EDITORIAL: Obama’s Benghazi lie – Washington Times

Benghazi Mosque

Benghazi Mosque (Photo credit: an agent)


EDITORIAL: Obama’s Benghazi lie – Washington Times.


Presidential whopper is easily debunked


Debate moderator Candy Crowley stepped out of her purportedly neutral role in Tuesday’s presidential debate by spontaneously fact-checking Mitt Romney’s assertion that President Obama delayed calling the fatal Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya an act of terrorism. She later corrected herself, saying Mr. Romney was “right in the main” on Benghazi but that the Republican “picked the wrong word.” In fact, Mr. Romney simply was right.


Contrary to his boast, Mr. Obama did not single out Benghazi as an act of terrorism in his Sept. 12 Rose Garden statement. He referred to it as an “attack” and to the perpetrators as “killers.” He then said, “We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others,” an obvious reference to the YouTube video to which he alluded as the motive for the mayhem. Later he said, “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation,” but this was in the context of Sept. 11, 2001, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It wasn’t a direct reference to Benghazi. The presidential proclamation on Benghazi, issued the same day, made no reference to terrorism. That evening, however, Undersecretary of State Patrick F. Kennedy, whose portfolio includes overseas facilities and operations, called Benghazi a terrorist attack in a private conference call with congressional staff.


On Sept. 14, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed the spate of Mideast unrest, including the Benghazi assault, was “in response to a video that Muslims find offensive.” He avoided calling those who attacked the Benghazi consulate terrorists, referring instead to “assailants” and “attackers.” The same day, Mr. Obama attended the transfer-of-remains ceremony for the Benghazi fallen and made no reference to terrorism in his remarks. In his weekly address on Sept. 15, Mr. Obama made much of the denigration of Islam and angry mobs but said nothing of terrorism. On Sept. 16, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice was dispatched to the Sunday talk-show circuit to state authoritatively that the attacks were “spontaneous — not premeditated” and “in reaction to this very offensive video that was disseminated.”


The White House stuck to this line until Sept. 19, when National Counterterrorism Center Director Matthew Olsen testified publicly before Congress that Benghazi was an act of terrorism. Even after this admission, the White House kept promoting the spontaneous-mob theory. On Sept. 20, Mr. Carney said the Benghazi tragedy was “an opportunistic attack” that grew from alleged video-based unrest. In his speech to the United Nations on Sept. 25, Mr. Obama referred to the video six times but didn’t once describe the events as terrorism.


The Obama administration’s video-inspired, spontaneous-mob fiction was concocted so the White House could dodge charges of massive intelligence failure. The reality — a planned, focused, al Qaeda-linked jihadist battlefield victory — didn’t fit the White House’s rosy election-year storyline. Instead, Obama officials tried to make the tragedy into a teachable moment to lecture Americans on tolerance for Islam and the limits of the First Amendment. The story keeps shifting. In the wake of the debate, Mr. Obama admitted he delayed using the terrorist designation in the interest of acting on sound intelligence. We’ll see how long this new tale lasts.


The Washington Times




The Obama Phone: Just Another Part of the Welfare-State Empire – Tea Party Nation


The Obama Phone: Just Another Part of the Welfare-State Empire – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Seton Motley

Note: This first appeared in Breitbart.com‘s Big Government.


Last week delivered us another nugget of YouTube gold.  A pro-President Barack Obama woman protester outside a Mitt Romney event – who may or may not have been an $11-an-hour-paid-to-be-there SEIU agitator – was asked why she supported the incumbent.

“Everybody in Cleveland low minority got Obama Phone.  Keep Obama in President, you know?  He gave us a phone, he’s going to do more.”  (Sic)

She was asked about how one acquires an Obama Phone.

“You sign up if you’re on food stamps, you’re on Social Security, you got no income, disability….”

Asked “What’s wrong with Romney again?” our interviewee shouted:

“Romney?  He sucks!  Bad!”

And who can forget the Obama Bucks guy?  And the woman who likes Obama “because he gives me stuff?”  And the woman who asserted “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help (Obama), he’s going to help me.”


All of which demonstrates well the daisy-chain aspect – and ultimate effect – of the Washington Welfare-State.


Not unlike the City-State Empires of the ancient world – Mesopotamia, Sparta, Athens – the Washington Welfare-State relentlessly conquers from the free market and the fifty respective states new territory and human chattel.


The Washington Welfare-State does so (exclusively) via the political, via Wars (on Poverty),  and (New) Deals,  and treaties (re)negotiated every two years – “Vote for me and I’ll give you even more free stuff.”


President Obama has exploded the welfare rolls – food stamps, unemployment (in large part by weakening the work requirement), Social Security disability, etc.  And adding people to these programs triggers their eligibility for a panoply of others.


Like Lifeline – which gives free cell phones and free service to, really, just about anyone.

(Democrat) Senator Claire McCaskill…—a millionaire many times over—could apply for a free cell phone, complete with monthly service, paid for by the federal government. From what McCaskill could tell, “you just had to check the box” saying you met the income requirements, submit the form, and collect the phone….

Like just about every other government program – it’s run phenomenally well.

A 2011 audit found that 269,000 wireless Lifeline subscribers were receiving free phones and monthly service from two or more carriers. Several websites have been created to promote “free” government cell phones, including the ”The Obama Cell Phone” website at ObamaPhone.net.

Like just about every other government program – it has grown exponentially under President Obama.

In 2008, there were 7.1 million Lifeline accounts nationwide. There are 12.5 million today….

(T)he program has swelled from $772 million in 2008 to $1.6 billion.

And that’s only just getting warmed up.

(Lifeline spending) would reach $3.3 billion by 2014 absent major reforms.

And Lifeline is but a part of the gi-normous boondoggle that is the Universal Service Fund (USF).  Is your cell phone bill ridiculous?  Check the taxes:

As of the third quarter of 2012, the USF fee, which changes quarterly, equals 15.7 percent of a telecom company’s interstate and end-user revenues….

And that huge percentage of our money is going up even and ever more absurdly higher.

Proposed contribution factor for fourth quarter 2012 is…17.4 percent.

So we are hurtling towards a 20% tax rate on our monthly cell phone bill – just by and for the Federal Government.  Which was an $8 billion total take in 2010 – and hurtling ever upward.


And for what?  Ever greater Lifeline spending.  And a new, completely illegal nightmare – .

(T)he Universal Service Fund (will fund) the Connect America Fund, the largest U.S. broadband infrastructure program ever established, which will use $45 billion over 10 years to extend broadband deployment throughout the country….

But that $45 billion is apparently not enough:

Obama Contemplates Internet Tax

To further over-fund the…a spread-the-wealth-around universal broadband connectivity program….

Not mentioned is the $7.2 billion of broadband “stimulus” tucked into the fatty, flabby folds of the 2009 $1 trillion “Stimulus” bill.  Which was an unmitigated disaster.

The Internet ‘Stimulus’-Just as Destructive as the Rest of the ‘Stimulus’


Yet Another Terrible Internet ‘Stimulus’ Project


Broadband Stimulus Projects Need Oversight, GAO Report Says

The General Accounting Office (GAO) issued that report in August 2010.  Did the Obama Administration do anything to address the myriad problems detailed therein?  Of course not.

GAO Finds Problems with Broadband Stimulus Efforts

That report came out in August 2012.


Two years later, exact same assessment of the utterly unaltered $7.2 billion broadband Internet spending mess.


And now the Obama Administration – massive expanders of the Federal Government Welfare-State – wants to spend $45 billion more.  Unexamined, unaccounted for – and in unaccountable, fiat fashion.


Extraordinary idea.


Surrendering to Islam – Tea Party Nation


Surrendering to Islam – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Islam’s war against the First Amendment continues in full force.  Today NATO announced it was stopping joint patrols in Afghanistan where NATO forces partner with Afghan forces due to insider attacks by Afghans.

 From the NATO website:

 In response to elevated threat levels resulting from the “Innocence of Muslims” video, ISAF has taken some prudent, but temporary, measures to reduce our profile and vulnerability to civil disturbances or insider attacks. This means that in some local instances, operational tempo has been reduced, or force protection has been increased. These actions balance the tension of the recent video with force protection, while maintaining the momentum of the campaign.

We’ve done this before in other high tension periods, and it has worked well. Under this guidance, and as conditions change, we will continue to adapt the force posture and force protection. The SFA model is integral to the success of the ANSF, and ISAF will return to normal operations as soon as conditions warrant.

 Does the Obama Regime really believe the stuff it puts out?

 Insider attacks against NATO and American forces have been going on for two years.  They were going on long before this film came out a week ago. 

 Meanwhile, in Egypt Fatwa’s have been issued by adherents to the “religion of peace” demanding young Muslims in the US kill the actors and anyone else who had anything to do with the production.

 While that was going on, the Egyptian government has issued arrest warrants for the Americans involved in the production, charging them with crimes that could carry the death penalty. 

 From the BBC:

 Authorities in Cairo have ordered the arrest of seven US-based Egyptian Coptic Christians for their alleged involvement in an anti-Islam video.

The crude production posted on YouTube has sparked violent protests and riots across the Muslim world for its depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

It is unclear who made the film, but it has been linked to an Egyptian Coptic Christian living in the United States.

An arrest warrant has also been issued for US Christian pastor Terry Jones.

One woman and seven men, including Mr Jones, are accused of “insulting the Islamic religion, insulting the Prophet and inciting sectarian strife”, according to the prosecutor’s office.

It said international police agency Interpol would be notified of the warrants. A request will also be filed with US judicial authorities.

The office added that all the accused could face the death penalty if convicted.

 We have an extradition treaty between Egypt and the United States. If the Egyptians file their “warrant” with the United States and request extradition, those charged could fight their extradition in the court system.    

 Fortunately, the Obama Regime does not have the final word on this and if the case went all the way to the Supreme Court, there is simply no way the Court would authorize the extradition.

 Unfortunately, the full court press on free speech by the Islamists is ongoing.  If we needed another reason to make sure that Obama is voted out in seven weeks, this is it.  We need a President who respects the Constitution and not one who wants to shred it.


A dangerous world and an idiot President – Tea Party Nation

A dangerous world and an idiot President – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Is Obama merely clueless and incompetent or is he maliciously stupid? 

 The question is not as important as the reality that we live in a dangerous world and Obama is making it a more dangerous place.

 hat is he doing and what must we do to stop him?

 America burns while Obama fiddles; or in his case goes to campaign fundraisers.   Obama can’t go to his intelligence briefings and the most dangerous place in the world is the space between Obama and a golf course or a Jay-Z fundraiser.

 While the Obama Regime was not paying attention to national intelligence briefings, warnings and common sense, our Embassies and Consulates were attacked.  Instead of dealing with it, what is the Obama Regime doing?

 The State Department has announced they are not answering any more questions about the attacks until the FBI completes its investigation.

 Ignoring the fact that is a great way to stonewall, what the hell is the FBI doing there?   The FBI is there because liberals cannot acknowledge certain truths.  Attacking our Embassy and Consulate is not a crime.  It is an act of war.  We do not give those who make war on us a jury trial.  We send our military to destroy them.

 Unfortunately, the enemy is Islam and Democrats cannot acknowledge that.   Islamists are now a part of the coalition of the Party of Treason.  At the Democrat National Convention, the Dems turned down Cardinal Timothy Dolan (though they did reverse themselves at the last minute) but welcomed with open arms Islamists who call for the overthrow of the American government and replacing it with an Islamic government.

 As the world goes up in flames, Obama’s top priority, other than saving his job, is cutting defense spending.  Why the hell John Boehner pushed through the sequester is a question that someone should be asking and why he is still the speaker is another question that should be asked. 

 A war is breaking out in the Middle East and it will spread.  We need more, not less, defense spending because we are about to have to defend America.

 Defending America may become impossible thanks to Obama.  With his reckless spending and borrowing, he has put America on the road to fiscal decline that may not be reversible.

 Egan-Jones dropped America’s credit rating to AA-.  This is three steps down from AAA, which is where we were when Obama took over.   All of this is because of the Quantitative Easing that Ben Bernanke is doing.  QE3 is to save jobs or at least one job.  Obama’s job.

 The problem America will soon face is our mushrooming debt that will destroy our ability to function as a nation.  The only reason our national debt has not blown up in our face right now is we are borrowing at historically low rates.   If the rates go back even to historically normal rates, we will soon see the interest alone on the debt consuming most of our budget.  If our credit continues to be downgraded, we will not even have historically normal interest rates.  We will get the interest rates reserved for Greece or Mafia loan sharks. 

 The problem and the enemy is Islam.  The Obama Regime thinks freedom and liberty are the enemy.  This week, they tried to blame the Embassy attacks on some obscure film that offends Muslims.   They ignored the screams of the mobs saying, “We are all Osamas now.”  Gee, think they are upset about that film or maybe they are reacting to Obama spiking the football on the Bin Laden killing?   My vote is on the latter; especially when you realize those attacks happened on 9/11.

 Instead of dealing with the acts of war against America, the Obama Regime wants to complain about the First Amendment.   The Obama Regime called YouTube asking them to “review” the film.   Fortunately YouTube told the Regime where to go but when does the American government start telling private publishers what they can or cannot publish or broadcast.

 If that was not bad enough, the government identified “Sam Bacile.”  The Obama Regime might as well have put a target on this back.  Sam Bacile is an alias for the man behind the film.  He is a convicted felon and is still on probation for a 2009 bank fraud conviction.   He may be a convicted felon but he is still protected by the First Amendment and certainly enjoys the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

 The message from the Obama Regime was quite clear.  Make an anti-Islamic film and the government will out you and make you a target. 

 The real problem is Barack Obama.  Whether you love Mitt Romney or hate him, there is no question that we must get Obama out of the White House.  If Obama has a second term, we will see Islamic violence, not just in the Middle East but we will see it here in America.  We have seen the Obama Regime’s assaults on our freedoms.  This will only get worse.

 OMG:  Obama must go.

 We are 50 days out from the election.  Obama must go. We will have other issues to fight about after the election but right now, nothing else matters.

 OMG:  Obama must go.

American free speech rights under attack by Muslim extremists — and by our own government – Tea Party Nation

American free speech rights under attack by Muslim extremists — and by our own government – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Victoria Knox

Muslims cannot reconcile the dual nature of the First Amendment, which simultaneously protects someone’s right to practice his or her religion and protects someone else’s right to ridicule that religion. The events that have unfolded over the past couple of days show that President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appear to have the same problem.


The Obama administration initially blamed violent attacks on U.S. embassies in Cairo and Benghazi on a YouTube video mocking Mohammad. The embassy issued an entreaty Tuesday morning meant to deter the impending siege instead of getting permission from Amb. Anne Patterson to allow U.S. Marines guarding the facility to carry ammo so they could effectively repel an attack they had been warned about by Egypt’s General Intelligence Service. Astonishingly, it seems not to have occurred to anyone in the Obama administration to fortify the defenses of our embassies in anticipation of a terror plot on the September 11 anniversary. Consequently, Amb. Christopher Stevens and three other employees were murdered, and Stevens’ corpse was defiled and dragged through the streets – a ghoulish trophy. 


Although diplomatic personnel in Cairo should have known that trying to appease the mob would only embolden them, the statement and a series of Tweets posted over the next several hours denounced the people behind the video (more on that later) for exercising their free speech rights: “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.”


While all this was going on in Egypt, news reports began trickling out about the murderous attack on the Libyan embassy. When additional details of the scope of the horrific violence were reported, Clinton issued a statement echoing the language the Cairo embassy had been using: “I condemn in the strongest terms the attack on our mission in Benghazi today… The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.”


 As the situation in Benghazi deteriorated, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also called FL pastor Rev. Terry Jones – who was promoting the video – to ask him to consider disassociating himself from it so as not to fuel more violence and endanger our troops in Afghanistan. Jones, who had once threatened to burn the Koran to protest Muslim hostility to free speech  (eighth item on the page), now found himself being strong-armed by the government of his own country, which seemed uninterested in his First Amendment rights. 


Two days after Republican nominee Mitt Romney slammed the Obama administration for reflexively sympathizing with the “feelings” of the violent mobs instead of condemning the attacks, Clinton attempted to diffuse the political fallout by issuing another statement explaining that America’s Constitution enshrines free speech rights – but also suggesting that the people who made the video were wrong to have exercised those rights, Reuters reports:


“The United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. We absolutely reject its content and message,” Clinton said at the start of talks with senior Moroccan officials in Washington.


“To us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible. It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose: to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage.”


Ironically, though Obama accused Romney of a “tendency to shoot first and aim later,”  because he criticized the administration’s handling of the embassy attacks “before all the facts were known,” he and Clinton were both guilty of making assumptions, casting blame, issuing statements and condemning the exercise of free speech rights before all the facts were known.


You see, the film was not the cause of the attacks, but only a pretext for a meticulously planned terror attack – the real aim of which was to coerce the U.S. to release blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, currently imprisoned for life sentence for masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. And evidence is emerging that the film was made by an Egyptian to protest the denigration of his religion by Muslims in his country. 

The video, a 14-minute trailer for a two-hour film called “Innocence of Muslims,” was produced by a man who initially passes himself off as an Israeli Jew named Sam Bacile who made his living as a CA real estate developer. He later admits to The Associated Press that his real name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and that he is an Egyptian Copt who wanted to publicize the mistreatment of Christians by Muslims. He adds that he thinks Islam is a cancer and that his film was making a political statement. (Nakoula, who pleaded no contest in 2010 to federal bank fraud charges and sentenced to 21 months in prison, has used several aliases besides Sam Bacile.)


With the film being blamed for the murders of four people and possibly becoming the catalyst for additional murders, the 80-member cast and crew issue a statement insisting that they were “grossly misled about its intent and purpose”  of the film – then called “Desert Warriors.” Actress Cindy Lee Garcia tells Gawker that the inflammatory dialogue depicting Mohammad as a fraud and a child molester was not in the original script, and had been dubbed into the film during post production. An excerpt of a version of the video that had been dubbed into Arabic and posted on YouTube was broadcast on Egyptian TV on September 9th.


Courageous Christians United founder Steve Klein tells AP that he warned, “you’re going to be the next Theo van Gogh” when the aspiring filmmaker first approached him for advise on First Amendment issues.


So the upshot is that Nakoula exercised his free speech rights under the First Amendment in an effort – however misguided – to enable his people to practice their religion freely in Egypt, a country where they have no First Amendment rights. Our government should not have apologized for Nakoula having or using these Constitutional rights. This is not the American Way.


And it is not in the American character to knuckle under to a bully. Muslims consider the ridicule of Allah or Mohammad and the desecration of the Koran blasphemous, but this is not why they explode in a murderous rage at an insult that other societies take in stride. The purpose of the extreme violence is to ensure that their G-d, their prophet and the Koran become inviolate – which means that in countries with a free speech tradition, Islam and the Koran enjoy a special – superior – status to other religions and other holy books, which are subject to criticism and ridicule. This is the preliminary step in promoting Islamic supremacism and training infidels to become dhimmies in their own countries.

A Small Matter of Evidence. – Tea Party Nation


A Small Matter of Evidence. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Perhaps it is the lawyer in me.  When someone makes an allegation, my first question is, how do you prove it?  What evidence do you have?

 When the worst journalist in the world, Brian Ross of the totally disreputable ABC News announced that there was someone with the same name as the Aurora shooter who was a member of the Tea Party, the first and obvious question that should have been asked, even before Ross uttered his idiotic words on TV is, what proof do you have?

 Ross had none, other than his contempt for the real Americans who make up the Tea Party.

 What motivated the shooter?

 He is not saying.  The shooter invoked his right to have an attorney and his right to remain silent.

 However, on the Internet there is at least some evidence that the shooter might have been a part of the Occupy Wall Street black bloc movement. 

 There is a video on YouTube that purports to show a screen shot taken from the Occupy Wall Street site claiming the shooter was a member of the Occupy Black Bloc movement.  It also shows archival footage of the Black Bloc on a rampage. 

 Where is Brian Ross on this?

 The answer is the faux news media, like ABC News has a narrative.  Despite the large number of crimes committed by the Occupy mobs, those are never reported, including the significant number of sexual assaults. 

 However, where the Tea Party is involved, even though it is a peaceful, law-abiding group, the media always wants to portray it as being violent.

 Let’s say you have money to bet.  Would you bet the Aurora shooter was a member of the Tea Party or the Occupy mob?

 Is the evidence offered in the video definitive?

 No, but there is certainly more evidence there than Brian Ross had when he tried to claim the shooter might be connected to the Tea Party. 

 When do you think ABC News will present this evidence?  It will happen only if they have no choice in the matter.

 Editorial Note:  I have deliberately refused to identify the shooter in this blog post.  First, Brian Ross and ABC News victimized a man with the same name and he should not be further victimized.   Second, the shooter should not be glorified.  A number of sites are pointing out that the people we should be naming are this scumbag’s victims.  I agree with that and will not use his name.


The castration of the American military – Tea Party Nation


Marines conducting a controlled detonation of ...

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The castration of the American military – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

George Patton was caught urinating into the Rhine River in 1945.    People cheered Patton for killing the enemy and visiting hell upon them.  Now, four Marine snipers are going to be criminally charged for urinating on dead Taliban terrorists.

 From Fox News:

 The four Marines seen in a video that purports to show them urinating on dead bodies in Afghanistan have been identified and will face charges soon, a senior military official told Fox News. 

The Marines are from the 3rd battalion, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force out of Camp Lejeune, N.C. A fifth individual, the camera operator, apparently has not been identified. 

Meanwhile, the Marine Corps has appointed a three-star general to decide what disciplinary action to take against the four Marine snipers. 

 Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser will name another officer to lead an internal Marine Corps investigation. That investigation will be in addition to a criminal probe already under way by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Waldhauser, who is commander of Marine Corps Forces Central Command, will determine how to proceed once both investigations are completed. 

NCIS Communications Director Maryann Cummings also said her department’s probe is still “in its very early stages.”

 This is what happens when we have liberals in charge.  What are they going to do next, require sensitivity training for snipers when they kill someone?

 When you absolutely, positively need to destroy the enemy, you send in the Marine Corps.  The purpose of the Marine Corps is to go to some very bad places and deal with very bad people. 

 Marine Corps snipers are a very special type of Marine.  While Marines will often engage in small unit combat, snipers by their nature are asked to do something very specific.   They reach out and deliberately kill individual targets.  Regular Marines in combat may or may not know if they killed someone and sometimes if they do, it is in hand to hand combat.

 Snipers reach out at a long distance and kill someone.  They do not give the other guy a fighting chance.  Their job is to reach out and destroy someone. 

 These Marines were almost certainly in combat.  They saw the horrors of war and saw what the enemy did to non-combatants and what they did to other Marines.  It is a safe bet they all lost friends, not to hand to hand combat but to IED’s and other booby traps. 

 What liberals do not understand is the purpose of the military is to go and kill the enemy.  It is not to do public relations or nation building.  You designate the enemy and you send the military in to destroy that enemy.

 When they are done, sometimes the Marines need to blow off some steam.  We ask them to do something that we do not ask most Americans to do. 

 These Marines peed on the corpses of dead Taliban.  The Taliban are war criminals.   They torture and kill.  They will not stand on the battlefield in uniform and engage the military.  They hide behind civilians. 

 Screw them. 

 Those Marines were asked to go and serve their country and kill our enemies.  They did. 

 Give them a medal and send them back to work.

Global Warming Reality – charlotteconservative.com

Global Warming Reality – charlotteconservative.com.

Author: Michael Kraft

Well, after enjoying a segment of Glenn Beck showcasing the 400+ scientists meeting in New York City today to call global warming the hoax that it is, I now have to see what the MSM is saying.

The two interviewed scientists on Glenn Beck from Harvard and St Johns University, pointed out the complete non-correlation between temperature and CO2 gas.

The largest spike in CO2 emmissions coming after WW2 during a time when for 40 years the average temperatures were dropping.

Don’t believe me and think the liberal media would never lie?

Well here is the CO2 Level chart showing 1958 to 1998, and it goes straight up.

And here is some of NASA’s official temperature figures. Youll notice that all of these drop from 1940-1990. The average temperature dropped in the early 1960′s more than it rose since 2000. If this is global warming then the 1960′s must have been a mini ice age!

Keep in mind the CO2 level’s have risen on a perfect flat line for 90 years, but the average temperatures have gone down for about 1/3 of the past century.

This is why the liberal media like TIME was saying in 1979 that global cooling was coming. They used the exact same data we use today back when it was dropping teperatures for 30 years in a row. During that time the CO2 levels were still rising fast, but the average temperatures where dropping.

Glenn was sure to say how this chart Al Gore likes to pimp is in his book ignores the 30 years when the temps dropped.

I wonder where on that timeline is when he invented the internet?

I first visited the New York Times website which has an entire section dedicated to “climate change”. It used to be called “global warming” but then the globe inconveniently stopped warming.

The New York Times even has a “real cool” chart that shows the north pole melting when you move the slider. Since this is a liberal rag, they need pictures to appeal to the idiots who buy into the stuff.

What is mentioned at the conference is that the South Pole has the greatest Quantity of ice right now, more than anytime in recorded history.

This is why the cool graph doesn’t show the south pole.

Also important to note is that for the last 3-4 years the North Pole temperatures are cooling again and record snowfalls across Asia and North America this year agree with that fact as well.


The real reason why so many are lining up to tell us their homemade facts can’t be said better than this quote from the NYTimes trying to be sarcastic:

“…. environmental groups, the media and scientists dependent on federal grants have a vested interest in portraying climate change as a catastrophe. “

WOW does that read between the lines for you?

Today’s global warming conference got almost no coverage in the media at all. All day I heard about Hillary and Obama’s TV ads and their cool YouTube videos.

It is clear that if this was Al Gore telling us to recycle toilet paper he would have been on the cover of TIME Magazine.

Just look at the link to the NYTimes special blog on climate change and understand why it is there. I see link after link to articles like:

“Study Details How U.S. Could Cut 28% of Greenhouse Gases”
“Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts ”
“U.N. Report Describes Risks of Inaction on Climate Change
“On the Climate Change Beat, Doubt Gives Way to Certainty”

Just page after page about ow sure they are we are doomed. The same thing liberals say Republicans do with terrorism.

Now the liberal religion (as Glenn calls it) is to pay for carbon credits to save the polar bears. If you don’t believe in Global Warming then you are just working for the Oil Companies.

What the liberals leave out is that they apparently work for General Electric, who spends more on lobbyists than all of “Big Oil”.

Remember it is GE that owns NBC and used Monday Night Football to push their agenda. They told everyone to turn off their lights to save the planet. Meanwhile they were playing a game that requires 150,000,000 TV sets be running and is set under 10,000,000 Watts of stadium lighting. And heaven forbid they see what most NFL players drive since they are 6’6″ 290lbs, I assure you it is large and has 8 cylinders.

I guess playing it in the day would mean less advertising money for them to line their pockets with?

The fact is that the news only showing one side of any issue has a fundemental flaw and reeks of agenda. I am glad Glenn has the brainpower to see who owns this message (GE).

What other subject does a “newspaper” ignore all debate and all counter-arguments?

Today 400 Scientists from all over the world and key-note speaker, The Current President of The Czech Republic all met to show why it is a scam, and as the President put it “a sample of social science and not climatology”.

How is it that this group exists yet the NYTimes has nothing but “proof” page after page?

How does a conference have a President of a major European country as the keynote speaker and not get a single respectful article?

Only an agenda gets that much reenforcment.

Next comes the few articles that the liberal media pumped out to try and smear the 400 scientists and the president of the Czech Republic


The Washington Post Article bring us great gems of fair reporting like:

” the 2 1/2 -day session poses a stark contrast to the near-unanimous chorus of concern expressed by top U.S. politicians and most of the scientific mainstream.”

They forget to mention how many grants and free money those “sky is falling” scientists received for their cries of doom. Also, they should learn that near-unanimous is the coverage of the issue not the views of those who really research the issue.

Near-unanimous is what the media has achieved over the last 5 years, even though the 1930′s were the hottest decade on record.

Has the NYTimes reporters asked anyone what made the 1930′s hotter than ever decade since then? None of the “near-unanimous” proof ever explains that inconvenient fact.

“After years of voicing doubt, President Bush has said repeatedly that he is convinced that humans are contributing to Earth’s warming “

Well, now suddenly the media thinks Bush’s opinion is a good one to quote? After 7 years of watching the liberal media insult Bush, they suddenly want to cite him as an authority when he agrees with he propaganda.

“(While the IPCC enlisted several hundred scientists from more than 100 countries to work over five years to produce its series of reports, the NIPCC document is the work of 23 authors from 15 nations, some of them not scientists.)”

I love this line above. Not much mixing words just saying our scientists are real and your don’t count. At the same time they are giving awards to Al Gore who has no credentials at all and claimed to have invented the internet.

“Frank O’Donnell, who heads the watchdog group Clean Air Watch, said the conference “looks like the climate equivalent of Custer’s last stand. They seem to have tried to find every last skeptic on Earth and put them in one hotel off Broadway.””

I am sure we all know who Clean Air Watch votes for and gives campaign funds to. Maybe next time he is burning down houses in Washington State someone should let him know that GE has more lobbying influence than “Big Oil” and that he is just a tool.

“Gene Karpinski, president of the League of Conservation Voters, said he was not surprised that roughly 500 participants had gathered at the meeting. “I’m sure that the flat Earth society had a few final meetings before they broke up.” “

Another relevent quote when the press should be discussing the credentials of the 500 scientists and not looking for a liberal wackjob to come up with a one liner insult to report.

Since when is a one-liner from someone not even in attendence news worthy facts?
Only when it fits the predetermined agenda of the article.

The WSJ.com quotes the Daily Kos as saying ““a gathering of people who may have some science in their backgrounds but have long since sold their soul to the energy industry.””

Another great look at the facts of the story. The two Glenn interiewed had PHD’s and taught at top flight universities. No sign of receipts for their souls.

But of course te Daily Kos has long sold its’ soul to communism and love nothing better than this experiment into the social sciences known as Global Warming hysteria.

A good example of the liberal mind. If they disagree with you don’t discuss facts, just insult them. If you argue what a liberal then they call you some kind of -phobe.

We’ll today’s conference must have been warming-phobes, who just refuse to believe what they hear on AC360 on CNN.

Who are Harvard Physicists to argue with Anderson Cooper and Al Gore?

If it’s on TV then it must be true.

What is more convenient is to be a full blown liberal and just use the media to hide any opposition to what you say is true.

This “activist” saying the media should stop pretending these Harvard educated scientists matter at all and ignore them. We should not let anybody hear their facts because they are inconveniently not his views. This must be why the President of the Czech Republic said that global warming is a way to take away freedom.

The Author Joseph Romm goes on with this gem : “Who cares what non-climate-related factoid or piece of pseudo-science so-called “Climate Skeptics” seize on?”

In true liberal fashion we should hide the other side of an issue and pretend their facts don’t count.

The liberal voice even provides a “real cool” chart showing the temperature changes over the last 100 years. It is true they do go up! Except not from 1940 to 1980 which is the time when CO2 gas spiked more than ever.

The years following WW2 were one of the highest CO2 increases in the last century, but the temperature went down. Thats a fact.

Then the author point out this fake fact “As NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies explains, “The eight warmest years in the GISS record have all occurred since 1998, and the 14 warmest years in the record have all occurred since 1990.” ”

Which he ironically calls a real fact as opposeds to skeptics fake facts. The sad part is that this appears to be the fake fact. You can even find this fake fact repeated places like here.

What this author needs to do is try and read something other than what he sees on the Daily Kos.

Maybe he could start here and see that the 1930′s was the Hottest Decade in the last 100 years. Way back before there were SUV’s we had the hottest year in history.

In fact the 1930′s to 1970 has a huge trend of decreasing tempuratires. This must be why liberal morons like Joseph Romm were all screaming about global cooling back in 1970. Yes it was this same group saying we were all going to freeze to death.

Mr. Romm wrote his article about the last 14 years being the hottest ever before the correction made by NASA. You can read more about their mistake that never go reported here or here or here or even here in the CORRECTED climate data released by NASA.

I guess that means the Mr. Romm was incorrect and was preaching on data later corrected publically? You can decide that for yourself.

What funny is that if I search for hottest year ever on google.com I still get the top 10 results that say it was 2007. All of these results are before NASA fixed the errors and announced this “inconvenient mistake” to the public.

Here are the REAL facts that Al Gore seems to not address when he is hanging out in Hollywood pretending the Oscar belongs to him.

1. The hottest year on record is 1934, not 1998;
2. The third hottest year on record was 1921, not 2006;
3. Three of the five hottest years on record occurred before 1940; and
4. Six of the top 10 hottest years occurred prior to 90 percent of the growth in greenhouse gas emissions during the last century.

Maybe the solution is for all the liberal hippies to hold their breath. Someone should inform them that they are exhaling CO2! If they all hold their breath and never breath again it’s a WIN-WIN situation for everyone.

In short, if you believe in conservation and energy independence then thats great.

I have no problem with saving resources and conservation.

If you think that “global warming” is one of the most important issues facing us as Americans…..then you are just a moron.

The Obama-mas Choir Sings “Home For The Holidays” – Michelle Malkin – Townhall Conservative

The Obama-mas Choir Sings “Home For The Holidays” – Michelle Malkin – Townhall Conservative.

They just don’t know when to quit. Consumed with the singular task of re-electing Barack Obama, progressives across the country will use the holiday season to propagandize their conservative relatives and friends. White House elves are directing the re-education Christmas camp efforts.

On Tuesday, the Obama 2012 campaign released an instructional video titled “Home for the Holidays: Share Why You’re Working to Re-elect President Obama.” Instead of relaxing with loved ones, the president’s monomaniacal campaign staff and volunteers provide “pointers” and “strategies” for converting their “stubborn” families.

Not coincidentally, the operatives at MoveOn.org — funded by Obama donor George Soros — spearheaded a similar holiday re-programming effort at Thanksgiving. Headlined, “Your Conservative Uncle,” the group urged supporters (and e-mailed public school teachers across the country whether they approved of the message or not) to “correct” family members who watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Hark, hear the talking points.

The slickly produced Obama video spotlights testimonials from exasperated young people speaking condescendingly of their Republican-voting fathers and grandmothers. Obama, says one, is the “politician of my generation.” He’s a “people’s man,” preaches another. Those who disagree are ignorant, “stuck in their ways” and “works in progress,” the campaign drones complain.

“If the conversation at the dinner table turns to politics over the holidays,” they advise, “don’t just quickly change the subject. As you head home this weekend, think about how you’ll steer the discussion to the progress we’ve made over the past three years — from health care to ending the war in Iraq — and why the people you’re passing the mashed potatoes to should support President Obama in 2012.”

If those people happen to be medical device makers hit by hidden Obamacare taxes or small business-owners still wondering why Big Labor cronies got regulatory waivers while they didn’t, the mashed potatoes might rightly end up somewhere other than on guests’ plates.

Team Obama and their acolytes mock conservative family members who won’t sing from their hymnbook, but fail to address the commander in chief’s own Boy in the Bubble syndrome. The video also whitewashes away mounting left-flank gripes — like those of former White House cheerleader and Hollywood liberal activist Matt Damon, who this week challenged the president’s, er, manhood.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people who worked for Obama at the grass-roots level,” Damon told Elle Magazine. “One of them said to me: ‘Never again. I will never be fooled again by a politician.’ … You know, a one-term president with some balls who actually got stuff done would have been, in the long run of the country, much better.”

Just like their dear leader, the Obama pep-and-prep squad is convinced that the problem is their communication of White House policies instead of the costly, failed, corrupted policies themselves. If only Grandma would watch Obama’s Osawatomie speech on YouTube one more time. If only Uncle George would just be quiet and absorb one more indignant lecture from his Occupy Wall Street-championing niece or nephew.

The left’s single-minded holiday soldiers remind me of journalist Ambrose Bierce’s famous diagnosis: “A bore is a person who talks when you wish him to listen.” There’s a time for political proselytizing. There’s a place for ideological battles. And there’s a moment when you should give it all a rest.

It’s ridiculous to squander precious time with family and friends on partisan squabbles. Shouting over turkey about the payroll tax holiday? Turning the New Year’s Eve Party into a Democratic evangelical service? Severing lifelong relationships over Kabuki Beltway brawls? My Christmas wish is for a collective deep breath and a dose of perspective before America hurtles into the 2012 presidential primaries and caucuses.

This is the time to celebrate the gift of life. I’ll be counting my blessings, enjoying the company of loved ones regardless of their voting records and engaging in prayerful reflection. And when a liberal family member passes the mashed potatoes, I’ll have only one thing to say: Would you mind passing the gravy, too? Thanks.

Michelle Malkin is the author of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies” (Regnery 2010). Her e-mail address is malkinblog@gmail.com. COPYRIGHT 2011 CREATORS.COM