Nancy Pelosi’s Son Paul and Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Run Pelosi’s Crime Organization

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By Jim Campbell

November 16th, 2019

Did anyone seriously believe that Nancy Pelosi and her interlocking crime family let Joe’s son and cocain addict kicked out of the Navy for failing a drug test, as a cocaine. user go unnoticed?

Must see the video below if you haven’t already, The Pelosi Cartel goes far and deep with the commission of crimes that must result in her resignation, or tried for treason.

Woefully evil people profiting from the taxpayers when they should have been doing their jobs.

All of America will be better off when these very old people who have been in Congress are locked away in prison.


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All Branches of the United States Military Plan To Use These 6 Weapons In A War Against Russia Or China

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Comment by Jim Campbell

November 15th, 2019

It seems a certainty that we aren’t being shown the latest and greatest weapons.

Their develop in a continual upgrade mode.

by Sebastien Roblin

The National Interest

November 15th, 2019

The Army is transitioning away from fighting terrorism.

Key point: The Pentagon is at a crossroads.

President Trump does not see any immediate threats from Russia and China.

One cannot ever predict the future actions of the “Bad hair cut in North Korea.

President Trump was the first and only president to go to North Korea, he even walked across the DMZ with Kim.

President Trump receives never-ending flack from the do-nothing leftists who criticize his every move.

They obviously have not read Sun Tzu who advised.

” Know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer

The U.S. Army is at a crossroads as the…

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Greta Sets Sail On New Plastic Yacht

PA Pundits - International

By Craig Rucker ~

Swedish climate kid Greta Thunberg is headed back across the Atlantic today from Virginia to Spain on “La Vagabonde,” an Outremer 45 Catamaran owned by Australian sailing couple Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu.

Greta is protesting fossil fuels by avoiding flying to attend UN climate conferences.  She found herself stranded on the wrong side of the pond when Chile abruptly pulled out of hosting COP 25, the most important UN climate event of the year, which is scheduled to open December 2nd.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party stepped in and offered Madrid as an alternative venue which the UN promptly accepted.   (CFACT will be there!).  Moving the conference to Spain prompted Thunberg to tweet, “It turns out I’ve travelled half around the world, the wrong way:)…If anyone could help me find transport I would be so grateful.”

Greta was ferried…

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Ruthie; think it’s time……..

The Goomba Gazette

Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses Supreme Court arguments due to illness

Ruthie; think it is time to get your bonnet?? You are way over due. Move over and make room for some younger person.

When you are not out sick, you are sleeping. You had a good run, 26 years, time to make your exit. I know you don’t need the $oldi. Tale is you are worth about 6.5 million.


In my opinion, no one should ever be appointed for life in government. It is dangerous position to put them in.

Like many of the other folks that work for the government; (we know who they are) they know they can not get fired, so what incentive is there for them to work hard.


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Why Do Elections Favor Socialists Over Libertarians?

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Comment by Jim Campbell

November 14th, 2019

Large image on homepages

(photo KEVIN DIETSCH/UPI/Newscom )

There’s a little bit for everybody—even libertarians—to love in last night’s election results.

And a little for everyone to hate, too, of course.

For now, let’s focus mostly on the good, which includes a once-again divided government, the ousting of some truly terrible legislators, the passage of pro-marijuana and criminal justice reform ballot measures, the failure of an attempt to take down Nevada brothels, and the re-election of the few friends of liberty we have in Washington.

Nothing has changed in the video above as of 2019

U.S. House and Senate Races

The big election night news is that Democrats regained control of the U.S. House of Representatives while Republicans grew their ranks and held on to their majority in the Senate.

“As election results go, that’s about the best possible outcome,” suggests Eric Boehm.

“Not only that…

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We May Never Get Another Chance to Save America

Time is fleeting.  Time spent can never be recovered and time is slipping through the hour glass.  Where did mife go?  Better yet, what did I do with my life?  Except for what I invested in our children, what thing of significance did I really leave behind?  What GREAT thing did I ever do?
Never give up. Even though I have 10 years on Coach Dave, I still ask myself these same questions.  And the Coach has a good point. Think about it.
“Will the person you are worrying so much about offending cry at your funeral?”  
jtl, 419

by Dave Daubenmire via News With Views

We May Never Pass This Way Again

Like Columbus in the olden days, we must gather all our courage
Sail our ships out on the open seas. Cast away our fears and all the years that come and go. Take us up, always up. …

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Climate Models vs Observations: 2019 Update – by Ross McKitrick

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Earth and climate – an ongoing controversy
Below are a few quotes from the GWPF article. More discussion with graphics via the link. Is the handbrake about to be re-applied to so-called human-caused warming of the planet, in contradiction of alarmist ‘projections’?

Back around 2014 many people, me included, were commenting on the discrepancy between climate models and observations [writes Ross McKitrick].
. . .
The IPCC itself in the 5th Assessment Report (2013) noted that out of 114 model runs, 111 had overstated observed warming since the late 1990s.

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Very Dark Future Predicted For America By Respected Talk Show Host Michael Savage

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Comment’s by Jim Campbell

November 13th, 2019

Think about it, 77 industrialized nations have border walls to insure their sovereignty

Savage failed to mention the greatest threat to America would be the left winning the White House and it won’t be against Donal J. Trump.

Seriously, how many individuals get to hang out with the president and Melania?

Many more images of President Trump with Michael, just to small to use on the site.

The President obviously enjoys their conversations.

For images, please click the image above.

It seems from the video below in an analysis of the article from Breitbart News presented here, that his major concern is illegal immigration from Mexico, South America, and Central.

Has he forgotten that is why the president has promised a wall and is setting up live video coverage of it being build for those who might care to view?

Images of…

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Of course it’s a lie: A fair and balanced report

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Comment’s by Jim Campbell

November 13, 2019

Vintage Whittle and Ott, though I’ve never seen Whittle go off on such a rant that he used expletives in doing so.

Their assertion that the bastardization of the impeachment process by leftist, socialist, commies now running the federal government may be true.

Future administrations on both sides of the aisle will tie it up by each holding impeachment hearing from this one and long into the future.

There is a very big upside here, while they are busy making fools of themselves the working of the federal government which includes thinking of new ways to steal our freedoms and extracting even more known as the IRS and its Gestapo goose-stepping thugs.

Bill Whittle, in an epic rant, explodes over the Democratic 2016 election do-over charade called impeachment hearings.

Watch this as your pre-game show for, or in lieu of, the House hearings.

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The Horrible Price We Pay For Listening to Fools

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Comment By Jim Campbell

November 13. 2019

This is not a piece on Global Warming, I repeat, this is not a piece on Global Warming.

In reality, it’s about China’s reaching out to the world for sources of fuel.

A rare look inside China’s energy machine.

For now, we need not worry about China’s continued saber rattling.

As most who have been in the military during war understand trying to win one without fule will be a losing proposition.

In reality,we pay a far greater price when we believe the fools that promote

the failed dogma.

How Al Gore Built the Global Warming Fraud

Stupid Quotes by Al Gore.

Or, would you rather be deceived by the 16-year old dour-looking-child below?

In the U.S. it would have not been too difficult to get her parents locked up for child abuse.

By Vanand Meliksetian,

The $22 Trillion Market…

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