The Planet’s Not Angry, But the Pelosi/Newsom/Harris Climate Howlers Are Truly Dangerous – LewRockwell — MCViewPoint

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Academics believe that between 4.4 million and 11.8 million acres burned each year in prehistoric California… (from the article below) I would not expect Pelosi, Newsome or Harris to know this, it would take some actual science education and understanding, which they are incapable. (Arlin)

Only the government can label decades of failure by government forestry mismanagement as the result climate change (for something that has been going on for thousands of years). Then again climate change HAS been going on for ~4.5 billion years. By David Stockman David Stockman’s Contra Corner If you want a sneak peek of[…]

The Planet’s Not Angry, But the Pelosi/Newsom/Harris Climate Howlers Are Truly Dangerous – LewRockwell — MCViewPoint

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Whatever happened to the AOC INVESTIGATION:

Is she in the protected class called democrats?


Fellow Concerned American:

Okay, New Yorkers – if you want to save your country and cities – now is the time to step up to the plate and help this person and throw out AOC, WHO IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION. SHE IS A COMMUNIST. Are is that what is wrong with New York – are they all deBlasio communists?


Portland… Seattle… Kenosha, Wisconsin? I expected looting and rioting and burning in the first two… shut down the fancy coffee shops, and the commies up in the Pacific Northwest have nothing else to do.

But Kenosha? A sleepy Wisconsin bedroom community tucked between the leafy suburbs of Chicago and Milwaukee? The strategists of the progressive left know if they can put suburban Wisconsin to the flame… they can do it anywhere.

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Biden’s Policy to Increase the Tax Burden on Investment, Wages, and Job Creation

International Liberty

Every single economic school of thought agrees with the proposition that investment is a key factor in driving wages and growth.

Even foolish concepts such as socialism and Marxism acknowledge this relationship, though they want the government to be in charge of deciding where to invest and how much to invest (an approach that has a miserable track record).

Another widely shared proposition is that higher tax rates will discourage whatever is being taxed. Even politicians understand this notion, for instance, when arguing for higher taxes on tobacco.

To be sure, economists will argue about the magnitude of the response (will a higher tax rate cause a big effect, medium effect, or a small effect?).

But they’ll all agree that a higher tax on something will lead to less of that thing.

Which is why I always argue that we need the lowest-possible tax rates on the…

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Recently Released FISA Court Response to DOJ Reveals Direction of Durham Probe – DOJ Requested FISC Approvals

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

September 16, 2020

A very interesting release by ODNI John Ratcliffe [LINK] highlights a June 25, 2020 response from the FISA court to the DOJ. 

There are five issues queried by the DOJ seeking guidance from the FISC. 

Each issue points to a specific path being taken by the DOJ in general… and the John Durham probe specifically.

Today, the ODNI, in consultation with the Department of Justice, releases a June 25, 2020, opinion by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) evaluating and approving limited circumstances under which the Government may temporarily retain, use, or disclose information that was unlawfully acquired pursuant to a FISC order. (more)

Information just released, concludes what we all knew that Mueller trial was a scam and abuse of the taxpayer’s money.


Important noteWe are looking at this in hindsight.  The response from the…

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Wolf Blitzer Predictably Changes the Narrative On Blacks Being Shot By The Police.

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

September 17th, 2020

Blitzer tries to make us believe that blacks as shot disproportionately to whites.

An interesting supposition not based on real life circumstances.

How often are whites confronting the police in a hostile manner?

Think about the inane concept of BLM, whats wrong with “All lives matter?”

As long as blacks continue acting like pendejos to the police they must prepare them for the consequences of their behavior.

It’s time for churches, community leaders, and the police in impacted areas to sit together and begin working toward changing the situation, or more blacks will continually die.


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No one showed up for the parade

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

September 17th, 2020

The only person not shocked at Joe Biden’s airport landing was Joe Biden.

Which begs the question, did he even know he was on the plane?

If he were capable of being embarrassed perhaps he would be.

With his daily gaffes and faux pause he provided such a target rich environment.

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Damn near everything

Massive List of Democrats Involved in Sex Crimes Against Children Goes Viral — Nwo Report

America at War

Source: Baxter Dmitry An enormous list of Democrats including elected officials who have been involved in sex crimes against children has gone viral on the internet, as America continues to wake up to the pedophilia epidemic sweeping the nation. 800,000 children a year in the United States go missing, with many of them falling into […]

Massive List of Democrats Involved in Sex Crimes Against Children Goes Viral — Nwo Report

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Rudie Giulani’s Son it Considering running for Mayor of New York City

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

Is their only one Rudy?

Can his son, Andrew fill his shoes?

With a B.A. in fine arts and no law school it would seem to be a difficult task, particularly in theses times of BLM and Antifa.

The elder Giuliani became mayor when America was united.

Today is a completely different story with BLM and Antifa providing evening entertainment.

Andrew is currently being paid $95K/per year as the White House’s Sports Liaison.

You didn’t know that such a job existed and that the taxpayer was likely paying for it unless the president put him on a scholarship.

Nope, he’s still too wet behind the ears for me, perhaps it’s time to go to law school so he could have a semblance of clout his father had.

Running with the Giuliani name won’t hurt and if by some chance he would win, Rudy would likely help…

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”Smart Growth” Harms Minorities, Rural America Most

PA Pundits - International

By Duggan Flanakin ~

“Smart Growth,” a “progressive” approach to urban planning attributed to Jane Jacobs (author of The Life and Death of Great American Cities) and canonized by EPA Administrator Carol Browner in 1995, was touted as a way to meld economic opportunity, environmental responsibility, and livable communities.

For decades, urban planners have championed “smart growth” as the way to develop infrastructure that will concentrate “thought leaders” to create “sustainable and successful communities” that are (of course) devoid of “dirty” factories. The subtle messaging is that rural people are bumpkins and suburbanites are desecrators of open space, while college graduates who live and work in dense urban spaces are the cream of society.

Today, however, a major side effect of “smart growth” has become a bugbear for the Green Left. It turns out that “smart growth,” by concentrating construction in the center of metropolises, leads to health problems

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