I see stupid people – Tea Party Nation

I see stupid people – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

I see stupid people.

Washington DC is full of stupid people. Not everyone in DC is stupid. Just a majority.

This evening, as I was leaving CPAC, a late model mini-van was in front of me and it has a bumper sticker on the back of it that said, “Healthcare for all, not for profit.”

That is liberalism for you. It is nothing more than a soundbite and a stupid soundbite at that.

Liberals hate profit, for reasons that simply cannot be explained except by a catastrophic failure of intelligence.

I would love to debate one of these liberals who think that profit, particularly in the healthcare industry is a bad thing. Let’s start with the medical personnel. Do Doctors go to med school to help the world? Possibly but a six figure income is also a strong inducement. Nurses go to nursing school to help people but also to make a good living. The same is true for technicians.

Let’s ask the same liberal, do you want the highest paid doctor working on you or the lowest paid? I want the highest paid, since our society rewards excellence with money. The guy who is the lowest paid is probably the worst doctor.

Speaking of which, suppose we took the profit motive out of medicine. Let’s cut the wages of doctors down to minimum wage. What kind of doctors would we end up with? Would you want that doctor working on you?

What about those great medicines we have? We have medicines today that 10 or 20 years ago did not exist and are considered miraculous today. Why? Because a pharmaceutical company took a risk, invested billions into a medicine and now makes a profit from that medicine.

What about those incredible medical devices we have now? Thirty years ago, an appendectomy meant a major abdominal incision. Now, most of the time it can be done with robotic tools. Why do we have them? Because companies can make a profit developing these tools and selling them.

Are liberals really that dumb?

In a word, yes.

Liberals want to give us a profit-less health care system.

Is that bad? Well let’s look at the kind of system liberals think we should have. In England, they have the National Health Service. People wait months for appointments. In some parts of Britain, people are forced to pull their own teeth because of a shortage of dentists. As a cost cutting measure, instead of washing sheets between patient use, the NHS is just going to turn the sheets inside out.

Perhaps the person driving that minivan should have had a hypocrisy bumper sticker next to their silly liberal healthcare bumper sticker.

Who knows what this person did. They probably worked for the government. What ever it is, do you think they worked because they get a good salary. Ooops, there is that evil profit again. This time it is personal profit.

Have you ever noticed all of these liberals who complain about profit, yet they enjoy the benefits of personal profit? Have you seen the “Occu-tards” with their designer clothes, their REI tents and sleeping bags, their IPhones, Ipads and laptops? Someone made money to pay for those items.


There is that evil profit word again.

Liberals love to spend other people’s money. They also hate profit. As long as it is other people’s profits they are railing against.

People like that are unfortunately, all over Washington DC.

I see stupid people.