Illegal Votes From Noncitizens Likely Affected The 2020 Election, Study Says

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By Fred Lucas ~

Noncitizens likely voted at a high enough rate to alter the 2020 Electoral College tally, potentially flipping the states of Arizona and Georgia in the presidential election, according to an analysis by Just Facts, a research group.

That’s significant, and while it wouldn’t be enough to hand the election to President Donald Trump, it potentially could have made a difference. Only U.S. citizens are legally allowed to vote in federal elections.

Voting booths await users in Flint, Michigan, at a polling place on Nov. 3. Michigan was one of the hotly contested swing states. (Photo: Seth Herald/Agence France-Presse/GettyImages)

The revised estimate, as of Monday, shows that Trump could have won 259 electoral votes if noncitizen votes were not counted. But that would likely still leave former Vice President Joe Biden with 279 electoral votes, nine votes more than the 270 needed to win.

The current…

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Twitter To Warn Users When They ‘Like’ Controversial Tweets

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By Alexander Hall ~

Don’t touch that like button! Twitter has unveiled a new policy to display warnings when users like a labelled tweet.

Twitter has outlined a wide range of updates to undermine conservative opposition amid the recent 2020 presidential election. “Giving context on why a labeled Tweet is misleading under our election, COVID-19, and synthetic and manipulated media rules is vital,” Twitter declared on Monday as it unveiled yet another policy change. The official Twitter account explained that new “prompts” in recent months “helped decrease Quote Tweets of misleading information by 29%.” Now the platform is “expanding them to show when you tap to like a labeled Tweet.”

Readers can see a clear political angle in Twitter’s example of a controversial tweet featuring the statement: “Mail in votes will be harder to count and track, leading to unreliable results” as an example of a controversial “disputed” claim…

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Scientists Develop Earth-Friendly Process To Recycle Lithium-Ion Batteries

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By Craig Rucker ~

Lithium-ion batteries have their pluses. Their energy density is typically twice that of the tradition nickel-cadmium ones. They are low maintenance. And their discharge is less than half compared to regular batteries.

Despite these advantages, however, they do have some environmental drawbacks.

One is the fact that they use rare-earth metals like cobalt and nickel – metals that are not only expensive, but are often mined in developing countries with minimal environmental standards.

For this reason, a number of firms have been transitioning over to lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. Not only don’t LFP’s not rely on rare-earths, but they also have longer lifetimes and are safer. That’s why a number of businesses are beginning to employ them in power tools, electric buses and energy grids. They are also the battery of choice for Tesla’s Model 3.

Of course, even these more eco-friendly LFP batteries have…

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Society Wreckers: Renewable Energy Cult Determined to Destroy Industry Wealth & Jobs


Crawling out of a post Covid economic wasteland, requires getting industry and business back on their feet, which in turn requires reliable and affordable electricity, delivered whatever the weather.

But that approach would require tapping into our good friends, logic and reason.

In the Australian state of New South Wales, logic was tortured to death years ago and reason is held hostage to delusional ideology. No more delusional than its so-called Energy Minister’s plan to follow South Australia down the rabbit hole, with a massive raft of subsidies for intermittent wind and solar and a suicidal attempt to wreck what’s left of its reliable coal-fired power generation fleet.

But not if One Nation’s Mark Latham has anything to do with it, that is.

Here he is being interviewed on SkyNews.

Economics behind New South Wales plan ‘would make Stalin blush’
Sky News
Mark Latham
15 November 2020

New South Wales…

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The Butcher Shop

by Tom Adkins

The 2020 election fraud is obvious, massive with huge footprints. There is a gargantuan pile of evidence: Sworn affidavits, massive vote dumps, 300% voting participation, and even dozens of actual videos.

But why did Democrats go through such spectacular lengths to cheat? Are they so put off by President Trump’s personality that they are chewing at the chain and frothing at the mouth to the point they felt compelled to commit the greatest election fraud in world history?

No… It’s far worse.
For a long list of Democrats and Deep State operatives, this is actually a matter of life and death. Actually…freedom and prison.

From 2015-2019, the FBI, CIA, Obama administration and the Clinton organization conspired to bring us the fake Russia hoax. To carry that lie off? A lot of very important people broke a lot of laws.

After a few years of the bumbling Jeff…

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Why is challenging suspicious election results ‘a threat to our democracy’?

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

November 23rd, 2020

From the comments section by Potusfan.

The Conservative Majority has had way too many lies put before them to tolerate any more of this nonsense!

The Radical Progressive Left needs to understand that the game is over and they need to step aside.

The ANTIFA and Black Live Matter behavior will not be tolerated by the rank and file conservatives.

The Police and Fire Protection people need to be shown respect as do the military. This radical and very vocal minority need to be put into the proper prospective and shown how to respect America!

Rules and regulations are a very necessary part of any organized society.

The lawlessness of ANTIFA and BLM needs to be stopped!

The Black Lives Matter movement was formed three years ago. That phrase — “Black Lives Matter” — first came up in a frustrated Facebook post…

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Joe Biden’s Tax Agenda Could Cost Gun Owners $34 Billion

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

Certified NRA Instructor

November 23, 2020

There are a lot of suppositions going on here, let’s start with the title, “Could being the operative word.”

When I see the word could, I automatically think, “Could Not” perhaps its the skeptic in me.

Then of course their will not be a President Joe Biden because he seems at times to be bat guano crazy.

Many have suggested that Joe is on medication that allows for him to appear coherent when he crawls out of his hole.

Former Vice President Joe Biden mimics shooting a gun as he speaks at the Chuck Hagel Forum in Global Leadership, on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Omaha, in Omaha, Neb., Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)
Nati Harnik/AP Photo

Breitbart News Service

AWR Hawkins

Nov. 23rd 2020

Joe Biden’s gun tax proposals could cost gun owners upwards of $34 billion for guns and magazines they already possess.

Breitbart News reported that Biden’s proposals include a $200 tax for each AR-15 that is already owned, and that tax would also apply to other firearms Democrats label “assault weapons.

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Fiscal Fights with Friends: A Value-Added Tax Would Worsen America’s Fiscal Problems

International Liberty

Public finance experts sometime differ in how to describe a value-added tax.

  • Is it a hidden form of a national sales tax, imposed at each stage of the production process?
  • Is it a hidden withholding tax on income, imposed at each stage of the production process?

Both answers are actually correct. The VAT is both a tax on consumption and a tax on income because – notwithstanding its other flaws – it has the right “tax base.”

In other words, like the flat tax, a VAT taxes all economic activity, but only one time (i.e., no double taxation of income that is saved and invested). And it usually has a single rate, which is another feature of a flat tax.

That’s why a VAT (in theory!) would be acceptable if it was used to finance the complete abolition of the income tax.


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OF COURSE: New York Times Goes Hostile And Cynical Against Pompeo, Israel

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By Clay Waters ~

The New York Timesatavistic hostility to Israel shows through in Friday’s piece, “Pompeo Trip to Israel Delivers Parting Gifts, Delighting Hard-Liners.” The text box was breathtakingly cynical: “Placing political land mines ahead of the Biden administration.”

Neither reporter David Halbfinger and Isabel Kershner can be accused of being sympathetic to Israel, yet this latest entry is especially hostile and cynical in its treatment of what is possibly U.S. Secretary of State’s Mike Pompeo last official trip to the country (click “expand”):

The high point of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s valedictory trip to Israel could easily have been the long, grateful recitation by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday of the gifts that the Trump administration has bestowed upon his right-wing government.

But then Mr. Pompeo unwrapped some new ones.

He announced that the United States would henceforth view the international boycott-Israel movement…

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Why Do I Call Them the Mockingbird Media?

Trutherator's Weblog

Mockingbird Media. That’s what I’ve been calling them for years. Swamp Media works too, but Mockingbird exposes them for the State Department house organs they are. The CIA is part of the State Department, remember. And from the days of now vindicated Joe McCarthy, it is ideological “leftists”, statists, plutocrat operatives who dominate it.

That’s why I don’t believe for a minute they actually supported Honduras’ LEGAL removal of Manuel Zelaya from the presidential palace in 2009. Zelaya’s was his own auto-coup to overthrow the Honduran constitutional order, supported publicly in Honduras by the U. S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens. A convenient puppet who was at the Caribbean-Central American presidential summit conference in Sto. Domingo in 2008 where George Soros was the keynote speaker. And from there “Purga Mel” returned to Honduras and immediately implemented the plan for a lifetime autocracy.

And the world’s media and governments were united against the…

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