 Each year the government wastes hundreds of millions of dollar.  There are programs that are identified every year that are riddled with waste, fraud or duplicate other government programs.

 The people of America need to demand that this spending be cut.  It is not the government’s job to give money to a friend of the Vice President so he can open a luxury car dealership in the Ukraine.

 We are seeing riots in Greece.  We are following the path of Greece.   In Greece, children are being sent to school with notes pinned to their clothes from their parents saying that they can no longer afford to care for their children. 

 This is the future of America if we do not stop the insane growth of government now.

DRIESSEN: The coming environmental battlegrounds – Washington Times

DRIESSEN: The coming environmental battlegrounds – Washington Times.

Green agenda threatens economic future

By Paul Driessen

Subsidized pressure and propaganda: Billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies continue to flow each year to bureaucratic zealots, environmentalist pressure groups, universities and other organizations. These dollars fund junk science, strained justifications for indefensible rules, more pressure to regulate for increasingly diminished returns, and outright propaganda.

Federal and state legislators need to hold investigative hearings, demand accountability, cut bloated agency budgets that enable such expenditures, and question why tax-exempt activist groups should receive taxpayer money funneled through government agencies.

America can continue paying billions in subsidies annually to prop up “green” technologies and agenda-driven science, or we can generate tens of billions a year in royalties and taxes, create millions of jobs and rejuvenate our economy through hydrocarbons, nuclear power and common-sense regulations.

Will President Obama, Democrats and executive branch agencies be receptive to bipartisan approaches — to institutionalizing all-of-the-above energy decisions that make scientific, economic, environmental and technological sense? Or will they be even more entrenched, knowing the White House can act via executive decree if Congress does nothing?

The answer will determine whether the United States becomes an economic powerhouse once again or an enormous Greece. Blessed with more oil, gas and coal than almost any other nation on earth, we must not refuse to develop these resources.

Paul Driessen is senior policy adviser for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow and author of “Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death” (Merril Press, 2012).


HURT: Obama victory means four more years with no hope of change – Washington Times

HURT: Obama victory means four more years with no hope of change – Washington Times.


WASHINGTON — All that for nothing. It was the billion-dollar election that did not decide one single damned thing.

Republicans control the House. Democrats control the Senate. And the White House remains in Democratic hands with absolutely no mandate whatsoever.

Another four years with no hope of change.

In this environment with this economy and all the gravely important matters pressing against the very existence of this country, it should have been a tsunami election. It should have been a landslide that sent President Obama into dust heap of failed presidencies. Instead, the election was about Big Bird.

It was the rape election. The contraception election. The binders full of women election.

It was about who was born where and whether she really could claim to be a Cherokee Indian.

It was about former president George W. Bush. And it was about gay marriage.

It was about the 1 percent and the 99 percent and the 47 percent.

It was about dancing freaking horses, for crying out loud!

Just about the only thing the election wasn’t about was the economy, which everyone agrees was the only thing voters actually cared about. People tend to really care about the economy when real unemployment reaches double digits, welfare rolls fatten by one-third, politicians rack up $16 trillion in debt and the largest tax hike in the history of the world looms just weeks away.

Yet that obviously is not what decided this election. Politicians were too busy talking all about Big Bird, rape and dancing horses.

The most disturbing issue of the election was how President Obama managed to win re-election in places like Ohio and Pennsylvania and Michigan by talking about the highly unpopular bailout of General Motors. By taking billions of dollars in hard-earned money from taxpayers during a deep recession and giving it to a couple of huge companies, Obama managed to buy the votes he needed to eke out re-election. Taxpayers remain on the hook to the tune of $25 billion.

This is the Achilles heel of a democracy. Politicians simply tax those who do not support them and give the money to those who do. Or give the money to those they would like to have support them. It is the end of the line. Game over.

The weeks to come will feature endless finger-pointing and blame about how Republicans do not know how to speak to non-white voters and women and all that non-sense.

What happened last night is the same thing that has been happening for decades in America. Politicians deploy all this highly precise technology to slice and dice voters into little micro-groups and then talk to them all about dancing horses or Big Bird.

The result is you have all these states vote for one side and all these other states vote for the other side and it all comes down to Florida and Ohio. You could have given me a lot less than a billion dollars and I could have told you that.

The only way this gridlock is finally broken is when politicians grow up and decide to put away Big Bird and dancing horses and seriously address like adults the $16 trillion in debts they have racked up on our credit card.

Failure – Tea Party Nation



Failure – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

How many other words can you use to describe the Obama Regime?  The failures are massive.  But it is not just the failures that we look at.  If we look behind the failures, to the not so obvious questions, the Obama Regime only gets worse.

 What is the cost of these failures?  Is it simply a wrecked economy and a diminished nation or is it even worse?

 It is worse.

 The greatest failure of the Obama Regime is the way they have killed those who are working to protect America

 Obama’s policies have been so far beyond wrong, they are criminal.  To start with, the rules of engagement in Afghanistan do nothing but make American military personnel there targets.  With no clear plan for victory, all Obama is doing is asking young Americans to go and die for him so he will not get blamed for losing Afghanistan (at least before the election).

 And now there is Benghazi.

 According to retired military officers who appeared on Fox News, their sources told them that Obama watched the attacks live in the White House.   Not only did Obama not give orders to help those men under attack, someone in the White House gave an order for troops only a mile a way, who could have helped, to stand down.   Given the way Obama acted towards our troops in peril, I have to wonder if he stood up and cheered when the compound was overrun!

 The death of our Americans in Benghazi is criminal.

 The story gets worse the more we hear about it. Obama knew immediately this was a terrorist attack.  For two weeks, he and his regime instead went out and not only groveled before radical Islamists but attacked our First Amendment.  He gave aid and comfort to the radical Islamists worldwide who want to deny freedom of speech and criminalize “Insulting Islam.”

 Then the details slowly leaked out that this was not a short firefight.  The former Navy Seals, who may have disobeyed orders to stand down and instead went to the aid of their fellow Americans, fought for seven hours before being killed.  There was easily enough time to bring in reinforcements.

 This story may even be worse.

 There may have been reinforcements on scene that were denied permission to intervene.   According to published reports, there were CIA personnel who had spotted the mortar crew that was attack the compound.  This group was “painting” the mortar with a laser designator. 

 Why do you do that?

 The answer is simple.  You are identifying a target so it can be struck immediately by airpower. 

 Why were these guys designating a target if there was no air support available?   The answer is simple.  There was something there and someone denied it permission to fire and help our guys on the ground.  According to a former Delta Force Operator on the blog site BlackFive, there are only two people who could have ordered a plane or an armed drone overhead not to fire.  One was the Africom Commander, who has been mysteriously relieved of his command, and the other is the President.

 Here is another failure to ask about.  After the incident was over, and Ambassador Stevens had been drug through the streets, tortured and murdered, why wasn’t the compound secured?

 This compound has been referred to as a Consulate.  It is nothing of the kind.  It was a CIA operations hub in Libya.  In theory it was being used by the CIA to try and track down weapons that had been lost during the revolution against Muammar Qaddafi.   According to other published reports it was a hub for the recruitment of jihadist fighters to go to Syria and to facilitate the transfer of weapons to the Syrian rebels.

 Why wasn’t this compound immediately secured?  For days it was left open.  CNN employees came in to the site and found Chris Stevens’ diary.   Other media members went to the site and found sensitive and possibly classified documents at the burned out compound.

 The Obama Regime has failed completely.  The whole Benghazi affair stinks to high heaven.  One of the first things President Romney should do is direct the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation of this matter, present it to a grand jury and let American citizens decide what should be done with those who willingly let Americans die.